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[France] And We're Off Again!
It looks like the fashion of terrorism is vogue once more...

Quote:Paris 'gunman': La Defense shopping centre evacuated by armed police.

Armed police evacuated a major shopping centre and train station in Paris following reports an
armed man was seen near the busy centre. Police were called to Les Quatre Temps shopping
centre and La Defense train station in Paris at around 10am on Tuesday.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=7981]

At around 11.30am the Paris police department issued an updated statement on Twitter to say
that no suspect had been identified that matched the description that was reported to the Police
Secours 17 division.

Footage on social media showed shoppers running out of the centre while police searched the
area. People could also be seen slowly evacuating the centre with their arms raised.

The Paris police department said on Twitter that the shopping centre had been evacuated to
"allow for checks". Police asked people to avoid the area and to follow the instructions of the

A source told Le Figaro: "We are looking for an armed man who would have been seen at the
4 temps shopping centre in La Defense district." The French daily morning newspaper also
reported that the suspect could be caring an AK-47 rifle.

A man who was stuck inside the train station told the Mirror Online: "We are safe. We are just
waiting inside the station." The Metro and RER stations at La Defense were temporarily closed
to the public for "security measures"...'
Evening Standard:

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"They watch from behind complacent smiles whilst polishing their cutlery. Yet, with egg between the prongs"
Bloody hell, this year just won't stop, it's exhausting!

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Dad told me there were quite a few gunmen in France 75 years ago. minusculebiggrin 

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