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RUDY GIULIANI Investigates Corruption Abroad
Rudy Giuliani has his own website up, titled Common Sense, where he can post videos that share interviews and documents with us without having the media inserting their own twisted spin.

He has three videos up so far, which you can watch at your own leisure, but I'm starting with Episode 3. This is where he starts talking about Ukraine and Joe and Hunter Biden's involvement in corruption.

Watch what Rudy shares and you'll learn why President Trump had to have this country investigated before sending them our hard earned tax dollars. He wasn't investigating a political rival to influence his win in 2020, it just happened that Joe and Hunter turned out to be the key figures involved in the corruption there.
And, furthermore, the investigations into Joe and Hunter began BEFORE Joe announced his running in the 2020 Presidential race. If the truth was known, this is probably why he got into the race; so he could accuse the investigation as a political attack. I mean, look at the guy; he doesn't even know where he is half the time! And he is OLD!

I'm thankful to President Trump for allowing the truth about Joe Biden to be exposed BEFORE people vote for him without knowing the full extent of his corruption. It runs deep in the Biden family! We don't want him to be in charge of our country!

Here is Ep. 4.  I can't tell you what he's saying; I'm just now listening myself. I'm sure it's worth the listen though.

Here is episode 5:


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