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Here is some info about what is going on in Europe with the C-virus
LIVE: The Public Health Agency recognizes - "a social spread is going on in the country"

March 16, 2020

17.57: Quarterly magazine [url=]publishes a story
 by Mattias Sjödin who followed the advice of the People's Authority - and became ill in corona. Since February 29, he has had fever and other symptoms. Sjödin describes the medical staff's reluctance to test him where only a personal acquaintance with a doctor helped him to be diagnosed. Despite assurances that the disease is mild for most people, he still does not feel well and believes that "it takes time" to recover.

17.42: The Public Health Authority now recognizes that there is a social spread in the country. The most obvious is the development in Stockholm, according to the heavily criticized state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell. "Now is the place to work at home, " he says . Tegnell has so far chosen a passive line, an analysis that, according to most analysts, was wrong.

17.35: At its press conference, WHO calls on the countries to increase the corona sampling to be more effective in combating the pandemic. "We have a simple message to all countries - test, test, test," WHO Secretary-General said according to DW . As is well known, Sweden has stopped sampling for corona throughout the country - except for people to be hospitalized.
17.17: Norwegian cancels 85% of its flights. From March 21, the company will only fly within Norway and operate several departures between Nordic capitals. The new reduced timetable initially applies until April 17 and may be available in full in the airline's press release .
17.09: The number of dead in Sweden now amounts to seven. The most recent death was an elderly multi-illness patient, Region Sörmland announced on Monday morning.

17.06: Parliament's group leaders have agreed that only 55 out of 349 members will attend the polls. The rest is "set off" as it is called. Systems shall ensure that the proportions of the various parties of the Riksdag are kept intact and shall be for at least two weeks. The measure is intended to "ensure that the Riksdag has a sustainable decision-making capacity" in the light of the corona epidemic.
17.00: Spain takes over private healthcare in the country to fight the corona epidemic. The state will also confiscate face masks and Covid-19 test kits available in the private healthcare facilities. Spain is in fourth place globally with 9000 infected and 309 dead. Just yesterday, more than 100 people died of corona.
16.53: France is considering a curfew to gain control of the epidemic. At the time of writing, the country has 5500 confirmed infected and 127 deaths according to The Guardian .
16.36: According to DW , the EU Commission presents a proposal to close the boundaries of all non-citizens for "non-essential travel". The initial ban is proposed to be valid for 30 days. At present, it is unclear how it should be combined with the right of asylum and whether migrants crossing the border illegally should be exempted from the ban.
16.15: Finland closes all schools and higher education institutions that from Wednesday will switch to distance education, Hufvudstadsbladet announces .


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