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Reminded of a true story
I am reminded of two pilots who had a girl in South America. One pilot always bid (that is a schedule) that he would fly to be with her on a Monday. He paid for the Apartment and gave the girl money every month and she always claimed undying love for him.. Well this went on for almost two years until scheduling called him and said they needed him to fly down south because the originally scheduled pilot was sick... He jumped at the chance to see his girlfriend so off he went; but this was a Friday and not a Monday.. As he unlocked the apartment door he was greeted by another pilot from the same airline.

To make a long story short they were both paying the same amount for the apartment to their mutual girlfriend plus giving her money each month. The girl was rich in her country and getting richer every month.

Afterwards that the two pilots became friends and one was always called Monday and the other one carried the nickname of Friday. They both suspect there might have been a Wednesday but they were not sure nor did they care. They never checked on what happened to the girl as they both stopped paying and visiting her. She had been out shopping when Monday arrived so when she returned Friday was gone both the pilots had a real life learning experience when dealing with long distance relationships and gold diggers.

No I do not have a nickname of Monday or Friday...Not even any other day for that matter. hahah
It may have been interesting to see if there was a gardener who worked on the property.
Maybe on a Tuesday?
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