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Mohenjo-daro nuked 4000 years ago ?
This is a weird story to say the least.

Fire in the hole.

[Image: ab.gif]

[Image: 14sigsepia.jpg]

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Great Vids. Thanks for posting.  I'm a big believer in this. Just off to Ebay see if anyone's selling a Vimana minusculebeercheers
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Yes, I believe an ancient civilization that used to live on Earth found out the hard way what NOT to do. That's why they are coming back now (or previously) and destroying military warheads. They can't allow this to happen again.

This post just reminded me that I have Ancient Aliens on my HULU channel. I haven't watched the last two seasons.
There's me something to watch at night.  YAY!
Of-course this could have happened.
It was notated in their scrolls and tablets, right?
So way is the scientific world hiding the truth?

They don't want to rewrite our history and have to admit they were wrong.
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