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It's News Jim, But Not As We Know it!
Oh for the days when serious news outlets delivered unbiased, neutral information that attracted customers from all
walks of life. But could it be that the supposed 'golden years' of being informed are attempting to resurrect themselves?

Er, no.

Quote:Woman who ‘married’ pirate ghost claims he tried to kill her after dumping

A woman who “married” the 300-year-old ghost of a pirate says he nearly killed her when she broke off the relationship.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=5821]

'Amanda Teague underwent an exorcism after the spirit possessed her. Her ex was a Haitian pirate called Jack who was
executed in the 1700s. The 47-year-old –who has worked as a Captain Jack Sparrow impersonator –said: “After two weeks
of marriage, I started to get health problems.

“I started to get reoccurring abscesses and I was suffering from cirrhosis. About four or five months in, when things started to
go really downhill, I went back to some of the people that had communicated with Jack. “I know the symptoms of possession
and part of it is ill health. So I was concerned that it was to do with the relationship, because of the timeline.
But I was assured that he was a lovely spirit who wouldn’t harm me.”

Amanda, of Downpatrick, Northern Ireland, cut off sex with the ghost in order to see if that helped.
She said: “Once I stopped having sexual contact with Jack, the abscesses started to improve. And I’d say that was literally the
best three weeks I’d had since we got married.

“So, anyway, one night a friend of mine got married to her spiritual partner and Jack and I ended up being intimate.
The very next day, the abscess was back with a vengeance. ” Amanda was rushed to hospital for surgery in May last year after
developing sepsis. But she says when she confronted him the ghost threatened to kill her.

Amanda said: “His reaction when I told him he had to leave was that he wasn’t going to.
“And that if I tried to have an exorcism and get rid of him, he was going to kill me.”
She says her health has drastically improved since the exorcism in December.

Amanda has now sworn off all spiritual work and written book A New Attitude about her experiences, available on Amazon...'
Daily Star:

We're always warned that when drinking from a pirate's bottle of rum, always-always wipe the rim.


Intruder breaks into family’s home while they’re out… and CLEANS the entire house.

'An intruder broke into a family's home and poked around their stuff while they were out -and then cleaned the entire house.
The stranger didn't steal a single thing but instead vacuumed, made the beds and scrubbed the toilets.
His five-year-old son's room had been tidied and all the toys were put away. They even made origami roses out of the rolls
of toilet paper.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=5822]

Nate Roman, 44, discovered his house had been given a spring clean when he returned home from work in Marlborough,
Massachusetts, on May 15. He said it's possible that he forgot to lock his door as whoever got in didn't break anything to enter.
The dad now thinks a cleaning service may have entered his home by mistake.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=5823]

Mr Roman said he found the situation "weird and creepy" and reported the incident to the police.
He told The Boston Globe: "It’s funny now, but didn’t feel funny at the time. "I kept the toilet paper roses as souvenirs."

Police said they haven't heard of this happening anywhere else in the area.
Marlborough Police Sergeant Daniel Campbell said: "We have not received any reports similar to this in other locations,
and we have no suspects at this time."

Nate called the incident 'creepy'...'
The Sun:

Thanks Nate and you're probably right about a Cleaning Agency accidentally entering the wrong home and I for one will
be happier when they invent reminders about protecting ones home and family.

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Moving slightly away from the zany, an article from China reflects on the integrity of the above stories
and what category they should be listed in. Basically, they should be flushed!

Quote:Mum in China strained so hard on the loo she lost 10 YEARS of memory.

A mum was so badly constipated she strained so hard on the loo and lost 10 years of memory.

'According to news site Qing Bao, the mother who has not been named pushed extremely hard while she
was on the toilet in an attempt to shift her blockage. However, her toilet situation left her having to be rushed
to hospital by her family after her straining was followed by a sudden bout of memory loss. 

The incident, which happened two weeks ago, was caused by the blood rushing to her brain after trying to force
her excretion out. Her memory loss lasted for a matter of hours - but caused her deep distress at the time. 

She was sent off for urgent brain scans after the family told doctors that her amnesia had lasted around eight hours
long and made her memories jump back 10 years. The news site reports that she couldn’t remember anything from
the past decade. 

After spending the night in hospital recovering and brain scan results coming back as normal, the doctor discharged her. 
And when the mother’s memory came back, she had no recollection of her memory loss -which could have been caused
by insufficient blood supply to the brain...'

Now in attempts to give the yarn some credibility, they spin some science!

Quote:[Image: attachment.php?aid=5827]
Dr. Jiaxiongm, a man with fingers in many pies.                                    An average toilet after its been 'Trumped'!

'Neurosurgery specialist Peng Jiaxiong replied to Qing Bao explaining that the heart will help output oxygenated blood
into the brain through the artery, allowing the brain to function properly. When the patient used a sufficient amount of force
to push the blockage out, the abdominal pressure and sudden increase in Intracranial pressure -pressure inside the skull
-to increase the chance of jugular valve -between heart and brain -insufficiency.

The doctor explained in the mother's case, the oxygenated blood that originally passed through the artery to the brain
could not reach the brain. This meant that the blood supply was unbalanced, causing hypoxia in the brain and transient

Dr. Peng also pointed out that people who often carry heavy objects, emotional excitement or forced bowel movements
are high-risk groups, but the overall incidence is not high. He pointed out that the patient should go to the hospital for a
detailed medical examination, which is judged by a professional doctor to find the source of the cause.

Worryingly, he also said this sort of patient is 30 per cent more likely to have a stroke than the average person, so they need
to be checked regularly to avoid increasing the chance of further episodes...'

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Nobody, NOBODY,,,,, should have a relationship with a Spirit!!!  tinysure
Can you, you may ask and the answer is Yes.

Your body can not transverse into the Spirit's Realm / Dimension without suffering harm and Your Body can not accept the prolong intrusion of a Spirit without being harmed.
When others notice a person acting different than before and becoming sick with skin lesions or a blood disease, extreme hair loss, dizziness and stomach problems it can sometime be attributed to spirit possession or what religious types call Demon Possession.

JMHO, from personally knowing two ancestor spirits. (they do not attempt to possess me)
Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
[Image: attachment.php?aid=936]
That's some of the weirdest stories I've ever heard. 

Thanks for sharing.   minusculeclap
Finally, some decent information that represents today's standard of legacy journalism.
For too long, the rhetoric has been swayed towards a particular elite-class and the realities
that the everyday-person in the street deal with, get left behind and hailed mundane.

Thank heavens there's still one beacon of truth out there.


'WASHINGTON, DC – Today Donald Trump took the bold, daring step to send dragons, zombies and flying monkeys
to the border.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=6461]

“We need to protect our country. And it is my job to make sure we are safe. The wall is big and beautiful and we’re building
fifty to one hundred miles every day, but it’s not enough,” the President said today.

“I have hereby authorized the Department of Defense and Homeland Security to send dragons to the border.
For centuries dragons have been used to keep people away and I have complete faith that they will do that for us as well.”

The President went on to say that in support of the dragons he was sending zombies and flying monkeys. The President told
WWN that the zombies definitely have a deterrent, especially at this time of year. And the flying monkeys?
The President said this, “I have always loved flying monkeys. They are terrific beings and I love the way they handle themselves.
They fight back. They’re counterpunchers, just like me. So, I am sending 90,000 flying monkeys to the border.”

[Image: attachment.php?aid=6462]
The arsenal at hand. Flying monkeys, dragons, willing Democrats and Trump's uncle's invention, a force-field machine.

Unfortunately, Homeland Security made a major mistake and sent the flying monkeys to the northern border of the United States.
Canadian authorities have been getting complaints all day about their citizens being attacked by zombies and flying monkeys.

The dragons have made a move on Toronto and Montreal, causing great chaos and destruction. They were supposed to be used
only for defensive purposes but as Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo said, “it’s not easy controlling dragons. They tend to think for

President Trump acknowledged the mistake but will keep the beasts on the northern border. “Why not?” he told WWN.
“I will just be sending the same amount of these patriotic beasts to the southern border. Keep us super safe.”

Additionally, President Trump said he is working on a force field that will cover the entire United States. “I think we can get a big,
beautiful force field over the country by the time of my re-election...'
Reliable Source:

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