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Malmö Police's latest "trick" to stop crime - loudspeakers in public place
I have a few questions about this
1. What language will the police use
2. Will they be giving instructions to the rapist how to have the maximum enjoyment wile they rape women and children.

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Sweden is lost

Quote:© Police

This is how it now looks at Möllevångstorget in Malmö.

Published April 26, 2019 at 13.10
DOMESTIC. The Malmö police have now come up with a new way to stop criminals, to talk to them through speakers that are placed
in public places in the city. Two speakers have already been placed at Möllevångstorget.
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The Malmö police are now the first in the country to fight crime through loudspeakers in public places.
The purpose of the speakers is, among other things, to be able to "cancel ongoing crimes" such as vandalism or to send order-holding
orders during demonstrations, according to the police.

The trial will initially be used at Möllevångstorget where two speakers have already been installed.
Through the speakers, the police will play pre-recorded messages, but they can also be manned by police officers who speak free text
messages via microphone.

"They can communicate messages to citizens by hand, for example from their mobiles," writes the police on their website.
- I look forward to having another tool to use to keep in touch with the citizens of Malmö. The police cannot be in all places at the same time
but the speakers allow us to be present in more places.

The speakers are also a tool for us to create security and safety in the places where the speakers are located, says Andy Roberts, head of
local police area Malmö Norr.

But not only at Möllan, it should be placed speakers, but even more places in Malmö are underway and soon speakers will also be present
at Södervärn, Rådmansvången, Gustav Adolfs Torg and Stortorget.

In Malmö, the speakers will be a "permanent feature", they say. However, the use of the speakers should be evaluated by the National
Operational Department, Noa.

"What is to be evaluated is, among other things, the routines for use, who should have access to the speakers and what pre-recorded
messages should be. If everything falls well, the method can be spread to more places in Malmö and the rest of the country," writes the


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(I re-jigged your article for better reading, I hope you don't mind?)

So the Swedish authorities believe that Orwellian loud-speakers telling the citizens over-and-over again that
crime is bad, is somehow a better way to deal with anti-social behavior?!

Will the autonomous voice be in Swedish or will the broadcasted communication be in a language that is more
fitting to those who are doing the crimes? It's hard to believe how cowardly that country has become and I only
hope the UK doesn't bend the knee to those who've they've 'welcomed' in.

Thanks EU.
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