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What Are Sanpaku Eyes?
I was watching Edge of Wonder yesterday and they brought up a very interesting topic: Sanpaku Eyes. 

So, what are Sanpaku eyes?
Well, basically, it's a belief that a person who has eyes that show the whites at the top or bottom is "suffering from some sort of a physical or mental imbalance that will affect his or her behavior."

Quote:Many practitioners of alternative medicine believe that a person who demonstrates yin sanpaku eyes has a physical or mental illness causing the mind, body, and spirit to be out of balance. This belief is supported by the fact that many people who are gravely ill or suffering from substance abuse, depression, or other mental illness, have the whites of their eyes showing below the irises to varying degrees. There is also some medical evidence to support this theory. In particular, when a person is under excessive stress, under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or suffering extreme exhaustion, the optic nerve often contracts, pulling the iris of the eye upward, thus revealing the white beneath.

In the rarer case of yang sanpaku eyes, many practitioners of Oriental and homeopathic medicine believe that the condition is indicative of erratic and violent propensities. An individual with this condition is thought to have a serious emotional and mental imbalance that could cause him or her to have severe mood swings and angry outbursts and demonstrate aggressive or dangerous behavior. The individual who is most often referred to in support of this theory is the convicted serial killer Charles Manson, who has very prominent yang sanpaku. On the other hand, some individuals maintain that certain images of well-known politician Hilary Clinton show that she has eyes that fit this category, yet she does not fit the profile normally associated with the condition.

Below is an eye chart that gives details. Sorry for the blurry words; that happened when I enlarged the picture.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=5892]

#4 says, Don't walk, but RUN away from these people. These people have psychotic tendencies.

Who do we know that has eyes like that?
Can anyone say Peter Strzok?  How about Chuckie Shumer?  Many celebrities come to mind as well.

Do any of these eyes remind you of anyone you can list?

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OMG! I see a lot of Hillary Types.
They are always wanting treatment for Free, which they don't get for free, I charge them Double!
Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
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