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Maybe I have had it "COVID" after all
One of the Australia guys I play golf with (Bob) got sick in October 2019 as did I. I waited (it is a guy thing) until I had a little over 103 F temperature and was having problems feeling like I was getting any oxygen to my blood. Since I play golf everyday it was noticeable that my strength was waning .

I went to the hospital and after several test they thought I had pneumonia and treated me with a couple of big I.V.s one of which was Vitamin C which I had requested. I spent 5 days in and out of the hospital getting and I.V. everyday and was OK and back playing golf within the week (I may be old but most people think I am in my late 50s or early 60s as I do not have a beer gut and do exercise, "golf" almost everyday ). I just figured since I am in my 70s that I was unlucky to catch the bug but lucky I recovered as fast as I did.. Now two months later Bob and I both had a relapse. Bob was in Australia when he got sick the second time. After many test they said he had COVID-19 !! He was treated and released after two miserable weeks in the hospital. He returned in country in December before the international flights were shut down.

During my relapse I did the I.V. thing as before (same doctor and hospital) however since I had not waited very long my recovery was much quicker as far as feeling well, so again I was back playing golf within 7 days. Here they were not keyed on to COVID-19 back in October as they were still allowing 1000s of international arrivals from all over the world but especially from CHINA.

I just finished 18 holes of golf at my local course and on number 18 Bob who had just arrived informed me he was back from Australia since December and filled me in on what his doctors had said. I would have never have thought I had COVID-19 but we both had the same symptoms and with the information Bob's Australian doctors provided it just may be I am a COVID survivor ?

Someone will be wondering what type of antibiotic was in the I.V.s ? I do not know other than it was some good stuff !

Bob was wearing a mask and doing social distancing today as he said since we have had one or two strains of COVID, there was still a chance we could get it all over again as the virus has mutated.. YUK !

Just a story, so believe it or not, but I found the whole thing rather interesting.
No matter what you had im glad you made it. Here in Finland i dont know anyone who has had the virus. They are working here in Finland on a vaccine and hope to have it ready for the end of summer. I still believe the CCP virus was released by design and also a test to target people of colour. The next virus will be able to do it job "better" and that frightens me a lot.
Think along the lines that China wants the minerals from some country in Africa, release the virus , kill most of the people, move in to "help", take over and employ the survivors on low wages to work for you.
What if some very rich nut case decides that its the only way to make Europe clean again, and pays for something like this to be developed, but this time something that kills fast and goes after non whites, lets say kills within 24 to 36 hours, the job would be done before anyone could react.
The leaders of China have opened Pandora box, just a little but enough for evil people to look into it and understand what can be done.
This time a virus that has a 99% survival rate has been released, mostly kills the old and sick has stopped the world and is on the border of destroying the economy.
Im not sure this world is a nice place to live in any more
I'm Really Happy and Glad you made it.

The high fever is the worst for us Old/Youngster's!
Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
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Ditto as Guohua, just glad you're through it.
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Glad you and your buddy are okay @727Sky.

I think it went through my area too, back in late December. I haven't had the flu in years and never take the shot/vaccine. But this time, I got something really bad. I did run a fever, but never took my temp to know how high. I only had a fever overnight, then it went away.
Hubby had it too; gave it to me.

I took Colloidal Silver, vitamin D3, vitamin C, and took my Carbon 60. I was sick for almost 2 weeks because of my auto-immune system (takes me longer to heal), whereas my hubby was sick only a week.

It was BAD! I haven't been that sick in years!  Didn't go to the doctor, so I can't say I've had it, but I'd just about bet money that I have.
I'm glad to know I have built up my own immunity to it without needing a vaccine, which I will never take as long as it comes from Bill Gates/WHO. I don't trust those evil people.
They did blood test but their biggest concerns were my lungs. One of the specialist actually wanted to tap my lungs and drain which I said, "lets wait and see how the I.V.s work first." I went through the lung tapping with a wife that was deathly ill. It worked for her but I was not at that stage IMO so no thank you.

The first hospital I went to (I went to two) said it was a bad case of bronchitis and gave me some pills to take after an x-ray and blood test was administered ... three or four days later I went to the other hospital that fixed me with the high fever and was lucky I did for they went right after the fever and the I.V.s ....

The first hospital is supposedly the biggest and best (for profit) and they have many major outlets in most large cities... I had two friends who worked there is why I went. After the fact even my friends who work there said the hospital sucks, go away to anyplace else.. One friend is a doctor (looking for another hospital to work at) and one friend receives payments for the hospital. I wish I had asked them before I went.

I would not take a dog there now after mine and other people's experiences. They charge twice as much and offer none of the cure... IMO anyway which is not only my opinion judging by what others have said.

For the good of our members who took the time to comment I probably should do a test to confirm if I had COVID or not however here are my thoughts on getting tested. The test kits they would use probably come from China which may be infected themselves or are known for false Test results.

Getting tested would require a visit to a hospital which in my opinion is the disease capital of any pandemic or other undesirable bugs (not paranoid just play the odds and avoid most unnecessary risk)... Today every place you go to include the golf course you have to sign in and get your temperature checked before play. Use their ink pen and then sanitize your hands with the provided gel.

So I take a test and they say I had it or they say you are not showing antibodies for COVID.. Either way it would not change my premise that I had it or something like it. If I test positive there is a chance I might be sent to quarantine for 14 days to double check if I am a carrier or not; no joke as they are serious about protecting the population, as they should be.

There is a possibility in my mind that Bob and I both had a strain of a Flu but they told Bob he had COVID when he was in Australia so that is test enough for me. Leave a sleeping guard dog alone.

After a golf game people shake hands (used to) and many times we sit around a table (6 to 12 people different teams) drinking something of your choice (I usually have iced or hot coffee ) so there is plenty of opportunity for the highly infectious COVID to spread as money is exchanged and score cards are passed around.. No one is shaking hands these days and money is handled differently.. and.... there is allot of hand washing with the gel going on...hahahah Next thing there will probably be a super bacteria created that eats the gel before it eats you ! DcCowboy and I agree about that possibility.

I do not mean to offend any medical professional but as my Daddy used to say if you walk across a cow lot long enough you will start smelling like a cow.. Change "cow lot" to hospital and "smelling" to sick.

I will be speaking to Bob on or before nest Monday and will try and tie down exactly what was said and done by his doctor when he became sick in Australia.

Whatever we had was bad and it did take several weeks or a few months to regain your strength as I remember saying more than once I was around 70% back to normal strength and feeling like my lungs were working properly. I lost 10 to 20 yards with most clubs so I just played knowing it.

Now as of this writing I still have days when I know I had something due to feeling like my lungs are still not 100% at oxygenation of my blood...but that may be because I am so darn old.. Better than dead as I still enjoy my life and family but still.... I remember better days of health and lack of bone creak, sagging flesh, and finely chiseled muscular arms and legs that now look more like a wrinkled elephant trunk.

Bobs recovery was not as fast as mine (he is 5 years older).... I might add as he was not playing golf but staying home at his working farm. Yesterday was the first day I have seen him and he was just putting and chipping around the practice green.

When he saw my group of guys he made a bee line to inform me, "You know we both had COVID!" Then his whole medical history ensued.
Quote:Almost 10 weeks into the pandemic, COVID-19 is continuing to surprise and baffle health experts.

In fact, experts' picture of exactly how COVID-19 might play out in the body is now quite different to what was thought as little as a few weeks ago, with some experts saying it could be better described as three different diseases.

We have known for a while that the mild to moderate form of the disease — a flu-like illness with fever, muscle aches and respiratory symptoms, or often no symptoms at all — is almost like "child's play" compared to the major damage to organs like the the lungs, heart, brain, and kidneys seen when COVID-19 becomes severe.

Umesh Gidwani, head of cardiac intensive care at New York's Mount Sinai Hospital, says that trying to treat the severe form of the disease is like facing a terrifying fire, burning out of control.
Really, Really Happy @727Sky  you and Bob are better.
I think getting that Vitamin "D"  and exercise would be good for Bob.

Because of our age it will take our Lungs longer to heal.
What ever you do, DO NOT let them put you on Oxygen.
Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
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Quote:For the good of our members who took the time to comment I probably should do a test to confirm if I had COVID or not however here are my thoughts on getting tested. The test kits they would use probably come from China which may be infected themselves or are known for false Test results.

No, don't do that.
I also believe the tests are already tainted with the virus, and after that paw paw and goat tested positive I wouldn't trust any test to be accurate.
Once they have test results that come back positive, they track you with your phone. Some countries are making people download an app that lets your doctor know if you come in contact with another person who had/has the virus, and then you go back into quarantine all over again. Your name will be on file with the WHO, and you will be tracked for the rest of your life. It's called contact tracing.
I think their goal is to keep everyone locked up, living in fear, so they can control the population easier.


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