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There May Be a Parallel Universe That Is Moving Backwards in Time
Not sure I understand it but its fun to read

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There May Be a Parallel Universe That Is Moving Backwards in Time
By Sherrie Hurd, A.A.|December 20th, 2014|Categories: Physics & Natural SciencesUncommon ScienceUniverse|Tags: Big Bangparallel worldstime

There are many things that we know about time, and many other things that we still struggle to comprehend. Time, as we previously understood the concept, moves forward and forward alone.
There are ways that allow for time travel, rather extensive ways that take a stretch of the imagination.  Have you ever considered, however, that time could move both forward and backward at the same time? Maybe you should give this some thought.
The Parallel Universe
The parallel universe, a place where there could possibly be another you, another me and another entire duplicate world.  We have just started to understand the physics of this other existence.

Another possibility and likelihood is that this parallel universe could be moving in the opposite direction in time. Our future could be someone else’s past. Strange? Yes, but highly likely according to recent studies.
Who said these things?
A trio of theoretical physicists suggests that there may be more than one future in store. These experts claim and that “The Big Bang Theory” actually produced two different universes, one going forward and one going in reverse through time.
During the 1920s, our universe was understood asymmetrically.  All things followed a simple form called “The Arrow of Time”, termed by British astronomer Arthur Eddington.
Most physicists today believe that time flows toward an increased disorder or chaos, moving away from entropy. If this is true, then our universe as we know it, must have originated in a state of complete order, that is, if the arrow flows only in one direction.
There are so many questions about this theory. Why was there such a low state of entropy in our pas t— “The Big Bang”? There are also questions as to why our universe is in such an ordered state. One idea, derived from the mind of Ludwig Boltzmann, Austrian physicist, is that our order is just a part of a much larger equilibrium state.
More than just an idea
That trio of theoretical physicists may have been onto something after all. Tim Koslowski from the University of Brunswick, Julian Barbour of Oxford and Flavio Mercati of the Perimeter Institute for theoretical physics have created a new “Arrow of Time” based on gravity instead of thermodynamics.

Quote:“[i]Time is a mystery, all things look basically the same however time runs,” said Barbour.[/i]

This theory was tested using a simple proxy of the universe. 1,000 particles, in a computer simulation, were studied under the influence of Newtonian gravity. Like a swarm of bees, these particles settled into a group of low complexity.
This appeared similar to Boltzmann’s theory of low entropy fluctuation — an idea that further supported the separate timelines. From the center, the particles moved outward in different directions, signifying two separate paths of time.

If there are two futures, moving in opposite directions, what does this mean for intelligent life? The simple idea is that intelligent beings in our parallel universe would actually be living their future in our distant past.
Wow! Wrap your head around that one! Whether we are moving in one timeline or the other, one thing is for certain, this is the world as we know it, no different than our brothers and sisters who live in the other direction

That is very interesting @Wallfire   minusculeclap

I suppose anything is possible.
I would think that for that other me to live in the future then they would have had to of started evolving WAY before our time line did.
No, I just can't Rap My Head Around that.
Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
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As Ninurta once asked, is this where those missing socks go in the dryer?

I think someone over there is losing coins because they keep appearing in my space when I know they weren't there before. One even hit me in the head a few years ago.   tinyhuh

If that's the case, things must be much cheaper in the other world.   tinywondering
Oh I'm tempted... very tempted to relate BIAD's comment on this posting!

But I think Ninurta got in it right in another thread regarding the direction of time.
Past -our past, present and future are all entwined and the linear-idea is a little too human-orientated
(Just a suggestion!)
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Simple explanation for hillbillies like me: There are scientists who count particles. There are some particles that can only go "down", towards the surface of the Earth - they cannot go "up". The aforementioned scientists who count particles counted some of the particles that can only go "down" as they went "up", an impossibility. Since the particles were going in the wrong direction, they must have been going backwards in time, as would be seen in a film running backwards.

Massive flaw in this theory as related to linear time - since we only see "forward" in linear time, we could not see a particle going backwards in time if we are still going forward in time. The film analogy falls apart here, because from our perception "time" is still going forward as we run a film backwards - it's the film reversing, not time itself.

I think they're gonna need a bigger theory.

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