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Operation Rebirth: the Road to the White house 2036
"I saw the private guard.. Alex," A well dressed man took a deep breath as he walked in his house with power on.. "Of course the power would be on if you are here.."

"Daddy," A little girl hopped down and ran to the man.. "Uncle alex is here.. He said he came to speak with you.."

"James, " A brown haired woman smiled as she brought hot food out.. "Me, Adriana, and Cynthia are getting meals out.."

"Sandra.." James stopped as he heard a knock from the front door, "Hang on.."

Going to his door, "What is.."

Opening it he see's marines deploying through out the neighborhood.. One of his older neighbors is let by.. She reaches out and hugs James, "I still dont like you James.. But.." Tears fell down her face, "Your sister and adopted father are working on my husband right now.."

"Mrs. Persnackle," James steps out of his porch as a SPAWAR helicopter is unloading supplies..

Lights come on all over the neighborhood..

"Lets get these Grills on," An older female spoke with four stars spoke.. "Hot meals.. for everyone.. Check the water pipes.." She looked at James coldly, "Just remember.. Bach for governor.."

James turned back inside and looked at a smiling woman, "Cynthia.. "

The Longer haired woman with italian features walked over, "Mrs. Persnackle.. I hope your husband makes it.. We are Floridians and we stick together.."

Cynthia hugged the crying woman, "Now you need to eat.. Lets get you back home to your husband.."

The Little Girl and a little boy came out with foil covered plates..

The four of them  walked off the porch as james caught a camera running..

"I know my husband is a bad boy.." Cynthia smiles as the Camera is recording the interaction, "It is why I married him.. He is a good man.. He called friends from his old school.. He has had enough of political games.. Supplies the residents of Oakaloosa County need are just sitting on the docks in containers or at hubs because the Governor decided to ruin the Presidents appearance.. "

The old woman has a flash of anger, "Like the did in Puerto Rico?"

"that is why My husband has decided to.." Cynthia Bach smiles, "To run for governor of Florida.."

The Camrea turns towards Bach..

The Woman with four stars walked over and put her arm around James who was stunned, "It is not offical yet.. We are giving a press conference in two hours.. But Yes.. James Lochner Bach for governor.. "

"Press conference," The Reporter shook her head.. "When people are starving you intend to.."

Several children sit on front porches eating plates that where just handed to them from Marines coming from James's house..

"Chairty.." James looks inside hos house, "Starts at home.. And god willing.. We are.."

"Going to be helping James's neighbors first. Then we will be at the convention center in Fort Walton beach.. Passing out supplies and hot meals." The Female with four stars spoke, "Lets get you inside and.."

"We will leave in five minutes," James took a deep breath as he walked inside.. Letting the female in first and shutting the Door, "Rufus.. What the F#$%.. Governor.. I was just let go from the GOP.."

"James," Alex walked over to James living room.. "The Road to the white house starts here.. You refused to go along with your Party giving up florida in exchange for the President carrying the state.. All by yourself.. "

"Alex.. I know you are destined to," James Pauses as Sandra, Adriana, and a twelve year old is looking at him.. "You.."

The Teen smiled, " Dad.. You.. alex is not running for President of the united States.."

"Junior.." James looked at Alex, "You.. My god.. You want me as Governor of Florida so that in 2040 I can run.."

"Something like that," Alex put his arm over James's shoulder.

James went wide eyed, "You said.. My god time is up.. You told them all in 2013.. And.."

"I will be your Campaign Manager, James.." Rufus grinned evilly, "We have a governorship to win..."

"I do not even have policies and," James is handed a sheet of notebook paper by his son..

"Me and Uncle alex created this crib sheet dad.." The Teen hugged his father, "I.."

"You are still grounded son," James smiled..

"F#$%," The Teen spoke..

"If you want .. Tell you what.. Lets get your friends out with us.." James smiled, "Community Service per the judges orders.."


"Governor," An aide took a deep breath.. He handed a square flat phone to the Governor, "You are gonna want to watch this.. In.. In fort Walton Beach.. One of the Republican Candidates just announced his bid for the Governorship.."

The well dressed woman in an expensive dress gave a dirty look, "Jack.. I told you.. I am speaking with with chelsea clinton.. She is a very busy Senator.."

"MAM.." Jack saw the evil look of hate from the Governor's face, "You NEED to see this.."

Chelsea smiled, "Jack.. This state is locked up in our.."

One of Chelsea's aides handed he a flat phone , Whispering something in her ear..

"What do you mean Mr. Macer is in fort Walton Beach.. F#$% me!"

al of the powerful people in the room where now watching whispering to people.. Pads where taken out..

"James Lochner Bach.. And I am running for governor of this great state," James's voice was loud and clear as he unloaded Supply packages with his son and their friends.. Men where handing out medical supplies, "As we speak the DNC elite sit inside their electrical powered towers.. With their hand picked Dictator of a Governor.. Eating one hundred thousand dollar a plate dinners.. Senator Chelsea Clinton is thier.. Planning her run for president.. While we sit in the dark, cold, wet, and starving.."

The Reporter should the lines, "And you are giving everyone a full tank of Gas.."

the governor gets a horrifie dlook as she sees a camera person and reporter walk in..   "Who let them in.."

The reporter smiles evilly.. "Governor.. Senator.." As both ladies are in expensive gowns with champaigne in their hands, "Get this live.. We are at live for FOX news.. It appears that the Governor and her Friend, daughter of the killer of Benghazi, Senator Clinton two point oh.. Are living the good life as poor Floridians, Black white, hispanic, LGBT+, and.."

"Throw them out.. NOW!!" the governor yells at a well dressed man, "What type of.."

The man is on an ear piece, "I understand Mr. BB.." The concierge smiles and flicks off the Governor, "The worlds richest man just bought the hotel.. His opinion is that the free press is just that.. Plus you did NOT pay for the security package for privacy.. If you do NOT like it.. You can get the F#$% out!!"

A CNN reporter comes in with a camera..

Chelsea smiles, "So Little alex wants to play hard ball.. Stand by governor.."

The Reporter and the camera man start having a discussion..

Chelsea smiles, "Let me know when you are ready Terry.. Me and then the governor would like to respond.."

Terry looks at her camera man, "What the F#$% do you mean that our camera's are not working.. Get it working.. NOW!"

The fox News Reporter chuckles tapping an ear piece, "Dr. Cruz and Mr. cross have revokes all access to their technologies by the Liberal media.. moral clause.. We are the only one able to report on this.."

An look like her mother's cross her face, "Those.. Little Mother F#$%er's.. First they cost my mother the whitre house and.." chelsea's face goes very blank, "They.. F#$%!!"

Several of the power brokers start grabbing their dates to leave..

The fox news reporter catches one of the powerful before they leave, "So why are your leaving.. Mam?"

"I was here hoping to get relief for my county of Oakaloosa," The female gave a dirty look to the Governor.. "It looks like that I am at the wrong place.. I am going back to my home.. and see if I cant help James Lochner Bach distribute food and medicines.. At least it appears he wants the job.. I for one accept his application.."

"Arent you a democrat," The fox reporter speaks to the well dressed woman..

"She slept with Alexander," The governor was very loud...

"Darling.. that was ages ago when I was younger.. And For the record their was no sleep involved," The older woman grinned.. She took her husbands arm, "That was before I married you.. "

"You wife slept with," The governor took a step back from the husband who growled at her..

"It is all right baby.. Apparently they do NOT need our support," The woman smiled.. "I know Tog smash mama later ok baby.."

Several of the men laughed as the husband walked his wife out..

Jack went wide eyed and swallowed hard, "Governor.. We have a problem.. The.."

Jack whispers..

"WHAT THE F#$% DO YOU MEAN THE DoHS HAS BLOCKED MY CAMPAIGN FUNDS!!" the governor slapped Jack, "You F#$%ing moron!! I.."

Cheslea Clinton seems to be at a larger distance away from the Governor immediately..

The Fox Reporter has her microphone out, "Governor.. The DoHA has blocked your campaign funds?"

James and Alex's voices can be heard singing off key, ".. a Small state, that some Big hurricane tore apart.. And people came from miles around .. just to help thier neighbors out.."

"Senator," The governor spoke quickly.. "We have not done anything wrong.. We can still talk about.."

Chelsea freezes and hits the wall with her mothers look on her face caught for the cameras, "They are.. Mother F#$%ing little white trash.. AGH!!!" Chelsea turns towards the Camera's, "You think this is funny Mr. Macer.. You .. I was here to Vet the Governor for a potential presidental run.. Now she cant be touched.."

"Its America," Alex is singing solo..

"Mr. Macer is behind this.. One of his elite friends that went to the Tesla Institute for higher learning.." Chelsea stops and walks back over to the Governor, "They cheated in 2016 and helped that horibble man trump steal the presidency.. The Governor and me have been talking about this.. Mr. Bach was part of that electioneering.."

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