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The Measles "Epidemic" in the U.S.
We've been seeing a push by the medical industry telling people to get a measles vaccine for several weeks now. It's all over social media sites across the net. What I find interesting is, why this HARD PUSH to get vaccinated?

When I was young almost everyone I knew caught the measles, got over it, and they didn't have to worry about it again because their bodies built up a natural immunity to contract it in the future. But... oops... now "they" are coming after the people who were vaccinated decades ago too.  tinysurprised

Sorry, I know some (very few) vaccines are okay, but when I see them pushing this hard, my head does a funny turn and my senses go into alert mode; something more is going on here.

Quote:(Reuters) - Adults in the United States who were vaccinated against measles decades ago may need a new dose depending on when they received the shot and their exposure risk, according to public health experts battling the nation’s largest outbreak since the virus was deemed eliminated in 2000.
Up to 10 percent of the 695 confirmed measles cases in the current outbreak occurred in people who received one or two doses of the vaccine, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
The figure illustrates what can happen when a large number of individuals, even those who have been vaccinated, are exposed to the measles. CDC recommends that people who are living in or traveling to outbreak areas should check their vaccination status and consider getting a new dose.

Lots more to that article if you wish to read it.  I have more to add to this topic, so I'm just saving space.

Now, take a look at this article that exposes NBC for blaming a baby's death on the measles. FAKE NEWS!

Quote:[Image: Dreamstime-NBC-News-Baby-Photo-Comparison.jpg]

In a NBC News article titled ‘Nurses Who Vaccinate: Anti-vaccine myth dispeller talks with Lester Holt,’ a 2+ minute-long video showed (00:03 mark) a photo of a nurse holding a baby that had allegedly been infected with the measles virus:
[Image: Fake-Measles-Baby-Photo-1024x575.png]NBC News
This particular image originated from website Dreamstime. It is a royalty-free stock photo that was created by user Andrianocz and is called ‘Doctor holding a beautiful newborn baby. Background, clinic’:
[Image: Dreamstime-Baby-Photo-1024x500.png]Dreamstime
As you can see, the baby in the original photo is not infected with the measles.
[Image: Dreamstime-NBC-News-Baby-Photo-Comparison.jpg]H/T: anon V/x04doY
Some readers weren’t too happy when they realized NBC was circulating a doctored photo relating to the ongoing measles outbreak and “anti-vaccine myth”:
Quote:“Fake news! Never forget for even a single second the only reason television is mass produced is so it can spread mass propaganda!”

Quote:“The stock photo is what set you off, and not the BARE F**KING HANDS TOUCHING THE INFECTED INFANT? That is a MAJOR hazard and lawsuit, as it can spread the disease.”
Quote:“I’m a supporter of vaccinations and these idiots are hurting our cause. The rash doesn’t even look like that.”
Quote:“That’s f**ked. I’m not even anti-vax, but the idea of the government forcing you to inject your children doesn’t sit right with me based on principle alone. And the fact that they faked this to encourage more vaccination really makes you think.”

You see what they're doing, right?    RIGHT?!   minusculebonker

I wonder what they've put in those vaccines that they want all the U.S. public to get into their system?  And even more than that, I wonder why President Trump come out and said that we all should get our measles vaccine?   minusculethinking  
I love him for how he's helping to save us from the Deep State take over, but he has done a couple of things lately that makes me wonder if he isn't just a tad bit compromised by some of the major players... like Big Pharma.  They are a serious, major player on the world Deep State stage.  Did they threaten him or his family to make him play along?

If you remember, he was against vaccines when he first took office, and he had... oh, what was his name?  I forget, but he tasked him with looking deeply into the safety of vaccines. 
The documentary titled "Vaxxed" came out shortly afterward where they told how dangerous they are... with documented proof!

Let me say right now, if you haven't watched any of their videos, I don't want to hear about how safe and necessary they are for the public, at least here in the U.S.  Those of us awake here know we are "their" guinea pigs.  

Rant over...

Get rid of the programming...

So, why should we not trust Big Pharma you ask?   I'll post a couple of videos that Jordan Sather did recently to help answer that.

Start this one at the 7:27 mark.

4.24] NXIVM / Opioid Arrests / Pakistan Against Vaccines / Navy's UFO Reporting Guidelines

Start at the 16:20 mark:

[4.25] Latest Q (FBI Spying) / Rothschilds Sell Assets / UFO Disclosure (Sort Of) / Vaccine Truth

Well, hopefully this post has helped you to at least consider that you are being lied to. Take time to read the inserts on all that medicine prescribed to you by your doctor(s), and pay attention to your body. If it makes you sick, or messes with your mind, that is a signal that it isn't good for you... duh!  
Use those last brain cells you have before they destroy them too.  THINK FOR YOURSELF!
What I think is the main reason the Measle and Mumps and Tuberculous and the recurrence of Polio  is more common none among our school age children and toddlers is the mass influx of illegals into our schools and neighborhoods and stores.
So, is there a reason to be vaccinated today, I believe there is. 
Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
[Image: attachment.php?aid=936]
Is Big Pharma about to get spanked?  If we can get this word out and open some closed minds, maybe we can drive the "bad guys" out of business and get back to helping with REAL cures.
I'm not saying ALL vaccines are bad, but it has turned into a money-making machine now instead of a place to help you heal, and they don't care if you die in the process. 


Robert Kennedy, Jr. speaks out in NY after recent attacks from mainstream media and his family.


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