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This is messed up !! Sickening actually
So a drunk guy comes up to you and 3 friends and asked for a cigarette.. "Sorry no one smokes" is your answer. Then the cigarette guy pulls a gun . You disarm the guy and call 911 about what just happened. The cops arrive and you are handcuffed and charged with felony possession of a handgun that did not belong to you. 

The guy wanting the cigarette was a convicted felon ... What a big bunch of BS IMO ! The story does have an almost happy ending as the D.A. dismissed the case but if our hero has his licenses tag ran by the cops it will show he has been arrested for a gun related crime. I would be pissed to say the least ! 

Army veteran arrested after disarming gunman, saving friends

When criminals have more rights than law-abiding individuals, you really have to start questioning the thought process of those making the laws.


Safeway said masks and gloves were okay.  They never mentioned pants.

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