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[Sweden] They're Just Ignoring It!
I have no doubt Wallfire has a thing-or-two to say!!!

Quote:HEADING FOR DISASTER Sweden’s refusal to enter coronavirus lockdown leaving schools
and pubs 
open ‘will lead to catastrophe’, doctors warn.

'Sweden's refusal to go into coronavirus lockdown is leading the country towards catastrophe, scientists
have warned. Daily life is carrying on as normal despite the rest of Europe being in lockdown due to the
coronavirus pandemic, with pubs, schools, restaurants and cinemas all still open.

It comes as...
*A 'healthy' 13-year-old boy died in hospital in London becoming the UK's youngest coronavirus victim
*The UK death rate doubled to 381 in the biggest 24-hour leap yet
*Thousands of people could be laid off because of a huge loophole in the coronavirus job scheme
*Brits slammed travel firms as they battled to get money back for Easter breaks
*A Gulf War hero who has joined the NHS frontline dubbed the killer bug “an enemy you can’t see”
*Millions of coronavirus test kits made in Britain are being sold overseas as UK labs 'can't cope'

Sweden has so far seen 4,435 cases of the coronavirus and 180 deaths as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.
The government says lockdown would lead to an economic disaster. And although the Scandinavian country's
relaxed "wait and see" approach flies in the face of all medical guidance it has no immediate plans to change
its liberal ways.
The relaxed measures have raised alarm in the country's medical community.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=7401]

A petition signed by more than 2,000 doctors, scientists, and professors has now called on the government to
get tough and tighten restrictions. “We’re not testing enough, we’re not tracking, we’re not isolating enough
–we've let the virus loose,” said Prof Cecilia Söderberg-Nauclér, a virus expert at the Karolinska Institute.
“They are leading us to catastrophe.”

But Anders Tegnell, the chief epidemiologist, insists the government policies will prove effective.
"We are trying to slow the spread enough so that we can deal with the patients coming in," he said.
“There is no evidence whatsoever that doing more at this stage would make any difference.
"It’s far better to introduce stringent measures at very specific intervals, and keep them running for as little
time as possible.”

The most common age for a Swede to move out their parents’ home is between 18 and 19 - compared to the
EU average of 26. Some experts believe that these solo living patterns might help stem the spread of deadly

In the pandemic hotspots of Italy and Spain it is far more common for large families to congregate under one roof.
“If you have a household with several generations, of course you are going to have a quick spread,” Björn Olsen,
a professor of infectious diseases at Uppsala University told the BBC.
“We have a lot of single people living in Stockholm, in the big cities in Sweden, and that could sort of slow the pace
a little bit.”

PM Stefan Lofven has tightened restrictions in recent days - limiting gatherings to 50 -  but insists there is still no
need to follow the herd. Its closest neighbours –  Denmark, Finland, and Norway – have all introduced a no-nonsense
lockdown strategy, closing schools, workplaces and borders weeks ago.

Norway has around a quarter of the deaths (39) than the figure recorded in Sweden and insists its tough stance is
already saving lives. As of today, Denmark has recorded 90 coronavirus fatalities and Finland just 17.

But Lofven has said: "We all, as individuals, have to take responsibility. We can't legislate and ban everything. It is also
a question of common sense. “We who are adults need to be exactly that: adults. Not spread panic or rumours.
No one is alone in this crisis, but each person has a heavy responsibility.”

His Social Democratic government has argued citizens can be trusted to act responsibly and will stay indoors if they
experience any symptoms. The public has been told to practise social distancing and to work from home if possible
but ONLY those over 70 are urged to self-isolate.

While standing at bars has in theory been banned, pubs and restaurants continue to serve customers day and night.
Secondary schools and universities have now closed, but preschools and primary schools are still open as usual.
Emilia Larsson-Lecak, 21, from Stockholm told the Sun Online: "Everything seems pretty normal here. I went skiing
over the weekend and everything was pretty calm.

"People are trying to get on with their everyday lives. If they have the opportunity to work at home then many are.
"A few restaurants have closed but people are still out eating, drinking and playing sport. I think a lot of us are just
trying to stay away from the elderly and those in the risk zone. They have closed nursing homes to stop people visiting.

"Only restaurants who use waiters to take orders are open so people remain sat down.
"No one is really wearing masks but making sure they are washing their hands. People are still moving about as normal.
"I'm not too worried. I think the government are doing there best for the economy. We wouldn't be able to manage in lockdown.
"Smaller businesses won't survive and people would lose their jobs. I don't think people would cope with being indoors.
"We are confident they are keeping us all safe."

Photos coming out of the country still paint a picture of a country seemingly untouched by the global pandemic...'
The Sun:

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[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
Quote:[Image: lik.jpg]The corpse of a hospital in New York / Intensive care in Italy. Facsimile Twitter / Youtube

Internal document: Corona patients will die at home - places in hospitals end in a week
April 1, 2020


According to an internal document from Region Stockholm, which Aftonbladet managed to get hold of, it is planned that the health centers will start replacing overcrowded hospitals already in a week. Then the goal is for coronary patients to die at home - that is why doctors are quickly trained at palliative care centers, that is to say, care at the end of life.

The document presented by [url=]Aftonbladet
 includes, among other things, a forecast of access to care places in the region. According to the forecast, the sites will end in a week - April 7. However, the peak of the number of healthcare needs will be reached at the earliest at the end of the month - April 29, according to the plan.

For this reason, primary care is now mobilized for coronary care. At the same time, one is prepared to accept "lowered quality". What it will look like in concrete form is an example of how the document will be presented later on.
Because no possibility of referring to hospitals will not exist because of the congestion, coronary patients are expected to stay - and even die - at home. For this reason, all physicians at health centers and other primary care centers will be trained quickly to provide palliative care - or care at the end of life - in patients' homes. The training must be conducted via the web.

Earlier , Social News reported that the Västra Götaland region plans to fill ice shelves in Gothenburg with corpses in the traces of the corona epidemic.
- We feel that it is a more worthy alternative than refrigerated containers, Gothenburg's funeral director has stated to SVT.
In Stockholm, several refrigeration containers "for a thousand corpses" have been hired to store dead in the corona epidemic, which FriaTider was the first to report. Today, the number of dead has set a new record in Sweden - 59 have died of corona during the past 24 hours. However, there are suspicions that the statistics of the Public Health Authority are misleading and do not include all cases of Covid-19.
READ MORE: Public health authority statistics are questioned - not all deaths are shown
Even in the United States, the number of deaths broke new records - yesterday reported that nearly a thousand people have died from the virus during a day. On social media, a clip is said to show the location of one of New York's hospitals - with corridors overflowing with corpses. The authenticity of the video has not been verified, but similar scenes took place in other parts of the world during the ongoing epidemic:
Quote:Sweden's liberal pandemic strategy questioned as Stockholm death toll mounts
Their Death toll gets higher, that is sad.
Quote:STOCKHOLM (Reuters) - A spike in novel coronavirus infections and deaths in Stockholm has raised questions about Sweden’s decision to fight the outbreak without resorting to the lockdowns that have left much of Europe at a standstill.

As governments across Europe have closed their borders and shut down their cities, Sweden has not.

Quote:Among Sweden’s Nordic neighbours, Denmark has closed its borders and shut its schools, as has Norway, while Finland has isolated its main urban region.

Yet Swedes are able to go to restaurants, get a haircut and send their children to school even as the number of confirmed cases and deaths have mounted, above all in Stockholm which accounts for more than half the fatalities.

Now read this next passage carefully if you are concerned about your movements being tracked.

Quote:An analysis of smartphone location data showed that while visits to public places has fallen steeply in most European countries, Sweden is bucking the trend.

But Sweden’s liberal approach, which aims to minimise disruption to social and economic life, is coming under fire as the epidemic spreads in the capital.
Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
[Image: attachment.php?aid=936]
Ok some of the real reasons why Sweden has not gone into lock down. First they are almost bankrupt paying for millions of imports who have no interest in ever working. 
Sweden has over 65 no-go areas, thats where the police cant go.
The imports have been advised what to when they have been at mosques but have said the white infidel does not tell us what to do in our country.
If the Swedish government had locked down the country millions of imports would of just kept doing what they want and this would of shown the people and the world that the government has no control ( France and Germany have also not included the import areas in the lock down for the same reason)
The Swedish government approval has gone up because imports see it as doing what they want.
The government has informed the health care that all imports are to be looked after before older Swedes are treated, older Swedes are to be let die.
A lock down will be introduced very soon as imports are starting to die and now will sort off do as asked

Just a small note in Finland we stay at least 2m from each other but its common to see muslims and Africans in gangs. Once again white infidels dont tell them what to do.
Once again because so much money has been used to support imports they cut important services to the Swedish people

Quote:Ambulances are taken out of service - in the middle of the corona pandemic
In the middle of the corona crisis, Jönköping County gets rid of four ambulances.
According to the South East Health Region, this is necessary. However, the ambulance association
warns that the change could have serious consequences.

During Friday it was announced that four ambulances will disappear from Jönköping County until further notice.
These are the only ambulances available in Aneby and Mullsjö as well as one from Värnamo and another from
Eksjö. The nurses from the ambulances should instead be put to work at the hospitals in the county.

The message was met with resignation and anger by the ambulance staff. Henrik Johansson, chairman of the Ambulance Association,
is critical of the decision.

- How can you in Christianity during a disaster come to the idea not to arm, but instead to disarm, Johansson asks rhetorically in SVT .
According to Johansson, the decision risks angering patients and relatives when they call an ambulance and are forced to wait a long
time before arriving. Upset relatives also risk making work difficult for the ambulance staff, he believes.

- We have heard from our colleagues who are in the middle of the pandemic in southern Europe, that when you come to an alarm after
two hours or more, there is a tremendous anger and frustration that the ambulance staff must take care of before they can do their job,
he says. .

Has long been alarmed about poor readiness
Henrik Johansson states that the Ambulance Association has for several years been alerted to poor preparedness and has made
constructive suggestions on how it could be strengthened. He understands that the region now wants to "drain ambulance care
on resources".

Now the result is a work environment risk "called duga", Johansson adds, adding that "the ambulance personnel are thrown out
in the county for 24 hours at a time while several ambulance units disappear".

Don't worry about the criticism
Mats Bojestig, director of health in Jönköping County, does not worry about the criticism from the Ambulance Association but
believes that those in need of ambulance will have long-term indulgence.

- I think our population really understands that this is a difficult situation for healthcare and that we must make priorities, says

The nurses should be relocated
According to Bojestig, it is necessary to remove the ambulances until further notice. The corona crisis requires re-prioritization,
he says, and the nurses will be relocated from the ambulances to the hospitals in the county.

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