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Welcome to R-N 3 CottonGinWaste

Welcome Home, Great to see you  minusculehello
Come on in and visit the shoutbox on the first page, live chat.
need help, just ask,
Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
[Image: attachment.php?aid=936]
G'day, Cotton Gin! 

[Image: H4PTdA.gif]
The Goonies R good enough
CottonGinWaste ... who could that be?

Doesn't matter.  Welcome.

[Image: images-4.jpg]
'Cause if they catch you in the backseat tryin'ta pick her locks
They're gonna send you home to momma in a cardboard box
You better run!!
Hey There @CottonGinWaste 

Welcome aboard!
(I had to google "CottonGinWaste"... My first thought was "What? You can make Gin from Cotton??" LOL)

By way of an apology for my lack of knowledge on the topic... I shall write you a limerick!

Into our lobby walked CottonGinWaste,
A person of honor, with impeccable Taste,
Not a hair out of place,
Nor a mark on the face,
But all they were wearing was a belt 'round their Waist!!

Explore and Enjoy!
And if you need help with anything at all - just ask.

tinybighuh Being Rogue is WEIRD, But I LIKE IT!tinyfunny 

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