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Kiss Hong Kong goodbye

Quote:U.S. Intelligence Positions Hong Kong as Proxy Conflict With China – Thankfully President Trump Sees Trap…
Posted on August 13, 2019 by sundance
The situation in Hong Kong is a geopolitical dynamic that will likely become much more volatile in the next few weeks, months and/or years.  One constant in an ever-changing universe is how the UniParty in DC will attempt to drag the U.S. into the issues.
[Image: hong-kong-protests-airport-august-9-2019...=640&h=356]
First, Hong Kong is China.  Whether a generation of people look back with regret to the time when Great Britain ceded the territory to Beijing is irrelevant.  China has, and will have, full control over Hong Kong; and that’s the way it is.  This will not be reversed.
Any effort for the people within Hong Kong to reverse the situation and escape the clutches of oppressive communism while retaining their liberty will only lead to massive bloodshed.
Unfortunately for Hong Kong, as President Trump decouples the U.S. economy from the duplicitous communist Chinese enterprise, Beijing will grasp more control over the heavily Western-influenced economic strata in/around Hong Kong.

[Image: trump-kim-summit-11.jpg?w=300&h=200]Stand back and look at the bigger picture.  President Trump has neutralized, essentially made irrelevant, Beijing’s use of their proxy province, North Korea.  President Trump has embraced Kim Jong-un, not as much out of a position of warmth – but rather as a tactic to block China from weaponizing the DPRK as leverage during the U.S-China trade confrontation.
Beijing still uses their influence to shoot rockets, test missiles etc and president Trump ignores it now.  Why?  Because North Korea already has nuclear missiles; they’re the same nuclear missiles China has… and it is silly now to think China will remove their nuclear missiles to gain an economic benefit.
If U.S. policy isn’t trying to remove nuclear weapons from China, then why would U.S. policy try to remove nuclear weapons from the DPRK.?  They’re the same nukes.
Losing their DPRK leverage, and understanding Beijing has no direct tools to defeat the U.S. in an direct economic confrontation, means China will look elsewhere. That’s where Hong Kong comes into play.
[Always remember, despite the U.S. tariffs on China, there are no tariffs on Hong Kong]
Do we feel sympathy watching a once free society slip into the grips of an oppressive and totalitarian system now ruled by a communist dictator for life in Chairman Xi Jinping?  Sure we do.  But they made these choices decades ago… now they have the consequences.
If Hong Kong tries to resist Beijing, they will be crushed.  Hundreds more will be arrested and disappeared.  Thousands, perhaps tens of thousands, will be killed.  There is already a ongoing flight of wealth out of Hong Kong as the smart and wealthy position their assets overseas to survive the arrival of Beijing’s storm troopers.
The future for Hong Kong is dark.  It is not going to end in anything resembling what exists today.  Hong Kong will be Beijing 2.0, and will be entirely dominated by Chinese authoritarian rule.  The difference in 2019 is the speed at which it is happening.
Things are speeding up now in direct proportion to the severity of the U.S. decoupling our economy from China.   As the Chinese economy weakens, Beijing will get more desperate.
Many voices around President Trump will cry out for intervention.  The UniParty will demand intervention and decry President Trump’s instinct to stay away from the self-made crisis.
It is not our issue; and engaging in Hong Kong only opens up another pathway for China to play the duplicitous leverage game…. Beijing will play the “we’ll spare, delay, or dilute the Hong Kong absorption, if you agree to our trade terms” game. [lies, lies, lies]
President Trump needs to engage with China and Hong Kong as one nation, under one rule, with one motive and intent.   Trying to win a Chinese trade conflict while parsing the economy of China from the economy of Hong Kong, is like trying to parse the nukes in China from the nukes in North Korea.
Hong Kong is lost.  Hong Kong belongs to China.  Thousands of Hong Kongers will be killed or disappeared into camps as Beijing absorbs the region.  The U.S. cannot continue to engage globally in an effort to protect nations from the consequences of their own decisions.
If Great Britain wants to send an armada of battle ships to warn Beijing against aggression with Hong Kong, then we should support.  Wait… wha?  Oh, Great Britain no longer has a Navy because the high-minded EU collective wanted to hold hands and sing ‘we-are-the-world’ instead of planning to defend its interests for the past twenty years….  I digress.
Hong Kong is not our issue.
The CIA will try to make it our issue.  The State Department will try to make it our issue.  The UniParty in DC will try to make it our issue.  John Bolton will try to make it our issue. Activists in Hong Kong will try to make it our issue.  All of the far-left globalists will try to make it our issue….  Nancy Pelosi and Mitt Romney will try to make it our issue; but it’s not our issue.
We pray for peace and send our prayers, but we cannot succeed in the larger economic confrontation with cunning China if we attempt to ignore the direct connective tissue between Beijing and Hong Kong.
Instead, start applying the Chinese tariffs on Hong Kong as soon as Beijing tanks arrive.
Tough love.
That's a pretty excellent analysis.

It does seem to me that Hong Kong is a game piece in some international chess.

All of the Usual Suspects, as mentioned, will agitate for US involvement, when the only winning move is to not get involved and instead apply the fate of Mainland China to Hong Kong as well when push comes to shove. The mentioned "Usual Suspects" are not all Left Wingers - on the surface. John Bolton for one. he's supposed to be a Republican, isn't he?

But he's not. He's a Neocon, a "former" left wing faction seeking to complete a takeover of the Republicans. It was Irving Kristol, I believe, the father of the Neocon Conspiracy, who outright stated that Neocons are liberals who grew a conscience, or something like that. They are NOT Conservatives, and had they succeeded in taking over the republican party (which they nearly did, and still might), then we would be governed by a single party under two separate names. All of the name-calling and apparent animosity between liberals and Neocons was just for show, to try to distance the two in hopes of pulling the wool over Conservative eyes.

The same applies here - all of the name-calling, gnashing of teeth, and talk of intervention by US "Progressives" like Pelosi, Cortez, and Schumer will be for show, in an attempt to distance them from the Communist Party of China. Same goes for neocons like Bolton. They expect they can divide and conquer by making a show of division where there really is no division. By talking the US into a display of intervention, they would put the US at a severe disadavantage in the Bigger Game afoot.

The overall goal here is Globalist. They want to rule one big unified Earth, all under the Globalist banner, with a Communist political structure for all.

" I don't mind killin' a man in a fair fight... or if I think he's gonna start a fair fight... or if there's money involved... or a woman... "

 - Jayne Cobb, Hero of Canton
Here's an interesting view of China's control regarding Hong Kong and may explain the UK's balefulness
with what's happening in one of its past colonies.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]

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