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Topics We Aren't Allowed to Talk About
Quote:By Tucker Carlson & Neil Patel
December 27, 2019

AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

Throughout the impeachment drama, the press repeatedly told you that the president was a liar.
They said his lies are why he had to be impeached. Donald Trump is a salesman; he is a talker, a booster,
a compulsive self-promoter.

If Trump hadn't gotten rich in real estate, then he could've made a fortune selling cars. Most people know this.
So is lying really the reason the left despises Trump? Or could the problem be, as is so often the case, the exact
opposite of what they claim?

What drives them completely crazy are those moments when Trump dares to tell the truth. Think back over the
last four years to when the CNN anchors have been angriest. Was it when Trump exaggerated his own

No. They are used to that kind of lying from all politicians. What infuriates them is when Trump tells the truth.
Truth is the real threat to their power.

There is an unspoken agreement among the people in charge of our country not to talk about what has happened to it.
They are personally implicated in its decline. Often they are profiting from it. The last thing they want is a national
conversation about what went wrong.

So they maintain an increasingly strict policy of mandatory reality avoidance. Everything is fine, they shout.
Voices rising in hysteria. Shut up or we will hurt you.

Trump won't shut up. That is his crime; that is why they hate him. It started with his very first speech as a presidential
candidate: "When Mexico sends its people, they're not sending their best. ... They're sending people that have lots of
problems, and they're bringing those problems with us.
They're bringing drugs. They're bringing crime. They're rapists. And some, I assume, are good people."

Trump could have worded his statement more clearly, but he never claimed that everyone coming over the border is a
criminal. But acknowledging that not every illegal immigrant improves America raises uncomfortable questions.

If illegal immigration has a downside, then why has Washington allowed so much of it? If the people in charge actually cared,
they would have tried harder to protect our borders.
But Washington, for decades, has let millions of foreigners with no screening come across the border to use our services,
often lower wages and in some cases, commit crimes.

That is all true, which by definition made it unacceptable to say. The news anchors pretended that by saying it, Trump was
somehow attacking defenseless Mexicans.

Actually, he was attacking the gatekeepers in our national media. The people who should have been sounding the alarm about
all of this, but instead made common cause with the ruling class they were supposed to be covering. Our system is rotten and
corrupt, and the news media are a major reason for why that is.
That is what Trump pointed out, and, not surprisingly, they despised him for doing it.

Lost in the haze of this was any meaningful discussion of those policies. A cynic might say that was by design, the whole point
of the tantrum. It's certainly a theme in Washington. For example, after the killing of Saudi columnist Jamal Khashoggi, Trump
said that while he disapproved of the murder, Saudi Arabia remained a U.S. ally.

The president cited the $450 billion worth of Saudi investments in the United States as well as agreements to buy American
military equipment. If we broke our alliance with them, he said, the U.S. economy would suffer and China and Russia would
benefit instead.

Now, whatever you think of the Saudis, what he said is true. This is the arrangement we have had with the Saudi kingdom
for generations. Everyone in Washington knows that because a lot of them are on the Saudi payroll.
Trump's crime was saying it out loud.

The same is true with his comments on Baltimore. Baltimore may be the most depressing big city on the eastern seaboard.
Have you been there? Everyone in Washington has. If you want to take a train from Washington to New York, you have to
pass through Baltimore.

This summer, the president told the rest of the world what it's like. Baltimore, he said, is "rodent infested, not to mention a
corrupt mess." Why is Baltimore so bad? How did it get so poor and hopeless? Part of the answer is 50 years of uninterrupted
Democratic Party rule.

But saying that would be embarrassing to the Democratic Party, so the party's apologists don't want to have the conversation.
Instead, they attacked the man who tried to start it.

Baltimore remained dangerous, the kind of place where a kid gets shot riding his bike.
That is what life is like for the poor people stuck in Baltimore, a place where MSNBC contributors don't dare to tread.
The people in charge want to make certain you never think or talk about Baltimore.

They also don't want any debate about the war in Afghanistan, immigration or declining middle-class life expectancy.
Thinking or talking about any of this might point out our leaders' egregious failures. Whatever we do, we can't bring
that up because it is embarrassing.

So instead, let's just agree that Trump is a racist liar and move on. My gosh, what a bad person he is. Unlike us.
The forum of debate has been tainted with the same uncultivated expostulation that the media and some politicians accuse Trump
of and yet it's hardly ever pointed out for that very reason. It could undermine their own opinion.

If one deals in facts, then even when one's opposition is struggling to purvey their personal message, it used to be that you could
step-in and assist with that countering opinion, as it shouldn't demean your speculation if you're truly confident that you're not
attempting to dupe an audience with only one-side of the conversation.
Sometimes, two entirely different viewpoints can be correct.

But now it's all about winning, about convincing another that material spoken in such a way and wrapped in the sly-seduction
that tabloid journalism adheres to, is the smart way to go.
The actual goal is no longer to distribute conversational information that holds real truth at it's core, but to cause annoyance, to
promote impassioned feelings in a forum where emotion shouldn't reside.

Click-bait in the media is a perfect example of this. Due to the internet slowly absorbing the aloof position that Journalists held,
they now word articles in such a way that any crumb of basic true information is buried under paragraphs of emotive verbosity
aimed to cater to the reader they believe cannot distinguish between real life and what lies beyond the television screen.

As an illustration of the unethical and bitter approach that mainstream media utilises in producing so-called informative and
interesting news, look at this terrible tragedy that occurred recently.

(From the BBC, 25th December)

Quote:Three members of same family 'drown' at Costa del Sol resort.

'Three members of the same family are reported to have drowned at a holiday resort on the Costa del Sol in Spain.
They were found unresponsive in a swimming pool on Christmas Eve at Club La Costa World, near Fuengirola,
a statement from the owners said.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=6894]

It has been reported that a nine-year-old British girl got into difficulties in the water and her brother and father attempted
to rescue her. The Foreign Office said it was assisting a British woman in Spain.
It is understood the father and daughter were both British while the brother was American.

Hotel firm CLC World Resorts said first response teams and emergency services attended and administered first aid.
A local journalist, Fernando Torres, told the BBC it was a shocking scene.
"The resort workers heard the screaming and they tried to do CPR (resuscitation) as well, but they couldn't help them.
"Then the emergency doctors came and they tried for 30-35 minutes, but they couldn't revive them."...'

That was Christmas Day. The image above was produced and by the 28th of December, we're now on to:

BBC: Costa del Sol: Mother says husband and children who drowned could swim.
BBC: (Again)

The Sun: (From beneath photo) "...Daughter Favour (pictured second left with her father, Gabriel, and brother
Praise-Emmanuel) said they didn’t know how to swim...'

'...Francisco Gonzalez, a spokesman for the Civil Guard union AUGC, confirmed overnight: "The surviving sister
has said they didn’t know how to swim...'
The Sun:

The Daily Star: '...A mum whose husband and two children died in a pool in Costa del Sol claims they could swim...'
The Daily Star:

See...? This isn't just another case of the media running away with an emotive story in order to get ahead of their competitors,
it's a play on a racist trope. It's disgusting. Backwards and forwards, the question of being able to swim is constantly mentioned.

They cannot resist playing in identity-politics if it seems ratings can benefit there -just as they enjoy the forum of Trump-hating
when any level-headed Editor would tell you that the one-sided-ness of this current reporting will seriously damage mainstream
media in the long-term.

Make no mistake, today's media hasn't actually  taken a side or prefers a political management to govern, they're like crows
waiting on the fence and will pull at any carcass when the time comes. The sooner this crop of scumbags quit the better.

The established media assisted in bringing about 'the word-ban' and continue to push the Left's agenda. But when the time
comes, they'll switch sides with a smile they'll hope convinces you that they were with you all along.

(Added later)
The Sun: '...A British mum whose husband and two children died in a Costa del Sol pool
has hired a top lawyer after disputing police claims they couldn’t swim...'

See, they can't help it. They announce statements without any accountability and then produce
articles that are opposite to their previous claims. F*ckin' unbelievable!

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