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So "Q" Is Just a Crazy Conspiracy Theory?
I copied this off social media to show these Satanic rituals are real, all with documented evidence to back it up.

Take a deep breath before reading this.
Note the red shoes on the children in the pictures.

[Image: 113172101_10222219055050338_254888250440...e=5F8F9358]
[Image: 111165207_10222219054930335_655470622985...e=5F8F567C]
[Image: 116356332_10222219081691004_308573603744...e=5F9009FC]
[Image: 110179103_10222219082091014_627058892568...e=5F8F291F]

“The story I'm about to tell you is true.
Perhaps the most intriguing part of this story is that every single person reading this post - every single one of you - was alive when this story became news in 2004.
That fact is intriguing because everyone reading this post has either never heard this story, or forgot about it (I'm betting on the first one, because it is truly unforgettable).
Furthermore, once you hear this story in its entirety, I can promise it will be seared into your memory forever.

Our main character is a man named Marc Dutroux. He was born in Belgium in 1956. He was twice convicted of kidnapping and raping underage children. The first time was in 1989. The second time occurred in 1996.
That was not a typo - you read that correctly. He was convicted and served a (much too brief) sentence in 1998. He served only 3 and a half years of his 13 year sentence because he was released for good behavior. Less than 10 years later, he was arrested again on the same charges (different victims).

In the second round of charges, he was convicted of kidnapping, torturing and abusing victims, some of them to the point of death.
What I am about to tell you comes from the statements made by his surviving victims (called the X Files), Marc Dutreox himself, and evidence from law enforcement. I've also added references/citations at the very end of this post.

Here we go.

Marc confessed to kidnapping, raping, drugging, torturing and filming children for many years. He also claimed he was doing it at the behest of a political elite who financed his career as a professional trafficker.

Not only did this political elite finance his efforts - they made specific requests of him. Sometimes they requested specific types of children (they were called "party favors" and he was asked to deliver kids of certain age, sex, race). Sometimes they requested specific means of torturing the children to fulfill their desires (orgies, satanic rituals involving sacrifices, torture games).
And sometimes they requested he film certain influential people engaged in these acts, for later use as blackmail.

He claimed many of his customers and financiers were world leaders. This was not a stretch of the imagination because he lived in Belgium, where the EU and NATO headquarters were located. This statement was also corroborated by victims who were able to identify specific politicians.

Anneke Lucas was one of his victims who testified against him. She claimed she was 6 years old when the cleaning lady hired by her mother sold her to the pedophile network in 1969. Her claims were extraordinary:
-She was raped over seventeen hundred hours before turning 12 years old.

-She was 6 years old when she was forced to participate in her first orgy, which included wearing an iron dog collar and eating human excrement.

-She would actually be delivered back to her parents from time to time. However, her parents themselves were complicit in the crimes and always sent her back to her abusers.

-Torture included being strapped to a butchers block used to execute other children. Other victims were forced to torture her for hours as part of their initiation.

-She was considered attractive and that made her preferred by her abusers. She claimed that she tried to use that to her survival advantage to the best of her ability, but by the age of eleven, she had become so broken that she was slated to be executed and disposed of.

-She said she was saved when one of her abusers negotiated for her freedom. That abuser would later sit as a defendant in the trial.
Other witnesses and victims would soon come forward, describing such things as “Black Masses,” with child and adult sacrifices taking place in front of observers and participants, which included prominent politicians and figures. This would be corroborated by a note found by police at the house belonging to Bernard Weinstein—a man who previously worked with Dutroux, but whom Dutroux had murdered. The letter contained very specific requests for certain types of victims for satanic sacrifices.

The letter was signed by a man who called himself 'Anubis'. It turned out 'Anubis' was the high priest of a satanic cult called 'Abrasax' whose real name was Francis Desmet. Police obtained a warrant and seized computers, documents, mail, actual human skulls, jars of blood, and all sorts of Satanic items - but none of this was enough to make an arrest.
As the Dutroux trial went public, other victims stepped forward and confirmed the testimony, offering up descriptions of sexual abuse and human sacrifice.

They also described “hunting parties” where elites would release naked children into the woods to hide, so that the elites themselves could hunt them down and slaughter them. Many of the stories from victims contained so many similarities, they were impossible to deny. For example, the hunting parties were often held at castles, where victims could not escape and were hidden from the public eye. Those not killed in the hunt were usually chased down and mauled/killed by Dobermans.

All of these victims echoed the testimonies of other, older survivors of ritual Satanic abuse from around the world.
It is also notable that Dutroux owned 10 homes valued at 6 million dollars.
It is also notable that Dutroux was not employed.
It is also notable that Dutroux received $1,200 per month in public assistance.
It is also notable that documents released by Wikileaks show large sums of money in various currencies were deposited into his wife's bank account.

It is also notable that those deposits coincided with reported kidnappings and missing children reports.
It is also notable that before his removal, judge Jean-Marc Connerotte was on the verge of publicly disclosing the names of high level government officials who had been recognized on video-tapes of sexual torture that took place in Dutroux's dungeon.
It is also notable that 20 potential witnesses for this case have died without explanation.

Does any of this sound familiar?
Are there any headlines today that sound like history is repeating itself?
Guys, not one single thing in this post is theory. It's all proven and on record.
You see the pictures attached to this post? Those are images of hunting games. They're paintings that people like Tony Podesta buy, and hang in his home, and invite others over to enjoy.

We all know Epstein was a sick sob who had friends in high places - the same friends that hang out with Tony Podesta.
You think Epstein was the only one? That he's somehow unique? Or was he the low level one they were willing to sacrifice to protect everyone else involved at a higher level?

Do you realize now that when it comes to trafficking, satanism, pedophilia, human sacrifices, organ harvesting, adrenachrome - that it is art imitating life? That these people who are so obsessed with the art that glorifes these things might actually, themselves, be engaged in these things?

Do you think normal, non-pedo, non-cannibal, average Joes would hang that garbage up in their homes?
Suddenly the claims that world leaders and governments being involved in this satanic horror show isn't so far fetched after all.
Suddenly its not so crazy to say that world agencies who claim to stop these crimes (WHO, UN) are actually facades that cover up the real work of procuring and enabling - yes, even participating - in these crimes.
Suddenly the whole house of cards comes crashing down.

With this one case, all the unbelievers are silenced.
For crying out loud, this trial was in 2004! Did you remember it? If not, do you wonder why it was not front page news across the world?

And if you're asking yourself HOW DO THESE PEOPLE GET AWAY WITH THIS - have you not yet figured out that the very people who are supposed to end it, are doing it?

Most everyone has watched an Epstein documentary on Netflix - I think there's been maybe 3 or 4 made since his death. And the one thing I heard people say over and over and over again was this: "Where is Epstein's girlfriend and why hasn't she been arrested yet?"
Did anyone asking that question even try to find the answer? Or did you just shrug your shoulders and say, "Well, it is what it is and there's nothing I can do about it" and go on with your life?

Let me help you out.

Did you hear the news story from two weeks ago that President Trump fired federal prosecutor Geoffrey Berman? He was the prosecutor in charge of the Epstein case.

AG Barr requested Berman step down, and Berman refused. So Trump fired him and Berman was replaced with prosecutor Audrey Strauss. And then suddenly BAM! Maxwell is in custody.

You now get a front row seat for the horror show that is about to come out.
You will not believe who is involved and how deep it goes. And you will not believe the lengths they'll go to in order to protect their secrets.

I'm sorry, but I'm having trouble linking the other six documents here.  There IS proof to back this up when you research enough.

Don't believe all the smear campaigns that are coming out about Q. This is what "they" do when they don't want the public to see the truth of what goes on behind the curtain. Everywhere you look on MSM and Google, it's all smear articles to make Q and anyone who follows them look crazy and violent.
Q has never told us to be violent. Anyone who follows Q and does anything violent does it on their own accord. There are people with mental problems anywhere you look. 
They also infiltrate 'actors' into the movement to do things so they can spin their narrative that we are a terrorist organization.
We are not!
They also told a lie when they said the FBI had labeled Q as a terrorist organization. A flat out lie! Go to the FBI website and show me where this is posted.  You can't, because it's not true.

Now you know the darker parts of what the Elite do behind the curtain. It's our job to expose them.
I think I can link a few of the articles that have the www. in front of the link. Let me try again.
I never trusted the "Q" thing but I don't think "Q" is needed to find the truth in this particular evil.

I don't know how anyone that believes in a higher power can be blind and deaf when it comes to Satanic rituals.  

It is obvious that Satan/Baal, whatever you want to call him, worship and rituals pre date Christianity, Islam, and quite a few other religions. The rituals almost always involved sex, and the sacrifice of children. 

Why would the people of those times keep returning to worship of a deity that was not rewarding them in some way or giving them power?  Even in direct disobedience to the God supreme. Even when he commanded them not to worship any other God other than himself.

These things are not spoken of in most religions because the knowledge alone, would be too alluring, especially to those that are suffering or forlorn. The tempatation had to have been so great that it is forbidden to even talk about. It is a hidden religion, mystical, with its history and rituals passed down to only those ancient families of power and wealth. So we are led to believe. 

There are many celebrities that have admitted that they have sold their souls to Satan, and some that say they allow their bodies to be taken over when they perform. That is done so the deity can bask in the idolatry and worship that is rightfully his.

Satan worhip. Evil rituals, the sacrifice of infants and children, goes back to the dawn of time. That is why it continues to this day. They have become masters of the practice and masters of the masses. They control all that we see, hear, and possess. To stop this will take more than a reset. As history has shown.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=8192]

@Mystic Wanderer 

Quote:Everywhere you look on MSM and Google, it's all smear articles to make Q and anyone who follows them look crazy and violent.

That's because the Einsteins in the MSM have finally figured out that sources like Q are pointing a LOT of people to information that highlights the pathologies of the elites . . . lies, perversion, corruption, and such.

I don't see a bright future for the MSM.  Early on, they struggled to find a business model in the age of the internet.  Then they abandoned whatever real journalism they were doing for sensationalism and entertainment.  And now, with alternate sources of information about events emerging on the internet, all they're doing is attacking those sources instead of taking a hard look at what a scruffy trade with zero professional ethics they've become.

The problem for the public is they have to sort the wheat from the chaff as far as "reporting" goes on the internet.  It can be done, but it takes too much time for most people.

[Image: 14sigsepia.jpg]

Location: The lost world, Elsewhen
Here is a great description of what/who Q is, by Havel on Twitter.
The thread is in the thread reader so anyone not a member on Twitter can read it in it's entirety.
I hope nobody takes this the wrong way, but the whole Q thing is a hoax. There is no conspiracy or cabal. The only cult thing is Q itself. I believe Q is a cult.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=8180]
Watch this clip on Twitter. Click on the link.
[Image: af5daac42d.png]

3 years.

[Image: 14sigsepia.jpg]

Location: The lost world, Elsewhen
(10-28-2020, 05:44 PM)F2d5thCav Wrote: [Image: af5daac42d.png]

3 years.


Happy Anniversary to the Q Family.   minusculeknocks       minusculebeercheers

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