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Underground facilities
I have no doubt that some underground places exist the question is just how vast the facilities are and their purpose ?

The video talks about the tube system (first thought of in Germany 1930ish) that connects underground bases that basically span the continental united states. If bored with nothing to do the video is thought provoking with regards to "What If ?"

My husband and I believe in the underground bases and also think some have to do with aliens.
How vast the network of tunnels are I think is a big question, wouldn't earthquakes and the constant movement of the Continental Shelf under the oceans be a problem?

It is very interesting though.
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Catherine Austin Fitts once mentioned that when she was somewhere in Europe and still working
as Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, she was talking to a young man who
worked in the stocks/shares business.

After listening to Fitts explain that a lot of US monies went into constructing such underground
bases, the man responded that this answered a question he'd had for a long time.
The two booming businesses he'd noticed at that time were excavation and escalators!
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The underground bases are real - I know that because I know the location of one of them.

Above ground, it looks like an abandoned factory inside a chain-link fenced perimeter with concertina razor wire on the top of the fence. It's overgrown and out of repair, as would be expected of an abandoned factory. The grass growing around it is waist high, never gets mowed or kept up. There are a couple of broken windows to add to the effect. The gate is locked with a shiny padlock, not a rusty one. If it wasn't for the "civilians" you see occasionally wandering around inside the perimeter with blue jeans, baseball caps, and M-16's or MP-5's, you'd think it WAS utterly abandoned.

Around back of the building, out of sight of the road, is a concrete ramp leading to an underground "loading dock", situated as if it were in the basement of the building - but who puts a loading dock in a basement? That "loading dock" actually IS used as one - it's where incoming supplies are offloaded - but it's main purpose is access to the underground facility, which isn't quite as unkempt as the visible above ground part.

it is manned 24/7, but only with a skeleton crew. The main occupants aren't there, but last time I checked supplies were still occasionally incoming and being stored down there. I was told it was a "COG" ("Continuity of Government") backup facility, like Mount Weather, but far less well known. I was also told it has clones in all 50 states, because no one knows for sure where the honchos will be when the balloon goes up, or what the sitrep will be at the better known facilities, so there are stashed alternates all over for the honchos to get to quickly, from wherever they may be, and regardless of what is going on outside the primary facilities.

Now, the trans-continental underground tunnel system is a lot less certain to exist. It would serve not much useful purpose measured against the cost to construct one, and if you could take just one of these facilities, it would provide covered access to take ALL of the rest of them, which to my mind would be a security risk. Furthermore, as @guohua points out, seismic instabilities would make them hazardous to traverse, not to mention the problem of keeping breathable air in them. Anyone who has worked in an appreciable sized underground mine knows what I'm talking about - just multiply that by a nationwide interconnected network of "mines", and the problem becomes apparent and insurmountable. Then there would be the CO in the exhaust of vehicles traveling it, with nowhere to go but just milling around in the tunnels, poisoning everything that breathes the fumes...

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