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© Säpo Islamism is Growing - Solution: Expel Immigrants
A bit of info from Sweden, but for some reason TPTB just wont listen. SÄPO = security police

Quote:Published June 11, 2019 at 16.02

DOMESTIC. People in so-called extremist environments have increased sharply in recent years, Säpo announces today. The measure highlighted to solve the problem is to expel immigrants.
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In recent years, growth in extremist environments has been extensive, Säpo writes on his website today.
The number of individuals in so-called violent extremism has gone "from hundreds to thousands", according to the authority.
Säpo indirectly points out immigration as an explanation, even if one does not explicitly use that word. But the measure that the Security Service today highlights is about expelling immigrants.

"One of the measures taken by the Swedish Security Service during the spring is to apply to the Swedish Migration Board to have a number of individuals expelled according to the Act on Special Aliens Control (LSU) because they are deemed to constitute a security threat," writes.
Throwing out the people would reduce the security threat to the country.

- The efforts made by the Security Police within the framework of the LSU aim to get people who are a security threat exhibited. This, in turn, can help to reduce growth in the extremist environments and this is one of several ways we work. Reducing the growth of the extremist environments is crucial for the long-term reduction of the terrorist threat and contributing to a safe Sweden, says security officer Klas Friberg in a statement.

According to the Special Foreigners' Control Act (LSU), the Security Police can apply to the Swedish Migration Board for the expulsion of a person deemed to constitute a security threat. In connection with the application, the Security Police may decide to temporarily take persons in custody. 

Recently, Säpo has placed six Muslim leaders in custody. But it seems to be slower to really get them expelled.
- The Security Police continues to take various measures to reduce growth in the extremist environments and to keep Sweden safe. If, at the moment, it is not possible to carry out an expulsion, there is the possibility for the Security Police to continue to keep a person under surveillance, for example through notification duty, says Klas Friberg.

Säpo tells SR Ekot that the Islamic State's growth in 2014 has contributed to the sharp increase in extremism in Sweden. Säpo argues that even "white power" and left-wing extremism is increasing, but the authority has previously repeatedly pointed out Islamism as the great threat to the country.

Expressen's Fredrik Sjöshult writes about Säpo's latest alarm that the terrorist threat to Sweden "is now increasing in a frightening pace", and that this is the reason why the imams were taken into custody.
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