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Very non PC but true
Some one is telling the truth, but as always no one will care

Quote:Hungary: PM Orbán says that immigration is responsible for coronavirus epidemic

 By MICHAEL LORD  15 March 2020
[Image: shutterstock_1369934573-702x459.jpg]

Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has unequivocally placed the blame for the coronavirus outbreak in Europe on immigration and affirmed that Hungary has been ahead of the curve in understanding the dangers of migration.
In an interview regarding his country’s response to the coronavirus threat on Hungary’s Kossuth Rádió Friday morning, the Prime Minister was asked why universities were being closed while public schools were remaining open. Orbán stated that it is because “there are a lot of foreigners there,” noting that most of Hungary’s early cases of the virus were found among Iranian students.
He further explained that it was not possible to separate the foreign students from the Hungarians, so he thought it best to close the institutions altogether.
(On Friday, however, the Hungarian government announced that public schools would be closed as well starting the following week.)
“We have seen that it was mostly foreigners who brought in the disease, and that it is mostly spreading among foreigners,” Orbán added. “It’s no coincidence that the virus first first appeared among Iranians.”
Orbán affirmed that there is a “logical connection” between migration and the epidemic. “We are fighting a two-front war,” he said, according to a report by the About Hungary news portal. “One front is called migration, and the other one belongs to the coronavirus.”
Orbán also said that Hungary hadn’t been letting migrants in prior to the outbreak, and that they won’t start doing so now.
“Right here and right now, human lives come first,” the Prime Minister explained. “Prevention is key to keeping the number of victims and infections as low as possible.”
Earlier this month, Austria’s conservative newspaper Die Presse credited Orbán with having been right about the migrant crisis all along, and called on Germany’s Angela Merkel to apologize for her criticism of Hungary’s migration policies, as reported by Voice of Europe.
"Not Very PC But True". 

Who cares?  One of the biggest problems with the internet is PC. What happened to free speech?  Oh, I forgot; is this only for the U.S.? 

Well, this is RN. We can speak as we wish here. If people have something to say, say it.  PC be dammed as long as it's truth and communicated in a respectable way.
And it certainly sounds like this man is speaking truth.   minusculethumbsup

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