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Netflix fans convinced Shanann Watts to send murder clue to ‘beyond the grave’ police
This is from a French news paper, if im honest I dont know what it is all about but hope someone is interested. As its translated he and she get mixed up. 

Quote:October 18, 2020
American Murder: The Family Next Door Viewers believe Shannan Watts sent police a clue about her murder from “Beyond the Grave”.The documentary investigates the crimes of Chris Watts, 35, who brutally killed his pregnant wife Shanann, 34, and their two daughters Bella, four, and Celeste, three.
Shannan’s body was found in a “fetal position” in a shallow grave, while his two young daughters were found thrown into an oil tank at the oil and gas exploration site where he worked in Frederick, Colorado, United States, reports the Daily Star.
Chris has since been sentenced to five life terms for the twisted murders.
Now fans of the documentary on Facebook believe they have discovered the moment Shanann texted police from beyond the grave about his murder.

Chris killed his pregnant wife and two little daughters
(Image: Netflix)

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The video, which was shared widely, shows the moment Chris asks a neighbor to share his CCTV footage with him and the police the morning after his family went missing.
When the neighbor turns off the video surveillance, a fetus and a skull appear on the screen.
Fans believe Shanann messaged the police about what happened to him.
The clip was posted with the caption: “Chris Watts stood next to the television in his neighbors’ house while the police looked at the CCTV footage …

[Image: 0_Creepy-moment-Shanann-Watts-sends-poli...=696&ssl=1]
Fans believe Shanann was sending a sign
(Image: Facebook)

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“While they were chatting with a fetus, a skull floating in oil appeared on the screen.
“His wife Shanann was four months pregnant and he put his two daughters in oil tanks.
“If you believe in the paranormal, has Shanann sent them any clues or a coincidence?”
” Very scary. “

[Image: 0_Chris-Watts-Shanann-Watts.jpg?w=696&ssl=1]
Shanann had been buried and the girls thrown into an oil tank
(Image: Instagram)

[Image: 0_Christopher-Watts-Sentencing.jpg?w=696&ssl=1]
Chris has five life sentences
(Image: CBSN)

Other Facebook users quickly agreed that this was a post from beyond the grave.
One said, “I’m in shock. Wow. ”
Another replied, “It’s weird and I’ve never noticed it. I’m sure it was a sign! ”
Paranormal investigator Barry Depp, who has led Paranormal Hunters UK for two years, thinks they are right.
The 13-member team has carried out numerous investigations, cleanings and exorcisms in the south of England.
Speaking exclusively to Daily Star Online, Mr Depp said, “We believe that spirits come and send messages in all kinds of ways, including through television, so it is definitely possible.
“Jane, one of our psychics, sensed someone in the room with them when the fetus and skull appear on the screen.
“As a group, we have spirits in our investigations. The woman had a strong character, so there’s a good chance she might have passed.

I have no way of knowing if this story is real, but I can say that I have family members who have seen and heard their dearly departed speak to them from the t.v., and I myself heard my late ex-husband speak to me over the radio.

Spirits use electronics to communicate with us. Just look at the "spirit box" that paranormal investigators use to allow the departed to speak through. They also use electric lights, flashing on and off.

Because we are all made of energy it is easy to manipulate other energies to send a message.

I lean more to believing the story in the OP than not.

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