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Leaked NASA Footage of Manned Missions to Mars
This video is a "not for public distribution" film from a NASA project that was leaked.  It's  very hard to find on the internet now.  A call-in guest on RedPill78, Karl2go, shared it on RedPill's show last night. It's only 10 minutes long and allegedly shows footage of the Earth and moon in the same shot, a close up of Mars, and some creature crawling on the surface. 

There are two clips; one is from 1973, and one from 2011.

At the 55 seconds mark, you'll see the only footage available that has been found of the Earth and our moon together in the same frame. This was called Project RedSun from the ISV Columbus in 1973.

At the 1:28 mark, it shows Mars in 1973 as viewed from the space capsule. You can see the atmosphere and clouds. If this footage is real, it proves we have been going to Mars for decades already.

At the 5:06 mark, you'll see life on Mars. According to some SSP insiders, what you're seeing are giant worms moving just below the surface. According to Karl2go, we have the same creature here in South America.

The 2011 shots are at the 6:48 mark. You can see the scars left on the Mars surface after being hit by Nibiru, allegedly.  We've discussed this in other threads here on RN. That's a different story.

Anyway, here is the rare footage.  What do you think?
Karl2go had mentioned this video from ThirdPhaseofMoon that allegedly shows more leaked footage of some satellites, or craft of some kind, orbiting Mars.  How long have they been there, if this is real?   minusculethinking

I know ThirdPhaseOfMoon doesn't have the best reputation, but neither did some other people until recently, now that the truth is being exposed, so just watch it and judge the footage, not the messenger.

Great Videos @Mystic Wanderer 
I found them interesting and I need to look at them again closely. minusculethumbsup2
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