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It's important to vote now more than ever
(10-27-2020, 02:54 PM)Wallfire Wrote: I predict that when trump wins attracts by islam will start again, both in the US  and Europe

I think your right. Seems everything is sort of on hold... Don't dismiss the day of election. I would Not be surprised if calamity struck somewhere, or in multiple places like polling facilities, or who knows what target. But I'v a feeling something might transpire.
Five days away. Even NPR seems to have calmed down, failing to spew out anti-Trump bile. 
It don't matter who you vote for, but if you do not, I fear you will look in hindsight and regret not standing up and proclaiming your Choice for the most powerful man in the World.....
With the 2020 election barely four days away, we find ourselves wondering our parties chances of winning. Thoughts of landslides diminish like yesterdays newspaper. The bravado and boastful declerations of victory and vanquishing your opponent, neighbors, friends, relatives seems to fade into a fatigued caution. Not so bold, not so many boasts, and that bravado slightly taking a subdued voice. Both parties.... I'm speaking of Both parties.  As the days wind down and we are examining our choices, perhaps second guessing or considering reversing our choice, we push on declaring our candidate. And we must..... that is the only way we will have a government of the People, by the People

No matter how many think their votes don't count, they infact do count. They will guide your future. The countries morals, policy, wars, peace, the care of the citizens, homeless,  the economy..... You make a difference just as the butterfly effect. 
Next week will take you into an epic bit of history. Either candidate will change your life and that of your children. You might call hyperbole on my opinion, and it is just that, an opinion, but.... I think all of what I say will flash before you like a Train rushing past, each window an event. The Whole World awaits the outcome, and that is something you will have made happen.... either way.
My husband and I voted today. There were a lot of people there. I overheard the lady at the door say they had record numbers yesterday.
Ok friends, it's more important than ever to vote. And for some it presents a bit of dificulty. Every Business (MUSTShould )let their employees have time off to vote.
Most of you are covered. But now might be a good time to line up friends or relatives for a brief time with childcare, or perhaps transportation or whatever it will take to facilitate your making it to a Voting Center and casting your VOTE.
Think ahead........ we all get forgetfull in a rush.... you have THREE (3) more days to plan to get there.

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