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Science and the Soul
I'm posting this to entertain Mystic Wanderer, and because this sort of thing intrigues me.

I personally believe that humans are composed of 3 separate parts in a symbiotic relationship - the body, the soul, and the spirit. "Soul" is the life force, the force which animates us. It has no gender or personality of it's own, it's just the animating force that makes living things alive. When the body dies it just goes back to the universe to perhaps someday animate another living thing - conservation of energy, that sort of thing. "Spirit" is the part of us that is uniquely Me, or You - the personality and accumulation of recalled experience that makes us each our own individual, unlike any other. It has personality, but perhaps not gender when separated from our flesh suits. "Body" is kind of self explanatory - it has gender, but not personality (nor "life force" of it's own). It's the flesh car we drive while in this existence, and goes back to the dirt when we no longer exist here and our life force has gone back to the reservoir.

Spirit is the part I find most intriguing, mostly because I don't know where it goes when the three split up and go their separate ways - I don't know which way IT goes.

As Mystic is already well aware, I don't really believe in reincarnation. Still, videos like this remind me that when I was very small, I used to tell intricate stories about things that never happened. I can no longer recall any of those stories, and the folks I told them to who might recall them are long dead, so the stories are gone. Even today, I have brief flashes of recall, of things that never happened in places that no longer exist... but when they come, they seem as real as any other memories I have. I suppose reincarnation is a plausible explanation, but to my mind so are other things - ancestral memories genetically encoded, some sort of wireless connection to a universe of other people's spirits who have long ago gone through the veil but still exist... somewhere... and are able to communicate after a fashion - these are but two of many other possible explanations.

What most of these possibilities have in common is the notion that there is some part of us that goes on when the physical dies and can't go on any longer.

I've known and spoken with two people who have had "Near Death Experiences" that were never reported in the literature, and who never had an interest in such things to have ever perused the literature. They told me their stories, and oddly those stories, while vastly different one from the other, nestle nicely into the range of experiences reported by other folks, whom I've never met other than through the NDE literature. It makes me wonder, it surely does.

While I'm on the subject of NDE's, why on Earth are they called NEAR death experiences? Both of the folks I spoke with about it were dead, dead, DEAD when they had those experiences. They weren't near death, they had crossed the line and dived right in! Maybe "near" is used to lessen the impact on a species fearful of dying. For what it's worth, both of those people told me they are no longer afraid to die, and one of them has gone on and not returned this time... and I'm glad he moved on without fear of the transition.

Enough of my rambling! here's the video - nestle in before watching, because it's about an hour and a half long:

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I like the way you think,,, I agree!
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