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The truth about Sweden and how people are dying
People need to understand that the government in Sweden is powerfully left, and because of this they do not want the truth about what is happening in the 65+ no go areas, the large amounts of rape and violence by the non natives. The truth about how the government has given orders that old natives should not be treated but left to die wile all non natives must be treated. The news papers and TV will not report the truth so Finnish nurses have reported in Finnish papers the truth. A Swedish doctor is been investigated by the Swedish secret service for telling the truth about the old people been left to die, You can find his web site here website  please go and check it out
The truth is something that is unknown to the Left, they dont care who is hurt killed or raped as long as they have power.
I know enough about how things work to know that Dr Tallinger is a brave man and he can not tell the whole truth. Sad but i belive this is the end of his time as a doctor

Sanna Pietiläinen
2 hours ago

[Image: BB14jgBm.img?h=533&w=799&m=6&q=60&o=f&l=f]© Lehtikuva The Prime Minister of Sweden
A Swedish woman interviewed by the BBC says her elderly father received only morphine in a nursing home on the day of her death. No additional oxygen was given and the doctor did not visit the man.

Latifa Löfvenberg, who worked in nursing homes in Gävle, tells the  
BBC that staff were instructed not to send the elderly to the hospital.

- They said no one should be sent to the hospital, even if they are 65 years old and have many more years to live. Some die choking. It’s very hard to just look at it from the side, Löfvenberg says.

[Image: 5ec13a0be4b0645cc2f2fb2d-1589723772638?l...height=534]

Lifting interest rate restrictions speaks across Europe - MTV correspondent now talks about the situation in Sweden
MTV News Live
8 min

Video player from: MTV ( [url=]Privacy Policy )

Read also:  Sweden's slandered corona tactics are slowly beginning to converge with other countries: "There is a question of a long-term solution"

Löfvenberg has moved to work at Stockholm Hospital. According to him, the age distribution of patients supports his observation that the elderly are intentionally kept out of hospital.

- There aren't many old people. Most patients were born in the 90s, 80s and 70s.

"Dad only got morphine, no extra oxygen"

Lili Perspolisi tells the BBC that her father, Reza Sedghi, died of a coronavirus illness in a nursing home in northern Stockholm.

- The doctor did not visit him on the day of his death. The nurse says my father got morphine before he died, but he didn’t get extra oxygen and no one called the ambulance. He died alone. That is unfair.

The paramedic, who remains anonymous, tells the BBC that he has never been on an emergency visit to a nursing home, despite having worked overtime throughout the coronary crisis.

More on this topic:  113-year-old Spanish woman recovered from coronavirus - also survived Spanish disease and civil war

Private intensive care specialist Mikael Fjällid says several lives could be saved if more people were admitted to the hospital or if the powers of nursing home staff were extended to give patients oxygen. Currently, oxygen can only be given by medical staff who specialize in corona.

Sweden banned visits to nursing homes from 31 March. Many relatives and medical staff have criticized the introduction of protective equipment too late, and at the beginning of the crisis, staff may have been at work, even if they had symptoms suggestive of a coronary virus.

There has also been widespread criticism that nursing home staff should not administer oxygen to patients without the specific consent of the physician.

In April, the highest number of deaths in almost 30 years

The Australian news site  has also seized on the situation in Sweden and headed today: "Sweden has the highest number of deaths in one month in 27 years".

The story is about yesterday's announcement in Sweden that more people died in the country in April than in any other month since 1993. In April 2020, 10,458 people died in Sweden and in December 1993, 11,057.

The Australian website writes that Sweden has implemented its own “line of responsible behavior” in the treatment of the corona epidemic, according to which people have been allowed to visit restaurants and work throughout the crisis. They have only been urged to observe social distance.
link use google translate
I understand that in Far Left/Socialist Countries that the Elderly are thought of as Useless Baggage they do not contribute to Society anymore they are considered a Burden.
Very Sad.
Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
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