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Death from above slicing and dicing the old fashion way
Quote:Subject: Fwd: Death From Above

Quote:The drone/missile that killed Soleimani
[Image: mail?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.globalsecurit...fDSq5w--~C]

The CIA’s Blade-Wielding 'Flying Ginsu’ Missile (another example at bottom of this email)

[Image: mail?]

General Soleimani: He had quite a career as a "terrorist with American blood on his hands," a summary of which is beyond the scope of this email. What I want to do is give you "the rest of the story" concerning the details of his demise.

It starts with Soleimani in the Bekaa Valley of Lebanon, at that moment working with the Hezbollah, (Arabic "Party of God”) in preparation for an attack on Israel. He was on the phone with leaders of the IRGC's Shia militia force in Iraq, known as the Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF), ordering and coordinating the attack on our American Embassy.

Next day, he got on an Iranian plane and flew from Beirut to Baghdad International Airport (BIAP) where he was met plane side in the air cargo area apron by a van carrying PMF chief Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis and four of his leaders, all of whom were involved with the planned attack on the Embassy. Apparently Soleimani wanted to meet them in order to plan and direct the next phase of attacks against American targets in Iraq.

Abu Mahdi greeted Soleimani and they got into the van... Just then a missile, launched from a drone high overhead, impacted the top of the van. There was no explosion but everyone and everything in the van was sliced to ribbons by blades emanating from the missile body.

This was so effective that observers on the scene said none of the bodies of the van's occupants could be identified individually. However, Soleimani was identified by his severed right hand, which still had his distinctive large ring on his finger.

So there you have it... "The Flying Ginsu", also known as the CIA's new AGM-114R9X variant of the drone launched Hellfire Missile.

IT SLICES, IT DICES (but it doesn’t EXPLODE)

CIA and the Pentagon reportedly have worked to keep knowledge of the existence and the capabilities of its AGM-114R9X variant Hellfire Missile a secret.

This variant of the Hellfire missile was designed specifically for use with the CIA and US Air Force armed drones in the ongoing hunt for "High Value" terrorist targets while limiting the "collateral damage" which might be caused by an exploding warhead.

The secret came out recently when journalists arrived at the compound in a Turkish controlled area of Syria where US special operations forces had attacked and killed ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi several days before. The compound had been reduced to rubble by an US airstrike after the ground raiders had departed.

However, among other things the journalists found and photographed in the area around the compound was a minivan with an 8" hole in its roof, but which was otherwise in-tact. Inside the van was found the sliced-up remains of about four or five ISIS fighters tangled amongst a mass of what looked to be sword blades and pieces of a missile casing.
[Image: mail?]

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