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The joys of multiculturalism
Time for a change, this is going on all over Europe. Every year the rapes in Finland go up by about 15%, and the police admit its mostly non Finns 


German pool imposes ID requirement amid recent increase of pool assaults by North African ‘youths’
 By ARTHUR LYONS  30 July 2019
[Image: shutterstock_1396335446-702x459.jpg]

A pool in the German city of Düsseldorf in North Rhine-Westphalia has imposed a mandatory identification system to combat an increase in sexual assaults and riotous behavior among mostly North African migrant ‘youths’.
Düsseldorf Mayor Thomas Geisel (SPD) told reports from the Express, “In Rheinbad we have introduced an identity card for all visitors. Those who do not comply, will not be let in. It is absolutely unacceptable and inconceivable that families who want to spend their free time here are harassed by youth gangs.”
Following a crisis summit that was held on Saturday, another meeting between the city’s mayor, police chief, and the public pool’s administration has been planned for Monday. The plan is to establish an online ticket system for the Rheinbad so that the pool would be able to control who enters the pool more easily.

In the past weeks, months, and years even, the friendly and carefree atmosphere of German pools has been all but obliterated thanks to the behavior of migrants who hail from places which are culturally incompatible to Europe.
Last Friday, Düsseldorf police had to clear the outdoor pool because of the aggressive behavior of around 60 most North African migrant ‘youths’. The six security guards present at the pool were not up to the situation, reported the regional daily, the Rheinische Post. Around 20 policemen had to be called out to clear the pool area.
It should be known, that before the migrant crisis, German swimming pools didn’t need six security guards to maintain order. It’s likely that they didn’t need any at all.
Previously, the migrants have occupied diving towers and slides. They’ve also threatened pool staff and disobeyed warnings.
During the last weekend of June, the Rheinbad had to be evacuated on two consecutive days, after similar incidents had occurred.
Earlier this month, a journalist from a feminist magazine based out of Cologne spoke about how young migrant men are responsible for most of the sexual assaults that occur at outdoor pools in Germany.
And then we have this

African train murderer has “psychiatric problems” according to German authorities
 By EMMA R.  1 August 2019
[Image: train-attack-702x401.jpg]

The Eritrean man accused of killing an 8-year-old boy by pushing him under a train is a Swiss-based father-of-three who will be examined for a psychiatric disorder, authorities said Tuesday.
The 40-year-old, whose name is Habte Araya, also pushed the boy’s mother onto the tracks at Frankfurt’s main station, and tried but failed to do the same to a 78-year-old woman.
The mother was able to roll off the tracks at the last moment to avoid the arriving ICE train that killed her son.
Araya, who was arrested shortly after, did not previously know the victims and showed no signs of alcohol or drug use, said Frankfurt public prosecutors spokeswoman Nadja Niesen.
“The crime suggests a psychiatric disorder”, she told a press conference.
“In the course of the subsequent investigation, the accused will certainly be psychiatrically examined, to allow an assessment of his criminal culpability.”
The horrific crime dominated newspaper front-pages and TV news bulletins, while citizens laid flower wreaths, candles and stuffed toys at the site of the killing.
A memorial service was scheduled at the station at 4:30 pm.
The man ran down a platform and across tracks but was followed by passers-by, including an off-duty police officer, and overpowered by police two blocks from the station.
Niesen said he had not yet spoken about his motive.
Araya had lived in Switzerland since 2006, was a married father of three, and had told police he had arrived several days ago by train from Basel, Niesen said.
If formally charged, tried and then found guilty, he would face a likely term of life in prison, she said.
And so we dont forget all you girls out there
Quote:Report: France sees a sharp increase in female genital mutilation cases
 By ARTHUR LYONS  30 July 2019
[Image: shutterstock_1415988032-702x459.jpg]

According to a recently released report by the French National Public Health Agency, the number of cases of female genital mutilation (FGM) has risen sharply over the last two decades.
The substantial increase was emphasized in the organization’s peer-reviewed journal, the Weekly Epidemiological Bulletin (BSH), which mentioned that the estimated number of female genital mutilation victims grew from 60,000 in the early 2000s to 124,3555 within a time span of about a decade.
Of those individuals who were found to be most at risk of FGM, the majority, 72 percent were migrants between the ages of 18 and 40 who mostly came from French-speaking parts of Africa. According to the report, 70 percent of the women who were victims came from either Mali, Cameroon, the Ivory Coast, Senegal, or Guinea.

As for women born in France who’ve experienced FGM, about 50 percent live in the Ile-de-France region which comprises Paris as well as the migrant dense suburb of Seine-Saint-Denis.
Last year, the Group for the Abolition of Sexual Mutilation (GAMS) claimed in a report that nearly 30 percent of the children living in Paris’s suburbs may be at risk of FGM.
Sociologist and director of GAMs  Isabelle Gillette-Faye has stated, “In general, they undergo mutilations of type 2, that is to say, the removal of the clitoris and labia minora.”
Gillette-Faye continued, saying, “We will be relieved when we have left circumcision two to three generations behind us. Families living in France are often resistant, as social and traditional pressures are very strong, and it is often the family remaining in the [original]country that decides.”
The report also mentions that France is likely to be the second-highest country in Europe in terms of FGM cases, behind only Britain.
Multiculturalism the gift that just keeps on taking freedom and other things from everyone
    Isn't diversity lovely?   tinybiggrin
Diversity, What A Sad Concept, Only accepted by Politicians and The Elites/Rich who live in Gated, Guarded Communities.
Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
[Image: attachment.php?aid=936]
We had one not long back that the MSM had no other choice -but to report on it.
Talk about a backwards culture...

Quote:Mother of three-year-old is first person convicted of FGM in UK

Ugandan woman from east London was accused of mutilating daughter in 2017.
The mother of a three-year-old girl has become the first person to be found guilty of female genital mutilation
(FGM) in the UK in a landmark case welcomed by campaigners.

The Ugandan woman, 37, and her Ghanaian partner, 43, both from Walthamstow, east London, were accused of
cutting their daughter over the 2017 summer bank holiday.

While the parents were on bail, police searched the mother’s home and found evidence of witchcraft, including spells
aimed at silencing professionals involved in the case.
Police found spells written inside 40 frozen limes and two ox tongues with screws embedded in them with the apparent
aim of keeping police, social workers and lawyers quiet.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=6160]
(Left) The 40 frozen limes containing spells aimed at silencing police, social workers officers and lawyers.
(Right) One of the ox tongues with screws embedded found in the defendant’s home.

The defendants, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, denied FGM and an alternative charge of failing to protect
a girl from risk of genital mutilation. The mother cried in the dock as she was found guilty of FGM after the Old Bailey jury
deliberated for less than a day. Her partner was cleared of all charges.

FGM was made illegal in the UK more than three decades ago but prosecutors have struggled to secure a conviction.
Lynette Woodrow, of the Crown Prosecution Service, said: “We can only imagine how much pain this vulnerable young
girl suffered and how terrified she was. A three-year-old has no power to resist or fight back.

“Her mother then coached her to lie to the police so she wouldn’t get caught but this ultimately failed.
We will not hesitate to prosecute those who commit this sickening offence.”

The National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) lead for FGM, Commander Ivan Balhatchet, said: “We have always been clear
that prosecutions alone will not stop this abuse, however this guilty verdict sends a strong message that police will make
every effort possible to pursue those committing this heinous crime.”
Campaigners said they hoped the conviction would encourage other victims to report the crime.

Aneeta Prem, the founder of Freedom Charity, said: “It will give victims the confidence to come forward …
It will give police forces, social services, teachers, frontline midwives the expectation that something can finally succeed.”

There have been three other trials involving FGM – two in London and one in Bristol – all of which ended in acquittals.
The crime carries a maximum prison sentence of 14 years.

The judge, Philippa Whipple, warned of a “lengthy” jail term as she remanded the woman in custody to be sentenced on
8 March. She told her: “You have been found guilty of a serious offence against your daughter.”
The two defendants were jointly accused of subjecting the girl to FGM by “deliberate cutting with a sharp instrument” at
her mother’s home in the presence of her father. Medics raised the alarm when the girl was taken to Whipps Cross
hospital in north London with severe bleeding and a surgeon concluded the child had been cut with a scalpel.

The defendants claimed their daughter had been reaching for a biscuit when she fell and cut herself on the edge of a
kitchen cupboard. Medical experts confirmed the cause of her injuries were consistent with cutting rather than a fall.

The victim later told specially trained officers during a series of video interviews played to the court that she had been
cut by a “witch”. Leethen Bartholomew, the head of the National FGM Centre, said he hoped grassroots campaign groups
would be given more support to train professionals.

“We know that FGM happens here in the UK and we didn’t need a conviction to prove that,” he said. “There is still a lack
of services for survivors of FGM,” he said, adding that the victim in the case must be given continual support.

Charlotte Proudman, a leading barrister who specialises in FGM, told the Guardian: “The conviction is hugely significant,
securing justice for the girl but also in sending a strong message that this crime will not be tolerated.”
She questioned if health workers were fulfilling their mandatory reporting duties, and highlighted a legal loophole that meant
professionals only had to report cases in which children had already undergone FGM, rather than those also deemed to
be at risk.

Leyla Hussein, a social activist and survivor of FGM, said she had mixed emotions about the conviction
“We are sending out a strong message that children now come first,” she said. “However, the sad thing is we could have
helped that mother. That could have easily been me because 17 years ago I did not understand that FGM was wrong.”

Hussein, who was born in Somalia and later emigrated to the UK, said it was not until she was 21 and her own daughter
was two months old that a practice nurse raised the issue of her FGM. “It’s positive this girl got justice but as an FGM
survivor I can’t help thinking the system failed her.
Her mother has committed a crime and we need to be honest about that. But she could have been informed about FGM
through her GP or midwife.”

She explained: “My daughter was at risk, I was that mother. But a brilliant health professional did her job so I made sure
my daughter wasn’t cut. So I’m blaming teachers, health professionals and the whole system which has failed this child
who will live with FGM for the rest of her life.”

There are an estimated 137,000 women and girls living with FGM in England and Wales according to City University.
The Home Office has identified women from countries including Somalia, Kenya, Ethiopia and Nigeria as most at risk.
There have been 298 FGM protection orders issued since they were first introduced in 2015 to safeguard those at risk...'
The Guardian:

London... the English capital!!!

The mother got 11 years in prison and:
'...A further two years were added to her sentence for possessing indecent images and extreme pornography...'

So I guess the magic didn't work!

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[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
Well, this is a bit embarrassing!

Quote:SUPERMARKET SWEEP Bizarre moment two women are ‘caught using
Muslim dress to try to steal baby formula in Asda’

'This is the bizarre moment two women in full traditional Muslim dress are
confronted in an apparent failed bid to steal baby formula from Asda.
Shoppers can't believe their eyes as the women appear to pull a hoard of
items out from under their black robes in Dagenham, East London.

Footage shows one of the women lifting her dress to show her bra and knickers
to prove she had not hidden anything else. Surrounded by staff,  the women
appear to pull out tubs of baby formula from under their dresses at around 7.30pm
on Sunday.

After leaving a pile of around 20 products on the ground, one woman lifts up her
garment revealing just her belly and underwear to prove she is hiding no more
goods. The Asda workers try cover their eyes and turn away as the woman walks
towards the exit whilst holding up her black dress.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=6191]

As the bizarre incident unfolds, a shopper can be heard saying: “what the f***.”
He is heard saying to the woman as she leaves: “You’re not even Muslim, look at
these lot. Take that off [the dress] as well, bl***y hell man.”

Another astonished witness can be heard saying: "Oh my God."
Some have since claimed the women were pretending to be Muslim to carry out the
con. It is unclear if they were Muslim, or if they were using the robes as part of the
attempted theft.


An Asda spokesman told the Sun Online: ‘’We do not tolerate any form of shoplifting
and work hard to deter shoplifters from our stores. "All cases of attempted theft are
taken seriously and we always work closely with the local police force in the
communities we serve.

"We are in contact with police about this incident and would like to thank colleagues
at our Dagenham store for their quick intervention and response in this case.”
The video was quickly posted and shared across social media yesterday.
Local Steve Thorogood captioned his post:
“Look at this thieving toe rag at Dagenham Asda disguised as a Muslim.”

The video has been shared across social media and has shocked many in the comments.
Helena Phillips said: “Some people have no shame.”

A Met Police spokeswoman said: "We are aware of footage circulating on social media
of two females having been stopped by staff members at a commercial premises at
Merrilands Crescent, Dagenham on suspicion of theft.
"The two suspects are suspected of having attempted to steal infant formula.

"The incident was reported to police at 1.22pm on Wednesday. At this early stage there
have been no arrests."

Four years ago a woman disguised herself in a burka to steal £17,000 from a children’s
entertainment centre.The employee dressed up in a burka and stole from the Fun Station
in Star City, Birmingham in July 2015.

Krystal Kerr, who intended to use the money to fly to Jamaica for a holiday was jailed for
one year...'
The Sun:

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[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
As the grooming problems continue in the 'Non-London' areas of Great Britain, there's a pattern that I just can't
seem to grasp. It's there... but for the life of me, I just can't see what it is.

Quote:Police officer among 16 men charged in teen girl sex exploitation investigation.

'A police officer is among 16 men charged as part of an investigation into historic child sexual exploitation.
West Yorkshire Police said the charges relate to alleged offences against three teenage girls in Halifax.
The alleged victims were aged between 13 and 16 and are thought to of been abused between 2006 and 2009.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=6840]
Amjad Ditta 

One of the men charged in the Protective Services Operation sting is a police constable who was working within
West Yorkshire Police at the time. Amjad Ditta allegedly committed the offence in 2009 and has been charged
with sexual touching.

He has been suspended from duty before appearing in front of Bradford Magistrates Court.
The 35-year-old will be heard alongside the 15 other men on January 6 2020.

All of the men are from Halifax and are between 30 and 46 years old.

Those charged are: Vaqaas Abbas, 30, is charged with three counts of rape and three of supplying a class
C drug.

Nadeem Adalat, 34, faces four charges of rape and four of supply of a class C drug.

Vaseem Adalat, 33, charged with two counts of rape, trafficking and supply of a class C drug.

Christopher Eastwood, 45, charged with two counts of rape and two counts of supply of a class C drug.

Metab Islam, 46, charged with six counts of rape, six of supply of a class C drug, two of sexual assault and
conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.

Mohammed Rizwan Iqbal, 34, is charged with rape.

Sajid Adalat, 43, is charged with rape.

Ishtiaq Latif, 32, is charged with sexual activity with a child.

Asad Mahmood, 33, is charged with rape and trafficking.

Arfan Mir, 36, is charged with six counts of rape, supply of a class C drug, supply of a class A drug and conspiracy
to pervert the course of justice.

Younis Mohammed, 34, is charged with rape and causing a person to engage in sexual activity without consent.

Nadeem Nassir, 39, is charged with rape, supply of a class C drug and making threats to kill.

Shahzad Nawaz, 40, is charged with rape, supply of a class C drug and making threats to kill.

Shazad Nazir, 44, charged with two counts of rape and supply of a class C drug.

Sohail Zafar, 36, charged with rape and supplying a class C drug...'
Daily Star

Quote:Leeds man jailed after teenager was gang raped in town centre subway.

Bahaldin Doud was locked up for 13 years - one other man was also jailed.

'A Leeds man has been jailed after a teenager was gang raped in a town centre subway.
Bahaldin Doud, 21, of Village Terrace in Burley, Leeds, was sentenced today (Monday) after attempting to
rape the 17-year-old girl in Huddersfield on July 14 last year.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=6841]
Abdul Latif Salih (left) and Bahaldin Doud (right).

Abdul Latif Salih, 35, of Trinity Street in Huddersfield town centre, was also jailed for 13 years after being
convicted in relation to the same incident. Salih was convicted of one count of causing a person to engage
in sexual activity without consent, one count of rape and one count of attempted rape. 

A third man - Saddam Muhamadaim, 18, of Blacker Road in Birkby - is awaiting sentencing in relation to the
same incident.The three men were linked forensically to the incident and arrested and charged by police
within a couple of days of the attack.

Muhamadaim was convicted of three counts of rape and one count of attempted rape.
His sentencing was adjourned to a date to be fixed pending an investigation into his age, which could affect
the length of his sentence.

Leeds Crown Court previously heard Muhamadaim, who came to the UK from Sudan, gave his date of birth as
January 1993 in an asylum registration form document, but he later told police it is March 2001 - making him
17 at the time of the offence instead of 25.

He was returned to custody. Salaih and Doud will be placed on the sex offenders register.
Detective Inspector Mark Catney, from Kirklees CID, who led the investigation, said: "Today these men have been
handed lengthy prison sentences for the crimes they committed against a 17-year-old girl.

"They prolonged her ordeal by making her relive the incident through the court trial, but we are pleased that they were
found guilty by the jury and have been given significant sentences. "This was a distressing incident for the victim, but
thankfully detectives at Kirklees Safeguarding Unit carried out a thorough investigation and within days of the incident,
we had all three males in police custody.

"I would like to praise the victim for her bravery in coming forward to report the offences to police. She was subjected to
a horrendous ordeal but now I hope that today’s sentences will allow her some closure to what has happened.
"Anyone who has suffered any sexual crime is urged to come forward to the police so that we can investigate it.
We have specially trained police officers who will offer support and advice throughout."...'

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[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
HMMMMMMM I see what you mean, some dark forces seem to be at work
(12-19-2019, 10:54 AM)Wallfire Wrote: HMMMMMMM I see what you mean, some dark forces seem to be at work

Yes and you're not alone at assuming this, others are seeing some form of pattern too.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
Here's how the recent years have have changed us as a society.
So-called 'minority groups' are now more important than majorities in all walks of life and the players are always the same.

White women are seen as mere tools for sex and due to the love of diversity and multiculturalism, those who predate on
them have found a perfect hunting ground to sate their lusts. Welcome to the UK.

Quote:Asian grooming gang is jailed for more than 22 years in total for sexually abusing 12-year-old girl who was
'passed around like a piece of meat' and forced into sex acts in churchyard and above takeaway shop.

*Four men have been convicted of sexually assaulting a vulnerable young girl 
*Victim, 12, said she was forced to perform sex acts in a churchyard and raped
*Offences are alleged to have taken place sometime between 2000 and 2003

'Four men have been jailed for more than 22 years in total after sexually abusing a 12-year-old girl who
was 'passed around like a piece of meat', sold for sex and raped.

The Asian grooming gang from Telford forced their victim to perform sex acts in a churchyard, raped her
above a shop on a filthy mattress, and violently abused her when she tried to refuse their advances, a
court heard.

In all, five men went on trial at Birmingham Crown Court, leading to convictions for four of the defendants
while another was cleared. Sentencing the defendants on Thursday, Judge Melbourne Inman QC told the
defendants: 'Each of you knew this girl was utterly defenceless and was being used as a sex object by

'In the months following, she fell victim to another man who abused her, raped her and other men repeatedly
abused her.

'You, Sultan, became aware of her vulnerability and her helpless position, and when the other man who
controlled her left, you took control of her yourself. 'At the time, you were only 18 months older than she was.
You were 15 or 16 yourself. 'By then she was so vulnerable she submitted to your demands.

'The victim was clearly extremely frightened of you, and you exercised significant control over her.
'Sometimes you reinforced your control by a slap or her hair being pulled to ensure obedience.
'She described how you pulled off her lower clothing and raped her in the back of a car.
'Your control caused others to commit sexual offences against her.
'It's clear on the evidence you told the victim to perform sexual acts with your associates.'

The victim, who is now an adult, said the abuse started when she was 12 but lasted until her mid-teens after
she was befriended by a man named Tanveer Ahmed. She claimed she was traded between men and forced
to perform sex acts in a churchyard and raped above a takeaway shop on a dirty mattress in Telford, Shropshire.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=6855]
Shafiq Younas,  Amjad Hussain, Mohammed Ali Sultan and Mohammad Rizwan.

Mohammed Ali Sultan, 33, formerly of Telford, was convicted of rape and three counts of indecent assault at
Birmingham Crown Court. Today, he was jailed for eight years with an extended licence period of two years
and made subject of a Sexual Harm Prevention Order.

Sultan was also slapped with a restraining order preventing him from having contact with the victim indefinitely.
He already has previous convictions, in 2012 and 2015, for similar offences against young girls and an 18-year-old.

The current sentence will run consecutively to a six-year sentence he is already serving, giving a total of 14 years
with an extended licence period of two years.

Mohammad Rizwan, 37, of Telford, was found guilty of two counts of indecent assault and caged for five-and-a-half
years.Shafiq Younas, 35 of Wellington, Shrops., was convicted of indecent assault and was sentenced to four-and
-a-half years in prison.

Amjad Hussain, 38, of Telford, who was found guilty of a single count of indecent assault but cleared of a similar offence,
was jailed for four-and-a-half years. A fifth defendant, Nazam Akhtar, 35, of Wellington, was cleared of rape. 
The four defendants remained emotionless in the dock during the hearing.

Opening the trial, Michelle Heeley QC had said: 'This case involves the sexual exploitation of a young girl, a girl passed
around like a piece of meat for the sexual gratification of several young men, some of whom are in the dock.
'Each of these defendants deny that they in any way abused anyone.
'The prosecution say, having heard the evidence, you can be sure they did.'

Jurors were told that the vulnerable victim was sold for sex, first by a man named Tanveer Ahmed, who had 'befriended her'
during a low point in her life. Ahmed, who did takeaway deliveries at Perfect Pizza in the town, was not on trial alongside
the other defendants, having been deported to Pakistan for 'unrelated offences', the court heard.

Jurors did not hear how Ahmed, then 40 and formerly of Urban Gardens, in Wellington, was jailed for two-and-a-half years
after admitting a charge of controlling a child prostitute as part of a series of court cases that ended in 2013.
He was one of seven men jailed after an investigation into a child prostitution ring in Telford, as part of West Mercia Police's
Operation Chalice inquiry.

Later, the victim came into contact with the first defendant, Mohammed Ali Sultan, 33, formerly of Telford, whom she said also
sold her for sex, raped and abused her. The jury was told that he already had convictions in both 2012 and 2015 for 'similar
offences against young girls'.

Ali Sultan was also among the seven men originally convicted following the Chalice investigation into the abuse and prostitution
of children in Telford.

During the trial, jurors watched video-recorded interviews with the victim, in which she told detectives of enduring two years of
'hell' and of repeatedly contemplating taking her own life as she was traded to different men for 'months and months'.
She claimed to have been taken to a flat above the Perfect Pizza shop 'to have sex with Asians', and 'lost count' of the number
of men at whose hands she suffered abuse.

The woman said her family knew nothing at the time but added that 'people at school' somehow found out, through rumour.
'I used to get called p***-s*****r,' she said.   [Prick Sucker?]

'There used to be like actions, with their hand, hand by their mouth, suggesting b*****s.'  [Bitches?]
She added: 'Even the teachers heard people saying these things and not one teacher pulled me to the side and asked me
if things were all right. 'I was too scared to go and ask for help. But nobody said a word.'

She told police that, years after the abuse ended, she recognised photos of Ali Sultan and Ahmed from press reports on the
Telford sex ring. Asked why she did not tell anyone about exactly what happened until years later, she replied: 'I think I had just
had enough, I kept it to myself for all these years. 'Why should somebody be able to do those things and get away with it?
'Still to this day it goes through my head, all the time.'

As an adult, she later picked out each of the five men at police identification parades.
On Tuesday, Ali Sultan was unanimously convicted of rape and three counts of indecent assault.
During the trial, jurors were directed to find him not guilty of another rape charge after the defence presented evidence he was
in Pakistan at the time the alleged offence took place.

Co-defendant Mohammad Rizwan, 37, of Telford, was also convicted of two counts of indecent assault.
Rizwan, who alleged he had a consensual sexual relationship with the victim when she was 17, saved the girl's phone number
under the contact name 'b*****b2', jurors heard.

On Wednesday, the jury also found co-accused Shafiq Younas, 35, of Wellington, near Telford, guilty of indecently assaulting the
victim in a churchyard. Amjad Hussain, 38, of Leegomery, Telford - unanimously convicted of a single count of indecent assault on
Tuesday - was cleared by jurors, on Wednesday, of another similar offence.
Jurors also cleared Nazam Akhtar, 35, of Wellington, of raping the girl in the back of a car...'

Twenty-two years between four of them. The UK really needs to beef up their laws.

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[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
Identity-Politics f*cks children. Fact.

Muslim Grooming Gangs Still Operating With Impunity in Britain.

And that's why it was invented... wasn't it. Wasn't it.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
The religion of peace marches on and it seems it's a minority that doesn't like other minorities.
Maybe it's best to turn the other cheek and just weakly clear-up the mess after they've finished throwing
Gay Pride participants of the roof?

Quote:Jihadist guilty of plotting massacres at London tourist hotspots and Gay Pride.

Former Uber driver Mohiussunnath Chowdhury had been cleared by a jury of a sword attack on Buckingham Palace
only a year before.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=7144]
Mohiussunnath Chowdhury was driven by "dreams of martyrdom".

A jihadist who plotted massacres at busy London tourist hotspots has been convicted of terror offences just a year after
he was cleared of a sword attack on police outside Buckingham Palace.

Former Uber driver Mohiussunnath Chowdhury was driven by "dreams of martyrdom" as he planned gun, knife and van
onslaughts on targets including Madame Tussauds, the Gay Pride parade and an open-top sightseeing bus last year.

But the 28-year-old chicken shop worker was unwittingly confiding his plans to undercover police posing as like-minded
extremists who had him under surveillance during a five-month operation. Preparing for his atrocity, he lifted weights,
practiced stabbing and rehearsed beheading techniques as well as booking shooting range training and trying to acquire
a real gun, his trial at Woolwich Crown Court heard.

Chowdhury, who was cleared in December 2018 of slashing police with a sword outside the Queen's London residence
while shouting "Allahu Akbar", had bragged about deceiving the jury in that trial. He remained emotionless as jurors
found him guilty of engaging in conduct in preparation of terrorist acts, collecting information likely to be useful to
someone preparing an act of terrorism and disseminating terrorist publications.

The second charge related to a document titled 'guidance for doing just terror operations' on his phone which included
instructions on how to kill people with knives.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=7145]
The jihadist lifted weights, practiced stabbing and rehearsed beheading techniques as well as booking
shooting range training. 
Chowdhury tried to acquire a real gun as he planned his terror attacks and The court heard Chowdhury
desired to 'unleash death and suffering' on non-Muslims.

His sister Sneha Chowdhury, 25, cried as she was convicted of one count of failing to disclose information about acts of
terrorism and cleared of another count of the same charge.
Jurors deliberated for eight hours and 39 minutes before returning their verdicts on Monday.

The brother and sister hugged in the dock and Chowdhury, dressed in a blue shirt and tie, could be heard whispering:
"It's all right." He will be sentenced by Judge Andrew Lees on March 13 while she was bailed for a pre-sentence report
to be prepared.

Chowdhury's defence barrister Simon Csoka QC had argued the university drop-out was a "pathetic little man" and an
"attention-seeker" who "talks and talks, but doesn't do". Chowdhury also dismissed his praise of the Charlie Hebdo
shootings and the murder of soldier Lee Rigby as "jihadi banter" and said his weapons training came from a fascination
with martial arts and weightlifting.

But prosecutor Duncan Atkinson QC said Chowdhury desired to "unleash death and suffering" on non-Muslims after
absorbing sermons from preachers like al Qaida's Anwar Al-Awlaki. The extremist, who had martyrdom notes posted
on his bedroom door, had the intention "to kill and harm as many people as possible", Scotland Yard counter-terror
commander Richard Smith told reporters.

Chowdhury told one undercover officer known only as Mikael he was free to attack one million unbelievers if he was fighting
for "the pleasure of Allah" and stressed the importance of an "ambush", saying: "They shouldn't know what hit them", the
trial heard.
The officer had tried to gain the full trust of Chowdhury by telling him he had a gun and would carry out his own atrocity

In a secretly taped recording from June last year, Chowdhury can be heard saying: "If you're one man and there's a million
kuffar (unbelievers), you are free to fight them, if your intentions are clear, you're fighting for the pleasure of Allah.
"And if you die that's completely fine, it's even more virtuous, you know.

"The weapons are a must, these firearms, it's a 100% ... just make sure you have clips, Akhi ('brother'), you have enough clips,
know what I'm saying." He later added during the conversation: "It must be an ambush ... we should be the one doing it first,
they shouldn't know what's hit them, yeah, does that make sense?"

The court heard how Chowdhury had bragged about deceiving the jury which cleared him at a previous trial at the Old Bailey in
December 2018 for the palace sword attack including by shaving off his large unkempt beard.
During that incident, Chowdhury repeatedly shouted "Allahu Akbar", meaning 'God is the greatest' and left two unarmed officers
with cuts to their hands.

He said he felt "so much peace" before slashing the officers because he was reassured by "guaranteed paradise", the trial heard.
Chowdhury, of Kirkwood Road, Luton, Bedfordshire, was arrested three days before the London Pride parade last summer.
The prosecution described his sister as "loyal, much put-on and long-suffering" but also as someone who was "aware of all he was
saying to her and what it meant"...'

The UK... always there to help a budding Jihadist.

Quote:Manchester Arena terrorist Salman Abedi 'used benefits cash' to pay for bomb

'Manchester Arena terrorist Salman Abedi used benefits cash to pay for the bomb used in the atrocity, a court heard.
The mass-murderer’s mother, Samia, received more than £2,000-a-month in taxpayer funded payments, even after
leaving the UK for Libya in 2016.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=7146]
Salman Abedi

And the trial of her son, Hashem, was told in the run up to the suicide attack in May 2017 which killed 22 people, her
bank account continued to be propped up with public cash while she was living abroad and was accessed several times.

The public money was used to buy elements which created the Ariana Grande gig bomb, including a £300 industrial sized
battery and tools said to have been used in the construction of the deadly device.

A jury at the Old Bailey was shown bank statements showing £690 housing benefits from Manchester City Council as well
as child tax credits and other benefits, adding up to a monthly income of more than £2,000.
The investigation also found Salman Abedi received student loan payments. His Halifax student card was found in the foyer
of the Manchester Arena after the attack.

Witness Alharth Forjani, 21, told the court how Hashem, his cousin, arrived at his house one afternoon and asked him to buy
“acid for his car” which he didn’t question as he “trusted him.”
Denying suggestions from prosecutors it was “a bit odd” he was asked to make the purchase, Forjani answered:
“I didn’t think about it.”

Salman and Hashem’s uncle, Adel Forjani, also told jurors the brothers’ behaviour changed over time and they became “more
radical”. Speaking via an interpreter he added there were “strange things” such as their change in clothes.

Prosecutors allege Hashem is “just as guilty” for the atrocity as his brother, who set off the device at an Ariana Grande concert,
killing himself in the process. Hashem denies knowing anything about his brother’s plans and pleaded not guilty to 22 counts of
murder, one of attempted murder and one of conspiring to cause an explosion.

The trial continues...'
Same Source:

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Is this true, can it be true ?? is the world starting to regain its sense ?? A few years ago I read a report from a Dutch psychiatrist who had work for many years trying to help islamists, the report showed that it was pointless as any help offered was seen as "Christians" attacking the true religion of islam. When in a few days later I went back to get a copy it was taken down

Quote:Boris Johnson: Rehabilitation of Islamists is not really an option

 By VOICE OF EUROPE  11 February 2020
[Image: shutterstock_420901753-702x459.jpg]

Written by: Remix News
“Really very few“ Islamists can be rehabilitated, according to the British prime minister who said
prison is the preferred option.

A couple of days ago, 20-year-old Sudesh Amman stabbed multiple people in south London.
When knowledge was released that Amman, who was previously convicted of terror offenses and sentenced
to prison for three years and four months, was just released from prison this January, the news shocked the
British public.

It is not the only incident involving an Islamic radical who was released from prison early, with the recent attack
in November 2019 on London Bridge which killed two people involving another convicted Islamist who only
served half his prison sentence.

The incidents have horrified not only UK citizens but have also prompted discussion about rehabilitation efforts
for Islamists. 
Speaking after the attack, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson shared his opinion on the difficulties
of handling Britain’s radical Islamists.

“I think, looking at the problems we have with re-educating and reclaiming and rehabilitating people who succumb
to Islamism, it’s very, very hard, and very tough, and it can happen, but the instances of success are really very few,”
admitted Johnson.

Answering a journalist’s question of whether terror convicts released from prison are no danger to the public,
Johnson stated that society has to be frank while discussing this issue.

“We need to think about how we handle that in our criminal justice system,” added Johnson.

Considering how unsuccessful deradicalization efforts are, Johnson said it is a “very difficult thing to do” due to
“a big psychological barrier,” prompting the British prime minister to stress the importance of the custodial option.

A new approach to imprisoning convicted Islamists instead of releasing them would lead to abandoning automatic
early release for “serious” terrorists and violent or sexual offenders. However, numerous existing terror convicts
are already currently preparing for an early release from prison, leading to concern when the next attack might

Therefore, Johnson wants to ensure that Islamists will not be able to ask for early release, retroactively.
Cities like London, Brussels, and Paris, which have large Muslim populations, have all been the target of dozens
of Islamist terrorist attacks over the years.

London’s Muslim Mayor, Sadiq Khan, is infamous for having said that terrorist attacks are “part and parcel of living
in a big city
“, which led to a wave of criticism from a number of Western leaders and media outlets. Many pointed
out that cities like Budapest, Warsaw and Prague suffered no Islamic terrorist attacks despite being large and
metropolitan cities.

Due to the scale and consistency of Islamic terror attacks in Europe, some have also tied the terrorism issue to
ongoing migration to the European continent, with many of those responsible for the attacks either recent migrants
or second- or third-generation migrants who came from Middle Eastern countries.

“Of course it’s not accepted, but the factual point is that all the terrorists are basically migrants,” said Hungarian
Prime Minister Viktor Orbán
. “The question is when they migrated to the European Union.”
This did happen and the UK's usual mainstream media have hidden it.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
Boris Johnson is almost correct in his assessment. Some  average, "moderate" Muslims can be rehabilitated with enough effort, but not most of them, and certainly NONE of the jhadist/fundamentalist/extremist variety. The reason is that Islam has a built-in defense mechanism against common sense. It has, in common with most forms of fundamentalism, a mechanism whereby anything found to be in opposition to a thought is automatically labeled as "evil, the works of Satan/Shaitan" and so can safely be dismissed from the mind as "against God/Allah", thus neutralizing the opposition before it can take any effect.

The main difference between Islamic fundamentalists and other forms of fundamentalist is the degree of danger to the public - most are utterly harmless and can safely be left alone in their own corners, but Islamic fundamentalism is far too virulent/violent to be left unsupervised.

Where Boris goes wrong is his assessment that incarceration will help. It won't. It may take them out of circulation for a few years, but that isolation only strengthens their sense of Islamic Righteousness, and gives them more alone time to study and solidify their jihadist position.

The only real cure is a pill. It must be of about 9mm diameter or greater, constructed of lead with perhaps a steel coating, and it must be placed directly between the ears for best effect of a cure. They make devices to accomplish this curative injection.

" I don't mind killin' a man in a fair fight... or if I think he's gonna start a fair fight... or if there's money involved... or a woman... "

 - Jayne Cobb, Hero of Canton
(02-11-2020, 09:27 PM)Ninurta Wrote: ...The only real cure is a pill. It must be of about 9mm diameter or greater, constructed of lead with perhaps a steel coating,
and it must be placed directly between the ears for best effect of a cure. They make devices to accomplish this curative injection.

Ah yes, but can it be obtained on the National Health Service?!!
[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
Can't we all go in together and buy an island somewhere in the middle of the ocean and place all the extreme Islamic folks on it?  Leave them alone with no boats to escape or phones to call for help.

They can make do with what they have on the island and leave the rest of us alone.  I think right now they are at the top of the world's problems. 

Or, maybe Soros and the Pope is, but still...     tinysurprised
(02-11-2020, 10:53 PM)Mystic Wanderer Wrote: Can't we all go in together and buy an island somewhere in the middle of the ocean and place all the extreme Islamic folks on it?  Leave them alone with no boats to escape or phones to call for help.

They can make do with what they have on the island and leave the rest of us alone.  I think right now they are at the top of the world's problems. 

Or, maybe Soros and the Pope is, but still...     tinysurprised

The down-side is the Liberals would -after a couple of weeks, feel sorry for 'em and sneak them off the island!
These guys can't create a wealthy-healthy country of their own, they just leech off the West and quietly go about
their invasion.

It's time that we all wake up.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
(02-11-2020, 10:35 PM)BIAD Wrote:
(02-11-2020, 09:27 PM)Ninurta Wrote: ...The only real cure is a pill. It must be of about 9mm diameter or greater, constructed of lead with perhaps a steel coating,
and it must be placed directly between the ears for best effect of a cure. They make devices to accomplish this curative injection.

Ah yes, but can it be obtained on the National Health Service?!!

I think so. As I recall, it's a schedule 9 drug, administerable only by qualified medics in Unit 9, and there is a waiting line...

" I don't mind killin' a man in a fair fight... or if I think he's gonna start a fair fight... or if there's money involved... or a woman... "

 - Jayne Cobb, Hero of Canton
(02-12-2020, 02:12 AM)Ninurta Wrote: I think so. As I recall, it's a schedule 9 drug, administerable only by qualified medics in Unit 9, and there is a waiting line...

Seriously, I think we'd all need medication if levity wasn't available to deal with this crazy situation!
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