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[Norway] Another 600 refugees Brought In.
The virtuous saving of the brown people continues and if we ignore the flight-delaying burning vehicles in the
Stavanger Airport, Norway still believes that multiculturalism has its benefits.
So ladies, prepare to feel the brick wall against your cheek and know in your heart that you're taking one for
your country.

Quote:Norway opens its doors to 600 people evacuated from Libya to Rwanda.

'Hundreds of refugees and asylum seekers evacuated from Libyan detention centres to a transit camp in Rwanda
are to be resettled this year in Norway, according to Rwanda’s foreign minister.

Speaking at a news conference in Kigali on Wednesday, Rwanda’s foreign minister Vincent Biruta said the African
nation was currently hosting more than 300 refugees and asylum seekers at the Gashora transit centre south of Kigali,
most of whom hail from Somalia, Sudan and Eritrea, according to CGTN Africa.

Only Norway and Sweden had so far agreed to resettle people from the camp, Biruta added. Norway agreed to resettle
600 people, while Sweden had so far accepted seven, according to Biruta. Rwanda signed a deal with the UN and African
Union in September aimed at resettling people who had been detained in Libya while trying to reach Europe.
More than 4,000 people are believed to still be living in Libyan detention centres, according to the latest figures.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=6970]
The standard image of refugee children. Odd that they never show photos of the overwhelming
amount of young males that are actually entering these gullible European countries.

In a statement to Reuters, Norwegian justice minister Jøran Kallmyr said the plan to resettle 600 people proved that
“we don’t support cynical people smugglers, and instead bring in people who need protection in an organised manner”.
Kallmyr added: “A transit camp like the one in Rwanda will contribute to that effort.”

Norway’s four-party government coalition agreed last year to accept a total of 3,000 refugees from UN camps in 2020.
The UN in Libya has come under intense criticism for complying with EU migration policy, which entails funding the Libyan
coastguard to intercept boats with refugees and migrants destined for Europe.

Many people end up detained in militia-run centres and subjected to grave human rights abuses, including sexual abuse,
denial of food and water, and forced recruitment into the on-going Libyan conflict.
Elisabeth Haslund, Nordic spokesperson for the UN refugee agency, said that of the 4,000-plus people estimated to still be
detained in Libyan centres, roughly 2,500 people are refugees and asylum-seekers.

“As the violence and unrest have been intensifying in Libya and thousands of refugees are still at risk in the country, the
evacuations of the most vulnerable refugees are more urgent than ever,” said Haslund.

“UNHCR very much welcomes Norway’s decision to resettle refugees who have been evacuated to Rwanda and also notes
the important and valuable financial contributions from Norway to help support the operation of the transit centre in Gashora.”
As the 600 people who are expected to be resettled this year in Norway had not yet been chosen, Haslund added, it was
impossible to give details on their age, gender or country of origin...'
The Guardian:

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Bring in an uneducated Muslim underclass; feed them cloth them and expect them to be productive members of society...What could possibly go wrong ?
(01-11-2020, 10:56 AM)727Sky Wrote: Bring in an uneducated underclass; feed them cloth them and expect them to be productive members of society...What could possibly go wrong ?

Train them to bring fancy coffees to the deluxe and hope nobody realises how condescending one is being.
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