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Greta Thunberg is a prophet of our time
Well now we know that climate change has become a religion and now has its prophet. Does this mean that this young girl is now the true prophet from God and if so the muslims wont like it. A new prophet and a woman as well.
Another thing why are all the feminist not shouting because its called "man made! Why not human made or woman made ???
The text below is a google translate version 

Quote:[Image: thunberg.jpg?itok=IXpvIMSY]
Greta Thunberg during a demonstration in Rome on Good Friday. Photo: Alessandra Tarantino / AP / TT

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We must listen to the message from Greta Thunberg. For the message comes from God, the debaters Anna Ardin and Joakim Kroksson mean.
This is a debate article in the Church magazine. The opinions expressed in the text are the writer's own.
We want to claim that Sweden has a prophet who is active - right now. She is called Greta Thunberg and is fully comparable to the Bible's prophets. They use a similar prophetic strategy that can be summarized in some points:
  1. Please acknowledge your call
  2. Listen to God's voice and be open to the truth
  3. Talk about the harsh reality of people and those in power
  4. Preach repentance and show hope
  5. Live as you learn
  6. Do not give up

1. Once the Prophet has realized what to do, eventually choose to do so. A true prophet releases the feeling of right and wrong that all people have deep down. She stands on a box and screams out her message to anyone who wants to hear. Or sit outside the Riksdag with a sign.
2. As children of all times have done, the Prophet sees that the emperor is naked. See that it is not enough a vegetarian day of the week or a few percent emission reduction. A five-year-old understands that we must stop letting out, as Greta said in Skavlan. For us as Christians, we want to say that all truths come from God, and these truths can (as in the Hebrew Bible) come in revelations or (as for Greta) through crystal clear science.
3. The Prophet calls out that the Emperor is naked for people and rulers. Even when people do not want to listen, even when threatened with the truth. Many prophets and apostles were murdered when they became too uncomfortable for power. Anyone who has power wants to keep it and does what it can to do it: suspicion, ridicule, mockery of the net.
4. Something radical must happen, the people are on the wrong path. A prophet preaches repentance and concretely explains what people need to do. A prophet distributes information and describes that it is meaningful to turn around. Describes that we play a role. Around preachers, prophets, and charismatic people have always gathered people who are impressed and want to do the same. It's a great force. When there is something clear to do, let baptize, stop flying or school strike, people can and want to join in!
5. Religious, moral and political leaders have always struggled to succeed according to their ideals. But the biggest ones really try and seem to succeed quite well. Jesus told his disciples to sell everything and did not own himself either. Greta is vegan, does not fly (even though she is currently traveling a lot) and has a stop.
6. A prophet is persistent. Sometime the Prophet steps up on the box for the first time and hardly anyone listens. She sits down with a sign and get to care first. With the conviction that it is right, the Prophet continues his task until people not only have taken but also turned around!
In addition, a prophet often plays outside normal social norms. The Prophets rarely come as a compromise candidate through established power channels, but come just as they stand. John the Baptist, Prophet of the New Testament, dressed in camel hair and eating grasshoppers. He lived in the desert and behaved in various ways that were perceived as extremely strange. Greta has Aspergers and sees the world "in black and white," she says herself. It gives her other eyes many of us others.
And the very point of a prophet, the very point of this article, is never to pay tribute to the individual, not to pay tribute to Greta, the point being that we must listen to the message, because the message comes from God. It requires radical conversion to a fossil-free life and society.
Anna Ardin 
deacon in Equmenia church 
Joakim Kroksson 
environmental diploma in the Swedish Church
She's only panicking due to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez explaining that the Earth only has eleven-and-a-half
years left before it dies and we should really be using seahorses to cross the oceans instead of aircraft.

When she gets a book-deal, Greta and God can tell us more about how the evil white man has wandered
from the path. Then -using the microphone made from minerals and plastics, she can tell India and China
to stop throwing their trash into their main rivers.
But... just like all the other 'prophets' of climate change, she'll do it from the safety of Europe and the US.

We're not guardians of Eden, that would make us Gods and I'm sure the Pope won't like that.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
Chuck another false prophet onto the growing pile of false prophets.

One of the marks of a prophet, as I understand prophets, is that they speak for God, about spiritual matters that would affect a god. I don't think they'd really care about purely secular matters like the great trash pit in the pacific, nor do I believe they would have much to say about CCO2 levels when God has endured and life has thrived under CO2 levels many times higher than the current ones.

Nope, I detect some smoke and mirrors here.

P.S. - Ms. Cortez does not get to enter MY bunker when the world ends, so she'd best get to building her own. She's got 11 1/2 more years to git 'er done.

" I don't mind killin' a man in a fair fight... or if I think he's gonna start a fair fight... or if there's money involved... or a woman... "

 - Jayne Cobb, Hero of Canton

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