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Finland's populist anti-immigration party
Well here in Finland in the elections the anti-immigration party lost control of the country by only on seat. The SDP ( socialist democratic party) won.
But the gains by the Finns party have been massive. The people of Finland are sick of muslims and all the trouble that comes with it.
Whats interesting is the old leader of the Finns party Timo Soini was a good person but tried to please everyone so betrayed the people who voted for him.
The new leader of the Finns party is a strong powerful man who often says it as it is, so lets see what happens. Times are a changing here.
Here is some info from the Daily Mail

Quote:Who are the nationalist Finns Party?  

The Finns Party have ridden the wave of populist anger in Europe to come within one seat of the lead in Finland's general election. 
Less than six months ago they were in fifth place in the polls, ahead of an election where health reform and austerity looked to be the key battlegrounds. 
But leader Jussi Halla-aho has electrified the campaign and brought in new waves of supporters. 
The party's campaign called for a cut in refugees and also questioned the need for action on climate change, a key priority in Finland. 
A softly-spoken medieval language lecturer, Halla-aho cuts a stark contrast to his predecessor as head of the Finns Party. 
The more moderate Timo Soini, who stepped down in 2017, was known for his erratic and at times boisterous public appearances. 
While Halla-aho speaks gently, his writing is more inflammatory - his star rose partly due to his explicit writings against immigration and Islam.
[Image: 12283918-6923125-Breakthrough_Jussi_Hall...015167.jpg]

Under Halla-aho, the Finns Party has become a more nationalist lobby which wants to cut refugee intake to 'almost zero'.
In 2017, he demanded that the European Commission penalise civic organisations rescuing migrants from drowning when their ships founder in the Mediterranean. 
Finland's highest court in 2012 upheld a conviction and fines against him for inciting ethnic hatred and blasphemy in 2008. 
In a blog post, he condemned Islam and described Somalis as living off taxpayers' money. 
Halla-aho had pleaded not guilty, arguing that he had merely used sarcastic examples to highlight a 'double standard' for what is allowed to be published in Finland. 

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