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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Limits! Three sets of the rules of 3.
Explanation: I provide this article for context ...

Rules of three.

Quote:What Exactly is the Rule of Three?

The Rule of Three is a typical pattern used in stories, nursery rhymes, parables, jokes, comedy and speeches.

The human mind actually enjoys thinking in patterns. In fact, we naturally look for and create patterns everyday, in everything we do. An example of this idea is within our language where adjectives are often grouped together in threes in order to emphasize an idea.

The Rule of Three is relevant because the number three is the lowest figure that can be used to form patterns in our mind. This is important, because the first instance of something occurring, always comes down to chance; the second instance is considered a coincidence; while the third instance is perceived as a pattern.

Proponents of the Rule of Three state that things are more engaging, satisfying and more effectively presented when using this rule. In fact, it is said that an audience is more likely to consume and absorb any type of information presented to them when it is grouped into threes.

Specifically ...

Quote:Content Creation

The Rule of Three applies to content creation because people think best and remember concepts far more easily when they are grouped into threes.

Therefore when writing a blog article for instance, it’s best to focus on only three main ideas.

And now on with the show ...

Quote:Three sets of the rules of 3 ...

How things can happen to you ...

A] Once is happenstance.
B] Twice is coincidence.
C] Thrice is an attack. [can be a metaphor]

How you can happen to things ...

D] Once is an experience.
E] Twice is indulgence.
F] Thrice is a way of life .[or you're very foolish]

How to deal with anything ...

1] Wait and See whilst ready to act.
2] Negotiate/Communicate/Manipulate.
3] Kill and replace. [can be a metaphor] i.e. 3 strikes and they're out!

Personal Disclosure: I think these are reasonable and fair rules to live by as life is to short to be messing about with repeat offenders.

I also think that by breaking these simply rules invites terrible danger and horrible consequences far worse than being brutal enough to kill and replace somebody who is a repeat offender.

Note: Replacing what you kill is very important as nature abhors a vacuum from which anything can spring [mostly other demons and devils to plague us all].

Any questions?
Three is a very important number, and one of my favorites.  Also, one of my lucky numbers, according to astrology and my birth chart.
It's also an important number in spirituality/religion, i.e., the Trinity.

Works for me.   minusculethumbsup
Good guidelines to live by.

In the Chinese Culture, the meaning of Three is, which means "to live" or "life" so it's considered a good number.
Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
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