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USMCA Bill Passes in the House
Nancy appears to be giving credit for the USMCA bill to the Democrats. They could never allow credit to go to President Trump for this, right?
Sometimes all you can do is laugh at their arrogance.   tinylaughing 

And, what's that on the side of her nose?   minusculethinking    tinybighuh 

Interesting Twitter thread. Not everyone has a Twitter account, so I'm bringing this over. It needs to be seen.  I knew there had to be a reason they passed this now. It has been on the table all year, but only now THEY inserted a way to keep lining THEIR pockets from this deal.    smallimpatient 

Quote:Roscoe B Davis @RoscoeBDavis1.

Lying @SpeakerPelosi  claiming they made the USMCA so much better? Better for who? Better for the AFL-CIO that's who! Not the people, it guaranteed more money in the pockets of the Union leadership & in turn back to the Democrats. Let's look at what they changed from original

They claim they concentrated on enforcement and what did they do? Enter the IMF Democrats have inserted the USMCA countries are to abide IMF standards. That globalist organization that in the bain to all evil and sponsor of the EU alignment.

Why does three neighboring countries need the IMF to interfere in our North American Trade agreement? We are the driving force in this deal, we are the biggest trader, and the supporting economy. So now the IMF will be summoned to act as a referee if the parties dispute.

Now does the IMF do this service for free? HA! Hell know they don't. Whether we ever have a dispute with Canada or Mexico or not 2% of all trade transactions go to the IMF coffers. Think about that number when it is taken from $1.4 trillion trading relationship.

Nancy Pelosi expressed concerns over enforcement and they have opened the door for the AFL-CIO to oversee Mexico pays workers in auto plants an average of $16 an hour. The original USMCA agreement that was signed over a year ago covered that but there was no under table money

The original USMCA, overhauled NAFTA, requiring 75% of automobile components be manufactured in the United States, Canada and Mexico in order to avoid tariffs, and that 40 to 45% of automobile parts be made by workers who earn at least $16 an hour by 2023. Now the Dems want IMF

Mexico has rejected such an enforcement mechanism but has said it's willing to allow a "neutral" third party to accompany U.S. and Mexican regulators. And what do the Democrats do, enter the IMF and their 2% surcharge. That's $28 billion dollars a year for their services.

Want to guess who the IMF gives huge campaign donations to? That's the enforcement the Dems wanted, they wanted some kickback money. Of that $28 billion dollar surcharge to the IMF, who do you think pays the biggest chunk of it? Yep the good ole USA

That's the great way the Dems made the USMCA so much better. Let the IMF keep screwing up the economy in Europe & leave us alone. Remember it was the IMF that was part f the push to fire Sholkin in Ukraine to save Burisma. The Democrats say it every time you bring up Biden.

When Biden demanded Sholkin be fires it was the EU, & senior IMF officials, including Christine Lagarde, that forcefully called on Ukraine to fire Sholkin, claiming to boost anti-corruption measures, just before Shokin was ousted. Burisma was the most corrupt company in Ukraine

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