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Sometimes, Simply Good News Is Needed.
It's nice to find the world isn't as crazy as the mollusc-media wants you to think.

Quote:Ohio man thanks stranger who taught him to tie a tie for his father's funeral.

'The kindness of strangers really comes through in times of pain and heartbreak.
Kevin Butcher of Milford, Ohio, outside Cincinnati, went with his wife, Sherri, to pick out clothing for
his father’s funeral. But, neither knew how to tie a tie.

Howell Hackler came to the rescue.

"I was going to YouTube it, but I’m glad I asked you instead," Kevin said to Hackler, who was in the same aisle
wearing a tie. "I said, 'Excuse me, sir, but my father had passed away and I don't know how to tie a tie.
Would you mind?' He didn't hesitate," Kevin said.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=6432]
Stand still son... Yes Sir.

Kevin found the whole moment serendipitous.

"Meeting at a place like this, my dad being a Vietnam veteran... it's kind of like my dad is thanking him for tying the
tie for me," said Kevin. “If I find somebody that I can help, they want help, I’ll be glad to help them. That’s what I’ve
done all my life. Why change?" added Hackler.

Sherri, as WKRC reported, used social media so the men could reconnect.
"He really touched both of us on a really, really hard day," said Sherri...'


I think this guy is needed in DC... there's plenty of 'em up there!

Quote:When Bus Driver Sees His Students Waiting in Weeds, He Returned to Mow the Entire Bus Stop.

'A Texas bus driver is being praised for going above and beyond the call of duty for the comfort of
his pint-sized passengers.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=6433]
If you want something doin'...

Jerry Martin, who is a bus driver for the Copperas Cove Independent School District in Texas, noticed
that one of the bus stops on his route had become overgrown with tall grass. Rather than allow his students
to wait amongst the weeds, he grabbed a lawn mower and took it upon himself to trim the surrounding area.

According to the school district’s Facebook page, the yard had fallen into disrepair because the property
had not been inhabited for several years -so the administrators were definitely impressed by Martin’s
thoughtful gesture.

“PICTURE OF THE WEEK!” wrote the district. “Bus driver Jerry Martin cut the grass at one of his bus stops
so the students don’t have to stand in the weeds while waiting for the bus.
The home is vacant and the yard is not being maintained. Three cheers for Mr. Martin!”...'

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If a bus driver in the UK did that H&S would be so far up his ass that he would think he was at a gay convention
(09-29-2019, 08:58 AM)Wallfire Wrote: If a bus driver in the UK did that H&S would be so far up his ass that he would think he was at a gay convention

So true!
smallroflmao smallroflmao
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