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Real Reasons Behind US Government Secrecy on UFOs
More BS, or a step closer to the truth ?

Quote:January 3, 2020 LUFOS ConspiracyLatest postsN. America 1

[Image: UFO-Conspiracy.jpg]
In 2017, the New York Times revealed the shocking story of a secret Pentagon program to investigate unidentified flying objects (UFOs). The story led many researchers to delve into this strange world. Since then, the public has learned some interesting information about UFOs or unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) as the Pentagon refers to them.
However, the US government makes it extremely difficult to know what and where UFO-related stuff is going on. Some believe the government is behind some significant conspiracy to cover up the evidence of alien visitation to Earth. Others think the government is in cahoots with ET species to create human-alien hybrids.
Perhaps, but many suspects not.
What many others believe is that the few people in the US government who know about it believe the phenomena might be a threat but don’t know how to deal with it.
Several UFO enthusiasts suggest the government’s assessment of the phenomena, though they won’t admit it, is that the UFOs are being monitored near the nuclear-powered aircraft carriers. UFOs also are popping up near nuclear submarines and Air Force nuclear weapons bases.
On Robert Hastings’ documents, these UFOs have sometimes even temporarily shut down nuclear weapons systems in the US. It appears now that humanity’s perfection of nuclear energy piqued something or someone’s curiosity in us.
It is important to note that these UFOs are far more advanced than US military capabilities. These UFOs are observed as being capable of reaching hypersonic speeds, demonstrating anti-gravity and invisibility technologies. They have also been tracked moving in and out of Earth orbit, making the most advanced capabilities of the US military an absurd joke in comparison. If these UFOs intend harm, we don’t have a chance. For Pentagon planners, this scenario is an Armageddon-level thing.
Publicizing the truth about UFOs also risks another danger. If the US shares what it knows about UFOs, Russia or China might learn enough to replicate associated very advanced technologies behind UFOs for themselves. If Moscow or Beijing figures out the space-time manipulation before the US, we have a rather large problem.

So, don’t count the military to share more of what it knows anytime soon. We’ll get to the truth eventually, but it will take time.

It is a Bullshit, The actual people incharge of the overall operation of the Pentagon know the truth.
This was put out there to the public so the Truly Uninformed Sheep (the mindless populace) think our Government is doing something.
Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
[Image: attachment.php?aid=936]
If this recent Ufo interest by the establishment isn't part of a scare-tactic to get the public to accept massive
expenditure in the militarisation of space, this is my alternative suggestion.

Tucker Carlson's  guest -in my opinion, touches on the real point for a moment, that those in power to research
this phenomenon doesn't really know how they work. I believe it's all to do with our failing to understand how our
reality and consciousness functions.

I believe these craft don't move in the conventional sense, it's the environment that surrounds them that actually
changes. These objects don't make unimaginable turns and stops because they aren't really moving in the way
a jet or helicopter behaves in flight.
Hell, they're not even flying!

So it's possible, and I'm wary in suggesting this, that those same powers-that-be have come to realise that it
may well be that a soft disclosure could bring a solution. Since we live in a world where most of the renown
Ufologists have a financial angle and with all respect to those who are involved with clairvoyancy and psychic
studies, there's a reliance on a single interpretation and in the military, that's not how it's done.

As our telescopes have looked further out into the cosmos and sentient-being-friendly planets seem to be at a
distance that we pragmatically doubt could be crossed, the idea that aliens could be inter-dimensional has become
more favourable.

But what does that mean?
We can't just walk through a wall or fly a plane through a mountain and that's the sticking point, right?
You, the person you know for certain that you are, the physicality of yourself and the experiences that you've acquired
as a living entity, are immovable. You know this and it's true for everyone on this planet.

The rules of life that you adhere to keep you alive and you'd have to be completely insane to contemplate otherwise.
Try it... think about levitating off your sofa and see what happens. You can't right...?
Your inbuilt laws of everyday experiences forbid you flying around the room.

And yet, when you're asleep and you dream, you can fly and you can do things that are impossible in your waking hours.
During this time, your brain never tells you that can't do these weird antics and in a strange way, it feels normal.

"Ah yes BIAD..." I hear you say, "...That's only in your head, it's not real" and you'd be correct.
But that's where the military might be looking for an answer. Most of the alien abductions occur during the time REM
sleep is disturbed, when the brain is processing information without our awareness.

Some people suffer with somnambulism, walking in their sleep without their cognisant knowledge and yet the body steers
them around obstacles in the dark. Are their bodies awake or is there some kind of 'low-voltage' other doing the directing?
If so, where are you at that point?

I think that we -and probably all thinking creatures on this planet, can bridge the world we exist in that we accept everyday
and another places we only vaguely recall after sleep. It's possible that the Military need to find those who have mastered
this crossing in order to get a grip on how these vehicles can conduct these impossible manoeuvres and disappear at will.

After all, our reality is formed through our experiences and interactions with each other, if there's life out there in the universe
and other dimensions, surely they can't be having the same experiences as us?

Just thinking aloud.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
Even a bad horrible government claims to provide security for its citizens and all the government requests is loyalty (and taxes) to the present powers that be. So if Aliens are abducting people and turning off nuclear weapons plus flying circles around the best any earthbound country has...doesn't sound very secure now does it ?

Like I have said before I have never encountered or saw anything I would claim to be E.T. sometimes I feel like a reject... but...with all the reports and documents that have been reveled from the government I can not help but to be a believer. 

Foot note: With the stuff they are reported to be able to do if they want all of us for breakfast tomorrow then the only question might be do they want us sunny side up or down ?
(01-05-2020, 06:14 AM)727Sky Wrote: Even a bad horrible government claims to provide security for its citizens and all the government requests is loyalty (and taxes) to the present powers that be. So if Aliens are abducting people and turning off nuclear weapons plus flying circles around the best any earthbound country has...doesn't sound very secure now does it ?

It could be that these Governments -including the major ones, just don't know what to do!
The theories are many and varied with the suggestions that these same authorities are in cahoots with
these aliens, all the way to the pilots of these vehicles are actually us from the future and therefore,
'sort-of' benign.

But if all our spies, all of our 'in-the-know-people' and powerful elites don't know the exact circumstances
of this phenomena, our military hardware cannot effect them and the aliens themselves aren't letting us in
on their agenda, then what can you do?

As I said, the reality we live in everyday and the reality that truly is what's going on are very-far apart, the facts
of who, how and why these craft are in our air-space may well be as elusive to these same Governments as they
are to Joe Q. Public.

Then there's the embedded belief-systems of Earth to think about.
Flying saucers from other planets or other dimensions? Did one of the many deities make them before us?
Are we the second-fiddle to these possible invaders in this drama?!

If these alleged beings are creating such vehicles, is it costing them the same amount of money we pour into
our science and military every year? What's the point if these guys can run rings around us?
In fact, what's the point of having money, religion and people in control if these aliens can just f*ck about with
our defences, shove metal poles up our asses and eat our children?!

If the dimensional -thing is true, what sort-of access do they have to my privacy?
Are we monitored at will and brick walls, steel doors and underground bunkers mean little to these unknown
intruders? If so, this means secrets are no more and you can forget about pulling faces in the mirror or jacking
-off in the shower!!!

It's a catch-22, if these vehicles are not ours, then our security is a joke. If they are ours, then those who we
trust have withheld sciences that could radically improve our current global situation. No more concerns of
starvation, no more climate-worries and probably, no more wars.
Wouldn't you think these aliens would want us to enjoy these things too?

No, this phenomena is linked to an agenda beyond our understanding and may even be beyond our interaction.
So avoiding mass panic is mere fallout due to the overall ignorance!
[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]

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