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Acting DHS Chief 'Sabotaged' ICE Raids By Leaking Plan To Washington Post
It is amazing on just how much Trump has been able to accomplish considering the Democratic obstructionism and the low life back stabbing professional bureaucrats not to mention the very real fake news agencies that have done everything possible to sabotage his administration .

By leaking the planned raid this idiot or whoever is proven to be the leak put lives in danger.... I suppose because people do not understand the concept of illegal unless you are middle class or poor... Looking at some of the stuff that has gone on for the last 20 years by TPTB I would say there are many who do not understand the meaning of illegal.

Quote:Since the Washington Post spoiled the surprise and published a report about the Trump Administration's plan to arrest thousands of migrant families who have been denied asylum - prompting the administration to cancel the raids - many have probably been wondering why somebody inside would break President Trump's longstanding policy of not telegraphing your moves in advance.

Well, now that question appears to have been answered by the Washington Examiner: The acting head of DHS, Kevin McAleenan, reportedly leaked the details of the operation (he traveled alongside the WaPo reporter who broke the story earlier this week) in what sources described as a deliberate attempt to sabotage the raids.

Kevin should be fired and maybe even prosecuted as he leaked a national security plan IMO.

Quote:A third official claimed McAleenan "cares more about what liberals and 'Never Trumpers' in Congress and the media think of him the achieving the express mission of his department."

ICE advised the administration to cancel the raids after the leaks not only because targets might have been tipped off by the news and fled wherever they had been staying, but because the leaks could put agents in danger.

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