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Cut! That's a... [WRAP]!

Out of the blue, Marlow stiffened and sighed a little as the world he was just in was carefully dissected and scurried away and off to other places where the sets and props were all stored by the stagehands, out of sight and mind.

He looked mournfully out beyond the now defunct cameras to rows and rows of empty audience seats where, once upon a recent bygone past, the faceless masses had cheered and booed and stomped their feet and clapped their hands. It was over and done to the final death of it!

Oh how he suddenly longed for that which was no more and never could be again!

Time moves on and humanity with it and old and age wearied men like Marlow turn to dust in the wind!

He scowled and with an explosive huff and puff, he made a sudden mad dash for the exits and blasting through the doors he dove head long up the stairs to the rooftop, where he suddenly stopped and looked around at the world he was living in.

The sky was melting in an orange purple Daliesque sunset... Overwhelming in its vastness!

Marlow stopped and stood with his face to the setting sun and closed his eyes!

He took in a long slow breath and felt the warmth run over his face like young kids run over and explore a new playground. His shaking hands tingled and tears welled up and burst forth like a damned dam damned to fail,...
Damned to drown the whole world with its sadness!

"Mr Marlow?... Mr Marlow! Is that you... what are you doing outside the retirement home Mr Marlow? Its medication time! Oh Mr Marlow are you ok... you're crying. There there... it will be ok. Your family will visit you next time. Orderly! Orderly... please come and help me with Mr Marlow! He used to be somebody!".

A young female nurse took Mr Marlow by the arm and led him towards the young male orderly pushing an empty wheel chair... towards medication time!

Cut! That's a... [WRAP]!
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Very good OL.   Sad, but good.   minusculethumbsup

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