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Clapham Woods.
Clapham Woods.

When the name 'Clapham' is mentioned to anyone in the British Isles, it would be a fair wager that many would think of Clapham
Common -a large expanse of public park surrounded by a heavy presence of suburbia and a result of increasing population
surrounding the capital of London.

Others might suggest Clapham Junction, a long-ago rural area that surrendered to the railway industry and became a convoluted
tangle of train tracks dealing with commuters who work in London. A few may mention Clapham Woods and possibly assume that
this mysterious place is also in the environs of a busy urban setting of people living and working under the fast-life of a major city.
There could even be a rare person that might suggest a small community with the same name in North Yorkshire.
But for our particular location, they'd all be wrong.

Near the south coast of Britain in the county of West Sussex is another Clapham, this one is a village. Although the small community
has grown in recent years and traffic increased to damage its once-serene atmosphere, Clapham village is still worlds-away from its
bustling big-brother further north.

Positioned on the scenic chalky South Downs and exhibiting a quaint thirteenth-century church named Church Of The Blessed Virgin
Mary, rambling tourists can visit ancient prehistoric remains of two hill forts called The Chanctonbury Ring and The Cissbury Ring

Alas, Clapham village was also the custodian of a collection of trees where a mystery of Satanic rituals, Ufo sightings and missing
pets resided in the sixties and seventies. And some say, these dark acts still continue to this day.

Clapham Woods.
A place of stunted trees, a large crater where nothing grows and in the rare clearings, the ruins of centuries-old cottages make up
what is known as Clapham Woods. Several hundred years ago, an old woman of Clapham reported that she had seen a bright round
shape like the full Moon float down into the woods and disappear into the mist-coated bushes.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=5865]

It is said that the woods were "filled with fumes that stinketh of burning matter" and whether it was day or night, people of the village
were afraid to walk the woods after the sighting. However, the strange lights and other phenomena in this small area have continued
up into recent times.

(Taken from The Unexplained Magazine series)

Quote:'...In October, 1972, a telephone engineer saw a large saucer shaped object in the sky above the woods.
It hovered for some time before making a circle of the area, then veered off.

At the same time, a couple were walking near the main road and thought they saw Jupiter or Venus low in
the western sky -until it started to move very quickly due north, keeping in line with a ridge as it came toward
them. Suddenly, when the object was over Clapham Wood, a beam of light descended vertically from it, and
then rapidly withdrew, and the object shot away north-eastward at great speed...'

One evening in 1967, Paul Glover of the British Phenomenon Research Group and a friend were close to Clapham Woods when
they both witnessed a huge boomerang-shaped body blot out the stars above them and passed overhead so closely, that they
ducked into some bushes for safety.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=5864]

Soon after, they saw two bright objects high in the sky, which they watched for several minutes. One of the UFOs released a smaller
object that travelled across to the second object, seemed to enter it, and then re-emerged and veered off, disappearing from sight.
An hour later, on their return in the opposite direction of their walk, two yellow lights descended in the region of the woods, followed
just a few seconds later by two more, and then a final pair, making a total or three groups of two.

During that same year, it was reported that two boys from the village of Rustington -a few miles westwards along the coast, had a
strange experience when they were fooling about with a ouija board. Never hearing of the place called Clapham Woods, a message
was spelled out on the contraption that stated 'Clapham Wood was a base for spacecraft and one of these machines had recently
landed to acquire supplies of sulphur and other chemicals.'

A decade later, the BBC's news and current affairs programme -Nationwide, investigated the claims of the boys -Toyne Newton and
John Arnold, and discovered via soil samples that there was some substance to the pair's sulphur-story of ten years ago.

Nationwide's 1975 study had been prompted by the reports of family pets disappearing in the woods and due to the local newspaper
at the time -The Worthing Herald, listing many strange instances of vanishing animals.

That same year, a three year-old chow and a two year-old collie had recently vanished after interacting with the strange woodlands.
The report added that the collie was normally obedient and yet, suddenly left its owner's side to race off into a section of the woods
known as 'The Chestnuts' and was never seen again.  Even after a thorough search by Mr. Cornford-the dog's owner, of the area,
it was never found.

Mrs. H.T. Wells, who lives at nearby Durrington, said that when her collie gets near the woods, it becomes 'desperate' and Mr. E.F.
Rawlins of Worthing reported that his golden retriever once ran into the woods one day and returned "very distressed."
Shortly afterwards it became paralysed and had to be destroyed.

Another account speaks of a dog owner -who wished to remain anonymous, reporting that when she took her dog to this area it would
'run around in circles, foaming at the mouth, with its eyes bulging as if in great  pain' and only calmed down when enticed back to the
owner's vehicle.

A verified report relates that a young man -who also wished to remain anonymous, used an accessible part of the woods from the A27
duel carriage-way to exercise his horse. One day, he firmly tethered his mount to a tree stump and sought privacy in order to relieve
When he stepped back out of the bushes, his horse had disappeared and although he searched the area extensively and made
exhaustive enquiries, the horse was never recovered.

Animals are not alone in being victims to the unexplained effects of Clapham Woods.
Many who dare to travel its bizarre pathways have reported the feeling of being "pushed over by invisible forces" and others have had
spells of faintness. Two men walking through the wood reported that both were afflicted at the same moment: one doubling-over in
internal agony and the other clutching his head and screaming that his  eardrums were "being pulled out of his head."
They both staggered 50 yards forward before the effects ceased. 

A man went missing during a walk through the woods and a body was discovered only after two weeks which required a medical
examination to show his identity. Puzzled by the extreme advanced state of decomposition, Forensic experts reluctantly accepted
that evidence showed that the rate of decomposition had been greatly accelerated due to "unknown factors."

Paranormal fanatics were avid in finding out what was really going on at Clapham Woods and one skeptical investigator, Dave Stringer
of the Southern Paranormal Investigation Group, visited the area with a Geiger-counter in August of 1977.

The woods  were silent and the air still. Everything appeared normal, but, as he pushed through heavy undergrowth, he had to lift the
radiation-detector above his head due to the thick foliage. When he did so, it began to register an alarming high level of ionised

Looking back at the area he had just passed through. Mr. Stringer saw a dark shape about 12 feet in height. While not being distinctive
in outline, it was very definitely not smoke and he could only describe it as a "black mass."
Seconds later a large white disk shot out from behind nearby trees at a 45 degree angle and disappeared into the sky. As the white object
sped across his line of sight, the dark mass also vanished.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=5867]

Dave Stringer retraced his steps and checking the half-grass-half-muddy footpath, he saw a four-toed footprint that was twice the width of
a man's foot, but very narrow at the heel.

On only one other occasion had the paranormal investigator seen such a foot print and that was during research into black magic covens
around the seaside town of nearby Brighton, in an area known as Devil's Dyke.
Stringer made a quick sketch of the footprint and though it was unknown to him at the time, it matched a footprint reproduced in Collin de
Plancy's "Dictionaire infernal" published in 1863 and that this footprint is supposed to be that of the "Demon Amduscias." 

Accounts of strange aerial sightings continued at Clapham into 1978 and 1979, with another report of a missing person.
This time, in regards of the local vicar of Clapham church. After spending the morning shopping in the nearby town of Worthing, Reverend
Neil Snelling decided to walk back to his home in the small parish of Steyning. His decision was to use the leafy pathways through Clapham
He has not been heard of since and an exhaustive search of the area revealed nothing.

Staying within the traditions of the clergy, David Bennet, the Clapham Churchwarden was a keen ornithologist and enjoyed recorded
the song of the nightingale. However, he noted that since the mid-1970s, the presence of any song at all had completely disappeared.
The woods are left with an uncanny silence, rarely found anywhere else on the South Downs.

Joining up in an attempt to solve what the elastic-mystery of Clapham Woods could be, Paul Glover and Dave Stringer and another man
arrived in the woods with a focus on the alleged Ufo activity. Finding everything quiet, they decided to go home and as they were walking
out of the gloomy undergrowth, all three of them simultaneously had a feeling of intense cold.
They hurried on and the feeling ceased.

They decided to go back and check it out again. They did this three times and each time experienced the sensation of a sudden and
unnatural drop in temperature. Mr. Glover pointed his camera at what he believed was the immediate source of the coldness and even
though nothing was apparently visible at the time, when the film was developed, it showed an uncanny white mass in the unmistakable
image of a goat's head.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=5866]

Next, what the hell is going on up at The Chanctonbury Ring?

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Now that is an interesting story.
Sounds like a place where Demons and Aliens interact, Possibly the same entities.
Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
[Image: attachment.php?aid=936]
I had a fun chat a wile ago when a friend said he did not believe that a normal camera can see things a human eye cant. That all the photos showing  things people cant see are just BS
So I asked him to turn his phone camera on and then point it at a tv remote, press any button.
Point proven, he was quide after that
Fantastic stories!   minusculeclap 
Sounds like this was the "real deal" alien visitation, not the military, but I could be wrong.

Seems the 70's was the decade of the UFO and high strangeness.  It was for me too. That's when I saw the bulk of UFO activity in my area, as did many others in my hometown.
That was also the years of free love, getting high with the police, and just "fun living".   tinylaughing But, I swear that had nothing to do with the sightings... I swear!  If anything, I think it may have helped to open our pineal gland so that we COULD see them. 

But, to prove my point, I saw my first UFO when I was 12, I think; I wasn't high then. And I've continued to see them throughout my life without being under the influence of ANYTHING.

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