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The UK Assimilating With Today's World.
(05-20-2019, 04:55 PM)guohua Wrote: I read an article where a Brick was Thrown at Mr. Robinson, Oh and By Members Of The Religion Of Peace! 

Yep, and the Police will not dare do anything due to the P.C.

My son mentioned that he'd heard Nigel Farage had a milkshake thrown at him in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.
It's close where my son works and he added the milkshake was one from the expensive shops up there,
costing £6 ($7.63)!!!!
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(05-20-2019, 05:36 PM)BIAD Wrote:
(05-20-2019, 04:55 PM)guohua Wrote: I read an article where a Brick was Thrown at Mr. Robinson, Oh and By Members Of The Religion Of Peace! 

Yep, and the Police will not dare do anything due to the P.C.

My son mentioned that he'd heard Nigel Farage had a milkshake thrown at him in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.
It's close where my son works and he added the milkshake was one from the expensive shops up there,
costing £6 ($7.63)!!!!

What a Waste of a Milkshake!!!
Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
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Another Tuesday in a country that struggles with alternative cultures. This time, it was on a British island near France.

Quote:Five men jailed after filming gang rape of woman they abducted from nightclub.

Five men who filmed themselves taking turns raping a woman they abducted from outside a nightclub have been jailed.

'The Romanian farm workers pleaded guilty to two charges of rape, one of vaginal penetration and another of penetration
of the mouth following the sickening attack.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=5790]

(From left to right) Marius Dobrin, Alexandru Dobrin, Oprea Dobre, Dorel Diaconu and Florin Calin.

Look at the remorse.

Florin Calin, 20, Dorel Diaconu, 23, Oprea Dobre, 18, Alexandru Dobrin, 18, and Marius Dobrin, 24, were sentenced to
10 years each.

The court heard the terrified woman stayed silent during the horrifying assault for fear they would murder her.
The victim had been at a nightclub where she met Marius Dobrin who began dancing and flirting with her.
The Royal Court in Jersey heard that he “hardly left her side” during the evening in December last year and she appeared
very drunk when she left the club.

CCTV footage showed Dobrin lighting a cigarette for her while the other men hovered nearby outside and then followed
her as she walked up Bath Street. She was put into a car and then driven to Les Platons car park, where they took turns
raping her and filming it on their phones.

Reading from her statement to the police, Crown Advocate Simon Thomas said that the victim did not attempt to fight back
as "I thought I was going to get murdered." Calin then drove the victim and the other attackers back to town, where she was
found by a member of the public who had heard 'two screams”.

Requesting a sentence of ten years in prison, Crown Advocate Thomas said: “There is no case remotely like this one.
"That is to a say, a case where a young woman has been abducted by five men, driven to a remote location and raped
while filming took place.”

The court heard that Diaconu and Calin both filmed parts of the attack –evidence which proved crucial to police when
investigating. The Bailiff, Sir William Bailhache, presiding, said that “by any standards these were appalling crimes”.
After the case, Acting Detective Inspector Christina MacLennan, head of the state's police Serious Crime Unit, praised
the bravery of the victim, who has since suffered from PTSD.

She said: "Although stranger rape is a particularly serious offence to investigate, thankfully they remain a rare occurrence
in Jersey. "The States of Jersey Police have the utmost determination to investigate and prosecute all sexual offenders
and we can assure victims that there is help available from a number of agencies who are in a position to offer support
and guidance through all stages of the criminal justice process.

"We remain committed to working with our partners, especially support and advocacy services such as the SARC at
Dewberry House, JAAR and the Jersey Women's Refuge, to encourage victims of sexual crime to report such incidents."

As well as being jailed for ten years, the five men will also be on the Sex Offenders' Register for 12 years and were
recommended for deportation. A restraining order was also imposed them from contacting the victim...'

Meanwhile, in Pakistan...

Quote:Wife is gang-raped at gunpoint before masked attackers douse her in acid and cut off her hair in latest
sex attack to shock Pakistan.

*The 32-year-old victim was asleep at home in the Punjab with her two children
*Two masked attackers broke in and held her at gunpoint while they raped her
*Acid was thrown over her back, arm and legs, and her hair was cut off
*She is said to be in a stable condition in hospital as police search for suspects

'A wife was gang-raped at gunpoint before masked attackers doused her in acid and cut her hair off, police in Pakistan said.
The 32-year-old victim was asleep with her children at their home in the town of Fatehpur in the Punjab when two masked
attackers broke in.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=5791]

They held the mother hostage at gunpoint while raping her and cut her hair off before throwing acid over her back, right arm
and legs. Her husband lives in Karachi and the suspects were able to escape. She was rushed to the local hospital, according to
Dawn where she is in a stable condition.

Investigation Officer ASI Muhammad Saleem said fingerprints had been gathered from the home and they were hunting for suspects.
It is the latest shocking case to rock the country after a young woman was reportedly raped and murdered by hospital staff last month.

Family members were informed she had died of an antibiotic reaction but post-mortem results revealed evidence of sexual assault
and murder. Also in April, a woman who went to report having been gang-raped to the police says she was further raped by an officer.

The assistant sub-inspector was arrested after he is said to have raped her in the police station under the pretence he was going to
take a witness statement...'

Wow... the UK is lucky not have these types living in their country.

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My own experience of teaching adult Romanians is mixed, it seemed to me that behaviour was connected to what part of the country they came from.
Some I would not trust near my dog, others seemed to be ok.
If im honest i never seen much different s between Indian and Pakistani's. I know its easy to tar everyone with the same brush, I try my best not too but im only human
The big question is this, Are they actually looking for those Pieces Of Shit Low Life Scum?
Pakistan is a Shit-Hole Country where Only the Elites get Justice not the common citizen, much like India where Rape and Murder is common.

The Police are as bad as the Criminals and often they are the Criminals.
The E U & U K are welcoming this Scum with Open Arms.
Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
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(05-21-2019, 06:42 PM)guohua Wrote: @BIAD 
The big question is this, Are they actually looking for those Pieces Of Shit Low Life Scum?
Pakistan is a Shit-Hole Country where Only the Elites get Justice not the common citizen, much like India where Rape and Murder is common.

The Police are as bad as the Criminals and often they are the Criminals.
The E U & U K are welcoming this Scum with Open Arms.

And can we show evidence of this...? Well here's a map of knife-related murders from a 2016 news outlet.
Remember, this is THREE years old and only shows the statistics in the London area.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=5832]

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Here's a prime example of how identity politics should be placed in a sack and thrown in a river, it just doesn't work.
However, using such a divisive ploy can get a small faction what it wants -usually at the expense of another group,
but it's not a good social tenet and for the majority of a particular society, is seen as 'cheap'.

But facile conduct is what the lowering of standards brings, it demeans the public trust when adhered to by political
figures and makes news-outlets look like lazy scavenging hacks preying on their customers with low-brow playground

The article itself is fairly short considering the recent scare-mongering in the lesbian and gay, Islamic archetype, but
that's because of the BBC's fear of dealing with real issues that effect real people outside of their middle-class circle.
Hence, a stunted-summary with some flowery-arrangement and NO commentary.

But the article below is about a power-grab, the act of one group demanding to take a higher position than another.
In today's current climate, the group who proclaim themselves 'different' from the standard society believe that special
apportionment should be given to bring them to a level of equality.
The reality is that such behavior usually causes the group to push for a level higher.

And so, if a diversity-worshipping news-outlet like the BBC needs to report on a situation where two minorities clash,
the best way is to write the piece as a story similar to a children's fairy-tale. It leans on descriptions of the surroundings
and a narrative that hopes to calm any of the usual outrage that lures high ratings.

But the question remains -and the BBC are too-afraid to use their usual chosen commentary to favour a minority.
Who's right and who's wrong?

Quote:Birmingham LGBT row: The view from the school gates.

'Protesters have gathered outside a Birmingham school for eight weeks in a dispute over teaching children about LGBT
relationships. As the row continues, the views of those at the gates of Anderton Park Primary are varied and passionate.

At the heart of a terraced street sits a striking, red-brick building with a spire. A sign on its fence reads "relationships,
aspirations, sparkle", encapsulating the ethos of a school at the centre of the storm.

It feels like a normal day, except for the police car and three officers that have pulled up outside Anderton Park Primary to
help manage the protests that have rumbled on outside the school since March...'

See...? Enchanting words of a warm spring day in suburbia, not a direct report on the clash between a ideological dogma
and sapphic preferences. To continue the 'Orange-Man-Bad' syndrome, the media have gathered the different minorities
together and use them as single bullets to encourage outrage and pour scorn on the general public for ratings.

But here we have two of those minorities who oppose each other and for the mainstream media, it means they can't take
sides. The reality is -and it would mean agreeing with the general public that they believe improve ratings-via-insults, is that
both sides are right and wrong.

Quote:'...The problems flared when parents and campaigners rallied against pupils being taught about same-sex relationships and
transgender issues. In recent weeks, children have been removed from classes and teachers have been threatened.

The situation has divided the Anderton Park community in Balsall Heath, many of whom are from a Muslim background...'

In the images provided on the BBC web-page, there's a common factor throughout the protesters and it isn't that they're
all Muslims, it's that they are all brown-skinned working-class men who adhere to a book that tells them queers are bad.
But in the BBC's shallow perception in their middle-class diversity, they needed to show the men's wives protesting as well.
Oddly, there isn't a photograph of a group of men AND women protesters together, which is diversity is supposed to promote.

Nobody is saying that the education of young children should be about promoting male-on-male sex or lesbianism.
Nobody is suggesting that brightly-coloured books should be handed out to the kids where pictures of 'Ram Ranch' or
'Life In A All-women's Prison' are displayed, the project was more about the day-to-day realities of a diverse western

I'd be surprised if you'd find any adult in the British Isles that want very young children exposed any type of sexual instruction,
but we have a tolerance when new ideas are discussed and allowed to carefully progress. It's all part of assisting newcomers
to assimilate to the already established arena.

Quote:[Image: attachment.php?aid=5858]
Men and ......................................................................................   Women.

'...When approached by the BBC to talk about their views, most parents did not want to talk about it. Of those that did, the
overwhelming majority were reluctant to be named or photographed. Rawasia Bibi has two daughters at the school, aged
eight and 11, who she said "stand with me at the protest".

She said the protesters are not homophobic - she "lives in a neighbourhood where we've got transgender and gays and it
doesn't matter" - but that she disagreed with teaching young children about LGBT issues.
"We don't agree with what [head teacher Sarah Hewitt-Clarkson] is teaching our children," she added...'

Again, a low-brow way of avoiding certain areas of the identity-politic minefield. One denies being branded a negative
name, but by being perceived as a victimised minority, feels confident in stating that the opposing minority is simply wrong.
"I'm the good guy, it's the other guy's fault!"

Quote:'..."It's nothing to do with LGBT, they can do what they want with their lives. We are saying teach this in secondary schools,
not primary schools."Fellow parent Safina Bibi agreed and said her daughter had been affected by the protests...'

A rational suggestion from Rawasia Bibi, a proposal based on an assumption that any questions put by the children to their
parents regarding the subject may influence the child's view due to a pre-set bias from their own lives.
But it's still manipulative, it's proposing that allowances can be made due to religions and ideologies... or at least, certain
religions and ideologies.

Quote:'..."Sometimes she gets upset - she asks why the teachers and parents are fighting.
"When it comes to sex and things, why are they teaching them that? Why can't they just teach them what they need
to be taught?"...'

I'd have thought tolerance for all walks of life would be a grand lesson to be taught to children and adults alike.
But what would I know...? by now the BBC would've called me an ignorant northern racist queer-basher.

Quote:'The LGBT teaching row explained
The protests spread to Anderton Park from Parkfield Community School in Alum Rock, where parents raised a petition
in January claiming some of the teaching contradicted Islam...'

'Some...?' The same teachings upset parents of the same ideology, Jeez I wish the BBC had balls.
And this is why this case is a perfect example of the cluster-f*ck known as identity politics.
Gays have rights, Muslims have rights. Yeah, but do Musims have better rights than Gays or visa-versa?
He's black and he's white. He's not black enough to be classed as black.
On and on, like children in a playground with undeveloped minds. It's about standards.

Quote:'...The "No Outsiders" scheme, created by one of its teachers Andrew Moffatt, had been running at the school since 2014.
It was formed to educate children about the Equality Act, British values, and diversity, using storybooks to teach children
about LGBT relationships, race, religion, adoption and disability. Anderton Park had not been teaching No Outsiders specifically,
but did teach children about equality and relationships...'

In opposing factions, you can't have equality. In opposing civilised factions, you can find neutral positioning and look towards
a commonality, but if you're shackled by pietistic laws and grandiose self-importance of how you want the world to be to suit
oneself only, it's merely a race to finish ahead of one's enemy.

Quote:'...The demonstrations at its gates have been no less heated than those at Alum Rock and have even involved threats to
teachers. "I don't think anyone should be bullied about anything that's prevalent in our society," said mother of twins,
Dionne Reid.

"My kids get really upset about it, they love Mrs Hewitt-Clarkson and they say everyone's got rights. They don't understand
the protests. "What I don't like is [the demonstrators] force it on to you.".
Dropping off his son, Faizal Kareem said he was "neutral" when it came to the protests, but did not agree with what was being

"To be honest, this LGBT, I'm against it. When they grow up they will learn [these] things anyway.
"I think this isn't the time, we have plenty more issues to discuss with kids like robbery, crime, drugs; really important issues."
He wants parents and teachers to "sit and talk about things"...'

Talks that will demand the rhetoric of identity-politics be aired first. "Izzit 'cos I'm black...?" "Oh I see, you don't like gay people..."

It will only end when both groups accept to assimilate themselves into the paradigm of the majority and in a power-grab, that
can't happen unless one faction cedes ground enough for the other to deem themselves more righteous.
Then the victor moves onto finding another foothold higher-up on society's control-ladder.

Quote:"They say in Alum Rock the protests were successful and now [No Outsiders] has stopped there, that's what they are
hoping here." One mother, who did not want to be named, said the content should be taught so children don't grow up
to feel "alien" in the world.
"What they are teaching we don't believe, but I think there should be more [focus] on the children.

"In the world today they can see [different beliefs] in the media and if they have this information from school they will
know what the world is like and won't feel so alien. "Personally, [protests] are not the peaceful way of doing things."...'

An unnamed mother or the BBC slipping in their neutral narrative? Anyway, back to the fairy-tale reporting.

Quote:'...Within half an hour, the school rush dies down. A police car circles the street intermittently.

A few parents chat on the corner - it's barely worth them leaving; they will have to return at midday to pick up their children
because the school is closing early due to concerns about a planned protest. Jumshad Khan lives opposite the school. A former
pupil himself, he now has three children at the school aged four, five and nine. He thinks children should "be aware" of LGBT
issues but parents should talk about society and religion "at home"...'

One has to wonder when do these adults find time for employment with all this hanging around on corners and chatting?
Unless everyone works a night-shift.

Quote:'..."I went to this school and we were taught hymns. I'm Muslim, not Christian, [and] my parents didn't have a problem with
me being taught that. "It's a school that caters for the community, it's wrong that it's at the stage where the majority of the
community are against the institution that's supposed to be educating our children.
"The issue here is the children, they are the ones that are getting disrupted."...'

Disrupted by a particular set of parents, there's no gay protests there, you'll notice. A brown-skinned working-class community with
a strict doctrine goes against their free-thing, liberal convictions. They see people from other countries -especially with different
skin colour as lesser and to berate a lesser is to bully. How can you call yourself progressive if you use such a cruel tactic?!

Quote:'...As noon approaches, parents arrive to collect their children. The street briefly becomes busy again with families, a handful
of protesters, and people carrying rainbow flags, before emptying again as the school shuts its doors.

Rukhsana Hussain is a parent governor at the school. Herself a former pupil, she is one of few voices to speak passionately
against the protesters. "I do not begrudge them for what they are saying," she said. "However, look at what [they] are doing
outside a primary school.

"Imagine going to school for eight weeks and having to see people shouting and chanting and humiliating the head teacher.
"How is this going to affect our children psychologically?"...'

You don't have imagine anything, it's happening outside your school.
(I hate that term used in current debating. Imagining something means you're being asked to envision the others point of view
in a deliberate specific setting.  It's a trick.)

Quote:'...At 14:20, the road fills again - the largest protest outside Anderton Park Primary since the conflict began. About 200 people
gather in the narrow street, some sitting on walls, others watching from front gardens.

Some chant "our children, our choice", "let kids be kids" and "head teacher, step down". Parents wave banners, including one
that reads "don't class us as homophobic". Organiser Shakeel Afsar said the afternoon's protest was the "final step" before a
petition would be handed in calling for Mrs Hewitt-Clarkson to step down as the school's head.

He said he hoped mediation could bring "transparent, sensible talks".
"Sit us down, sit the LGBT community down, and let's thrash this out like adults and stop being so intolerant to the community
that have different views to yourself."...'

Careul Mr. Hewitt-Clarkson, they throw guys like you off rooftops in some countries. That's how some debates are handled.

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Yep men one side women the other. So well integrated  minusculebiggrin . I believe this program should be in schools but part of a balanced system where speakers from both sides talk to the kids, but the kids should be 16 or older .
And the clean-up goes on... although the identities will be kept secret for now.

Quote:West Yorkshire child sex abuse inquiry police arrest 44.

'Detectives investigating claims of historical child sex grooming have arrested 44 people.
Four women complained of being abused between 1995 and 2005 when they were aged between 12 and 16.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=5949]

During the course of an investigation police said they had arrested dozens of people across Bradford, Leeds, Kirklees
and other areas of the country. Those arrested within the past two weeks include 36 men and three women. Five other
men were arrested earlier.

West Yorkshire Police, who are dealing with the allegations, said those arrested ranged in age from 39 to 81.
All of the 44 people questioned have been released under investigation.

In a statement police said the allegations of sexual abuse centred around the time the women were children in the Dewsbury
and Batley areas of Kirklees. Det Insp Seth Robinson said: "We hope that these recent arrests reassure our local communities
that we are wholly committed to tackling child sexual exploitation in Kirklees, both current and non-recent.

"Child sexual abuse and exploitation is an abhorrent and heinous crime and one which affects some of the most vulnerable people
in our society. "We would urge anyone who has been a victim of sexual abuse, whether recent or historical, to report it to the police.

"Please be assured that you will be listened to, taken seriously and supported by professionals with experience of dealing with these
kind of offences."...'
BBC: (and reluctantly reported too, in my view!)

Here's a response from a Rotherham grooming-gang survivor and you'll never hear this from the BBC.

Quote:'I’m a Rotherham grooming gang survivor.
I call myself a survivor because I’m still alive. I’m part of the UK’s largest ever child sexual abuse investigation.

As a teenager, I was taken to various houses and flats above takeaways in the north of England, to be beaten,
tortured and raped over 100 times. I was called a “white slag” and “white c**t” as they beat me.

They made it clear that because I was a non-Muslim, and not a virgin, and because I didn’t dress “modestly”, that
they believed I deserved to be “punished”. They said I had to “obey” or be beaten.

Fear of being killed, and threats to my parents’ lives, made it impossible for me to escape for about a year.
The police didn’t help me.

As I write this, it has been widely reported that a letter has been sent to Muslim groups around the country declaring
a national “Punish a Muslim” day; elsewhere, the leaders of Britain First have been found guilty of religiously aggravated

In mainland Europe, conflict surrounding immigrants and refugees has been fuelled by stories of women being raped by
migrants. People have been calling for violent attacks against “any Muslims” and have declared “war on Islam”.

Islamophobic online hate and personal attacks occur every day. In response, anti-fascist groups and the “far left” have carried
out their own violent attacks on groups they perceive to comprise “white supremacists” or “Nazis”.

As someone who has experienced life inside a grooming gang, I can tell you with certainty that none of this is likely to make any
difference to the behaviours of groomers. Like terrorists, they firmly believe that the crimes they carry out are justified by their
religious beliefs.

If anything, rising anti-Muslim hate will probably make groomers stronger in their convictions, and drive ordinary young Muslim men
towards fundamentalism, grooming gangs and terrorism. The camaraderie, protection, money, and kudos that these groups offer,
makes them a strong pull for anyone. Worryingly, several young men I have spoken to joke that being a gangster and going to jail
are their “life goals”.

However big or small the problem of grooming gang crime is, it is big enough to warrant national concern, not only because of the
severity of crimes, but because of the degree of terror and threats to life involved. This really does devastate lives, families and
communities. We don’t even talk about the non-survivors.

Experts say that grooming gangs are not the same as paedophile rings.
It’s something that central Government really needs to understand in order to prevent more grooming gang crime in the future.

In November 2017, the Swedish government held a meeting where they stated that: “Sexual violence is being used as a tactic of
terrorism”, and as such, it was recognised as a threat to Sweden’s national security.

The link between terrorism and rape undertaken by Islamist gangs was not being ignored. They called for counter-extremism education.
This sounds like a balanced and intelligent governmental response to me.

Religious indoctrination is a big part of the process of getting young men involved in grooming gang crime.
Religious ideas about purity, virginity, modesty and obedience are taken to the extreme until horrific abuse becomes the norm.
It was taught to me as a concept of “othering”....

Quote:“Muslim girls are good and pure because they dress modestly, covering down to their ankles and wrists, and covering their
crotch area. They stay virgins until marriage. They are our girls.

“White girls and non-Muslim girls are bad because you dress like slags. You show the curves of your bodies (showing the gap
between your thighs means you’re asking for it) and therefore you’re immoral. White girls sleep with hundreds of men.
You are the other girls. You are worthless and you deserve to be gang-raped.”

This hateful religious hypocrisy strikes people to their very core. But it’s far from unique. My main perpetrator quoted scriptures
from the Quran to me as he beat me. However, almost identical scriptures (about the stoning to death of virgins who don’t scream
when they are raped) can also be found in the Bible.

The problem isn’t the text itself; it’s how it’s fundamentally interpreted. In fact, there are many cases of Bible quotes being used
to justify terrible human injustices, like the enslavement of people from Africa, antisemitism and violence towards LGBT+ people.

All the major world religions, including Hinduism and Buddhism, have also at some time been associated with extreme human
rights abuses against men, women and children.

I experienced horrific, religiously sanctioned sexual violence and torture – so I definitely believe that we need to be aware of
religious extremism as something potentially harmful, so that we can protect people from it.

But for Tommy Robinson and his followers to focus on an entire religion, based on the cruel interpretations of some scriptures
by some people, is unhelpful, to say the least. Many of his religious theories and conjecture are not anything that I can relate to
in my real life experiences.

Most grooming gang survivors I know absolutely condemn anti-Islamic hate, and we’re uncomfortable with English Defence
League protests. We certainly don’t want random attacks on “all Muslims”. You can’t cure harm with more harm.

Free-thinking men from Pakistani Muslim backgrounds, like Nazir Afzal, agree, and many deal with all of this incredibly graciously….'

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[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
It's an awkward one -this one. How do you report a disgraceful attack without playing against the MSM
'We Love Diversity' narrative? All the reports -whether the few large outlets or the local ones around the
southern-coastal town of Chichester, have the same soft wording and do not deviate with suggestive 

Quote:Woman gang raped by men in doorway of disused Argos shop in Chichester.

'A woman has claimed she was raped by multiple men in the doorway of an abandoned Argos building
in Chichester city centre last week.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=5966]

Several men - all described as in their 30's with tanned skin and of slim build - targeted the 40-year-old
victim in South Street last Wednesday night.

The crime was first reported to police on Monday evening of 24 June.
Chichester police issued a statement saying: "The victim is receiving specialist support and advice from
specially trained officers while detectives have been working with her to establish the full circumstances."

No arrests have been made at this stage.

Detective Inspector Sally Arbuckle of the West Sussex Safeguarding Investigations Unit said: "If you were
out and about in Chichester city centre that Wednesday evening, 19 June, and saw any suspicious activity,
especially towards the bottom of South Street near the railway station, we would like to speak to you.

"Officers will be in South Street this Wednesday evening, 26 June, one week on from the crime, so if you are
there and can help please speak to them. "If you can help in any way please also contact us online or by calling
101, quoting Operation Keyhaven.

"This was an isolated but very distressing incident involving a vulnerable person who is part of the local street
community, and we need to trace those involved."...'

Maybe it's just a bunch of white dudes that have returned from holidaying in Spain...?


In an effort to assist Police in the above incident, may I suggest looking at those who promote such views
on women? 

Quote:Former cop threatened to throw acid in ex’s face and get pals to ’s**g her’

'The ex-girlfriend of a former cop was left ‘covered in scars’ after he violently assaulted her in her own home.
Jhangir Rasul, 40, even threatened to throw acid in the face of the woman he was in a 10-year relationship with.

His former partner told the court she would “rather die slowly than at his hands,” after admitting she "endured rather
than enjoyed" the relationship with Rasul.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=5967]
A tanned Mr. Jhangir Rasul.

Prosecutor Michael Brady said Rasul was asked to leave the woman’s home in Cheetham Hill, when he grabbed her
head and ‘whacked’ it against the staircase. Brady then described how Rasul pulled the victim off of the floor, hit her
head against the door and the floor, and “scratched at her eyes”.

Rasul is said to have then stamped on her head while screaming
In a statement, the victim, who had two children with Rasul, said she “thought she was going to die.”
Days later she asked if she could go to the hospital because her face was swollen and she was still in “considerable pain”.

Rasul said she could go but she had to make up a story explain the horrific injury, she told doctors she had been in a fight
with a friend. The ex-cop returned to her home on April 26, threatening his “nephew was going to smash her phone” unless 
he handed over money.

He then went to the kitchen and grabbed a knife, waving it at her and pressing it up against her neck.
Rasul told her: “B**** I’m going to kill you.”

Desperate, the victim asked him: “How can you do this to someone you love?”
He replied: “I don’t love you. I’m going to throw acid in your face.”
The victim tried to reason with him and told him he would go to prison for the attack.

He said: “If I do, I will do it in a very clever way and you wouldn’t know it was me.”
Rasul then launched into a tirade of verbal abuse, calling her a “sl** and a h**” and threatened to “get his mates to s**g her.”
She then waited until he fell asleep downstairs and called the police the following day.

The court head how she was “'sick of living in fear” and “hates looking at herself in the bath because she is so full of scars”
Judge Michael Leeming sentenced Rasul to 26 weeks in prison and granted the victim a restraining order indefinitely.
The judge told Rasul, of Pleasant Gardens, Bolton: "Being a former police officer, you should be fully aware of the effect of
domestic violence on the innocent."...'
Daily Star:

Wow...! '...threatened to “get his mates to shag her.”...' There seems to be a theme here with the 'tanned' folks.

Let's just hope the readers of such articles don't get the idea that UK-born women are just vehicles for foreigners
to come and live here and enjoy the benefits from a Christian-founded society. I mean, that would lead some to
think the UK has been silently invaded!
A silly thought -indeed.


Then there are those who shy away from the difficult waters of interacting with women.
Sometimes, reaching across to another species is seen as diverse and inclusive too.

Quote:Man who filmed himself stealing sheep and then drove it home and released it into suburban Derby
is given 100 hours community service.

'A man who kept animal porn and filmed himself stealing a sheep on Snapchat has been ordered to complete
100 hours of community service.  

Ali El-Aridi, 23, filmed himself chasing after the terrified animal before catching it on the banks of Ladybower Reservoir
in Derebyshire. After catching the defencless creature, El-Aridi drove the animal 12 miles to Sheffield where he abandoned
it on a street. 

During the shccking footage, El-Aridi can be seen grabbing the defenceless creature and saying: 'I'll eat you tonight baby girl.'  
He then turns to the rest of the flock and says: 'Wallah, I've grabbed one of your pagans,' before bundling the sheep into the boot
of his car.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=5968]

El-Aridi, from Sheffield, was finally caught when social media users spotted pictures and a video of the theft and shared it on
Facebook. Derbyshire Police identified El-Aridi and raided his home where they discovered extreme pornography, including
animal porn, on his mobile phone along with footage of the sheep theft...'

Which may explain his 'eat you' comment!!

Quote:'...Within a day, the sheep had been reunited with its owner, having been rescued from the Wincobank area of Sheffield.
El-Aridi was admitted theft and was found guilty of possessing extreme pornography at Chesterfield Justice Centre.
He was sentenced to a 12-month community order and must now complete 100 hours of unpaid work, as well as paying £620
in costs.

PC Andy Shaw, Derbyshire Police's Rural Crime Team, said: 'El-Aridi initially denied stealing the sheep but, after we had a look
at his phone and found the videos, unsurprisingly the next time we interviewed him his story was somewhat different.
'The sheer disregard for the animal's welfare is plainly evident in El-Aridi's video, and in fact he seemed to care significantly more
about the mess it had made to his boot lining.

'This case was a great example of the police and the community coming together not only to recover the animal but also to secure
a conviction. 'It also shows that social media has real value in modern policing, and I hope it foes on to demonstrate to our rural
communities that we are alert to crime and will take action to tackle it and put offenders before the courts.

'Livestock theft is an ongoing problem nationally and one that we take seriously.
'Single animals disappear in cases such as this but we also receive reports of animals being taken on a much larger scale.

'If you have any information relating to livestock thefts please let us know, as this case hopefully proves we will investigate it fully and
if we can bring those responsible to justice.'...'
Mail Online:

It's common now to see the Police request for assistance at the bottom of each editorial, a trend that doesn't bode well
for anyone who doesn't rape women or sheep. But as Mayors have said, get used to it.

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
Nuff said.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
Khan's London is still enjoying its demolition derby and now the sub-humans are making sure their targets
are the correct ones.

Quote:Afghan asylum seeker 'asked people if they were English before Tesco knife attack'

An asylum seeker attacked random members of the public with a knife after being “fuelled” with a desire
to kill English people, a court has heard.

'Samiulahaq Akbari, 32, was seen on CCTV footage walking into Tesco Extra in Thornton Heath, South London,
armed with a large blade in January. The Metropolitan Police have since released footage of Akbari entering the
shop before approaching shopper Nicholas Speight.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=6000]
A new way to shop.

The Old Bailey was told he then tapped Mr Speight on the shoulder before asking him his nationality.
When he said he was from the UK, Akbari took a powerful swing at him with a 10-inch kitchen knife.
The footage shows him lunging at Nicholas, forcing him to the ground.
Nicholas manages to kick Akbari away before leaving the shop moments later.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=6001]
A misunderstood visitor.

Heidi Stonecliffe, prosecuting, told jurors that Mr Speight could not have known that “events would unfold with such
frightening speed” following that “fateful reply”.
She said Akbari had settled on him “because Mr Speight was English”.

Ms Stonecliffe added: “On that evening in January this year this defendant had set out deliberately to threaten, harm
and kill members of the public by virtue of their nationality, or what Mr Akbari perceived to be their nationality
–they were English.”

Jurors heard it was more “by luck rather than any design” that Mr Speight managed to kick Akbari off and escape from
the attack without a mark on him. Within 10 minutes of the attack, Akbari allegedly pulled a knife on two other men “fuelled
with the same intention”.

He first approached John Hoy, who was sitting with friends at the Kebabish restaurant after a playing a pool tournament in
the Plough on the Pond pub near Croydon. Akbari allegedly asked Mr Hoy "aggressively and repeatedly" where he was from
before going behind the counter, arming himself with the huge red-handled knife and lunging at him.
It was only when the men fought back that Akbari fled, Ms Stonecliffe said.

Akbari then made his way up to the pub where he confronted Barry Watkins, who was on his way out clutching his pool cue
and case. Jurors were also shown CCTV footage of him marching Mr Watkins back inside where Akbari similarly demanded
to know their nationality.

Ms Stonecliffe said: “He and his friends replied that they were English, at which point the defendant started lunging at them
with the knife.” She also read transcripts of the 999 calls made by Akbari's cousin during the incidents.
He told the operator: “He said he wants to kill the English people. I can see his eyes, he's serious.”

In another, he pleaded: “He will do it. He's trying to run and he will kill someone. Please come quickly.”
The court heard that when officers finally did arrive Akbari jumped a string of fences to try and escape them.
They eventually found him “pretending to be out of it” so they would leave him alone in a back garden.

Akbari, of Thornton Heath, denies attempted murder and wounding with intent against Mr Speight and threatening Mr Hoy
with an offensive weapon. Jurors were told he has admitted two charges of affray over the altercations with Mr Hoy and Mr
Watkins along with threatening Mr Watkins with an offensive weapon, namely the knife.

The trial continues...'

He'll get off with it because he's...

Oh, and just another one that came in as I was typing the above.

Quote:BREAKING: Man, 40, stabbed to death in broad daylight in London.

'Police are investigating after a man was stabbed to death in south London following reports of a fight.
The victim, 40, was found in Latchmere Road, Wandsworth, and was taken to hospital with stab injuries
on Wednesday afternoon but later died.

No arrests have yet been made. Police were called following reports of a fight. 
A Met Police statement said: "Officers were called at approximately 14:45hrs on Wednesday, 3 July to reports
of a fight in Latchmere Road, SW11...'

London is lost.

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
With the decay in standards now finally realised by London's Mayor Khan, it seems that in the name of diversity,
other species that inhabit the capital shouldn't be left out. And once again, no mention of it at the BBC.

Quote:City workers got so much cocaine from Albanian gang EELS in River Thames got high.

'An Albanian crime gang has been jailed for 33 years after helping supply City slickers with so much cocaine
eels in the River Thames got high. The 12-strong mob of lieutenants and couriers was busted with 1.2kilos of
the drug worth £144,000.

Police also recovered £20,000 in cash and mobile phones used by controllers they described as "extremely active".
The gang specialised in supplying City workers in London's Square Mile with cocaine.

Scientists said so much of the Class A drug was finding its way into the Thames via sewage outfalls it was making
eels hyperactive. The cocaine comes from users' urine and pours into the waterway when downpours overwhelm
waste treatment plants.

While studies in other cities showed cocaine use rose at weekends and fell during the working week it remained
consistently high in London. King's College London researchers said the capital was "one of the highest consumers
of cocaine". After recovering quantities of the drug in a routine traffic stop police set up an eight-month undercover
operation to shut down dealers targeting City workers.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=6061]
Slippery creatures.

A City of London Police spokesman said the gang was "taking orders of cocaine from City workers and delivering
the drugs in the Square Mile and central London". Those responsible were convicted of drug crimes following a series
of trials in the capital.
A police spokesman said they had "disrupted a large scale organised crime gang".

Det Con Lee Johnson, who led the operation, said: ``A lot of individuals delivering drugs across the capital are young
and vulnerable people who are being exploited."Many people don’t realise it but money from selling drugs can be use
to fund other serious offences.

"This operation has been incredibly successful in disrupting a large and organised group of criminals making a profit
from the sale and distribution of cocaine in the City. "The arrest and sentencing of these individuals sends a strong
message both to people coming to the City to sell drugs and those in the City buying them -this will not be tolerated
by police.
"We are doing all we can to bring those responsible for selling drugs to justice and to protect those at risk of exploitation.''

The gang's ringleaders were Bledar Ponari, 28 and Fjoralb Fera, 21.
Ponari, from Hackney, central London, was jailed for 64 months for conspiracy to supply cocaine and possessing
improperly obtained identity documents. Fera, from Leyton, east London got 60 months for conspiracy to supply cocaine
and possessing criminal property.

Nine other men aged 20 to 33 got jail sentences ranging from 11 months to three years for offences including conspiracy
to supply cocaine, possessing it with intent to supply and having improperly obtained identity documents.
Erdi Nezaj, 25, of no fixed abode, was also arrested but immediately deported to Albania by the immigration services...'
Daily Star:

Just in case anyone here thought the killing-sprees had diminished in London, they haven't.
Here's the latest ones.

Woolwich stabbing: Teenager charged with murdering young man in south-east London.

Leyton shooting: Man shot dead outside east London snooker club named as police make two more arrests.

'...All the knife deaths across London so far this year
As of July 4, there were at least 33 fatalities from stabbings in London so far this year.

Two people were fatally stabbed in separate knife attacks in the capital, in the first six hours of 2019 -Charlotte Huggins,
33, and Romanian bouncer, Tudor Simionov, also 33.
Charlotte was the first knife murder victim of the new year. She died in Camberwell, London, just after 4am on January 1.

The second person to be killed was Mr Simionov, who was stabbed to death by gatecrashers outside a New Year's Eve
party in London's exclusive Mayfair area. Shocking video footage captured outside the party shows Tudor being mobbed
by thugs seconds before he was stabbed to death.

And as of February 19, three teenagers have already lost their lives in London this year.

Jaden Moodie, 14, Nedim Bilgin, 17 and Lajean Richards, 19, were all killed as a result of stabbings.
Dennis Anderson, 39, died in East Dulwich and 34-year-old Polish national Kamil Malysz was found dead at his home.
And on February 8 mum Aliny Mendes, 39, was stabbed to death outside a school in Cheam, Surrey, Greater London.
A man aged in his 40s arrested on suspicion of murder and a second man, aged in his 50s, arrested on suspicion of
assisting an offender continue to be quizzed in custody.

Police confirmed at least one of the suspects "was known" to the stay-at-home mum, who is originally from Brazil.

On February 18 a man collapsed and died at The Wesley Hotel, near Euston Station after being knifed.
He was later identified as Bright Akinleye, 22.

On February 21, a 23-year-old man named as Glendon Spence was stabbed to death in Lambeth.
Kamali Gabbidon-Lynck, 19, was killed in Wood Green after being chased into a hair salon.
And on February 25, David Lopez-Fernandez, 38, was pronounced dead after being found with stab wounds in Tower Hamlets.
Che Morrison, 20, died on February 26, after being stabbed at Ilford station.

On March 1, Jodie Chesney, a 17-year old girl was founded knifed to death in a playground in Romford.
Police were called to a park after reports of a knife attack close to St Neot's Road in Harold Hill, east London, at 9.25pm on Friday.
Cops found the teenager suffering with a stab injury before she was pronounced dead around an hour later.
Elize Stevens, 50, died of stab wounds in Hendon on March 2 and David Martinez, 26, was stabbed to death in Leyton, East London,
on March 6. He was knifed in the back and neck and left to die in the arms of passers-by after being dragged from his home in broad
daylight. A woman live streamed his death on Facebook and even TOUCHED the victim as paramedics battled to save him.

On March, 7, 17-year-old Ayub Hassan was knifed multiple times outside a Waitrose supermarket near West Kensington Tube station.

Good Morning Britain star Alex Beresford told viewers he was "deeply saddened" to confirm that his cousin, Nathaniel Armstrong, 29,
was fatally knifed in the early hours of Saturday, March 16, in Fulham.
Met Police said on April 3 that Lovel Bailey, 29, of Birmingham, was arrested at Gatwick Airport, and charged with Nathaniel's murder.

On March 22, a 17-year-old boy, Abdirashid Mohamoud, of Brentford, was stabbed to death near flats in Isleworth, West London, after
being chased by two attackers. Met Police said that a man, 22, was arrested on March 30 on suspicion of murder and has been
"technically bailed".

An "innocent" Pinner newsagent was killed after a knife attack on March 24.
Ravi Katharkamar, 54, was found stabbed to death in his shop "for a few pounds, with police confirming a 44-year-old man had been
arrested on suspicion of murder.

On March 28, aspiring music producer Zahir Visiter, 25, was reportedly stabbed to death for a £60,000 watch before the knifemen
fled into a mosque near Regent's Park. He became the 31st murder victim in Lawless London so far this year.
The music producer was reportedly stabbed to death for a £60,000 watch before the knifemen fled into London Central Mosque near
Regent's Park.

A hero dad-of-three, Gavin Garraway, 40, was fatally knifed in broad daylight in Clapham, South London, on March 29.
It was claimed that he was trying to protect his brother. His murder came days after the death of his dad, Farda Spy, a "legendary"
musician known as I Spy. Zion Chiata, 18, has been charged with Garraway's murder and possession of a bladed article, say the
Met Police.

A 22-year-old man who was stabbed to death on April 1 after being chased by a gang through the streets of Kentish Town in London
has been named locally as Calvin Bungisa. Met Police said: "We believe several male suspects came out of Vicar's Road and
chased the victim down Grafton Road before fatally attacking him."
Calvin's family, who described him as a happy man who "was always laughing", had fled war in Congo.

On April 23, a 21-year-old man was stabbed to death in a string of four knifings in just seven hours across London.
A man died after he was stabbed in Hackney, Frampton Park Road on April 27. He was attacked at 2.45pm and died in hospital.

On May 1, a 15-year-old boy was stabbed to death in Hackney in Somerford Grove.
Two teens were left fighting for life on May 6 after being stabbed in Islington, North London.
Cops found a 17-year-old boy injured in Fairbridge Road shortly after 5.30pm on Bank Holiday Monday.
Ten minutes later, a man - who police believe is aged 18 - was found stabbed less than half a mile away in Sussex Close.

On May 27, a 23-year-old man died after being stabbed during a vicious knife fight in East London.
The day after a man in his 30s, died in hospital after being stabbed in Forest Gate.

On the weekend of June 14-16, police made 14 arrests after five separate attacks in London left three men dead and three
injured in just 24 hours.
An 18-year-old man was stabbed to death shortly before 5pm on June 14 in Wandsworth, South London.
A man in his 30s died after he was stabbed to death in Tower Hamlets the following day, June 15.
On June 26 Yusuf Mohamed, 18, was fatally stabbed in the heart while he was out buying milk for his mum.

Kelly Mary Fauvrelle, 26, became the capital's 64th murder victim following a "horrific" attack in Thornton Heath, near Croydon,
on Saturday June 29. Her baby, born when Kelly was just eight-months-pregnant, was delivered at the scene but tragically died
four days later.

On July 3, a 40-year-old man was stabbed to death after a fight on a Latchmere Road, South London.
On July 6, two women and a man have been arrested after two men were stabbed. The victims, one aged in his 20s and the other
in his 30s, were found with multiple wounds after the sickening attack in Hounslow, West London.

All the stabbings, fatal and non-fatal, across London in 2019

January 1 - Charlotte Huggins, 33, stabbed to death in Camberwell

January 1 - Tudor Simionov, 33, stabbed to death in Park Lane

January 1 - Two men - also security guards - aged 37 and 29, and a woman, aged 29, were also stabbed at the private party in Park Lane.
They had come to Tudor's aid during the attack

January 5 - A mum in her 30s was fighting for her life and two others wounded in a triple stabbing in broad daylight in Leyton, East London on
January 5. She was attacked in front of her two children

January 5 - Man, 26, found suffering from knife wounds in Newham

January 8 - Jaden Moodie, 14, died after being stabbed in Waltham Forest after his moped was rammed off the road, witnesses claimed

January 11 - Woman in her 50s stabbed in Wallington

January 19 - Two men, aged 20 and 18, attacked and stabbed in Edmonton

January 20 - Man, 57, found with stab injury in Kew

January 27 - Polish national Kamil Malysz, 34, stabbed to death in Acton. A man, 33, has been arrested after the death

January 29 - Nedim Bilgin, 17, stabbed to death in Islington

February 3 - Two teens found with knife wounds "may have been attacked in Feltham Park", Met Police say

February 5 - Lajean Richards, 19, a Domino's delivery driver, was stabbed to death outside his family home in Battersea

February 5 - Teenager, 18, rushed to hospital after being stabbed at around 1am on Drummond Street, near Euston station in central London.

February 6 - Teen boy stabbed on London bus in Hackney

February 8 - Two males - aged 16 and 28 years old – were found suffering from stab wounds in Wood Green

February 8 - Mum-of-four Aliny Mendes, 39, was stabbed to death while walking with one of  her children near Meadow Primary School in Cheam,

February 9 - Man, 23, in critical condition after being knifed in Neasden

February 9 - Boy, 16, suffers stab wound after a fight in Hayes

February 10 - Dennis Anderson, 39, stabbed to death in East Dulwich in a "row over a cigarette" outside an off-licence in East Dulwich

February 18 - Bright Akinleye stabbed to death in Euston after collapsing in a hotel lobby

February 21 - A 23-year-old man was stabbed to death in Lambeth.

February 22 - A teenager was knifed to death in Wood Green, North London, just after 8pm.

March 1 - Jodie Chesney, 17, was knifed to death in a playground in Romford. She was found dead on March 2.

March 6 - David Martinez, 26, was stabbed in the street in Leyton, East London.

March 7 - A 17-year-old boy is stabbed in broad daylight in Kensington.

March 9 - A 19-year-old boy is stabbed in North Finchley and is currently fighting for his life in hospital. He was stabbed in the chest
on the 134 bus at Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill.A boy, 17,  has now been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder.
A pal said the teen was stabbed after LOOKING at the attacker.

March 9 - A man, believed to be 18-years-old, was stabbed on Edgware Road. His injuries aren't considered to be life-threatening.

March 10 - A a 19-year-old was left fighting for his life after being stabbed near flats in East Dulwich in South East London.

March 16 - Nathaniel Armstrong, 29, was stabbed to death on the same street where Jill Dando was shot dead in 1999.

March 22 - Abdirashid Mohamoud, 17, was stabbed to death in Isleworth, West London

March 23 - Four people were stabbed - three teens and man in his 20s - in three separate attacks across the capital

March 24 - A man in his 40s in Hackney was fighting for life

March 24 - In North West London a murder investigation was launched after a man was found stabbed to death

March 25 - Ravi Katharkamar, 54, was stabbed to death "for a few pounds" while opening his newsagents in Pinner, North West London

March 25 - A 15-year-old boy was left in a critical condition after being stabbed on Dartmouth Road, Forest Hill, South East London at 4.10pm

March 26 - Six people, including four teenagers, were stabbed in different locations across the capital within six hours of each other

March 28 - A  17-year-old was repeatedly stabbed in Markhouse Road, in Walthamstow, East London.

March 28 - Zahir Visiter, 25, was found stabbed at 6.15pm in Westminster - he later died in hospital while armed cops sealed off a mosque
near Regent's Park.

March 29 - Gavin Garraway, 40, was fatally knifed through the window of his car in Clapham, South London, before his attackers sprinted away.
He is the 32nd murder victim in the UK capital this year.

March 30 to April 2 - A series of five knife attacks were carried out in the N18 area of Edmonton, North London. Aged from 23 to 52, all were
slashed from behind in the street during "seemingly random attacks", the Met police said. Two victims were left in a critical condition while a
third, in his 30s, is fighting for his life in hospital.

April 1 - Calvin Bungisa, 22, was stabbed to death in a busy road after being chased through the streets of Kentish Town at about 8.30pm.

April 1 - Two men were stabbed outside student halls in Wembley

April 3 - A man in his 40s died in Harrow, North London after a 'machete attack'.

April 5 - A man in his 20s was stabbed in broad daylight outside Ilford station at around 3.30pm.

April 6 - A woman, in her 20s, was stabbed in the stomach on Holloway Road, Islington, just a mile from Arsenal's Emirates stadium.

April 6 - A teenager was stabbed in Kingsbury, north west London.

April 6 - A man was knifed in Brixton.

April 8 - A man, aged in his 20s, died in Manor Park, East London at around 9.30pm after being shot and stabbed.

April 21 - A 21-year-old died from stab injuries after a gang attacked him in Harlesden.

April 24 - A 21-year-old man was stabbed to death in a string of four knifings in just seven hours across London.

April 27 - A man died after he was attacked in Frampton Park Road, Hackney at around 2.45pm.

April 28 -  A 17-year-old boy was stabbed "six times" on a London bus in broad daylight with a "long knife.

May 1 - A 15-year-old boy was stabbed to death in Hackney.

May 2 - A man was rushing to hospital in a life-threatening condition after reports he was stabbed in Camden Town, North London
at 12.17am.

May 2 - A 15-year-old boy was airlifted to the hospital after he was found with stab wounds in Valley Grove, next to Charlton Athletic's
football stadium.

May 5 -  Junior Urugbezi-Edwards, 18, was stabbed to death after being chased down a street in south-east London.

May 6 - Two teens aged 17 and 18 were left fighting for their lives after a stabbing in Islington, North London.

May 16 - Barrington Davis was found dead in his flat in south-east London.Initially the 54-year-old's death was treated as non-suspicious
however a post-mortem test revealed he had suffered multiple stab wounds.

May 28 - Ismaila Ceesay, 33, was killed after being stabbed in the abdomen in Forest Gate, east London.

June 14 - An 18-year-old man was stabbed to death in Wandsworth, south London.

June 15 - A man in his 30s was stabbed to death in Tower Hamlets, East London.

June 27 - The victim, believed to be 18, was attacked in Uxbridge Road, Shepherd’s Bush.

June 29 - Kelly Mary Fauvrelle, 26, was stabbed to death in Thornton Heath, near Croydon.

July 4 - A 40-year-old man was stabbed to death in Latchmere Road, Wandsworth.

July 6 - Two men, one aged in his 20s and the other in his 30s, were found with multiple wounds after a knife attack in Hounslow,
West London. Two women and a man were arrested.

NOTE: Mayor for sale. Well-versed in acquiring third-world mentality.

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[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
I don't get it... honestly, I just don't understand the depths that the standards
of this country have sunk to. It's like a third-world, backward sh*t-hole.

Quote:Met Police officer bought TV porn at home of dead child's family.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=6075]

Avi Maharaj indicated a guilty plea to fraud by false representation at Westminster Magistrates' Court.

'A Met Police officer has admitted buying pornography at the family home of a
dead child while he waited for an undertaker to arrive.

PC Avi Maharaj was on duty alone at the south London home when he used the
family's Virgin TV account and spent £25.96 on 11 February 2018.
It is understood he made four purchases -at least two of which were made when
the child's body remained in the house.

Maharaj, 44, of Kingswood Place, Hayes, has indicated a guilty plea to fraud.
After Tuesday's hearing at Westminster Magistrates' Court, he was bailed for
pre-sentence reports to be made for a hearing on 6 August.

The Met said the officer, from the south west command unit, is currently on restricted
duties. His conviction follows a complaint from a member of the child's family, which
led to an investigation by the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC).

The watchdog also found evidence he may have falsified his attendance log to cover
his actions. IOPC regional director Sal Naseem, said: "PC Maharaj's behaviour was
shocking and even more so given he was guarding the property in the absence of the

"Not only were his actions deceitful but he caused considerable distress for the family
involved who were dealing with the sudden death of a family member.
"I am sorry that the family involved had to deal with this while also coping with the tragic
loss of their child."

The Met said misconduct proceedings will take place following the conclusion of criminal

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
(07-03-2019, 09:50 PM)BIAD Wrote: Khan's London is still enjoying its demolition derby and now the sub-humans are making sure their targets
are the correct ones.

Quote:Akbari then made his way up to the pub where he confronted Barry Watkins, who was on his way out clutching his pool cue
and case. Jurors were also shown CCTV footage of him marching Mr Watkins back inside where Akbari similarly demanded
to know their nationality.

Ms Stonecliffe said: “He and his friends replied that they were English, at which point the defendant started lunging at them
with the knife.”

The trial continues...'

He'll get off with it because he's...

You know, I've never been in a British pool hall, but I've been in plenty of US pool halls, and that's one of the last places I'd pick to go on the offensive with a knife, even a big one. Almost any pool cue stick has a lot of reach on a knife. I once popped my best friend right between the eyes with the chalk end of a pool cue because he was coming up behind me to back me up in a brawl that developed in one, and I was drawing back to pop an opponent in front of me with the butt end of the cue stick - Jeff was just in the right place at the wrong time, and got a pretty blue chalk dot right between his eyes for his concern.

Has this gentleman been evaluated for mental processes, that he did not realize that a pool cue wrapped around a noggin will often prevent a knife between the ribs from occurring?

Quote:BREAKING: Man, 40, stabbed to death in broad daylight in London.

'Police are investigating after a man was stabbed to death in south London following reports of a fight.
The victim, 40, was found in Latchmere Road, Wandsworth, and was taken to hospital with stab injuries
on Wednesday afternoon but later died.

No arrests have yet been made. Police were called following reports of a fight. 
A Met Police statement said: "Officers were called at approximately 14:45hrs on Wednesday, 3 July to reports
of a fight in Latchmere Road, SW11...'

London is lost.

London may be lost, but thank God they've eliminated violence in the citizenry by outlawing firearms!

" I don't mind killin' a man in a fair fight... or if I think he's gonna start a fair fight... or if there's money involved... or a woman... "

 - Jayne Cobb, Hero of Canton
(07-19-2019, 04:59 AM)Ninurta Wrote: ... London may be lost, but thank God they've eliminated violence in the citizenry by outlawing firearms!

Quote:Dramatic moment cops take down drugs gang caught on camera brandishing GUN in broad daylight.

'...An eagle-eyed camera operator saw the barrel glinting as it was handed over between gang members
and alerted police...'

tinywondering  It's just not an appropriate narrative to mention guns at the moment because it would align the UK with
US cities that deal with gun-violence and we would lose the traditional snobby one-up-manship that people like
Piers Morgan like to tell Americans!
[Image: attachment.php?aid=953]
Since the universities are brainwashing their youth that white man is bad and same-sex relationships
are a good, liberal thing, then it should be okay to suggest that all queers are rapsits, yes?

Oh look, another normal Friday night out in the Londiztan regions. I'm sure Mayor Khan will tell the
victim that he should just get used to it.

Quote:Man 'raped in alleyway' by city nightclub in vile sex attack hours after double stabbing.

'A 25-year-old man has been arrested after a clubber was raped in an alleyway near a nightclub on Thursday night.
The male victim was attacked in the early hours of Friday morning.

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East of England Ambulance Service were called to the alleged incident in Chelmsford, Essex at around 4.55am
yesterday. They told police that a man had claimed to them he had been raped.
Officers reviewed CCTV from the scene and made enquiries.
The 25-year-old was arrested on suspicion of rape and remains in custody for questioning.

A police cordon was put in place behind the Bar&Beyond nightclub in the centre of Chelmsford.
Charlie Blake, who works nearby, told Essex Live: "This morning I saw police forensics in white suits taking pictures of
the street and the alley."

In a statement, Essex Police said: "We were called by the ambulance service at around 4.55am today, Friday, August 9,
after a man told paramedics he had been raped in an alleyway off Baddow Road, Chelmsford.
"We made enquiries at the scene and reviewed CCTV before arresting a 25-year-old man at around 6.40am on suspicion
of rape. He remains in custody for questioning...'

'...A spokesman for Bar&Beyond said: "As this is an ongoing police investigation, all we can confirm is that the alleged
incident is not linked to our venue."
It came just hours after two men were stabbed in Chelmsford on Thursday evening near The Meadows Shopping Centre.
The double stabbing was just 100m from the site of the later rape, but there is no indication the two incidents are linked...'
The Daily Star:

Not possibly linked... that shouldn't make anyone feel any better!

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