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Can't Beat'em Join'em
Can't beat'em then Join'em.

If it's OK to gamble during the Coronavirus Restrictions but not Worship your God, then just install some Gambling Devices, Right?

[Image: article-6649-2.jpg]
I mean, don't you agree that if your going to Gamble with Your Soul, you should go ahead and Gamble!  tinybiggrin 

Quote:CARSON CITY, NV—Calvary Chapel of the Desert was informed by the state that it was violating the state's strict restrictions on church gatherings. So, Pastor Chuck Carver figured out a clever way around the stringent requirements: he installed slot machines in the church, and now his church is able to do whatever it wants.

"We put up the slot machines and bam -- no more restrictions," Carver said Sunday. "The authorities dispersed, and we pretty much get to do whatever we want. What happens in Calvary Chapel stays in Calvary Chapel."

He then preached a solemn sermon in front of the blinking lights and blaring sirens from the slots. "Yeah, it looks kinda goofy," he said later. "But it's no different than when I have to preach in front of our zany VBS decorations."

"Plus, it's making up for all the lost tithing over the last few months," he added as another senior church member slipped another quarter into one of the machines. "Jackpot!"
Smart Man, I would say.  minusculethumbsup2
Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
[Image: attachment.php?aid=936]
If this doesn't show people that the virus is a hoax, or at least not as bad as they claim, then I don't know what to tell you.


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