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OR (hurry home): Austin Artemis Parker

[Image: 27134fe3c8e85d02dafa53e562f33d9e.jpg]

Blonde hair blew in the warm summer evening breeze.. Sitting on the roof of her house in a middle class neighboorhood, The Seventeen year old sat on a blanket..

An older woman of mixed heritage stuck her head out a window, "Austin.. Do you mind if I join you.."

"Are you sure you want to Ms. shoeloch," Austin spoke to the blue jeaned teacher as she walked out on the roof? "Sandra and gretchen have disowned me.. Diana.."

Ms. Shoeloch sits on the blanket next to her.. "He grows up every inch the A$$ hole I thought he would.. Me and Ira got into it again.. Are you sure you want to talk with me.. I.."

"Alex still speaks to me.. Said he promised he would be my friend till ," austin takes a deep breath.. "Jolene.. I know the.. I mean I do not like Ira.. You.. You were put into a bad position. You had to follow orders as a technomage.. Alex said I.. I did not know I was the source of you and Ira's fights?"

Thinking for a moment, "He .. He still loves you.. You are his first love.. "

"Tink," austin smiles.. "I.. he was so sweet and then.. I.. The man I thought he would grow into was.. And.."

"Time Travel is a B#$%^.. " Jolene takes out a flask, "We are not supposed to tell you.. Orders.. "

"Tell me what.. He slept with that woman.. I felt them.. It.." Looking at the flask, "What is that.. Some.. A simple flask.."

"God no.. It is a chilled thermo flask.. " Popping the lid, "Strawberry daiquiri.." Sipping it, "I.. F#$% them.. Austin.. I think little Rufus is holding out on us.. I think Andros is under orders.."

"Orders," austin is surprised at the statement and being handed the flask.. "Wait you were told not to tell me.."

"Let them argue with Alex.." Jolene Shoeloch takes the flask back," He said you were vibe killing up here.. Sandra and him are binge watching several things.. " Taking a sip, "Her name is Isans.. Her husband just got back.. She was blind.. Well is.."

Austin is handed the flask..

"Austin.. Andros .. He executed a very powerfulman's son.. Chopped him into little pieces and put him the deepfreezers.." Jolene took out another flask,"But.. Austin so far they have found over a hundred tropies at this man's house.. They are.. It is bad.. It has gone from Andros being public enemy to the man's father having to answer a LOT of questions.."

"Trophies," Austin was surprised.. "I thought Littleman was not allowed to change hsitory.. Direct orders.."

"He was a serial killer.. One of our agents almost got killed by him.." Opening the flask, "It.. They are lying little S@#$s.. Asimov's exact words.. "

A female voice steps outside to the porch, "No Admiral hopper.. You may NOT speak with your agent.. I do not give to flying F#$%s.. We are having private time.. And you will ALL leave Alex alone during this time period.." The voice hangs up the phone, "Austin.. Jolene.. Pizza is on its way.. Alex ordered one for each of us.."

"Sandra," Austin takes a deep breath.. 

"What you did was wrong.. You crawled into littlemans bed or he crawled into yours.. Either way he deserved better.. " Sandra speaks, "You are still my friend.. I am just pissed at you.. "

The sliding door opens up and then shuts..

"Dont worry.." Jolene shakes her head, "You know how much S@#$ we are catching over being exposed.. And we are being blamed socially.. "

Raising the flask, "To the moronic haters.."

Austin and Jolene Shoeloch band flask together..

"I have a daughter.. She is fourteen," Austin takes a deep breath.. "She told me I am a b@#$%.. That nana lizzie was a batter person then I was.."

"We heard.. You told she gets it honest back.." Jolene chuckles, "Appearently I will become littleman's lover in the future.."

"Two nephews with my sister," Austin sipps again.. "Was she hot.. Isans?"

"Yes.. Very hot," Jolene sighs.. "I feel old.."

"So you knew he was a prodigy," Austin responds?

"He has excellent hearing.." Jolene shoeloch freezes, "F@#$.."

"What," austin looks around..

"It .. So much for me being smart.. Littleman heard me tell Ira.. I mean.. During.. He knows what I like.. "

The both laugh and look up at the stars..

"He loves you.. From what our psych department put together we were all measured against you.." Jolene gives austin a dirty look, "Even Summer .. Said a few things.."

"Summer is gorgeous," austin looked at Ms. shoeloch.. "She is.. She has a fuller form with some curves and.. Well.. I think she gets.. She has this earth mother thing going on.."

"That is not the half of it," Jolene looked up at the stars.. "She told the Proctors if she ever saw them again.. Or they asked her if she had any inappropriate contact with Littleman again.. She was a technomage and it would suck if mother earth had new fertilizer.. And then she would break Littleman in properly with their wives help.."

Austin started laughing, "She really tell them that.."

"Several females have inquired over his contract with Olivia.." Jolene sipped again as she laid back, "This.. You are curious over Diana and.. "

"She gets MIT.. "Austin was sounding a little jealous, "I mean he did not.." Austin rubbed a ring on a necklace, "Why did he make a deal for her and not me?"

"You still have not decided what you want to do.." Jolene seemed to focus on something, "I mean you have improved since you and littleman MATED as Ba'Ba'Yaug said.. Your grades have come up.. Did you ask Jessica Slash Stacy?"

"She said I had ran away from home.." austin took a deep breath, "I improved.. Oh.. The soul Speak S@#% !"

"We did run the numbers," Jolene paused. "Have you considered littleman just lucked into everything he did.. "

"He did so much with," austin sighed.. "I .." A tear fell from Austin's face, "After I died.. He went wild.."

"To qoute our top psychologist.. Hog is the best descriptor," Jolene chuckled.. "The number crunchers, as the Grandmaster calls them, were surprised that Littleman left the way he did.."

"Diana is heart broken," Austin sighs.. "She.. She kissed James and Littleman almost killed him.. He.."

"Got his A$$ reamed by Rufus.." Jolene chuckles, "You asked for a chance to save Austin.. Five god D@#$ lifetimes Littleman.. Awetin this.. Awetin that.. If I had a chance to save her.. Well, We F#$%ing delivered Littleman.. You never asked for a happy ever after.. I can safely say.. GROW THE F@#$ UP!! She is god D@#$ young adult in her Crazy phase! We both know she needs time to heal.. You are paying the price for a tactical call.. Do NOT whine to me! CAPTAIN!"

Austin closed her eyes, "He.. " Austin closes her eyes instinctually holding a ring on a necklace, "Five lifetimes.. Is.. Is that why Rufus.. I thought she hated me.."

"She is stuck in Replay.. She doesnt hate you Austin.. She is just.. Old.. She chewed your rear out because.. "

"Like an old Nana," austin spoke with half a smile.. "She did pay for lunch.. I.. " Austin's eyes glow softly," She feels guilty somewhat.. And.. Is that why.. I have been left alone.."

"To heal," Jolene took a deep breath..

Austin is silent for a minute..

Something goes off, "Hang on summer is calling.."

Jolene brought up a hologram of a female in a summer red dress.. Summer with no shoes on, "Jolene.. Hi Austin.. " Summer looks around, "You will want to see this.."

A figure lands on the side of a building as a fire fight goes on it seems inside the building..

"LITTLEMAN," Austin sits up!

The Figure seemed to be holding onto the side of the building like a spider..

"Fall back.. The Colonel is down.. We.. They were ready for us," A pissed off voice sounds off..

Several People come from the shadows pinning down the group..

The person on the side of the building jumps into the group from the shadows..

a cadence fills the air..

"When I go home," An electronic synthesized voice sings..

The man who spoke earlier, "What the F#$%!"

"The is Templar One.. Captain.." The group pining them down that Templar One landed in the middle of tries to fight, "Tell General Riechs the US Navy pays its debts.. I am here to return the favor for his assistance last december on behalf of the worlds most power Navy.."

"Littleman is.. What the F#$%," austin watches the fight as the enemy dies..

A strong male voice, "Captain.. "

"General riechs.. Lets finish this mission.. Lt. colonel Get the wounded out of here.. Snowball.. Hellion.. Tommy boy you are with me.. Lets go play recon like you did in the Sudanese," Templar One spoke..

"Our cover is nblown," The Lt. colonel Responds..

"Snowball.. Hellion.. Tommy Boy," General Riechs voice is clear.. "You are attached to .."

"UDT.." Templar One Interrupts as he kills the last person pinning them..

"UDT.. Templar One.. These people have.."

"I dont give to flying F#$%s.. Tommy Boy.. We execute your plan.. I heard it and it sounds much better.. So why are we here.."

"Captain.." One of the men who peeled off spoke with Pride, "We hit the enemy randomly trying to get the .. It is called a Carlin Generator.. That.. We are not clear on.."

"I will take point.. Tommy boy.. S@#$.. I want explosives planted all the way around this base.. You ten minutes Chairforce.. Hellion you are with me.. Back to Back," Littleman orders.. "General.. I know why we are here.. Contact .. F#$%.. General halleck.. I need rapid response.. And.."

"What is a carlin Generator," Austin whispers.. "I have never heard of it.."

"REBA.." Templar One has reentered the building with the three members of the strike team, "Call.. Call Jolene.. I can feel she is talking with Austin.."

"The are watching sir," A female voice sounds out.. "Putting you through.."

"Littleman," Austin whispers..

Silence ensues for a minute as Littleman and The Air force Spec ops are shoot their way through the building..

"Hellion.. This is agent Jolene.. With.." Jolene Pauses, "With MAMG of SPAWAR.. Can you find a terminal and access something ou.."

"Roger that.. We do have Port accessors for not net tech.. " Hellion responds, "Ms. Follingsworth.. "

"You.. You are," Jolene pauses.. "Thank god.. Let me get.."

A younger female voice comes over the air, "Littleman you are NOT going to ignore me.."

"Little Techno witch," General riechs interrupts.. "I will speak with hellion later.. Now is not the.."

On the hologram, a hologram of a female appears in technomage gear, "General I want you to make sure Littleman has to call home EVERY week.. And Hellion is now the CoS's tech liason to your command.."

A device on Hellions belt glows..

"In exchange," Diana's hologram has her hand raised.. "I am getting all the data off their servers for you.. I only need three minutes.."

"that is not," Hellion interrupted..

"General.. Data breach.. A massive set of files are loading into personal computers in our lockers.. I.. I did not think that was possible?" The Voice speaks, "General.."

"Welcome as my CoS tech liason Hellion.. Captain," general Heller has a command tone.. "we have a deal little Techno witch.. One phone call a week minimum! Brigadier General.. Get those laptops over to tech.. Call Admiral hopper.."

Littleman is cussing..

"Apprentice witch," hellion sound spissed at first.. "It takes more then.. F#$% you are splitting the data up.."

"I also know why littleman is there.. You are banned from field operations and will ride a desk.." Diana speaks coldly as her hologram has mathematical formulas floating around it, "There we go.. Littleman.. You will have to exit the south entrance With hellion.."

"You overstep," Hellion calls out as he covers littleman..

"She is right.. Your daughter is a friend of mine.. I am not letting her father dies on this mission.. "

"My daughter is only a week old Captain," Hellion has a tone with his voice..

"She is a lesbian jack A$$.." Andros speaks coldly, "She loves you and wants to get to know her father.. I cant have you in the field.. I am in enough trouble for changing history again.."

"General Riechs.." The Brigadier General takes a deep breath, "Admiral Creast of the New science command is on the horn.. She is not happy.."

"Send a message back.." General Riechs softly Speaks, "Tell the Admiral The worlds most powerful navy is on watch.. And this is left over from the ZETA ELE protocols.. Now.. Ms. Parker.. What the F#$% is a Carlin generator.."

"Littleman.. Please.. Call me," austin sighs.. "I broke up with Evelynn.. I am worried about you.."


A pissed off man in body armor stands in the doorway..

An older blonde haired woman smiled, "Protcor.. I will get Diana for you.."

[Image: 0d31775018b1d9f9874fe606b9b6ee08.jpg]

"Ma.. I mean honored Territory chief of the US southern district of the Faux Yee Naldlooshii .. I am here to .. To make peace with Austin Artemis Parker.." The man took off his helmet revealing a black eye.. Austin was at the top of the stairs as the Proctor went on , "I mispoke in the bar in Tuscon.. Littleman.. Used said discussion as his reason for investigating a treaty violation between the native american tribes, homo reptilians, SPAWAR, Admiral creast, General Riechs, Skull and bones, Freemason's Franklin trust, The committee for a better future, The Syndicate, The people of the way, The wendigo, The yeti tribes, the matriarchy..."

Joyce parker Raises an eye brow as the poor proctor spent the next four minutes naming organizations.

A female with light brown hair stood up and whispered, "Delano.. "

A red haired teen on the couch stood in shorts and t shirt.. He was listening, "Hang on Noel.."

The Proctor kept going with diana walking in with an adult tatooed female giggling..

"..and the US Postal Service.." The Proctor took a deep breath, "My action and opinions at the bar are my own and not representative of the Church of Sciences opinions.."

"Start over.. You forgot The texas Rangers, The Tuscon chamber of commerce, The american Legion, the BBB, and ..." Alex goes on to name eighteen more organizations, "Not to mention the Arizona corporation commissionThe Proctor.. START OVER FROM THE BEGINNING.."

"MR MACER," The Proctor was not very happy.. seeing the look on the tattoed Technomage's face, He closes his eyes.. "It.. Your god D@#$ friend has turned my wife against me.. I did not have.. I am just friends with Ira.. I had nothing to do with the Wi-jay S@#$.. Or with buring your.. The.. God F#$%ing.." Taking a deep breath, "I apologize.. Ms. Austin Artemis Parker.. I misspoke in the bar...."

The Proctor began to repeat the whole thing..

Austin walks downstairs.. "Enough.." Raising her hand, "You want me to forgive you and accept your apology.. I have to mow the lawn.. It is my turn.. The mower is in the garage.. And.. Take two weeks off and take your wife on a vacation.. You sound like a work a holic.. " The Proctor is looking at her, "And littleman can be a jack A$$.. Mow th elawn, take out the trash.. Mow Ms. shoeloch's lawn.. Properly.. And then take two weeks off and take your wife to that spot she wanted to go to.. Oh.. And DO NOT ever f#$5ing mention Ira's name around me ever again.. Alex's ban applies to his name in this house.."

"Ms. Parker," the Proctor had a look on his face..

"She also is supposed to weed the garden.." Joyce chuckled, "Change clothes and get to work.."

The Proctor looked at Diana and the other technomage, "Xena.. Please explain that.."

"You were ordered here by your wife and supervisor.. Mow the lawns, grab the trash, weed the garden, and go on vacation.. That is a fair deal," Xena narrowed her eyes.. "Your wife will understand what happened.. And.. Do not forget.. Diana and Austin carry Freya colts wedding rings.. I will let the MATRIARCHY know the decision made.."

"Austin.. You broke up with littleman.. Why," diana was interrupted by Sandra..

"Di.. Not in front of the men folk.." Sandra whispered, "I will call his wife and Ginny Heinlein.. an Shut Delano.."

The Proctor sighed as the garage door opened.. He walked over to the garage..

Shutting the door, "Now ladies.. " Joyce speaks, "You to Jessica.."

A hispanic girl stepped out of the hallway.. With an evilish glare, "Nana Joyce.."

"Littleman is supposed to be calling," Joyce gave an evil glare back to Jessica.. "Alex set the time.."

"Who is he supposed to call," Sandra spoke taking a deep breath?

Jessica gets a very quiet look on her face..

"Stacy Regina Colt," Austin sounds just like Joyce Parker in tone..

"Dad calls Lucy every day.." Jesica smiles evilly, "He tells her a bed time story.. Or he will leave on in her message box.. We talked yesterday.."

"You have been talking with him.. And Lucy," Joyce Parker takes a deep breath.. "He asked me if he needed to come and talk with my boyfriend and my girl friend yet.. " Looking at Alex, "He appointed Uncle george in Loco Parentis.. Uncle george showed up at the dinner and sat down with Gertrudes little Brother, Lou the enforcer.. Sat it on the table pointed at her.."

"He is your uncle.. He was appointed by his nephew to stand in his stead.." Alex rubbed his forehead, "That is an internal matter.. You will have to take it up with the Matriarch of the Kean/ Volgath bloodline.. My hands are tied.."

"NANA FREYA said ," Jessica Stacy took a deep breath.. "That it was George's responsibility now that my father was on business.. She would have to talk with him about it.. And then she asked If me and Jim had decided on which movie we were gonna go see.. She had not been to a picture show in a while! this is bulls@#$.. I am a grown woman.. I.."

Joyce reached over and gave a condescending hug, "That is Mrs. colt's way of saying welcome to the family my time lost grand daughter.. So which movie did yall decide on for tonight.."

"F#$% you.. Auntie Sandra!"

"Stacy," Sandra was smiling.. "You wanted your family back.. And needed a home.. And .." They decided to go to Jim's beach house to watch netflix.."

"Noel," Alex spoke coldly..

"Alexander Delano Macer.. " sandra locked eyes with Alex, "She is a colt female.. They run their clan on slightly different tribal rules.. Stacy would have been wiser to see if they could watch TV at Regina's new house.. "

"Admiral De'chez has.. Oh," Stacey got pissed oof look on her face.. "I should be smart enough to know my way around the rules.." Stacy sighs and walks away..

Sandra's phone rings with Here I go again.. Everyone is very silent as Sandra takes out her phone," Littleman.."

"who.. who is this," A little girl's voice calls out.. "Temp Lars One told me to hide in th.. the closet.. And to call this number.. He is a jukebox.."

The song of of bad company's shooting star loudly fills the air.. 

The sound of a gun can be heard firing.. Glass can be heard in the background..

"I..I am scared.. The bad men where yelling at Mommy.." The little girl was very afraid, "He.. He said he was with the Navy.. My daddy sent him since him and the other marines are guarding the gates of heaven.. I was praying for help.. Daddy died two years ago.."

Sandra took a deep breath as the proctor had walked back in.. "I am Sandra.. stay very quiet and tell me your address.."

"I am Kasey.. Acting sergeant USMC," the little girl whispered.. "I live at 313 east tangerine.."

"My god.. that is next door to my buddies," the proctor is wide eyed as he sits gear on the table.. Taking out a phone he quickly dials a number..

An older woman's voice comes into the closet, "Thank god.. " the sound of guns firing can be heard again..

Men shouting in anger, "GET HIM!"

"Yeah.. We can hear it.. God D@#4 it.. This was a set up," The voice on the other end of the Proctors phone can be heard..

An electronic synthesized voice can be heard after and explosion, "Well F#$% they have back up.. "

"Three black SUV's just pulled up.." The Man on the Proctor's phone just went off, "We are not.."

"The mission is a go," Admiral Grace hopper's voice came over the phone.. "Just F#$%ing do it.. We are required to render aide per treaty.."

Alex chuckles..

The sound of the the other Proctors moving fill the air..

"Well Sergeant," the synthesized voice calls out.. The sound of something dropping fills the air, "Looks like we are going to the roof.. the fire is starting.."

"Mr. templar One," Kasey calls out..

"Sergeant Brick.." Templar One speaks, "Stay strong.. " The sound of a gun discharges, "You think the F#$%ers would figure out I can hear them.."

"That is my dresser, "Kasey calls out.. "Oh," the sound of the dresser going out the window can be heard..

"We have visual on a small dresser that.."

"Templar One is at that window," The proctor calls out..

"Who is that," Kasey ask scared..

"Mages.. Sarge.. Real god D@#$ warrior Mages.. Mrs. Brick.."

"Templar One.. that is.." Mrs. Bricks coughs, "Smoke.."

The sound of a door shuts.. "We buy time.. Proctors.. Yes I hear you.. Out we go.. Sandra.. " the phone changes hands, "Talk with Mrs. Bricks.."

The sound of gun fire fills the air..

"Where are you going," Mrs. bridge called out.. "The easy way is out.."

"Mam.. The wolf is at the gate and my Mistress and her sister need new fur coats.." Andros speaks coldly, "And the F#$5ers shot at me.. This is Texas!"

[Image: f514b6585540dbed82c305d134f7d0de.jpg]


Austin sat quietly by herself.. Pouring a cup of coffee, "Helos.. I know you are there.."

A short red headed teen decloaks at the counter.. He climbed up on the counter and grabbed a coffee cup.. He hopped down walking over to the kitchen table and stuck the cup out..

Pouring the coffee, "You still dont talk much.. Gretchen says you talk all the time Helos.." Helos waits for her to finish pour.. He givers her a hug, "The cloaking abomination.. Is nothing more then a little teddy bear.."

Helos smiles as he pulls out a chair and climbs up to it.. Austin hands the very quiet teen the cup..

"I get your presence but no words.." Austin chuckles, "I.. I know.. I mean.."

"Andros fathers Gretchen outsider Child.. The old fashioned way.." Helos softly speaks, "Which is a S@#$ position.. I am not happy with it but.. I can accept that he grows up into one of US to the point that Gretchen considers him worthy.."

Austin nearly spits out her coffee, "I.. Helos Uther Smithson.. It speaks.."

Helos smiles and sips his coffee..

"That is all I get.." Helos nods yes to Austin, "It.. You are speaking with me.. " austin's eyes glow subtly," You.. You care.."

Taking a deep breath, "I wasnt allowed to deal with it.. Andros's G-paw almost took care of it but.. We all failed you.. Are you ok.."

A tear fell down Austin's face," I made fun of you.. And.."

Helos hopped down and set the coffee cup next to Austin.. He walked over to the Pantry.. Opening it he reached out and grabbed a MRE from a box..

"I do NOT see how you," Austin smiles as Helos offers her one with chicken noodle soup on it.. "I am good littleone.."

She refills the coffee cup three fourth's the way..

Helos climbs up the chair again.. Tearing open the MRE he takes the coffee cup.. He breaks off the Part of the MRE into the coffee cup..

Austin watches Helos take the second sugar spoon as he stirs it.. "That.. EWE.."

Helos smiles and drinks it.. He relaxes and leans back looking at austin..

"Helos.. " austin chuckles, "You are worried about me.. I am fine.. Nothing major.. Just an issue at work I can handle.."

A knock comes from the door..

Austin looks at Helos and narrows her eyes, "Helos.."

Taking out her phone she brings up an APP, "It is.. My manager.. He has a broken arm.. And.. Helos.."

"Building rolled," Helos Grinned almost evilly..

Austin walks to the front door, "Mr. Gores.. I.."

"You..Tell your F#$%ing little friend," Mr. gores stops when helos comes up behind her..

Helos growls at the man..

"Helos," austin is wide eyed..

Shaking Mr. gores hands over an envelope to Austin, "Mr. Smithson.. I.."

Helos growls again and holds out his hand..

"This.. I can barely make payroll.." Mr. gores is mad but very afraid, "Please show mercy.. I.."

"BullS@#$," Helos was still soft spoken.. "You have been breaking multiple Laws and bribing everyone.. Since you are above the law.. You can pay a Tax to the four musketeers.. Or I tell Rufus you did NOT deliver her cut!"

Austin looks in the envelope, "this.."

"All your backwages.. And tips.. Plus nineteen percent interest.." Mr. Gores looks down, "Please.. Do not burn down my house.. I.. My wife just gave birth.." Shaking he takes out a second envelope, "Rufus's twenty five thousand.. "

"I expect the next payment ready in september.. On the first," Helos takes the envelope..

"I will have to shut down," Mr. Gores is pleading..

"As long as austin is employed with you and you treat your employees right.. We can help.. Do not wory about your bribes to the city health officals.." Helos coldly spoke, "The health inspector did not make her payment.. Your bribe to us covers all the other bribes.. Plus the backpayments.."

"How am I supposed to pay for th esupplies," Mr. cores was frustrated.. "I.."

"Call rufus.. She left you a card.. We can get your supplies cheaper.. " Austin looked at Helos wide eyed, "Or if you prefer.. Because she F#$%ing punked you.. MAMG will pay float you a loan and get you supplies.."

"I already have a supplier.." Mr. Gores takes a step back and looks down, "I cant even make my daughters Private school payment.."

"Alex has already made sure she recieved a full ride.. Your daughter was told what you had done to several other female employees.." Helos was cold bloddied, "Austin will be paid for forty hour week.. "

"And if I do not pay.. " 

"I tell littleman what you said to austin," Helos had no emotion.. "this was the nice visit.. You have options.. MAMG, Rufus, General Heller, auntie Elphelba.. Any of them can make you the best deal.. I thought you were a businessman.. No matter what.. Twenty five thousand G's every three months.. Oh.. And you have to attend ANON meetings and get treatment as a sex addict.."

Austin is wide eyed, "Helos.."

Helos gently moves Austin back and slams the door..

He walks back to the kitchen and repeats the process of climbing up..

Austin looks out the door, "Helos.." Walking to the kitchen, "You are running protection rackets?"

Helos opens the envelope and takes out the cash.. He starts counting it on the table..

Another knock comes from the door..

"Thats the FBI.. " Helos chuckles as the sound of a scuffle comes from outside," And that is MAMG's men.."

Austin is wide eyed, "Helos.. You.. Yall cant just beat the crap out of the government Agents.."

Helos's phone chimes like he recieved a text message.. Helos pauses and types in something..

The door opens up making austin Jump..

Two FBI Agents are dragged in with black bags over their faces by females in Weird military gear.. Austin watches as a few seconds later a group of of five also with black bags over their heads is brought in at gun point.. The get rifled to the back of the head.. Another group of females start stripping them..

"Those are DohS, ATF, FBI, and SWAT," Helos shows no concern to austin's statement.. "Helos Uther Smithson.. I.. My.. I have.. you know"

An air force female walks over as another group is brought in.. They are stripped, zip tied, with electronic collars placed aroung their necks.

"MAMG.. Easy pickings.. " The Female colonel smiles, "Mr. smithson is right here.. Yes we bagged Mr. Gores.."

Helos takes a hundred dollar bill and hands it to the shocked Austin.. He points to the cell phone..

The Lt. colonel shook her head, "You can talk.. We know you can.. That elitest bulls@#$ is uncalled for.."

Austin takes the phone, "Mrs. MAMG.. I.."

"Hello darling.. How are you.. Listen I am going to need a statement from you and your coworkers.. Mr. gores is going on a vacation.."

"St.. Statement," austin stuttered..

"This is all legal.. The ATF, SWAT, DoHS, and others were all WARNED not to come by your house due to multiple treaties.. They placed a fake 911 call five minutes ago.." MAMG chuckled.. "National security.."

austin watches as another set of five is walked in and stripped nude..

Helos climbs down after sipping his MRE coffee.. He slams the FBI agent against the wall by his head.. Taking off the man's black hood and reslamming it softly into the wall..

"You.. We are government agent sin the course of our," the man screams when Helos punches him in the back.. The sound of the rib breaking fills the kitchen..

"Lt. colonel.. Please take the phone," The Lt. colonel takes the phone as MAMG instructed..

She walks over to the main agent held on the walk crying..

"Hello Agent Ihlly.. Let us discuss how much you and your partner know have to pay.. "

"MAMG," Agent  Ihly swallows hard.. "Listen.. We recieved a legitimate.."

Helos punches the other side breaking a rib from the backside..

Ihly screams in pain..

"I listened to the whole thing.. " MAMG spoke softly, "Now.. We have a problem.. We ar enot going after the man who organized this.. Just everyone who follows his orders.. If you do not play ball.. Lt. Colonel!"

Mr. Gores is dragged in by two large masked females..

Mr. Gores is tossed into the hallway, cast and all..

With his black bag over his head, "Please I have.."

Helos holds Agent Ihly by the back of his neck to watch..

The two large females look at Helos..

"Hold Ihly ladies," Helos speaks..

Both large Females swallow hard as they quickly take Agent Ihly..

"HELOS... STOP," austin cries out.. "They.. They were just following orders.."

"No austin.. " Helos steps back and starts pointing, "Murder.. Rape.. Blackmail.. Arson.. Cover ups of said acts.. "

Austin sees the concious agents look away..

"Human trafficking.. And then there is Agent Ihly," Helos grabs the man by his hair.. "He has.. Lets just say he is on Creast, De'chez, Frost, Ortiz, and.. God even F#$%ing the Donita in sicily's list.."

"They cant just be executed," austin chokes up.. "I.. Rape.. No.. Alex is not a dictator.. Rule of law.. Turn them over to the .. The Tribunal at least.."

Helos drops Ihly to the ground, with a warm smile.. He walks over to Austin and hugs her, "You passed.. Alex bet on you.."

"Passed.. this was just a test, "Austin went wide eyed.. "They are not even.."

"No.. There are consequences for your choice," MAMG was pissed.. "Lt. Colonel.. Sleepy juice and delivery.. To The tribunal hold facilities.."

MAMG hangs up the phone..

The females start injecting the agents with something..

"You cant," Ihly goes back to the ground from Helos's foot..

"Your life was in Her hands.. Most likely you will get the death penalty.." Helos walks away as the two large women pick Ihly up, "Austin.. " Helos hugs her again, "I believe in you.. Your heart represents the best of my friend.. You are family.. "
Just as Good as Ever, Thank You.
Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
[Image: attachment.php?aid=936]
I'm enjoying these tales!
[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
Austin sits in the middle of the Masonic lodge eating a salad.. She pours herself a bottle of fine wine into a glass..

Several Masons are whispering to each other..

"she cant just sit here and," An older man tries to argue..

"The mistress of The Grandmaster of the Mother Lodge of the United Lodges of Terra may enter any hall she pleases.. The Mother of at least two of his children.. A jessica Lange and REBA," An older male voice responds.. "Grandmaster!"

[Image: 95c385340b1088446c309a55890f9393.jpg]

"God .... Templar these are the sacred," The older man freezes as the Templars hand rest on his sword.. "You cant be serious.."

"Your honor.. I am but a poor humble servant," The old man speaks softly.. "Be a damned shame if S@#$ happened.. I am still not happy about the accuracy of the investigation into charges against this lodge.. Over Deputy Parker and Deputy Fritz.. Judge worthley!"

"She is  a harlot," One of the men spoke.. "She.."

A dagger was thrown pinning the Mason's hand to the wall, "Austin my dear.. I like guarding you.. This is fun.. Reminds me those twin thai hookers from my younger days.. I will tell you that sea tale one day.. and for the record.. She is a legacy who was disrespected by members of this lodge.."

"that," Judge worley took a deep breath.. Closing his eyes, "We welcome the Mistress and mother of.." the templar holds up three fingers, "One child and step mother to two of the honored Grand Master of THE mother Lodges children.." With a cold turn of phrase, "And future Aunt to two of his children with her sister.. How may the Oakaloosa lodge assist the MISTRESS of a fellow Grandmaster."

Looking at her phone, "Craig.. I have good news.. Per tradition.. Like the mistress thing.. The Grandmaster has.. The Quest has begun.."

The Templar Craig bows his head, "You.. austin it.. An active Grandmaster Templar.."

"He will be tested.. Per the four musketeer's tradition.. It will be unfair and grueling.. " austin shakes head, "If I understand this part it.."

"There are no candidates," Judge worley is wide eyed.. "Judge riley will not approve.. Andros is legally only thirteen.."

"The Quest is designed to leave no doubt in conclaves mind that the Grandmaster being tested is.. THE GRANDMASTER," Craig swallowed hard.. "It is truely the old ways.. Ms. Parker.. Honored mistress.. Did Littleman tell you who.."

A lower level Mason comes in and whispers something to the Judge..

"What the F#$%.." His honor responds, "Buttersworth.. Is insane.. He suffers from multiple personality disorder!"

"He was raised by the Sinclairs.. The hand of a previous Grandmaster taught him everything.." Craig was standing up straight, "He did concieve a child with Judge riley's daughter.. Honored Mistress.. It is well known that.. Grandmaster Colt did mention in passing that Buttersworth served with him at Camp Pendelton.."

"Craig," Austin motions for the Templar to keep going.. "think.. What .. come here.. For your service to me here.. I will whisper a thought to you.."

The Templar walks over to Austin and Bends over..

"Littleman was the only Insane One at Pendelton.. " Austin leaned back after whispering and raised her eyebrows, "His exact words.."

"Little Lady what the F@#$ does that," Craig frooze in place as he lowered his hood.. "My god.. That.. "

Tears fell from the old Templars face.. He knelled in the middle of the Lodge.. Craig began a forgotten prayer in latin with his head bowed..

Austin bowed her head and stopped eating as the Templar prayed..

She spoke in the language of the people of the way as her closed eyes glowed, saying the same prayer..

The Mason's bowed their heads as the prayer echoed across the chamber, even the mason with hand still pinned to the wall..

After he finished, Craig stood up.. "Thank you honored mistress.. Eat in peace.." Raising his hand,  the blade in the wall returned to his hand shocking the masons.. "You honor me .. Buttersworth has my full support in the conclave.."

"This is insane.." Judge worthley does not move forward, "Judge riley will.. F#$% if it is a classical Templar testing.. Judge riley cant argue if he passes.."

Craig turns and eyes Judge riley, "Is that why we are are here?"

"No.. I am here to," Austin's phone rings.. She looks down and a tear falls down her face.. Taking a deep breath, "Littleman.."

"good evening Ms. Parker.. Littleman has told me of his most Holy battle against the forces of Darkness.." An unknown voice fills the halls, "Grandmaster.. You are a man of honor.. And have faced down hell's I can only imagine.. And yet talking with .."

"Count Norton," Andros's voice was clear.. "I am going to kick all four of your A$$es.."

"Littleman.." Austin whispers into the phone, "So.. That is what is going on.. "

Judge Worthley is staring daggers at Austin, "Cell Phones are not.."

Craig draws his sword just an inch out locking eyes with the judge.. "A wise Mason would just contact Mrs. Sinclair.. And have her train Austin in posistion.. She knows not of our rules.. "

"F@#$ing Templars," Judge Worthley growls.. "I will call her and.. You.. She will not give two S@#$s.. She never liked any of our sacred ways.. The F#$%ing b...."

The sword is halfway out With just a small flick of the wrist..

"Craig you," Judge worthley steps back..

"We gonna have words boy.. That is two.." craig is not playing, "Watch your tongue!"

Several Masons step back...

Austin picks up her bowl of salad and throws it at Judge rWorthley on the lodge floor, "First your people call me a whore.. You buried the rapes.. I believe it.. " Looks of horror cross the masons' faces, "And then your called the widow of a former Grand Master Templar a C#$% B#$%^!"

"Judge worthley," Count norton slash buttersworth coldly spoke.. "What did you say about my NANA.. We will speak after I speak with the young prince of two kingdoms.. "

"I am done here Craig.. buttersworth," Austin spoke equally cold.. With her eyes glowing "Count Norton IV.. Emperor Of Calexia.. Defender of the Realm.. Something tells me you will be the Grand Master Templar.. Will you investigate all the masonic lodges so that none of them are done like I was.."

"Of course mistress of Templar One," Buttersworth responded..

"There is no record of him being a Templar," The man holding his bleeding hand called out.. "He.."

The old Templar moved like lightening, his opal sword was at the masons throat.. "Butters was raised by my best friend.. And his wife.. I myself know the challenge this will represent.. He is a god D@#$ legacy by ALL accounts.. Call me on this and We have words Mason!"

"Uncle Craig," Buttersworth seemed younger in tone.. "We.. We must remember that the templars are the most honorable.."

"Please.. You are a bunch of drunks and criminals," The mason with sword at his kneck was nicked by it..

"Mason.. Papa's policy was simple as Grandmaster.. We teach character Little Butters.. " Buttersworth responded, "Grandmaster.. Have my Papa's Templars forgotten this to the point the Masons freely call us on this.. No.. Grandmaster of the mother lodge of the Unified Lodges of Terra.. Do not answer that.. It will break nana's heart.. Uncle Craig.. Let the fool go.. But if he comes for you or whispers against you..Gut him.. Like the criminals we are.. "

Craigs sword diappears , "As you wish Acting Grand Master of the Templars.."

"Ms. Parker.. To answer your question.. Of course we already do this," Buttersworth pauses as Andros whispers something.. "What the F#$% do you mean we dont.. That.. Papa clearly gave the order.. I.. No.. I accept your charge Littleman.. Papa's Templars are not following his orders.. We have lost honor.. This.. God bless.. Uncle Craig.. I will speak with former Grandmaster Beauregard.."

A voice whispers something..

"He is the most honorable man I know followed by ET2 brown.. Templar.. I trust him.. He goes with my blessing.. I will have my own.."

"Littleman," Buttersworth interrupts.. "Your Templar is desperately trying to tell you I have not passed the ancient rites.. Templar.. Worry not.. You will be with me..Represent all the Templars.. Together we slay the windmills.." Austin looks at her phone, "Right now.. I need to know everything that Happened with the Grandmasters mistress.. Tell me everything on the way to the Future Leader of the Free world,  this prince of two kingdoms.. I have to convince him I am worthy to be Grandmaster Templar.."

"That is not how it works.. You.. Wait.. Future leader of the free world.. He is not a prince of two kingdoms,"Judge Worthley speaks angrily..

"Is he not the Heir to SPAWAR.. And has Madam Chairman.. To what was explained.. She follows his advice.. An heir so to speak," buttersworth responds coldly.. "Judge Worthley.. Am I wrong.. One part of my quest is to convince all the musketeers I am worthy to begin the quest.. The young Prince, His Noblest knight, The Backup quarterback, and The Crone of the manor.."

Silence comes from the Masons..

"What is this quest," Judge riley calls out to the phone?

"I am not allowed to tell anyone.." Count Norton sighed, "Period.. I am a quest most holy.."

"You have to convince Alex.. Uhm.. Helos.. Rockefeller .. and Obviously Rufus.. " Austin had gotten a surprised look on her face, "With out telling them what the quest is.. It.."

"Their are great evils in this land.. I am going to the Left Templar one to the right.."Buttersworth/ Count Norton proudly speaks," Honored Mistress of the Grand Master.."

"Littleman.. He will NEVER convince Rufus.. If he cant tell her any details.." Austin was upset,"That is low.. You.. Wait.. Nevermind.. She doesnt know.. Holy S@#$.." Austin swallows hard, "Allow me to be the first to great thee.. Future Grand Master of the Templars.."

"What does Rufus not know," the masons chimed in?


[Image: 160b99eeeffb88c251dae76d329e8dde.jpg]

Austin was stacking clothes at the outlet store when another female walked over..

"Jo Ann,"Austin folded the clothes..

Reaching over and turning off her microphone, "we.. An issue came up.. Ms. smithson.. Is out of the psych ward.. And.. there was an incident at the colt farm.."

Austin goes wide eyed, "That was what I felt.. Littleman.."

Austin nocticed several well built customers listening..

"Austin.. Agent Donovan is," Jo Ann was shaking.. "Dead."

"Littleman," austin shook her head.. "I did not.."

Jo ann swallows hard, "No.. Helos.. Helos.."

One of the adult males stopped and stepped forward.. "He.. My god.."

"Helos beat Agent Donovan to death with his bare hands.. Do.. don.. donavan never laid a finger on him.." Jo Ann was very afraid, "Please.. Please tell Helos we.. We .."

"Donavan.. He killed.. Bare hands," Austin swallowed hard

"Mama.. this is where Awetin works.." helos is speaking. Walking in with men dressed like secret service agents, "We.. We can grab you new clothes.. And.. Austin and Gretchen can help.. We can grab lunch.. And then I can show you. .Let me see.. Gamestop.. We can go to the bookstore.."

A red haired woman politely smiles, "Baby.. " With a sigh, "You are such a good boy.. Why dont you grab yourself some new pants or socks.. I want to speak with Austin.."

"Andros," Helos had a half pissed off look on his face..

"Baby.. Regina's rules apply.. I would not be here with you or your beautiful girlfriend.." The Red Haired woman seemed exasperated, "Do not be mad at littleman.. I jumped him if your nosey littleself wants to know.. He smelled good.." Everyone was moving out of their way as the fear became very thick, "I need some cash.. I really want to have a snack with Austin and talk over things.." The older woman put a finger on Helos's mouth, "Girl talk.. Gretchen will be with us my little blabber mouth.."

"Mama," Helos hugged his mother.. "I am still mad about it.. " Helos reached into his pocket and took out a roll of cash, "Dont worry about paying me back.. I love you.."

"I love you to baby," The red haired woman took the money.. Looking at the blonde amazonian female, "Gretchen and me have to get to know each other.. WITHOUT YOU AROUND.."

Helos had a hurt look on his face..

"Uther," Gretchen took his arm.. "It is female trust business.. "

Helos stopped and smiled, "Ok mama.." Helos turned and looked at every member of the Franklin trust there, "I swear to all that is holy.. If a SINGLE one of them try to make you submit.. I will break them into smaller pieces then Heinriech got broken into!"

"My little angel," Helos's mother looks around with a smile.. No one met her eyes.. They were all looking down in fear..

Helos's cellphone went off," Its Alex mama.. Love you.. I .. Gretchen?"

"Love you helos," Helos hugged Gretchen.. "I really do not think any member of our people will look side ways at your mother.."

Helos walks over happily to Austin.. Giving her a hugged, "Hi Awetin.. "

A little shocked, "Helos.." Austin smiles, "You will tell me if.. I mean.."

"I wont hurt him Austin," Helos smiles taking out his phone.. Walking out the door, "Alex.. Eglin.. Ok.."

As soon as he leaves, "He is a little chatter box.." Helos's mother shakes he rhead, "Does he ever stop talking.. I thought.. He was the silent one.."

"Tiffany.." Gretchen rubs her forehead, "That is the most he has spoke in public or continiously.."

"Ms. smithson," Austin took a deep breath.. "I cant just.."

Tiffany Smithson smiles and looks at Jo ann..

"Go ahead and take as long as you need on the clock," Jo ann wont look austin or Tiffany in the eyes..

austin shruggs her shoulder and hands her head phones and walkie talkie over to Jo Ann..

"You need help finding," austin was cut off..

"I do need new clothes.. I am not sure I have enough money," Tiffany looked at the prices and sighed.. "I was hospitalized for fourteen years.."

"Understood Admiral.." A Navy recruiter got off the phone, "Good morning mam.. MM2 Ornel.. US Navy.. Just pick out what you want.. Jo ann right.. Just take the tags and I will pay for it.."

Tears fell down Tiffany's face, "I.. Cant pay.."

"Admiral Creast insist.. It is for National Security Reasons.. We do not need Your son going off half cocked mam.." MM2 held up his hand with a whisper, "Fifth gen Plebeian.. Carter Frost bloodline.. The Grandson of Kean left me one of his bank cards.."

Tiffany grinned, "I am not  a whore MM2.." Tiffany took the bank card, "I.. Mine?"

"He said you deserve so much better.." MM2 bowed his head, "We.. Enjoy the day.."

MM2 hands Austin a card as well..

"I am not his," Austin looks down.. "Are you serious?"

"Your sister is already out shopping.. She is at hot topic right now," MM2 stoically responds..

"Hot topic," tiffany looks at Austin.. "What is that? Next your gonna.. Wait do they sell chicken sandwhiches in the food court.. I mean.. "

Austin grins, "So much has changed tiffany.. Lets go grab my sis.. and we can hit up everywhere.."

Tiffany looks at the card anxiously..

"If his A$$ is in town and has not even called me back.. F@#$ him," Austin was not very nice..

Austin, Gretchen's, and Tiffany Smithson's eyes glow..

Tiffany giggles, "I am so glad Helos is not here.."

"Tiffany he is legally," Gretchen coldly speaks..

Over the mall speakers the first chords of White snakes  Here I go again fill the air ..

@Armonica_Templar   tinybigeyes  minusculeclap
Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
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Craig's voice filled the air in an ancient language from the living room..

Austin stopped and shook her head, "Jess.. Stacy.." austin goes back to drying off her shaved legs..

"Lodge brother..  Marshall Craig," A female voice switches to an ancient language..

"You..Marshall.. Little lady I.. May ignorance indeed be the flame that lights our path in the darkness indeed honored .. Honored Lodge.. Lodge sister," Craig spoke slowly..

"As long as you do not get mad at me for burning down Jack's shed.." Jessica/ Stacy's voice floats into the bathroom.. "He has not been born yet Uncle Craig.. You old dog.."

The old man is oddly quiet for a few seconds, "Do you know how old I am.. Their are younger dogs .. I.."

"Both father and the Grandmaster Templar Prefer steady hands.. Not to mention Mr. I am Lizard people and did not tell anyone.. We will take an old Lizard any day of the week over those young pups.."

From the bed Tiffany yawns, "Lizard people.. That.. Oh.. Good morning Stacy.."

"Good morning Auntie tiffany Dos.. And no I am not entering any bedroom dad was in till I am sure mama is dressed.. I learned that lesson when I was seven," Stacy/ Jessica responds.. "You may come inside Auntie Coral.. Relax mother it is not TORA.."

Austin reaches down grabbing her Bikini bottom's.. She slides into them as the sound of the door opens.. Reaching over and grabbing her bikini top, "Guest.. Stacy Regina colt.."

"Jessica.." A new voice calls out, "Why .. I mean I know my younger brother was your date to.."

Your son was my date to the The Tesla institute.." Jessica/ Stacy's voice was clear..

She switches to a third language..

"Just stop littleone.. You are butchering the language," The voice of Coral filled the air.. "Like .. You are one of us?"

Austin walks out of the bedroom, "Really Tiffany.."

"I have the whole bed to myself now," tiffany giggled as the door shut..

[Image: 89e3f27beefb94d5b052906e22279c0d.jpg]

Austin saw the Templar guarding her swallow hard..

"You.. You are on your second life," Craig asked..

In the language Jessica was trying to speaking in, Coral responded..

Craig laughed, "I like older women.. I am on my first life.."

Coral smiled not meaning to, "Jessica.. Match maker.. My .. "

Austin looked Coral in the eyes as she catches for half a second as Coral has her eyes change for half a second, "What.. I.."

"Soul speak mother.. Do not be rude.. You saw her eyes change," Stacy responded.. "Auntie Coral.. It is a long story.. From my father and from this body.. I am a mutt. Pure bred mutt.."

Coral instinctually stuck her tongue out, "Templar.. I do like younger men.."

Jessica shook her head, "That is the left over pheremones from those three.. And yes I am cheating.."

"Stacy," Austin took a deep breath.. "Your.. Your father?"

"I do not get into the middle of your fights," Jessica/ Stacy responds moving her black hair.. "He is back on his mission.. Auntie .. Auntie Esfers.. He just saved the underground transport system from new York to San diego.."

"That is just a conspiracy theory," Coral interjected..

"Old lady," Craig took a deep breath.. "Mam.. Stacy?"

"The EX turtle suffered an act of sabotage.. Dad made sure.." Looking at her mother, "He made sure Esfers did not suffer the amount of radiation she was supposed.. She will be able to have children.. As for the traitors.. Lets just say Admiral Farnsworth is arguing with the whole Navy.. They should be shot.. He is refusing to turn them over.. He sent them to a friend of his.."

"Admiral Korrin in the Marianas trench," Austin shook her head.. "Craig.. I.. Can the Templars help Admiral farnsworth.. I.. Their was an issue of the radiation leaking out and causing a spike in cancer in San diego.. I.. I have no authority to.."

"The Templars were the ones who delivered him Madam Mistress of the Grandmaster," Craig smiled evilly.. "We have an operation underway.. Even in the middle of .. Your lover left it in my hands so.. Let say .." Sighing, "Yes I am acting marshall for the Templar's.. "

"The Templars are fighting among themselves you cant," Coral turned her head sideways.. "The conclave has alread quietly voted.. If Butters passes his quest.. He is grand master.."

"Coral.. We.. My fellow Homo Sapien Reptilius have people who need new Identities.. MAMG was all for it.. "

"The Templars.. Oh, "Coral took a deep breath.. "Because Littleman's Great grandfather and Great Great grand are one of us.. Even as Exile.. Due to our friendship with the Templars and Masons since olden times.. "

"Littleman.. I mean the .. F#$% it littleman.. Asked us to help them switch id.. " Craig smiled standing pouring himself a cup of coffee, "They will most likely will beat the charges but it will end their careers.. "

"Moving them to the civilian world freely," Coral licked her teeth.. "He is indeed one of us.. Who asked who.."

"Dad most likely reached out in peace," Jessica chuckled..

"Such an operation would leave them exposed," austin shook her head.. "That is dangerous.."

"Not since Alex will demand them brought for trial.. Post illegal torture," Craig chuckled.. "Covering up any inconsistencies.. And all it will cost them is a favor to doc each.. "

"Doctor Gera will not lie," Austin responded.. "He is.."

"Mama.. He is very professional.. He will not share their medical history.. Nor will he share his scans.. Doc will saw they are healthy specimens, minus some minor issues.. For their age, body weight exctra.."

"Doc.. Will not share his patients information with out their permission," Austin chuckled.. "Everyone knows that.. He .. Some police officer tried to serve him a warrant.. I was their .. Poor guy drew the short straw.. Alex accepted for Doc.."

Coral looked at Austin, "I heard rumors that Alex.. We know he is De'chez son.. Why would he accept it.."

"Because Doc was their on behalf of his Father technically," Craig grinned.. "He is his father's Ambassador on earth.. Alex then handed the warrant over to Captain MacCann.. NCIS was ordered to full investigate every aspect of that case.. The judge and prosecutor tried to withdraw the warrant.. "

"As NCIS arrested them," Austin chuckled.. "Alex is a little S@#$.. So far.. What is it.. Five police officer, the DA, The Judge, Eighteen associated criminals.."

"And the man they wrote the warrant for turned states evidence for immunity," Craig could not help himself.. "For his outstanding traffic tickets.. Both of them.. MAMG is very thorough.. Witness protection for two F#$%ing speeding tickets.. " Coral looked at Craig a little wide eyed, "Old lady.. they did not ask De'chez to serve anyone in an area he controls.. He.. Lets just say the old dog is back.. They siezed half the counties budget to pay for the investigation.. "

"His son is only fourteen.. Wait.. His territory and they have not been payng him his cut.. So he took over the whole county," Coral was wide eyed.. "I.. We had heard Little alex is the future leader of the free world.. He.."

"Why do you think our elders listen to him," Craig shakes his head looking at Austin..

"That is bullS@#$.. Their is no matriarchy secretly controlling the world," austin chuckles.. "Andros is iffy on it.."

coral looks at tiffany as she walks out wearing one of lillitleman's green lantern T-shirts and Bikini bottoms, "A matriarchy.."

"A rumor.. It appears that Admiral Creast may have arranged for Alex's conception," Craig sipps his coffee taking down a coffee cup for Tiffany.. I mean look around us.. Littleman a templar and mason legacy, Alex, and Helos a war machine of the Franklin trust all friends and Rufus being female.. Madam chairman.. Stacked god Blessed deck.. It fits to well.."

coral went wide eyed, "Jessica.. Or Stacy.. Is it.."

Jessica smiles and walks over to Tiffany, "T2.. Morning.. I.. I hope you will join us for breakfast or brunch.. I.. I never got to know you.."

The two hugged..

Coral blinked again and austin caught the changes in her eyes, "You get one DATE craig.. That is it.. To sweep me off my feet.."

"What makes you think I will kneel to the matriarchy.. Unless well," Craig looks at her, "I.. Might can make an exception Lizard lady.. If you are able to lay eggs...."

"you know D@#$ well," Coral stopped and licked her teeth.. "What makes you think you will get that far.. I eat my husbands.. Over a nice saute.."

"I never mentioned marriage.. Maybe a spot for third mistress," Craig chuckled evilly..

(07-03-2019, 01:05 AM)guohua Wrote: @Armonica_Templar 
Just as Good as Ever, Thank You.


(07-03-2019, 11:15 AM)BIAD Wrote: I'm enjoying these tales!

Thank you

I am trying to get a better feel for Austin's character
[Image: a5a393760a3a5817f88a482e87aeccf0.jpg]

"Lookie.. Austin is crying again.." A female with a scarred  face called out, "Look she is green.."

Austin's eyes glowed as she walked over to the other cheerleader, "Tabitha.. You are on my last nerve.."

"You are a whore Austin," Tabitha coldly responded.. "I will make you pay.. I cant touch Andros.. He is a fine speciman of the Franklin Trust.. You.. You do not deserve him.. The truth is you enjoyed what your uncle and his partner did to you.."

"Tabitha," Sandra called out..

Austin went to hit Tabitha..

Tabitha easily blocks her, "Stupid norm you.."

Tabitha found herself flipping in the air.. Austin with her eyes glowing throat chopped another male who was a member of the franklin Trust.. Austin ducked under another member of the Franklin Trust Catching his arm.. She breaks the arm as she rolls over his back..

"you," Another  male member of the Franklin Trust gets his knee broke by Austin..

Tabitha gets up and growls, "I will kill you.."

Before Helos can get over, Austin has her fist in spear hand.. Instinctually she dodges Tabitha's first blow, knocking her knee in the back.. Austin growls as she lands an elbow directly on Tabitha's face knocking out teeth..

Austin catches the Arm and takes a bite out , with a hard wrist twist..

The throat Chop male moves to attack Austin.. Austin spits the flesh and blood in his face..

Austin is on her feet as Helos has stopped..

Austin Growls loudly .. She kicks the male in the nuts sending him down she catches his ears and slams them into her knee..

"You.. You broke my nose and took.. I am going to kill you,"Tabitha gets a lightening kick to the crotch from austin..

Tabitha goes face first into the gym floor..

Helos moves Quickly and Catches austin as everyone else is frozen..

"And you said she was not a proper mate for littleman," Alex sighs as he looks at the screen..

Austin is cussing in an alien language as Helos brings her over to a wide-eyed Sandra..

"Austin," Sandra moves her light brown.. "Look at me.." Sandra wipes a tear from her own face, "I.. I know what we just saw on the feed.."

"I am sick of you parker gi," A franklin trust member goes flying as Diana zaps him..

Tears were falling down Diana's face as she just stood there..

"You two.. Diana.. Go with your sister.. She is still carrying her weed with her.." Austin snaps out of her rage partially looking at Alex, "Go smoke one apiece.."

Everyone is looking from the down teens to Austin..

The cheerleading coach looks at austin and freezes, deciding not to say anything.

Alex is on a phone walking out of the Gym with Jessica in tow..

Helos points out of the Gym to Austin and Diana..

"So FATHER!! " Alex was not very happy,"Son.. Their are no secret blacksites on us soil being used to breed soldiers.. Son.. For to many years you hid as a conspiracy theorist.. Well father.. F#$% you and the Syndicate.. All of you will now pay Madam chairman an additional ten percent indemnity.."

Helos hand signals something..

Alex does not even turn around, "And Helos says you all have 24 hours to pay it.. Or we start cleaning house!"

"Delano.. You cant just threaten the powers that be.." Sandra called out, "God D@#$.. I know.."

Alex threw his phone  at a cement pillar, shattering it into pieces..

Craig looks at Alex coming outside.. Taking a moment, "Mr. Macer.. It.. I.."

Alex takes a deep breath, "Butterworth just completed his quest.. Tell Him that.. I require men of honor.. All of them he can find.. Whiskey for my men!"

Austin is very quiet as she sits in the living room with Diana..

Diana's equipment has a hologram out playing..

Twenty men have One man with a red cross on his armor surrounded..

"You think you templars can," The speaker hits the dirt as a Drone open fires..

"We stand on the bridge long after the ranger has said though shall not pass," The armored Templar draws a sword and attacks the larger group..

"Diana was that a SPAWAR drone," Austin quietly asked?

"Yeah.. It is," Diana shakes her head.. "The Templars are out for blood.. After Moriarty City.. I cant blame them.."

Diana changes the scene..

A massive Firefight is taking place..

Diana sees a Red Crossed Armored templar put his around someone in Robes similar to hers..

"Come Techno-Mage.. We have enemy to kill," The Templar drags the techno-mage aside.. "This is Templar Goodwin.. Requesting an air strike.."

"This is master chief Robertson.. Boats SPAWAR.. Air Strike is in bound.. Please stay under cover.."

"Boats.. I got an injured little pretty thing here.." Goodwin called out, "Can I.."

Several drones buzzed the firing group dropping pay loads..

"That.. How is it that well coordinated," Austin watches as a similar scene plays out..

"De'Chez is throwing his weight around.. ET2 Brown responded to the complaints.. He asked Admiral De'chez why is the Navy tolerating their existence.." Diana was tight lipped, "They were caught with their hands in the cookie jar.. God D@#$ mass graves.. He personally approved the list.. "

"The Techno-mages were ordered to stay out of it.. That Technomage that gave the order is being warloched," Diana took a moment..

"Turn it off please," Austin took a deep breath..

Diana turned it off," You wanted to speak sis.."

"Listen.. I.. I know you love littleman.. And .. He is mad because.."

"I acted like I always do, "Diana took a deep breath.. 

A heavy set hispanic female with a wedding ring brought two plates in, "My whores of future sister in laws.. You need to eat.."

"Francesca," austin looked at the food.. "You.. Your burrito's?"

"Luckily I like you two.. " Francesca smiled as she set the plates down, "It is ok Craig.. I brought plenty.. You will have to get them out and bring them in.."

Craig came out of a room, "It is Francesca's Burrito's Coral.. Trust me.. Worth it!"

One of the armed marines got a look on his face..

"Yes Corporal.. Enough for the WHOLE watch.." Francesca grinned, "And if your other buddies want a FULL meal.. My new husband needs help fixing the barn.. And running pipes.. I will FEED all of you if it is done in a day.. This Saturday.." Francesca hit a button on a key ring..

Whispering into the mike on his shoulder, "Their are several containers of food in Francesca car.. Bring them in for the Templar Marshall.. Francesca made lunch for US.."

A few seconds later several marines came in with eight containers and quietly set them on the container..

"Honored Eastern star," Craig bowed his head.. "We have few.."

"Saturday.. We do not have the supplies for the repairs.. I assume," Francesca was interrupted by a Marine corps major who had come in..

"Corporal.. You are in charge of digging out all the supplies Andros's half sister needs.. We will be their saturday.. Mam," the major was looking at the food..

"It aint gonna serve itself Major," francesca responded.. "And we need the used tractor fixed.."

A corporal had a piece of paper out, "I will stop by and get a complete list major.."

"good .. Help me break out the plates.. " The major was handing out plates, "We need community service hours to look good anyway.."

Austin shook her head, "Francesca.."

"What.. bubba is right.. These Marines think they have hollow legs.." Pausing, "Major.. Someone needs to help Mama June get George moving.. She will help me cook.. Someone has to babysit him while he is at my house.. June said she would make her desserts.. B@#$% will not share the recipe.. "

"On it Major," The corporal steps into another room making phone calls..

Coral comes out wearing a t-shirt and bikini bottoms, "It smells good?" Looking at francesca, "Littleman's sister.. "

"Hello lizard girl," Francesca shakes her head..

"You are true Yee Naldlooshii," Coral gave her a look..

"So.. I have my six foot three chocalate husband.. My farm.. And I graduate high school next year.." Francesca laughs, "And.. Bubba may have missed the wedding.. I am happy with the brand new mini-van.. And my husband is working on those three old muscle cars Andros had delivered.. Yes Major you can get out of the work if you help my husband work on his cars.."

"Littleman bought you a car," Austin shook her head..

"He sent Isabella and her new wife to france on the government's dime.. They are checking on Amielia," diana shook her head..

"It is an offical Naval Investigation.. Random check.. "Francesca smiled evilly," Diana.. Austin.. This is why I am here in a way.. We need to discuss my little brother.. " Narrowing her eyes, "The navajo elders asked me to check up on you two.. I charged them thier ancient reciepies.. The Elder heard about what happened at the School austin.. Some crap about the warrior spirit spreading.."

"Andros is not under there jurisdiction," Austin had a look on her face..

"Austin.. He raised one of theirs.. And he is True Yee Naaldlooshii." Diana took a deep breath, "I spoke with her.. The tribe picked up their Children from moriarty city.. And.. Lets just say several deaths have occurred around various native american lands.. As we speak one of the Navajo is going through trial by combat.. He only has to beat two hundred warriors from the Nations to walk free.. In a fight to the death on the blackfoot tribes grounds.." Austin raises an eyebrow at Diana, "What it is a fair fight.."

"Diana.." Francesca smiles, "That is over.. His throat was slit by a female member of the Cherokee tribes.. And the lead warriors each stabbed him so she would not go to jail.. The screwed up part.. The local sherriff  is claiming he found the body.. The report will read he was mauled by an animal.."

Craig smiles, "Sherriff Kent is a good man.. Trained him personally.. Two feathers should not have been poaching on protected lands.."

[Image: 8b0d19d69523d2fefbfb0791bf3bb28c.jpg]

Austin reads a pad inside an IHOP.. Sighing, "The Black Sheep Squadron.. Lead by this Marine who was.. He would be kicked out of today's military.."

Craig looks at her, "Taking that history class at the college was a good idea still?"

"Prof said I cant take history class to bring up my score .. I.." austin was frustrated sitting her pad on top of Rogue Warrior by richard Marcinko..Taking a fry and dipping it in mayonaise, "I have to prove I understand one aspect of history at my genius sister's level.. This S@#$ is BORING!"

"I was there," Craig sipped a cup of coffee..

"I know.. alex gave me this book when I asked him for help.. Prof wont accept just a book report.. "Austin's eyes glowed, "How the F#$% am I supposed to demonstrate that level of knowledge over history!"

Craig picks up Rogue Warrior, "Alex is bad bad about vague hints.. If you want in.. Honored Mistress of the Grandmaster.. Listen.. You have gotten away with a lot of S@#$ because you are .. Well the Mistress of Littleman.."

Austin smiled moving her hair, "I know.. And much is expected of me it.. I mean.. "

Sitting rogue warrior on top of the pad, "Marcinko made apoint in his books of one thing.."

"Littleman said this before he came back in time.. Marcinko was one of Littleman's hero's.." austin Paused, "The rake thing right.. The resources are there but.. I barely understand littleman.."

A homeless looking man came in and was sat down in austin's line of sight.. "I.. I have enough for a cup of coffee.."

"Isnt that .. I remember the voice.. He.."

"Was one of the officers Littleman had court-martialed and kicked out of the Airforce.." Craig observed the man, "Lt. Colonel Reins.. A legacy officer.. He should not be over here.."

"Wait.. "austin looks at the Lt. colonel, "Craigs.. Invite him to join us.. Pat him down.."

"austin.." craig shakes his head, "What are you.."

"Lt. colonel reins.." austin called out the man's name.. He looks down and away, "Join me .. I.. I need to talk with you.."

Lt. colonel reins stood, "I will leave.. I.."

Craig stood up, "Ms. Parker said come over here.."

Several of the people got nervous as the Lt. colonel walked over, "Listen.."

He was patted down by Craig who pulled out a chair afterwords, "SIT!"

Reins did not look austin in the eyes..

"Lt. colonel look at me," austin glared at the man as her eyes glowed..

Reins looked up and swallowed hard, "Mam.. Your.. I am mad.. I.. My father was executed and my mother was executed.."

"Why," austin coldly spoke.. "Your answer.. Not the official one."

Craig shut the section things for privacy..

"They.. Dad had to know the day would come," Reins looked back down.. "My.. Mother was selling secrets.. Listen.. Ok.. Yes.. I knew what Jellico was doing.. I was ordered by my father.. " Looking austin in her glowing eyes, "Fine.. I enjoyed the money.. And the whores.."

"Perfect," austin warmly smiled.. "Do you want back in?"

Reins was wide eyed, "I.. In the military.. I.. "

"Who is responsible for the boat you are in," austin asked coldly?

"I.. Your Littleman.. But.. F@#$.. " Lt. colonel reins took a deep breath, "Listen you are F#$5ing with me.. I.."

"Craig.. Use my resources right.. " austin picks up the tablet pad, "Sue is training musketeers.. If I pull strings are you willing to do what ever is necessary to pass thi stest Prof gave me.. Are you willing to do what ever is necessary for the people you LET down.."

"austin, Craig was confused..

"Sue needs to test his honor teaching programs.. I got guinea pigs.. Well.. Lt. colonel reins will.. " Austin's eyes glowed, "If you are in I will handle littleman.. but understand You .. As it keeps being rubbed in my face," Have to meet me halfway.. And you.. You will owe me a favor to be called in at anytime!"

Hope filled Reins eyes, "Ms. Parker.. I.."

Austin sat the pad down.. taking out her cell phone, "REBA.. Darling Step Daughter.."

a micro hologram appeared that looked like an older version of austin, "Mother dearest.."

"I need to speak with Richard Marcinko, Admiral McCann, Sue, And.. " austin thought for a second, "General Helleck.."

Lt. colonel reins was wide eyed as the pad kicked on..

"Gentlemen.. This is an official Call From Ausitn Parker," REBA spoke coldly.. "thank you for listening.."

"The little blonde Littleman was F#$%ing, "Marcinko's gruff voice spoke..

"Honored Mistress of the Grandmaster, " sue politely spoke..

"Ms. Parker.. I am a busy man," the old admiral spoke..

Halleck was very quiet..

"Listen.. I have to prove I have a demonstrated knowledge of history equal to my genius sister to get into a class I need," austin was not very happy.. "Well.. I was watching a youtube video.. I.. If Lt. colonel reins helps me.. I have a suggestion.. You reform the blacksheep squadron for the science command.. Sue can field test his training programs.. Final test for operational status to be test by Marcinko.. General Halleck, since it is a marine corps unit is the CO.. And Admiral McCann.."

"Young Lady," Admiral McCann sat back.. "Listen.. Lt. colonel reins.."

"Will do anything to get back in.. You need a strike force that is expendable but reliable.. " austin was hopeful, "We.."

"I am done.. Austin.." General Halleck sighed, "I appreciate your efforts.. Good luck with your history thing.."

"Same," Admiral McCann cut off..

Marcinko was thinking.. "Get someone else to approve.. Call me back with DETAILS.."

Marcinko dropped the line..

Austin shook her head, "Sue.."

"Honored mistress.. I.. I have to agree with Marcinko.. We need details.. I do need to test my program.. " Looking at austin from the pad, "We have no resources.. It will.. Well Call me back with a plan.. In two hours.."

"Thank you Sue," austin took a deep breath as she cut the line..

"They are not even," The Lt. colonel started to stand..

"Where are you going?" Austin glared as her eyes glowed again, "I.. God littleman is a bad influence.. Two no's, a maybe, and a yes.."

"that is," Rein's sat back down.. "How much does that soul speak cross over.."

"Lt.colonel US Air-force," Austin grins.. "REBA.. we need a cross reference.. Present DoD files with historical.. Uhm.. Profiles of .. Lt. colonel.."

"You are serious.. Who is this sue," Reins was hit in the back of the head..

"Focus.." Craig called out..

"you.. you are a Templar guarding austin.. S@#$.. Sue is.. one of you now.. You will need a .. Well a modern blacksheep will need the.." reins paused as a waitress knocked politely, "My coffee.. I.."

"Order some food from The waitress.. I will pay.. We are gonna be here for a littlebit.. " austin grins , "I have a few ideas for the search parameters.." Seeing doubt, "build the product.. then sell it.. There is a war game in one month at Eglin for special forces.. You still can forge General Heller's signature right?"

"Ba-Ba Blacksheep," Reins gleefully responded..


Millennium Challenge 2002

[Image: 80e8446b42b7fe9ed76a548403bdfb9d.jpg]

"austin," A twelve year old looking girl with dirty brown hair had a huge grin.. "Remind me to tell you exactly how Littleman got his doctorate in basket weaving.. I will have Doctor Cruz sign off on your Military history credit!"

A four star General was pissed, "Austin Artemis Parker.. You.. Littleman is not here.. You.. "

"It is just a friendly Game of capture the flags," Austin sipped an ice tea with an evil smile..

Sirens went off in the back ground..

Over a walkie talkie, "We are poor little lambs who have lost our way.."

Sounds of weapons fire filled the air..

"We are under attack.. Who the F#$% is this.."

Craig smiled evilly, "Three weeks Rufus.. Three weeks of training time.."

General Heller was wide eyed..

"This is Blacksheep One.. Recon is down, flags retrieved.. " Lt. colonel Rein's voice comes over the walkie talkie, "This is to Air force Sneek and peek.. It is just us now.. SEAL's, Rangers, Para rescue.. We got them.. "

"this was not the purpose of the war game," A pissed off officer in a Naval Uniform Growled.. His name tag read Mayer," General.."

"You do NOT get to pull what you pulled during the Millennium Challenge, Admiral.." An older Marine with Three stars spoke on a walkie Talkie, "You are Authorized to proceed my little Black sheep.. "

"Proceeding as Ordered Lt. general Van Ripper," Blacksheep one responded..

"You think you can you can beat us Lt. colonel Reins.. We are not Sneak and peak.. We are under General Riechs command.. We are the.." The sound of a paintball hitting filled the air, "You mother.."

"You are dead Colonel," A voice spoke coldly.. "Please follow the rules and stop all communications.."

"You will not get away with this," Admiral Mayer was pissed..

REBA's voice spoke, "Two more for the blacksheep.. Three blacksheep down.. General Riechs gate guards are putting up a fight.. Wait.. Two more 51's are down.. Blacksheep had a suicide paintball bomb they tripped.."

Austin smiled, "General.. Did I get my military history correct.."

"You," Admiral Mayer was not very happy.. "You arranged this.."

"You are getting beat by a teenaged cheerleader trying to pass a test so she can take a history class.." Lt. General Van Riper grinned evilly, "With no military training.. And Ms. Parker's Blacksheep want their lives back in the military.."

REBA's voice fills the air.. The exercise is over.. The black sheep have.." Stopping for a second, "Not total failure.. Lt. Colonel reins did go down.. And There are no survivors.. defending the flags.. And.. As you can see Lt. colonel Reins set off smoke bombs all over Eglin's main facility.. Wait.. One member of Blacksheep is still standing.. The judge misruled.. She was hit in her artifical leg.. BLACKSHEEP have won the Capture the flag.."

Van riper grinned again, "Ms. Parker.. I will personally speak with This professor.. I give you military C.." austin got a look on her face at the comment, "Little Lady.. It is a Marine corps A-plus.."

One of the Officers all in black was pissed off, "Lt. Genreal.. Van ripper? I.. Good morning sir.."

"John.. relax.. Recon lost I know.. But," Van ripper waved a hand to Austin.. "Thanks to this little ladies efforts.. We have our Blacksheep back colonel.. Simper Fi.. "

"Simper fi.." the colonel had a confuse dlook on his face, "Sir.. No one has ever beat the 51'ers.. We.."

"With one survivor," REBA added in..

A hologram appeared of a very pissed off Four star General, "austin.. You.."

"General Riechs.. The Blacksheep are being lead by an Air -force officer," Austin quickly spoke.. "Trained by a former SEAL.. "

Another pissed off Air force colonel painted in different colors came in, "This.. General.."

"Colonel .." austin spoke quietly as her eyes glowed, "Your half brother is the leader of this crop of Blacksheep.."

The colonel stopped, "My little brother is a drunk.. He was kicked out by.." The colonel Stopped and hit the mike on his shoulder, " Bubba.. you.."

"Hey Don," Lt. colonel reins spoke through the mike..

"Mother F#$5er.. my own little sniveling traitorous brother," Don the colonel laughed..

"We will restart this exercise.. " Admiral Mayer was not very happy, "And.."

"I do NOT think so," General riechs forcibly spoke.. "We lost.. Reasons do NOT matter"

"General Riechs.." Admiral Mayer was not very happy, "This girl had no authority.. To organize a team.. I want her thrown in Jail.."

Admiral Mayer went wide eyed when his XO had stepped aside a foot..

He looked around noticing The MP's went grim faced, "What.."

The Rear Admiral  held his hand up to the MP's to stop, "General Heller.. For the record.. We do not support this course of action.. I think the Admiral needs a medical check up."

Austin was looking around as the office.. "Craig.. This is not moving because of busy work.."

Craig caught one of the men going by, "Lodge brother.."

The young man paused, "Templar.."

An older SPec Ops Operator hit the young officer in the back of the head and spoke in an ancient language..

"Command Sergeant Major.. I.." Austin saw a masonic ring on the young officer as he swallowed hard, "Honored Marshall.. I.."

"For the love of F#$5ing god.. Craig," The Black CSM SO shook his head.. "The grandmaster of the mother Lodges is in the process of rescuing POTUS.. Carry on Before I have you sent to Paris Island.." The CSM glared At the Air force Second Lt, "Boy.. You forgot.."

"He is," The Second Lt.. Bowed his head looking at austin, "Honored Mistress.."

"You know what.. Just stand there," The CSM took a deep breath as he limped half a step..

"Someone kidnapped the president," Austin was wide eyed?

"Your little friend.. Mr. Macer Just gave his friend the order to rescue him," The CSM shook his head.. "Honored Mistress of the Grandmaster.. Pontiff of the Georgia Lodge of your Prince John hall.. Sylias Freeman.. Command sergeant Major.. RECON.. USMC.. I am med sep ing out.. "

Austin steps towards the door..

Craig starts to move as two Marines stand in the way..

"STEP THE F@#$ ASIDE MORONS FOR HER," CSM Freeman was loud..

Austin stuck her head in the door as her eyes glow..

"We have the package," A voice calls out..

General Heller swallows hard, "Confirmation Templar One.. Package in Navy custody.."

"Mr. President.. Keep moving," Andros's voice was clear.. "Or I break your leg and have you carried.."

The sounds of bullets  fill fill the air..

"Hostiles are re-engaging," another voice calls out.. "thats all right.. Mongoose.. Detonate their explosives.. NOW!"

a loud explosion fills the comm..

Austin see's Alex smile at her, walking over..

Stepping out alex hugs her, "andros's Pretty Lady.. Or is it andros is Awetin's Emo chrononaut? Oh well.."

After the hug, "Alex.. Littleman.. "

Looking back alex sighs, "Austin.. Do not forget.. That extra credit project for your grade.."

"He cut us out of the loop again," General Heller was pissed off.. "F#$%ing world F#$%ING finest NAVY.. THERE IS A CHAIN OF COMMAND!"

Alex hugs her and walks back into the room and shuts the door..

"Extra credit," Austin's eyes glowed..

Lt. colonel reins enters the office, "Mother F#$%er's we..We are back in but.. We need training.. God... None of them.."

Austin turns and calls out with her eyes Glowing, "Lt. colonel reins.. CSM Freeman.. May I speak with you privately.."

Reins walks over, "Thank you.. Honored Mistress. We are. JSOC and all other units have been deployed."

"You.. Are technically Blacksheep.." Ausitn grins evilly, "You do not ask.. Craig, Freeman.. Reins I need a subtle wall.."

Several others in borrowed fatigues  are called over.. After a few seconds the Black sheep quietly form a wall around austin as she kneels..

Reins and Freeman kneel as Craig keeps a quiet lookout..

"My Project Is not even finished.. I am supposed to tour the Fusion center.. The hidden one in Laurel hill alex said is there.. And then I am supposed to go visit.. Those little mother F#$%ers, they knew this.. AGH.. Texas Ranger Museum in austin Texas.. And.. I am supposed to got to the social security headquarters in DC.. Because each place has something I need to learn."

austin takes out her phone as it it starts to play Blake Shelton's austin.

She whisper, "You ASSHOLE.. I do not understand.. All I got was the images.. I was doing a second project for my criminal justice classes.. On the Fusion centers.."

"Awetin, "Bullets where firing in the background.. "Mr. President.. It is the girl back home.. Please talk to her.. I am F#$%ing busy.."

Austin was wide eyed as the President's voice filled the air, "Ms. Parker.. " the sound of the man running on the phone filled the air, "Captain colt is.. Is a little busy.. Would you be so kind.."

Several bullets sounded like the hit nearby..

Lt. colonel Reins was wide eyed as several black sheep turned at the sound of the President's voice.. The office went quiet..

"Mr. Pres.. President.. Lt. colonel reins and his men have orders but.. They have not been officially brought back in.." Austin swallowed hard as General Heller came out of the office.."They are your Blacksheep Mr. President.. The Ba Ba blacksheep.. USMC.. The only problem is paperwork.. Littleman needs them to stop something.. " Austin rolls her shoulders at a look from Freeman, "But no one is listening.. Lt. colonel reins cant move until.."

"That hurt," the President called out.. After a hard Breath, "Lt. colonel reins.. "

"Mr. President," General Heller calls out.. "General Heller US air force.. Sir.."

"Why in the hell Are my blacksheep not deployed as ordered," President Obama was not happy..


"I just got F#$%ing shoved in the mud.. General," Obama was pissed.."Lt. Colone Reins .. Ignore everyone else.. FOLLOW YOUR ORDERS AS HANDED DOWN MY... CAPTAIN COLT!"

"Sorry Mr. President.. Give me the phone.. The will track us.. Carry on Reins," Andros cut the line!

Reins stood up and looked at his men, "You heard POTUS.." Reins and his men grinned, "Boys.."

General Heller was very quiet, "Lt. colonel Reins.. You and your men are hereby reactivated by direct Order of the President of the united States.. What are your orders.."

"Command Sergeant Major," Reins put his hand on the oldman's shoulder.. "Is coming with us.. We need an experienced shot caller.."

Seeing the General's face the old Marine grinned, "We are supposed to raid the Library of congress.."

"Ausitn.. Please walk us out of the building.." Reins took a deep breath, "she is our Subject Matter Expert on Littleman.. "Seeing the Second Lt, "Mason.. you are now with the Blacksheep.. Help CSM Freeman.. NOW!"

The 2nd Lt. Was wide eyed and looked ot the General..

"son.. Direct orders from the president.. You are with Blacksheep now," general Heller shook his head.. "Lt. colonel.. I know you are lying to me.. The captain is aware he has the whole of the god D@#$ DoD to call upon.. And.. He is choosing you.. You want to tell me why.."

The blacksheep all look at each other.. In unison with the wole office looking at them..

"In 2013.. A crack commando unit was assembled by Lt. colonel reins.. To do the jobs the DoD could not do.." The blacksheep all smiled and spoke.. "these soldiers promptly beat JSOC in their first field test. At Eglin.. Today.. As now, working for Admiral Creast.. They survive as soldiers of Fortune in status.. If the Dod has a problem, and no other JSOC unit cant do it.. If they choose, maybe you can call on the.. blacksheep squadron!"

The blacksheep proudly hum off tune the Rest of the A-team intro..

Lt. colonel reins had taken out a cigar, And surprisingly the CSM lit it..

"Mission specs on the way.. Going in blind Lt. colonel," Freeman put the lighter away..


Austin was wide eyed, "What the F#@$%? Diana.. They.."

On a hologram in front of her an older man stood firing in a suit and tie, surrounded by bodies..

"Lt. colonel Reins.. Mr. G," He stood back to back with The Lt. colonel firing.. "I am in Sanitation Engineering.." The older man moved like lightening firing single shots Calling out, "The Pheonix federal building has the best washrooms in the whole community.."

"Who the F#$% are you," Lt. colonel Reins called out firing as he stayed back to back with Mr. G?

"It will suffice for you to know I am married to MAMG," Mr. G Knelt reloading his weapon after throwing a knife..

"A janitor.." The female voice filled the air, "CIA.. F#$%ing A.. Littleman.."

"Seriously.. I am just a janitor.. Deborah Norris.. Former US Army Sergeant attached to the newly reformed BlackSheep.." Mr. G slowly moved double tapping down bodies, "Tang.. Prepare to move the president, the commandant, and CNO at the Lt. colonel's orders.." Taking a deep breath, "I am going out on top.. " Mr. G took one of the rifles off one of the dead men and started climbing out of the sewer system..

"Mr. G.." The presidents voice was clear, "Your wife is the MAMG.."

Mr. G stopped for a second, "For the record this is the stupidest set of orders... You are not worth it Mr. President.. I personally advise Lt. Colonel Reins just to put a bullet in the back of your head.. Barrack!"

"Excuse me," The POTUS was angry..

"Sir.. This is the difference in the quality of people you have.. This man is following orders," Lt. Colonel reins responded.. "Against his better wishes.."

"I am glad to see Biden is," POTUS was interrupted..

The manhole cover came off, "No.. The kid you threw out the white house gave the order.. And well.. You are about to be short a few supporters.. I see car crashes and slipping in the shower in their futures.. Packages code name is traitor one.."

Diana stopped the recording, "That was four hours ago.. This was two hours ago on the streets of DC.."

Several men dressed in all black come off a roof..

"Son of a B#$%^," Mr. G takes a deep breath holding a broken spork. Wiping off blood that is not his, "Mother.."

One of the men in all black steps forward slowly, motioning to his men.. The men stand over the bodies and start putting two extra bullets into each one..

Mr. G looks at the man, "Who.. Marines?"

"Recon sir.." The lead man spoke, "Templar One said we needed to get you out of here before your wife gets mad at him.. And S@#$ rolls down hill.."

"The package," Mr. G seemed to relax a little as the Marines started grabbing the bodies and moving them..

"Traitor one has been delivered to Mount Vernon," The Recon man seemed to smile from behind a mask.. "The Secret Service is having duck fits but.. The Commandant has assumed direct command of Traitor One's security... "

The Recon man has a phone go off.. Taking it out, "Sir.." Tossing the phone to Mr. G, "No one has that number.. So I assume it is for you.."

Mr. G bends down and picks up one of the dead men's weapons.. Taking a moment, "Hello.."

"Are you done playing with the boys," MAMG's voice is clear.. The sound of a woman screams comes from the phone, "Well that is what happens when you trip and fall into your lawnmower dearie.. Now be quiet.. Baby.. Can you grab me a pizza for breakfast.. I am busy and do not feel like cooking.." Taking a moment, "You and your new friends can have a beer or two.. Just be home by zero nine hundred Phoenix time.. And yes Brigadier General Micheals.. It is good to hear from you again.. Take care of him my love.. His wife is a legacy whore.."

"MAMG," The Marine Corps RECON man/ Brigidier General seems frozen.. "He.. He will be home by zero eight thirty mam.. F#$% me.."

"Play nice with them .. Love you," MAMG responded coily..

"I love you to my dearest," Mr. G spoke waiting for the phone to hang up.. A few seconds later, "Lets get these bodies out of here.. and.. We have a few places to stop.."

Austin takes a moment laughing.. She walks over to the over and takes out two pizza.s. "So where are.."

The front Door opens, "Good morning Marshall Craig..." Mr. G's voice is very clear, "You will find I am allowed to be here.. I see the pizza is ready.."

"how did you know," austin sounds surprised? "I.. Mr. G."

"Honored Mistress of Templar One," The Dirty Mr. G speaks.. "I am going to borrow your shower.. Eat a few slices.. And sleep in a bed.. I would of went to the Colt farm but.. Well.."

"You do not want to listen to Elizabeth colt," Diana chuckled..

"Little Techno witch,"Mr. G smiled.. Seeing austins face, "Marshall.."

"austin.. As the Grandmaster's mistress.. There are requirements.." Craig took a deep breath, "The lodge brother needs  a place to crash before he heads home.. I assume this is because this area is better secured then DC was.. "

"My home is your home Lodge brother," Austin spoke in the ancient language..

"Thank you honored mistress of the grand master.." Mr. G had a very tired look, "Marshall.. I .. I need clean under garments.. " Looking at Diana, "I will trade.. Wallace and cross tech repair and cleaning experience for you do repair it.. I.."

"Deal," Diana had a weird look on her face..

"Other honored Mistress of the grandmaster.. I assumed you did not want to share titles.. " Looking at austin, "With your sister I will.."

Smilng, "Techno Witch is fine.." Diana walked over to a cabinet with a chair.. She climbed up, "Austin.. It is tradition among Templars to offer a guest a drink.."

Diana took down a bottle of whiskey..

Mr. G smiled, "Little techno witch .. I honor you to.. but.. A bottle of water would.. I.. I will drink.."

"Mr. g.. You just came back from a mission.. The custom is a drink.. Precedence is alcohol.. If you want water it is fine.." austin raised her hand, "Craig.. Do not give me that look.. The guest asked for water, bottled.. Mr. g is most likely in battle mode still and discipline will not let him drink until the mission is over.. If he is like littleman, your grandmaster of the mother lodges of Terra, He will most likely want a shot over rocks before he sleeps.."

Mr. G smiled, "and people wander why sh eholds the title gracious Mistress of the grandmaster.. That is exactly why," Mr. g heads to a hallway closet... "I will grab a towel and shower.. Marshall.. Please take the clothes to Diana.."

Mr. G had a towel and wash cloth in his hands..

Craig walked over, "A spork kill.."

"F#$%er was the closest D@#$ WoO.." Mr. G chuckles, " Please let my wife know I am at the Grand master's mistresses house with her chaperone.. "

Coral comes out of a room, "MAMG.. He is stinky and will shower.. Mrs. Parker runs a clean household.. I will Supervise the ladies while Craig gets him to bed.."

"Tell him good night and I might be home when he gets there.." MAMG's voice comes from the phone, "Thank you old lady.."

"Have a good day.. We have to have lunch someday.. I am interested in how far the craft has evolved from my first life," Coral smiled.. Pointing to the shower, "BATH now.. You smell like lies and deciet.. Shit from DC sewers.. go!"


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