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Cats, dolphins and one smart raven
My husband was up early with his coffee and reading the news online.
I heard him say Out loud " They finally released it".
What is he talking about you may ask?
Quote:Cats, dolphins and one smart raven: the CIA's secret animal spies
Yup, after nearly 50 years of secrecy they have released the files on their Animal Spies in Training.
My husband said it was actually a program that was initiated because of the fear the Soviets were well ahead in the use of dogs and cats and birds as listening post.
He remembers that Bird Poop on the window seals in Washington Government Office Complexes being scoop up and examined for listening devices. 

[Image: ebde50e2e46aa5584b237b8eda93f6f0b8d9ac41.jpg]
Dolphins were among several types of animals the US Central Intelligence Agency began training and testing for secret missions in the 1960s

[Image: faeae525df523f80bb60b2f5848c9434535110ce.jpg]

The CIA saw ravens as some of the best birds to train for espionage projects.

[Image: 431adbeb7ffd34a9bf0661767a4accdabe7aedee.jpg]
The CIA tried to train pigeons to take pictures of a Soviet shipyard building nuclear attack submarines.

My husband said he doesn't know if Pigeons where ever used, but he knows Dolphins where. The problem with using them like that was the Soviet Shipyards and especially the water in the area was very Polluted with Radiation and Human Waste.
He said he wouldn't go into that area without a geiger counter, face mask and gloves and then when he left, all his close went into a trash bin and a hot soapy shower was a MUST!

If anyone would like to read this article: Source
Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
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