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U.S. Election Fraud 2020
(01-10-2021, 01:49 AM)Mystic Wanderer Wrote: @Ninurta,  just heard Hulk talking about this earlier. Apparently, this photo was from back in August of last year, or there about.
To me, it looks like both his arms are behind his back. I mean, who walks like that?

Almost everyone of a certain social class - they walk along, hands firmly clasped behind their back, I suppose to show they have nothing to fear.

I'm willing to die to defend my freedom. The question you need to be asking yourself is: are you willing to die to take it?

"It's the hillbilly way. We kill people and burn their shit down." -- Jim Powell, in "Blood and Banjos" by Franklin Horton

If you are a republican, remember these names. These pieces of poop back stabbed all of us today. 

GOP members who voted to impeach Trump include:
  1. Rep. Dan Newhouse of Washington

  2. Rep. John Katko of New York

  3. Rep. Jamie Herrera Beutler of Washington

  4. Rep. Adam Kinzinger of Illinois

  5. Rep. Fred Upton of Michigan

  6. Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming

  7. Rep. Peter Meijer of Michigan

  8. Rep. Anthony Gonzalez of Ohio

  9. Rep. Tom Rice of South Carolina

  10. Rep. David Valadao of California
I know this has been discussed already, but I want to leave this video here too.

Quote:What did Pelosi and McConnell know of the planned attack on the US Capitol before the House impeached President Trump for inciting violence?

President Trump was blamed for the siege of the US Capitol last Wednesday, however the FBI confirmed the attack was planned several days in advance.

Investigative reporter John Solomon dropped a bombshell on Wednesday night and said the DC police rejected his FOIA request for records pertaining to their investigation of the siege of the U.S. Capitol.

The DC police said release of the records would be ‘personally embarrassing’ and privacy invading to release the documents.
“We’re gonna fight for those documents but something tells me what’s in those documents has some very very big relevance to what happened on The Hill and the question I have is what did Nancy Pelosi know, what did Mitch McConnell know about these threats beforehand,” John Solomon told former Missouri Governor Eric Greitens. “If they didn’t know then, it’s an intelligence failure of the police. If they did know there’s something they didn’t tell us before we went into this impeachment.”

Solomon said the FBI, NYPD and USCP had prior knowledge of plans for violence at the US Capitol, including intel threatening murder of police officers.
If this was a planned attack, you can’t accuse the President of inciting a spontaneous attack when it was planned days before.
John Solomon also said that inside sources leaked maps, internal documents helping to assist rioters enter and navigate the Capitol building.
The US Attorney is bringing a conspiracy case which is further proof the siege was planned.

Watch the video inside the article: DC Police Reject FOIA Request For Records Related to Their Probe of Siege of Capitol – Insider Leaked Maps, Internal Docs to Help Assist Rioters Navigate Building

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