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Huge increase in "gender dysphoria" in girls: "Don't know what the increase is due to
Young people are under very much pressure, social media, having to approve of "in things" in order to be accepted. Young girl search all the time for ways to get away from the pain. In older days many young girls believed to have a child would solve all problems, sort of building a dolls house home. Now changing sex is seen as solving everything,in the news it been told all the time that changing sex is good.
So im not surprised by this report, its just sad that so many young peoples lives are been destroyed

Quote:Gender dysphoria, ie the feeling that the physical body does not correspond to an perceived "gender identity", has increased by 1500 percent since 2008 among girls aged 13-17. Other ages and gender are also markedly increasing, the National Board of Health and Welfare writes in a press release. But why the increase is happening, they say they don't know.

The National Board of Health and Welfare has mapped out how the number of people diagnosed with gender dysphoria has developed. They note that the increase that has taken place over the last ten years mainly applies to children and young adults, especially girls.

At the same time, however, SVT chooses to name girls in the article as "those who are registered as girls at birth", instead of just "girls".
Do not know why
- Yes, that the increase is clear, there is no doubt, however, we do not know what the increase is due to, said Peter Salmi, investigator at the National Board of Health, in a press release .
At the same time, they note that:
Quote:A predominant proportion of those diagnosed with gender dysphoria also have several other concurrent psychiatric diagnoses such as depression and anxiety disorders, especially among adolescents registered with the sex girl at birth.
In the wake of the progress of the LGBT movement and identity policy in recent years comes what many believe is a backlash. A growing number of young people, especially girls, with psychological disorders seek to change their gender in the belief that this is the solution to their identity problems.
It now turns out that more and more people are undoing the irreversible surgical procedures and hospitals are also being criticized for operating the breasts on as young girls as 14 years, which Social News reported earlier.
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In 2018, there were a total of almost 6,000 people, 6 per thousand of the population, who had some gender dysphoria diagnosis in Sweden, writes the National Board of Health and Welfare. As more and more people seek help and are being investigated for gender dysphoria, they believe that the number of people who also receive a diagnosed diagnosis will increase.
Does not improve upon gender change
Available statistics show that the mental illness that exists in this group does not decrease among those who have undergone a gender change. It is twice as common for people with gender identity disorders to commit suicide, and this also applies to those who have taken the step of changing gender .

In a  debate article in Svenska Dagbladet  , Gillberg, along with several other academic authorities in the field, strongly criticizes what he thinks is an irresponsible experimentation on a large group of young people with mental health problems.
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He believes that there is no scientific basis for treating this group with surgical and hormonal sex changes and that no ethical review of the activity is taking place. Often, the irreversible interventions on minors also take place in contravention of the parents' will.
"Can be perceived as a trend"
However, some who consider why gender dysphoria is increasing are a group of doctors, psychologists, researchers and parents of children who have regretted their gender changes. In November 2018, a letter was sent to the National Board of Social Affairs, which communicated their fears and concerns.
They believe that the government, which came up with a proposal to lower the age limit of 18 to undergo a complete gender change to 15 years, politically forces the decision without an acceptable investigation basis on the problem of the sharp increase in young people with gender dysphoria.
The author of the letter stated that the presence of those who regret changing their gender is denied and neglected.
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The letter warns that gender dysphoria can "infect" when it receives great media attention and is perceived as something of a trend. Many young people take hold of the information and invade themselves or are convinced by others that it is gender dysphoria they suffer from.
This type of dissemination has previously been noted for other mental disorders such as eating disorders and self-harm behaviors. And young girls are in all cases a particularly vulnerable group.
SVT Assignment Review also notes that such politically inconvenient information is suppressed

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