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ATS writter's entry CRASH
The first time I crashed I wasn't even flying but was a passenger in an “A” Model Huey. It was a training flight and I was along as an observer.

The instructor and the student pilot were doing a practice auto rotation to a full stop at one of the auxiliary training airfields. After initiation of the simulated engine failure and the initial entry into the auto-rotation maneuver the rotor speed was bleeding off and getting to low so the instructor pulled the nose up to a slight flare to increase the rotor RPM. The instructor and the student were so tunnel visioned upon the rotor RPM that the airspeed bled off to a point where now we were on the ragged edge of the dead man zone/curve for a helicopter. I had said, “Airspeed “ over the intercom twice but the speed reduction was so quick the only thing that could have been done was to roll the throttle back up for powered flight; unfortunately that was not done but the instructor did take over the controls of the bird saying something along the lines of, “Watch this !”

We were just about 200 feet with low rotor RPM and falling like a rock as I tightened my seat belt/shoulder harness in preparation of what I figured was going to be a very hard landing or possibly a crash that would make the evening news . As the pavement rushed towards us I was worried briefly about the impact and the rotor blade coming through the cockpit and decapitating the instructor and student . I was far enough back that unless the transmission was totally torn from it's mounts the rotor blades would have a problem getting to me; I hoped.

Our moment of Mother Earth smiting us came all to quickly and right before impact I shut my eyes which I will never do again. The bird hit the pavement and bounced high enough to come down on it's nose and have the tips of the rotor blades destroy themselves on the hard surface. The Huey thankfully did not roll over due to the torque of the rotor blades as many helicopters do, which was a small miracle, as far as I was concerned.

After the initial impact I opened my eyes to see the bird bouncing down the runway on it's nose. I swore right then I would never shut my eyes before a crash again and I kept that promise to myself no matter the situation which served me well especially when I was an aircraft commander in a war zone.

The End
Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Glad you're Alive and I assume, Walked Away from that one.
Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
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(11-20-2020, 09:29 AM)guohua Wrote: Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Glad you're Alive and I assume, Walked Away from that one.
Me too ! tinybiggrin minusculebeercheers
The closest I have come to getting my white feather wings or firey pitchfork ( still to be decided ) in an A/C was when many years ago I was returning from seeing a friend in an ex iron curtain country. I was flying out on a commercial French ATR. I had a window seat as I always like to get. Anyway the ATR powers up and starts its run, then cuts power and heavy braking, we come to a stop and out my window I see a Mi8 flying low over the field with a heavy load slung under it, the load was maybe 2m from the ground, the Mi8 and load flew across in front of us and after short wile the ATR started its run again.
Two things, I would of loved to know what the ATRs pilot said to the ATC, and the second thing none of the passengers showed any sign of been upset, it was as if these things happened 3 times a day 4 times on Sunday.
Exciting story mate.  Well written too.  Glad you're safe to pass the experience on.

Kind regards,

Yow.  That sounds hairy as Hell.

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