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Joe Biden Wants To Take The Wheel.
It's like I've gulped down a handful of crazy pills and everyone is stood around applauding!

Quote:Joe Biden Says ICE Shouldn’t Deport Drunk-Driving Illegal Aliens.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=7035]

'Former Vice President Joe Biden said Monday that he would not allow Immigration and Customs Enforcement
(ICE) agents to deport illegal aliens who get caught drunk driving.

Biden said during a 2020 election forum with Vice News that if he wins the presidency he will issue an executive
order that only allows ICE agents to deport individuals who have committed felonies — “and I don’t consider drunk
driving a felony,” Biden clarified.

“I would hold ICE agents accountable if in fact they stepped over my executive orders, which is no arrest of any kind
outside of the schools,” Biden said. “You know, look at the — one of the things that’s happening is, particularly for the
latino and hispanic kids, is the incredible pressure on them in terms of their sense of security.”

“You change the culture by saying, ‘you’re gonna get fired.’ ‘You’re fired,’ if in fact you do that,” the Democratic
presidential candidate explained. “You only arrest for the purpose of dealing with a felony that’s committed,
and I don’t consider drunk driving as a felony.”

10,497 people died in drunk driving related car accidents in 2016, according to the Center for Disease Control,
which accounts for 28% of all traffic-related deaths in the U.S. States issue a variety of different penalties for
drunk driving, ranging from fines to jail time to license suspension.

There have been multiple high-profile incidents in the U.S. in which illegal aliens have killed citizens while drunk driving.
In February 2018 a toddler was killed when an illegal alien drunkenly crashed his car into an ambulance, while another
illegal alien who had been deported twice before killed an NFL player in a drunk driving accident in February 2019...'
Daily Caller:

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Frakkin' loon!

For a couple of years, I provided security at a Citibank facility just outside of Greensboro, NC. Interstate 40 ran directly next to the facility. One day, in broad daylight, a drunk-driving illegal alien (times two - he had been deported once, and sneaked back in)was travelling west, crossed the median strip and ran head-on into a family car that had been travelling east in the other lanes, killing the entire family. The illegal escaped - literally - with barely a scratch on him. He extracted himself from the wreckage of his vehicle and fled on foot into the woods next to Citibank. He was found there (just in the nick of time to prevent his untimely demise, I'm told) by the police and taken to jail.

I think he high-tailed it back to Mexico while he was out on bail.

This is the sort of entirely preventable tragedy that Biden embraces.


" I don't mind killin' a man in a fair fight... or if I think he's gonna start a fair fight... or if there's money involved... or a woman... "

 - Jayne Cobb, Hero of Canton
(01-23-2020, 01:42 AM)Ninurta Wrote: Frakkin' loon!
...This is the sort of entirely preventable tragedy that Biden embraces.

I think the main problem with Elitists like Biden is that they're willing say anything positive to
whoever are not white middle-class Americans because of his natural 'well-meaning' racist slant
on people he sees as externally different to him.
In the Left, it's seen as a Liberal stance.

Biden and many of his political friends perceive Mexicans, African-Americans, people struggling
to make a living and the disabled as 'different' which equates to 'Lesser'.

If that category is accepted, then if one sees a Chimpanzee at a zoo flinging its own excrement
at the wall, it's kindly laughed at and forgiven because the ape is seen as not knowing any better.

Often, food is given because the poor, ignorant-thing is understood to not grasp such higher
moralistic ideals of its human-cousin and it makes us feel better due to the self-gratification of
assuming we're better than them.

Although he'd never admitted on his campaign-trail, Biden sees the working-class and anyone
who applauds his rhetoric as just simple animals. I believe he doesn't inwardly mock them for
their trust and adoration, he just wrongly -in my opinion, accepts that they don't know any better
and should also be forgiven.

He's just a rich and corrupt idiot.
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(01-23-2020, 11:09 AM)BIAD Wrote: In the Left, it's seen as a Liberal stance.

Here in the US, I've noticed of late some folks starting to use the phrase "classic liberal" to differentiate the "progressive" or "socialist" elements from what used to be thought of as "liberal". The progressive/socialist element has invaded the Democrat party with an astounding degree of success, to the point that what was a "democrat" when I was younger, what we called a "liberal" back then, is an entirely different species of critter from modern American "Democrats".

It has left quite a number of old-school democrats, now called "classic liberals" wondering what the hell just happened to their party. It's not entirely different from what happened to the Republican party some years ago, when the "neocons" invaded it and took it over - that is what prompted me to leave the Republican party after several years of membership. I figured out what had happened, and wanted no part of it. "Neocons" were defined by their very founder, Irving Kristol, as "disillusioned Socialists"... and they had taken over my formerly conservative party.

Now the "classic liberals" are starting to have a similar awakening regarding what has happened to THEIR party after the Socialist "Progressive" invasion. Same thing, both parties - whether "neocon" or "progressive", the source for both is Socialist, and it was almost successful. Now, Democrats are starting to leave THEIR party, and the same fate may befall them as befell the Republicans. Once enough people left, the neocons suddenly found they had a party with no power, because it had no people left.

The way you tell the difference is this: Conservative Republicans believe in small government, and more individual freedom - neocons believe in neither of those. Liberal Democrats believe in large government, but freedom ("Liberal" comes from "liberty"), albeit of a collective variety rather than individual. Progressives don't care about the size of the government as long as they are at the top of the heap, and they believe in freedom of no sort at all.

Both are "Socialist", and in the more extreme cases "Communist"... and both are trying to take over America by infiltrating and using the people power inherent in the vote to accomplish their goals - they are actually one, and have divided themselves between the prior established parties to attain their goal.

And we're going to fight them by whatever means available, just as soon as the rest of the Democrat "classic liberals" get woke up.

" I don't mind killin' a man in a fair fight... or if I think he's gonna start a fair fight... or if there's money involved... or a woman... "

 - Jayne Cobb, Hero of Canton
In my opinion, the Left just wants to bring in, and keep, all illegals here for votes; it's the only way they can get any these days.  If they cause innocent people to be killed, that's okay, just vote for me!

No matter how he wants to spin it, they are here illegally and should be removed regardless if they're drunk or not. Being here without going through the proper channels makes them a CRIMINAL!
Well I titled this thread 'Joe Biden Wants To Take The Wheel.' , but now it seems
it's in regards of a wagon-wheel... from the wild-west!

Quote:Joe Biden Just Called a Woman at One of His Events a “Lying, Dog-Faced
Pony Soldier.” 

'At a campaign event in Hampton, New Hampshire, on Sunday, presidential candidate
Joe Biden jokingly referred to a young woman who asked him a question as a “lying,
dog-faced pony soldier,” according to the Washington Post.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=7141]
Which movie did he mean?

There’s video of the incident, which began when 21-year-old student Madison Moore
asked Biden to explain his poor showing in the Iowa caucuses:

Cleve R. Wootson Jr.
Biden tackles a ‘mean question’ about electability after Iowa.
[Tweet movie-clip in link]

Later, Biden’s spokespeople said the line was taken from a scene in a John Wayne movie
in which a Native American chief refers to Wayne as a “lying, dog-faced pony soldier.”

Biden has used the phrase, and attributed it to a John Wayne movie, in the past; at a 2018
campaign event for Heidi Heitkamp, Biden said the following about Heitkamp’s opponent
Kevin Cramer:

As my brother who loves to use lines from movies, from John Wayne movies, there’s a line
in a movie, a John Wayne movie where an Indian chief turns to John Wayne and says,
“This is a lying, dog-faced pony soldier.”

By far the most common question raised by Biden’s use of the phrase in New Hampshire
has been “What the hell is Joe Biden thinking calling a young woman ‘dog-faced’?”

But running a close second is “Is there really a movie in which someone calls John Wayne
a ‘lying, dog-faced pony soldier’?”
The answer is a resounding “maybe.”

Wayne appeared in 180 movies over 50 years, and who knows what they called him in
all of them? But it seems at least as likely that Biden is thinking of a different film: Pony
Soldier, a 1952 Western from director Joseph M. Newman starring Tyrone Power as a
member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

“Pony Soldier,” in the context of the film, is a Native American nickname for the Royal
Canadian Mounted Police, and although no one calls Power a “lying, dog-faced pony
soldier,” a chief does say, “The pony soldier speaks with a tongue of the snake that
rattles,” which isn’t far off:

Is that the scene—filtered through Joe Biden’s memory of his brother’s memory of an
old Western—that inspired Joe Biden to call a young woman at one of his events a “lying,
dog-faced pony soldier” nearly 70 years later?

We may never know, but one thing is certain: For Democrats who want to nominate a
presidential candidate with a vast library of half-remembered old Westerns floating
around in their brains, there’s only one choice...'

Quote:Update, Feb. 10, 2020, 3 a.m.: Twitter users and Slate commenter
“Lee Bertram” point to a source for the “dog-faced” part of Biden’s
“lying, dog-faced pony soldier” line, this time in an actual John Wayne
movie, 1949’s She Wore a Yellow Ribbon.

There are no Native American chiefs calling John Wayne a liar or a pony
soldier, but over the final shot of cavalry, the narrator uses the phrase
“dog-faced soldiers”:

So here they are: the dog-faced soldiers, the regulars, the 50-cents-a-day
professionals, riding the outposts of the nation. From Fort Reno to Fort
Apache, from Sheridan to Stark, they were all the same: men in dirty-shirt
blue, and only a cold page in the history books to mark their passing.

But wherever they rode, and whatever they fought for, that place became
the United States.

So now we have one movie in which a Native American chief calls Tyrone Power
a “pony soldier” while accusing him of lying, and another movie in which John
Wayne is part of a group of “dog-faced soldiers.”

Add to that the ubiquity of John Wayne imitations and we have a plausible explanation
for the way the phrase “lying, dog-faced pony soldier” might have become part of Joe
Biden and his brother’s private lexicon.

Whether it was a great idea to use the phrase at a campaign event, of course, is
another question entirely.

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