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[Germany] They Just Love Those Truck Attacks.
Thank God it was a Syrian and not a German lorry driver... at least that way
he can be forgiven.

Quote:German lorry attack in Limburg seen as 'act of terrorism'

'An attack on motorists in the western town of Limburg is being investigated
as terrorism, security sources have told German media.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=6477]

On Monday, a man hijacked a lorry and ploughed into eight vehicles waiting at a
traffic light, injuring eight people. Seven were treated in hospital.
A thirty-two year-old suspect has been arrested. Originally from Syria, the man has
been living in Germany since 2015, local reports say.

Public broadcaster ZDF quoted sources as saying the incident was being treated by
investigators as having a "terrorist background", although Interior Minister Horst
Seehofer said on Tuesday he could not yet say how the incident was being classified.

Police searched a flat in Langen, south of Frankfurt, early on Tuesday and said it was
linked to what had happened in Limburg, local reports said. Security sources told the
DPA news agency the suspect had been known to the police for drug offences and
grievous bodily harm.

Prosecutors are also investigating whether the attacker had any mental health concerns.
The suspect will appear before a judge on Tuesday, reports the Frankfurter Neue Presse 
FNP) newspaper.

The owner of the stolen lorry told FNP that he had been dragged from his vehicle by the
man, who had forced the door open. "What do you want from me?" the driver said he
asked the man. "He didn't say a word. I asked him a again and then he dragged me out
of the lorry."

Another witness, Bettina Yeisley, described talking to the hijacker afterwards without
realising he had driven the lorry. "I spoke to him. He was bleeding from his nose, his
hands were bloody and his trousers torn.

He said 'my whole body hurts.' I asked his name and he told me his name was Mohammed,"
she told the newspaper. Other German reports gave his name as Omar.
Marius Hahn, the mayor of Limburg, said his thoughts were with the injured and their families.

Germany attacks: What is going on?
Germany has been on high alert following several jihadist attacks in recent years.
The most deadly was in December 2016 when a man drove a lorry into a crowded Christmas
market in Berlin, killing 12 people.

Anis Amri, the Tunisian behind the attack, was shot and killed in Italy four days later...'

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Worth to read the below and then having a long think about what is going on
source    source     source   source
(10-08-2019, 06:54 PM)Wallfire Wrote: Worth to read the below and then having a long think about what is going on...

I think I know.

Quote:Home Office deportation probe for refugee who tried to rape girl, 17.

'A refugee is facing a deportation probe after he tried to rape a teen in a “humiliating”

[Image: attachment.php?aid=6481]

Prince Saidi , 35, had moved to the UK from the Democratic Republic of Congo after
fleeing the ongoing Kivu military conflict in 2015. He has now been jailed for six-and
-a-half years for attempting to rape the teen, 17, in Ashton-under-Lyne, Greater

Home Office officials confirmed to Daily Star Online they have been referred his case
for deportation. Saidi grabbed the victim’s breasts before dragging her to the floor.
He then pulled off her clothes and tried to rape her in the horrific crime .

The refugee had been granted “indefinite leave to remain” in the UK after ending up
in a refugee camp in the Congo...'

Quote:'...Saidi also has three children in the UK, aged five, three and seven months...'

He didn't waste any time!

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Then Wednesday rolled around and the whole of the EU Parliament stood in silence due to:

Quote:Two killed in shooting near synagogue in Germany.

German police say two people have been killed and shots were fired.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=6483]

'Two people have died in a shooting near a synagogue in Germany.
Police, who are urging locals to stay inside, said two people were dead and that one person has been arrested.
"Our forces have detained one person," Halle police wrote in a tweet.

"We remain alert, however. We have deployed forces in and around Halle and are trying to stabilise the situation
until we have all the relevant information." The nearby train station in Halle, eastern Germany, has closed.
The mayor of Landsberg, where police confirmed more gunfire was heard, said the Halle suspects hijacked a car.

German newspaper The Bild is reporting that a hand grenade was thrown in Halle and that the attack happened in
front of a synagogue. A person interviewed on German TV channel n-tv television said he saw a man with a helmet
and military jacket who fired shots into the shop the witness was in.

Police would not comment on whether the shots fired in Landsberg, about 10 miles from Halle, were linked to the
SK News:

As I type, another suspect is said to be on the run.

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[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
An update on above.

Quote:'...Two people have been killed and another two seriously injured after a masked gunman tried to
break into a synagogue in the east German city of Halle.

In a statement, German interior minister Horst Seehofer said: "Based on current information, we
have to assume that it was at least an antisemitic attack. "According to the federal prosecutors' office,
there are enough indications that it was possibly a right-wing extremist motive.
They have taken over the investigations."...'
SKY: (More in link)
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