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Operation Rebirth: The Only easy day was yesterday Deleted Scenes
Author's note:
I decided to reference this incident instead of using it

So far, Andros woke up in class after not feeling good
The trust is learning that it was NOT a dream

He has spent the first half of the day hunting down Jethro's friends and allies

"You little S@#$'s think you can hunt us down.. Trick me and Jack into putting eric into the hospital," Julius knocked the trey of food out of Alexander's hand.. "What is the future Leader of the Free world going to do.. Call his navy buddy.. Well Mr. President of the United states.. Please like white trash like you will ever become something.. The little conspiracy theorist.."

The Stronger and bigger kids surrounded Alex and Helos..

"What was it Diana said.. Thats right, Andros is bragging he is a soldier.. After I beat your A$$ you need to remind him.. The NAvy is full of p#$$ies.. its why I am going to make you say Army strong and then maim you.." Julius laughs, "Then we are going to take your money.. Might visit your mother tonight.."

Surrounded Alexander took a deep breath as he looked down.. something clicked in Alexander's head and he looked up in defiance, "F#$% you Julius!!!"

An older man in an army uniform walked over, "That is after school detention Mr. Macer.. Mr. Smithson.. And pick up the food you dropped.. god you three losers.. Where is Andros?"

Five kids came running into the filling cafateria, "Sargent Heinson... Andros.." Out of breathe holding a broken arm, "Jack.. He got Jack.. He is singing old songs as he attacks we.. We cant stop him!  He has snapped.. He has to be trust.."

The Sargent starts to speak when the sounds of the battle hymn of the republic fills the cafateria..

"...Where the grapes of wrath are stored.. Macer has loosed the faithful lightening of his terrible swift sword.. Freedom's truth is marching.. Marching on..." Drums softly play as The Sargent is wide eyed as the words to the battle hymn of the republic play..

"This is bulls$%^.." Julius goes to reach for alex..

A loud crack fills the air with a window busting as Julius's hand seems to explode..

The Sargent starts to move till he sees a red dot cross his eyes, "God D@#$ !!"

"Their is a red dot on the middle of your forehead," Alexander is wide eyed as he sees the Majority of the kids bow their heads.. 

They all go to one knee and put their wrist up.. Several start begging Alex for mercy, "We are not with Jethro. Please Alex we were just kidding..."

Helos is awed as he sees all the kids on their knee's. "Alex.."

Alex stands over the downed Julius, "You were saying something.." Alexander stands on the remains of Julius's hand, "All of you except the sargent empty your pockets.. I want all your phones, bank cards, rings, necklaces, and anything of value.. NOW!!!!"

Shaking the kids start tossing stuff on the middle of the floor..

One of the trust kids starts to move and then falls as her kneecap is gone.. The red light moves back on the sargent..

"Helos.. I.. I know some of these people are not the same.." Cold Bloodily Alex calmly takes several treys from different kids on their knees, "The ones like you give back their stuff.. The Rest.. Will stand as we eat in peace for the first time in years.."

"You.. You have known for some time, " Helos looks down.. "I.. I.. I did not mean to withhold infor.."

"Helos," Alex smiles.. "We have been in session since this morning.. Starfleet regulation 46- A is in effect.. "

The Sargent growls, "He will not get away with this.."

The kids are shaking in fear as Alexander sees several of the kids get their stuff back.. Helos walks over with a huge pile in his shirt, "S@#$ Alex.." 

Alex's phone rings making him look weirdly..

Hail to the Chief fills the very quiet Lunchroom.. taking out his phone after thirty seconds, "A message for julius it appears.." Alex starts eating.. "You b@#$% boy.. Pass me my F#$%ing milk I am thirsty."

Shaking, one of the kids still in submission moves as he stays out of the red lights line on the sargent. An extra milk is sat in front of Alex..

"Helos.. these pricks have just bought us lunch.. Pick what ever you want.."

Helos takes several treys as their owners all look away.. He then grabs packed lunches piling the treys in front of him..

Alexander reads the message, "It appears Sargent that the Navy wishes to speak with you outside. Said for you to bring Julius and that cu$% with the knee issue outside.. No one else is involved." Alexander takes one sip of the milk.. He then throws it at one of the trust, "I want yours B#$%^!!!"

Shaking the Sargent growls, "I am not.."

"Apparently your daughter is unaccounted for Sargent.. Like Darius, Amelia, and Mrs. Ortiz," alexander smiles as he takes a sip of the milk.. "I came in peace.. All of us could have been friends.. Now.. You have chosen your lot. You have F@#$ed with me for the last time."
Author's note
(this might still go iin)

It is saturday december 8,2012

The boys with jessica have gone clothes shopping

Andros has managed to get to the martial arts tournament

Alexander has told andros he needs a distraction.. At the your going straight to a black site level

With tears of joy in his face Andros hugs Alex

andros mentions these kids are bred trust the Chinese took from korea and vietnam
Its a fair fight

The mall strip dojo andros is part of has been eliminated

except for Andros who has not had his first match

In the first match Andros walks up acting drunk
Before the Sensei can stop him, the first match starts

To their shook, andros deploys drunken kung fu

Big Juan makes the comment in awe he was going to teach the three musketeers drunken Kung Fu to defend themselves..

Now match two

Big Juan looked at Andros and Returned the bow, "Eye of the Tiger Sensei.." The roar of an a very large African Lion comes from Andros making the other participants pause..

The next  match finished as the Kids in the Dojo are cleared away from Andros by Bill..

"Andros," big Juan looks at him wide eyed.. "Its. How?"

"I have been watching you warm up Sensei.Also, I have been watching copies of Jackie Chan's drunken master for years.. Jethro is WAY bigger then me. Did I do it right Big Juan," andros fakes innocence in his nine year old voice.. "We have been practicing for a few years.."

Big Juan Watches Andros's previous opponent try to stand up.. the other Kid falls to the ground with the doctor missing him.. Big Juan smiles, "You are the last member of our Dojo in this competition.."

Bill walks back over, "Mr. Colt.. You cant see out of the White belt around your eyes.."

"I can hear them Sensie.." Andros answers in his nine year old voice, "They stink to.." Andros looks at several of the Trust kids from his dojo, "Like Gretchen did when she saw my black Reclusia.."

The trust kids start whispering to each other..


"Hilton.." bill looks at the navajo trust kid, "Give Andros breathing room.."

One of the Adults sniffs the Air as he walks up, "Mr. Colt.." the older man bows to Andros, "Honored member of the Kean bloodline.. "

Andros returns the bow, "Mr. hilton's dad. Big Bear Hilton. The idiot on thee ground tried the same crap Jethro did.. I am not in trouble am I.. I mean.."

Hilton put his arm around Andros, "Far from it Kean.. Can you keep them busy?"

Andros smiles accepting the friendship, "Your not mad about your friends.. I mean.."

Hilton went to one knee, " Andros.. Jethro was a complete Idiot.. They should have known their opponent. they attacked you littleman.. " Hilton Motions for several of the other Trust kids to come over, "Your next opponent.. Is from Brazil.. Do you know what style of martial arts he will use."

"Its that Dance crap," andros fakes a look on his face.. " I am going to be fighting her.. Recie I think is her name eventually.. She is good."

"Focus Andros.. One Fight at a time," Big Juan nods to hilton.. "Now.. Drunken master.."

Andros's voice goes older, "Is about flexibility and battlefield adaptation.."

The Referree motions andros and the other competitor to the Ring as Hilton's father is on the phone.

The rules are explained as Bill and Big Juan take a deep breath..

Once the Andros and the other kid bow, His opponent immediately starts moving..

Andros looks at several of the woman around the place and starts singing in Wendigo..

As Andros starts a war dance, the Brazilian kid pauses as the sounds of drums and guitar come from andros..

Hilton falls over backwards and starts backing up in fear, "Thats.. Thats.. DAD!"

Big Bear drops his phone, "the.. the.. The War Dance of the Skinwalkers!!"

A slightly plump black woman is smiling evilly singing in Navajo with Andros, "Its the eye of the Tiger.."

Big Bear looks around and sees several of the woman around singing with Andros..

Picking up the phone as she speaks in navajo, "Mr. Hilton.. You dropped your Phone.."

Shaking Big bear takes his phone..

Andros keeps singing  as the Brazilian kid goes down face first.. 

"You.. He," big Bear is wide eyed.. "Your not.. Not Navajo.. that is the language of the great beast Mr. colt is singing.."

The Black lady smiles as she stays in Navajo, "How provincial.. We are a multicultural Organization.." Seeing Andros awarded a point, "We do not know how Mr. Colt knows.. We can say we are very proud.. Tell the elders when you call them that the Matriarch of the Colt Tribe will be speaking with them shortly.." Pointing at a camera recording the events, "She is watching.. From what we understand Mr. colt is up for his age of ascension rites.. Littleman has his first kills, has chosen his mates, and now proves via direct combat his worthiness. Tell the elders she is demanding full tribal recognition of him per the treaty.."

Big Bear slowly backs away when he bumps into another mother sing eye of the tiger with Andros..

Sniffling as tears fell down her face, Jessica Lange walked over to Alexander, in his own little corner of the School Library. Alex was reading Boyd by Chrochran.. Vastly shaken as she trembled, "Alex.."

Helos looked up from his copy of the five rings as he sniffed the air..

Alexander waived his hand, "Jessica.. " Standing up looking her in the eyes, "Jessie.."

Breaking down as her tears fell, Jessica grabbed Alexander in a hug. "I.. Dad.. Mama.. I.. My.. My men.. 2006.. "

Helos stood up but was waived off by Alex..

Holding her for a minute, Alexander gentley kissed her forehead, "Jessie.."

"Uncle Alex.. Dad.. He.. the nightmare.. Mama.."

Helos went wide eyed..

Alexander takes a step back, "Jessie.."

Taking a deep breath, she looks down.. After a second Jessica stands straight up and goes to the thousand yard stare, "Stacy Joyce Colt.. Lt. colonel.. Chronal Marine Division, Commanding officer Project Terminator, John conner Protocols.... Mr. chairman..   " Looking at Helos, "Uncle Helos.. Sargent at Arms.. I have no choice but to report for direct protection detail for the chairman.. This is not my dad.. I . You were the one who dealt with Jethro Uncle Helos, not dad."

Alexander rubs his eyes, "Sit down Jes.. Stacy.." alexander sits back down, "Sit down very quickly.. Eyes are on us already.."

Sitting like an officer, "Mr. chairman.. I am so sorry we.. I had to go native in two thou.."

Alexander holds up his hand, "I have to call you Jessie.. " reaching into his back pack Alexander pulls out a red taped note book..

"I.. I have a red tape entry," Jessica/ Stacy responds making Helos sit down as Alex Raises an eye brow.. In Andros's older voice, "F#$% me.. S#$%!!!"

Jessica/ Stacy covers her mouth..

Alexander makes a few marks, "Yeap.. Family.. Definately andros's daughter.. " Narrowing his eyes at Jessica as he takes out a pen, " Deployed in.. 2004.. Suffered loss of family, but was under protection.. Are you telling me Lt. colonel that.." Alexander Pauses as the tears fall, closing the red taped notebook, "Stay near me as much as possible Jessica.. We will observe  the evidence together.. Jessica.. Tell me.. We do have a problem.. "

"Dad's dream does not match my reality Uncle Alex," Jessica swallows hard.. Seeing Alexander motion she takes a deep breath, "You see.. You were not President by election and their was no World War 3.. "

"I chose civil war," Alexander looks at a wide eye Jessica..

"Well.. You kinda blew up fort Sumter as your opening salvo," Jessica smiles.. "I thought it was pretty fireworks.. "



"Alex," A man with four stars on took a deep breath.. "Those.. Mr. chairman.. SPAWAR is gone.. All units have been assigned to you as your.. He is Dead alex"

A holographic screen showed the scenes from around the world.. Military Units were failing by the bushel..

In language spoke by organized militaries on different screen, "We have engaged the hostiles.. May day.. May day.." hundreds of units were burning and retreating..

"Mr. Senior  Tactical and Strategic Adviser.. " The Screen of a devastated New york filled the command center, "Please tell me you F#$5ing humored my conspiracy Leanings.. Because it looks like these god D@#$ Alien invaders have wiped out most of the people and are using Manhattan Island as a command base.. rufus?"

Quickly Rufus takes a deep breath, "That S#$% is spooky as F#$% alex.." A big Ready Button is brought in with the word easy on it.. "Mr. Chairman?"

"Get ready Mr. Senior Tactical and Strategic Adviser.. " Taking a deep breath, "Put me on all channels .. Hail those a$$hole number one.."

A few buttons are pushed in the command room, "Mr. chairman.. Your live.." 

"Retreat," Comes in multiple languages from the screens.. Alexander has a tear fall as he watches the military units being destroyed..

"Rufus.. Tell our Rebel leaders not another inch of ground. Attack into the enemy, Operation Blitzkrieg.. Extract The Us military , we are no longer enemies.. They are all on my team now.. Bring up ALL the Troops.." Alexander looks at an underground bunker, "Stand by My Fellow Americans.."

Rufus nods, "Alex you have everyone's undivided attention.."

Several of the screens show Well Armed mismatched troops engaging the aliens..

The major capitals and cities were in flames as human refugees were flowing out from them..

"To our alien Brothers from the stars.." Alexander took a deep breath, "I assume this has all been a huge mistake.. "On behalf of mankind.. No.. On behalf of homo..On behalf of the intelligent species of earth, I greet the People of the Way.. We come in peace.."

After a few seconds, "They heard it.. " Refus took a deep breath, "They are pounding NORAD.." A small blip appears on the screen in front of Rufus, "Norad is gone Mr. chairman.."

"Again I greet the people of the stars," Alexander stands up.. Getting a look in his eyes, "They are nothing more then bigoted housewife barbarian Animals.. Dogs on the attack.. I guess you were right, we take their females and put them in the kitchen making samiches.."

A hologram of a female looking alien appears, "BARBARIAN.. Your society's problem is that males like you get a say.. First You kill my daughter.. Then you enslave your females when they should be in charge.. Now you threaten us.. Go make your own D@#$ food you backwards monkey!"

"So you do understand us.. " Alex took a deep breath, "I was just trying to get your attention.. Your an.."

"No negotiations.. Your people will be wiped from the galaxy.. You possess time travel.. Your intelligent species will cut from the great garden.. Like the insects you are," the alien female growls..

"Mr. chairman forces are coming our way," rufus growls..

"So their can be no peace.. US versus you.." Alexander leaned forward, "Your no different then any other bully I have dealt with.. Very well.." Alexander has a drone one him recording and broadcasting, "I hereby assume command of earth's military forces.. As is custom, I must demonstrate a show of force.. "

Rufus gets a nod from Alexander, " Mr. chairman.." Rufus looks at the Alien female, "Time to roast some alien B#$%^es.."

"Like you barbarians can," The alien female commander disappears as Rufus hits the easy button...

A technician speaks, "Sir.. New York city is.." Cheers come from the whole facility as three mushroom clouds appear on the screen, "Gone.. Esitmates are coming in.."

"We caught about seventy five percent of their forces mid re-arming and fueling, "Rufus looks at the screens.. "Mr. chairman.. Everyone is getting confirmation.. It wont be.."

"Alex," andros's voice fills the air.. "God D@#$.. Mr. Chairman.. We.. Your buddy online.. Sir, he has been runing operation batman.."

Rufus hits the conntrols, "Mr. Secretary.."

"We retreated from Pendalton.. We are in Vail.. Mr. STaSa.... We can arm the whole god D@#$ military and then F#$%ing some.." andros walked over to a man with a cane, "This is wallace.. his buddy Cross.."

"Vincent," Alexander smiles.. "Lt. Commander Wallace.. Supply report.."

"Not to toot our own horns Mr. chairman.. We can outfit and feed the whole of the US, Olmec, Sea Peoples, and Canadians.. Mr. Chairman.. We stand with freemen.."

Rufus is bringing up a list, "Holy.. I can fight the Alien bastards.. This is ungodly.."

"Sir," the technician takes a deep breath.. "Russia, China, Great Britian, JApan, and.. S#$% sir.. Everyone sees the supplies list sir.. They wish to speak with the chairman about a unified front against.." Tears fell down the technicians facce.. "Against the people of the way.."

"Mr. chairman," Rufus points to a beaten looking man's hologram..

"You .. You F#$%ing bastard.." The dejected man had armed men show on the hologram, "You have destroy our democracy.."

"No Mr. Acting President.. You bastards did that a long time ago.. The Second American Civil War is officially over.. My men have assumed direct command Mr. President.. " Taking a deep breath, "Rufus is sending a list out.. these men will be shot on sight.. The women will be taken into custody.." Seeing rufus's face, "We send them to victoria.. The human race and other two species so to speak, faces extinction.. Every F#$%ing womb that can be saved will be..  As for you.."

"Just shoot me traitor," The Former Acting President looke down..

"No.. You were a god d#$% good secretary of the interior.. Mr. Secretary.. The people of the united states need to be feed.. And medical supplies must get delivered.. Rufus cant do it by himself.. In fact I am stealing about a third of your staff and friends.."

The former President looked up, "Alex.. That is not how you.."

Scenes of Americans looking at the holograms surrounnd the former acting president with hope in their eyes..

"They know they will be starving in days if not already.." Rufus took a deep breath, "Mr. Secretary of the Interior.. I am sending you the list of supplies and what we think everyone has and does not.. you have ten minutes to get me back what needs to go where.."
That's Just Fantastic, Where do you come up with all of these?
Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
[Image: attachment.php?aid=936]


You know leadership when you see it

The Macer white house as seen by a USSD agent

Our generation knows three points by heart.

Where were you on ____________________?

1)Election night 2042

2) That dark October 31, 2043

3) The day we found out we were not alone in the universe

Always ends with a joke, Not bad for a kid with no college and three years in the Navy as enlisted..

The Election 2042 is the best place to start my story..

My problem with the former head of the USSD started when they tried to railroad my supervisor Gretchen Pinson Smithson. It was all political because her husband was campaigning for Mr. Macer.. I was in the Oval Office the day after President Mezvinsky was humiliated during the debate.. God publicly she has her dad's mannerisms down pat, but in Private she is every inch her mother..

"That F#$%ing A$$hat thinks he can embarass me in front of the nation.." As the president spoke her hand pick staff members all were looking down..

"I told you not to get into the gutter with him," The former White house Chief of staff.. "God D@#$ it Chelsea!! Did you have to call his mother a pedophile?"

"What the F#$% do you call a woman who was having sex with a fourteen year old," Chelsea was pissed.. "I do not recall giving you permission to speak Jack.."

"F#$% you.. I told you NOT  to go there.. I do not care that he asked if you ever F#$%ed Old slick willie.. " 

The former Chief of staff was not very happy, because Mr. Macer had destroyed both the President and Bush during the debate.. Her response was the first crack in the Presidents demeanor when the whole world saw her get piss and say, "Bill was a good man.." Not dad, but bill.. The President and the Chief of staff got into a heavy argument.. She picked up her name plate and threw it at the chief of staff..

One of the interns came running in, "Your gonna want to see this.. The last Great Dinosaur in news is on every channel!"

Pissed off the President turned on the holostation, "So Mr. Colt.. "

"I loved her.. She was a kind and gentle woman who suffered from an array of mental health issues.." A tear fell from Andros's face, "That F#$5ing cunt has the F#$%ing gall to try and use my 'Gina as a strawman.. I hope your watching this you F#$%ing cunt.. I will dedicate myself to destroying your presidency.." Standing up and pointing at the camera as his tears fell, "So lets start this ball rolling.. I am releasing ALL the Information I have on the Clinton Foundation.. Bribes, payoffs, recordings.. ALL OF IT!!! I am first going to destroy your father's legacy, then your mother's, and then your last.. Your children will NEVER hold an elected position in this god D@#$.. You think what happened to President Domingo was me being an A$$hat wait till I am don with you.."

Like the title of the book is, You know leadership when you see it..

"God D@#$ it Andros," Alexander Delano Macer walked into the studio with Gretchen Smithson.. "She was my mother.. You cant do this..America needs leaders, and for better or worse she holds the seat.." 

"F#$% you Alex.. She was my lover.. After all the S#$% we have been through.. That .."

"She is a F#$%ing cant cunt.. I am not disagreeing you.. What she said about Mama crossed a line," Alexander walked up with the little Navajo girl Mr. Colt had adopted..

"Daddy," Little Abigail spoke as the Camera's turned towards her.. "Nana Macer would not want the whole cottin pickin world knowing her dirty little secrets.. She would not want this for you.."

I later watch the rest of the the recordings because the President was looking at the Amazonian sized secret Service agent as she walked over and whispered to Andros..

"Mrs. Smithson," The President grinned like a cat.. "Jack I want everything you have on Mrs. Smithson.. I think it is time to find thumbscrews.."

In their elitism, as they looked around they missed the look of complete fear and panic on the face of my Fellow USSSD agents..

(it was not until later on I learned WHY those agents were very Afraid.. A whole group of sociopathic serial killers.. And Mrs. Pinson was the Wife of their leader.. )
Authors note
This is a scene I have also decided to reference

Earlier I do mention a point when Andros is singing the 31st of October

Chopper did rumble when the smell of napalm filled the air.. Then Sargent Thorenson said,

Andros switched to a voice no one recognised, "S@#$.. look up ahead.."


Vickie walked into the recruiter's office and requested permission to enter..

The gunnery Sargent smiled and looked at the Deppers, "The F#$5ing kid can do it.. Why the F#$% cant you future turds do it?"

"Its probably because they are still sucking there mama's tits sir," Vickie Thorenson stood at Attention properly..

The recruiters looked at the six year old standing in front of them with a black eye and swollen lip and laughed breaking discipline..

"So.. Victoria Amanda Thorenson, what brings you to my recruiting office," The Gunny heard sirens outside and smiled..

"gunny.. this recruit is reporting for her DEP program.. That started one hour, seventeen minutes," looking up at a clock.. "And Twnety three seconds ago.."

Gunny looks at one of the recruiters who looks down, "I will be damned..  again this little marine knows EXACTLY what time we start sargent Blueston.." The gunny goes to one knee, "Thorenson.. If you did something wrong marines do not.."

"gunny.." The other recruiter is looking at his screen.. "I will be god D@#$.. Are you the victoria Thorenson that lives at 201 S. Lancaster Dallas Texas.."

"Thats me sarge. Born twelve, twenty one, o six," Victoria  smiles then recites her last four. "Last four 7347.. Sarge."

"Sargent what the F#$% are you," gunny freezes when he reads the screen.. "Estimated ship out date.. "

"June 12th, 2024," victoria smiles.. "I am going Recon Gunny.."

One of the male recruits laughs, "Little girl they dont take.."

Thorenson kicks the recruit in the nuts and follows up with a double fist to the face.. "Its Recruit Thorenson turd!" Vickie hisses at one of the other recruits and sniffs the air, "Do you want a piece of me Goering?" Brass knuckles come out of her pocket, " Trust mother F#$%er!!"


Vickie was sitting in a chair looking down when Alexander walked in.. She looked at Alex confused for a second and then stood up, "Good afternoon sir.."

Alexander warmly smiled and walked over as voices came from outside..

" Sir.. We tried to correct the system and it rejected it.." The gunny was loud, "Sargent Blueston did not sign her up Sir I.." the voice stops, "Good morning General.." After a short pause, "General Mattis.."

"Gunny why dont we go inside, "Mattis took the phone.. "I will handle this Major.."

Whispering, "I brought back up little marine.. You must be Thorenson.. Macer."

Thorenson blushed when Alexander hugged her a single tear fell.. "Mr. Macer.. I am in so much S#$%.. "

"that you are," General Mattis spoke as thorenson stood up straighter with a thousand yard stare.. "Assualting four of your upper classmates in JROTC, stealing a car.."

"That was reconis.. that was borrowed by the Department of the Navy Sir.. If Captain Colt did not do the proper paperwork that is NOT this recruits problem. Our taxi cab said he might return it," thorenson smiled evilly.

Sighing, "Then you assualted a fellow marine.."

"No offense sir you are not a marine until you set foot on Paris Island or MCRD San Diego.." Seeing the gunny glared at her, "What.. I have been to Paris Island.. One of mama's boyfriends son's graduation.. Sir."

Mattis rubbed his forehead as the Fax machine went off.. Taking the paper himself, "A request chit.." reading it and laughing, "Recruit Thorenson's request for transfer to a Marine corps refresher training facility.. What.. Approved?" Mattis whistles when he starts counting the stars attached to it.. "Rec.. thorenson.. Where is your mother?"

"She went to vegas with a guy she met at the bar.. She left me in Captain Colt's care," thorenson hands a Piece of paper to General Mattis..

Mattis's eyes go wide when he reads the letter.. "Holy.. I.."

"Captain Colt told me not to read it sir but that you would understand," vickie sweetly speaks..

After a few seconds, "Gunny.. I am personally taking custody of Ms. Thorenson.."

"Sir," The gunny pauses..

As general Mattis is on the phone, "Doctor Gera.. General Mattis.." Swallowing hard, "I need to borrow your discretion for a FULL medical exam.."

A police officer walks in, "We are done waiting.. We are taking.."

"Take care of these yokels for me," Mattis shows one part of the letter to Gunny.. "You breath a word of this and you will be digging latrines for the rest of your life.."

Gunny goes wide eyed and swallows as he read the lines, "Holy.." the officer moves towards vickie only for Gunny to knock the LEO out, "Sargent blueston.. Take this LEO to the brig.."

"Doc if this is right she is family," Mattis spoke coldly.. "You.. You already have the DNA?" After a few seconds pause..

"Congratulations General," Doctor Gera's voice fills the air.. "A Mrs. Elphelba Pinson will be contacting you General.."
(07-10-2016, 12:36 AM)guohua Wrote: That's Just Fantastic, Where do you come up with all of these?

I do not know

It must be due to my

"Mr. President.. Littleone," An old Asian woman spoke softly.. "Your gonna want to see this.. We have a feed from Pendelton."

"MAMG.."The tired and dirty President looked at the hologram of Diana, "Di darling.."

"God D@#$ it Alex.. He is your best friend.. Helos could save him," Tears ran down diana's face..

As the feed played, "Please rise for the National anthem.."

"they.. How.. Their is no ," Diana is interupted as Jimi Hendrix's national anthem plays..

President Macer comes to attention and puts his hand over his heart, as do the non- security memebers of the staff..

Jezebell Smithson has tears in her eyes as touches the hologram, "Uncle andros.."

"I will be god D#$%.. The Marines are Raising the American Flag," MAMG speaks as the sounds of Gun fire and tons ammo flying through the air fill the damaged oval office..

"Commander Colt," a female voice comes through.. "the Chinese have broke through our makeshift.. ETA two minutes.."

"Sargent Thorenson.. Prep the greeting committee.. Initiate Operation McKinley.." Commander Colt looks insane as he switches to a squeeky voice of General Pattonn, "Lets make these mother F#$%ers die for their country.." After a pause, "Alex.. Tell Helos NO operation Locutius..We can take these mother F#$%er's.. all right Marines, now we make the bastards play our F#$5ing game.. This is the marine corps god D@#$ hood!!"

Andros switches to a cadence..

MAMG looks at Alex, "He is a mimic.. He will give away their position.. Oh.."

"that beautiful bastard.." Alexander brings up a com, "Rufus.."

"I see it Alex.. Andros is deploying a drum tactic to keep the troops organized on his side.." Rufus's hologram brings a display of the battle..

"Everywhere we go," Andros is very loud..

"I always suspected.. We have a fight on our hands.." Rufus seems to be happy, "Commander Colt.. Sec Arm Smith is on his way with everything he can throw together.. Hold the F#$% on buddy.."

Alexander turns on the holobroadcaster.. A man with brown hair and four stars growls, "You tell those Chinese bastards that I am personally leading the God D@#$ relief force.." thousand of troops can be seen moving down the highway..

"Mr. Secretary of the Army.. CNN," a reporter speaks.. "Isnt it against the law to tell the.."

"F#$% them.. I want those bastards to know the Army is rolling along.. they cant kill the F#$%ing Marine Corps dependents and Fight us off at the same D@#$ time.." The Secretary of the Army taps a com line and starts singing..

"Sec Arm Smith.. Fox News," A female reporter speaks as the army personal start singing along as they start hitching rides on tanks.. "You are personally leading the charge.."

"Your god D@#$ straight.. I am a high value target, so valuable they will either pull resources on the attack or the US ARMY will smash.. So I am going straight to the bastards.. You tell Commander Colt that he owes me ten bucks  and I am fucking coming to collect a personal debt.." Looking around at the moving troops, "Take look america.. All volunteer.. These bastards have started a fight and have bitten off more then they could chew.."

the CNN reporter takes a shot, "Sec Arm Smith.. How do you respond to the fact that Commander Colt has committed war crimes?"

Sec Arm smith leans over and grins, "The Army is NOT going to let the department of the Navy have ALL the fun.. Their will be no white flags accepted!!" After a short pause, "Unless Sec Int Icer personally request in writing to have a private conversation with them.. Even then they do not need knees or hands to talk.. As my mama told an ex-girlfriend of mine.. B#$%^ you aint pregnant in the face!!"

"The night Santa went crazy, " Weird Al's voice fills the beach house..

Yawning Gretchen walks down the stairs, "God D@#$.. It is christmas eve.. You rats.."

Gretchen walks around the corner.. "Madam.. Madam Chairman?"

Andros is singing standing on the kitchen table air guitaring..

Alex and Helos are singing with nine holograms..

"AUNTIE GRETCHEN!!!!" Madam Chairman yells out, "Dad is celebrating Christmas.. Hell has frooze over!!"

"Dad," Gretchen sees andros stick out his long tongue..

Alexander and everybody is taking turns singing a single verse..

Andros flips onto the counter and grabs a Christmas hat.. He jumps off the counter and lands in front of Gretchen

"Andros," Gretchen tries to be serious as Andros puts a hat on Gretchen..

Andros starts dancing with Gretchen who giggles as Andros twirls her to Helos, "GRITCHEEEENNN!!!"

Samantha wearing a night gown stumbles half a step, And helos catches her to..

Giggling she kisses Gretchen when she tries to Kiss Helos and Misses..

"You," Gretchen returns the kiss.. "You got into doc's stash.. Samantha..."

Helos kisses Gretchen as Samantha sits in his lap..

Pulling up a chair, "Madam chairman.. "

"Auntie Gretchen.." The Hologram smiles as she points around, "Siez.."

"Auntie Gretchen," The Hologram of the wendigo smiles.. 

In Siez's voice, "Dont let him F#$% with you Gretchen.. The Wendigo do not celebrate Christmas.. That little greedy F#$%er does it for the gifts.."

"F@#$ you Uncle Andros," The Wendigo Si'Ez'Chin Flicks andros off.. "It is Christmas and we celebrate the cannibalistic eating of Jesus.. "

"That is easter furball," Alex half lit responds..

"Auntie Gretchen said I could celebrate how ever I wanted," Siez mock alex.. "It is progessive that I self identify holidays as I see fit.. To eating hman flesh symbolically.."

Gretchen chuckles, "That is not funny.." Looking at one of the holograms, "She looks like Mrs. Ortiz.."

"Auntie Gretchen," The female smiles.. "Kelly Ortiz.. Of the Ortiz bloooo.." Snorting as she has to stand up, "Wow.. To bad Andros is F#$5ing that blonde.. I am so HORNY!!!"

Gretchen goes wide eye, "Kelly you.. Your the .. Your drunk.." Snickering, "You slept with little man.."

"I did not Sleee.." Kelly pauses, "F#$%.. " The other hologram laugh except Madam Chairman, "I did sleep with Littleman.. God.."

The other holograms introduce themselves to Gretchen..

"Wow," Gretchen smiles as she sips the egg nog.. "So this is your family.. "


"So littleman grows up to be a male whore," Gretchen laughs..

"I am not a male," Andros speaks in Professors Leeta's voice.. "I have a female soul.."

Andros starts singing softly in Pentatonix's voice, "NOOOEL...."

Sandra yawns as she calls out, "Alex.. You left me in bed all by myself.. I am cold and want.."

Everyone laughs as Sandra freezes..

"Hi auntie Noel," The holograms all call out..

"They.. The," Sandra is wide eyed..

Kelly's hologram calls out, "Can I crawl into bed with you and Uncle Alex.. Andros is sleeping with the small tit wonder.. I am right there with you Auntie.. Mama needs loving.."

Alex grins evilly, "I.."

"Alexander Delano Macer," Sandra seems to wrap her bathrobe tighter.. 

"That was Kelly Ortiz.." Alexander grins, "Noel.."

Andros walks over to Noel and dances with her for a second, "Andros.. You ..."

"This is My Daughter and her misbehaving friends.." andros whispers, "Kelly taste pretty good.."

"Andros Nicodemus Colt," Sandra takes a deep breath as she turns away right into Alex.. "Alex.. We.."

"Sandra.. I have bad news for you.." Alex whispers something to Sandra..

"No.. Alex.. there is no moon base.. I am not going t your prom nude.."

"Actually," Madam Chairman smiles as she summons a second hologram from her hands.. "This is Sir Patrick Moore facility.."

"Hey auntie Sandra," one of the holograms smile.. "If Uncle alex isnt treating you right.. I have an extra bed at my house.."

"Andre," Alex narrows his eyes.. "Your gay.. Nice try.."

"For auntie Sandra I would go straight for a few hours," Andre laughs evilly.. "She is a lady.."

Gretchen snorts, "What Sandra.."

"Do not let them F#$% with you Auntie," Madam Chairman laughs.. "We outnumber them.. "

"Alex.. this is not .." She looks at the Holograms as Alex sits down.. She sits in alex's lap and takes a drink from his egg nog, "My god.. Jet fuel.."

Alex kisses Sandra..

"Delano," Sandra taks a deep breath.. "My god.. That.. Wow.."

"Later my dear lets meet the family.. Furball," Alex points to the Wendigo hologram.. "Is a member of the Yeti tr.."

Sandra kisses Alex back, "I know Delano.. your right.. " Sandra whispers in Alex's ear a few things.. "So take your time.." Andros snickers, "You quit listening in.. God.. You have heard everything.. Keep it to yourself.."


".. and from what Auntie Gretchen's daughter told us.. The Secret Service Agents where all stoned faced," Si'Ez'Chin mimics a horrified look on his face. "Madam President.. We.. Uhm.."

Abigail moves her hands across the air, "And President Lovelace threw the old Phone.." Trying to song like a higher toned voice, "God D@#$ it.. Cant you see Captain colt is in the middle of a debriefing!!!"

"Littleman dont you god d#$% dare stop," Kelly adds in with a smile.. "Jezebel said she could smell President lovelace all over Littleman.."

"Gretchen," Andros glares at Her and Helos.. "Remind me to bust your unborn daughters A$$ the first day I see her for telling tells outside of school.. And for the record, she threw the trashcan.. We were not on the desk.. We were on the floor.."

Alexander snorts completely lit.. "So my Vice President became President and your F#$%ed her in the ofal opice.."

"It wasnt me," Andros started swaying as beats joined in.. 

Andros started singing Shaggy's It wasnt me..

As all of the holograms sing along, Gretchen shakes her head.. "It was you littleman.."

As each verse is sung by a different person, andros answers , "It wasnt me.."

Wearing only a to small sports bra and shorts, "It was you Littleman.."

The holograms stop singing and narrow thier eyes..

"Mrs. Renoeva," Abigail immediately looks at the teddy bear she is carrying..

Andros grins and reaches over for Diana, "You might want to hide teddy.."

"Diana Minerva Parker," Kelly seems to have a growl hidden in her voice..

"Ladies.. Manners.. Give her time to grow up to be a B#$%^," Andre speaks coldly..

"Diana.. They were never told your first name, "Andros grins.. "The .."

"You must be Abigail.. " Looking at the Navajo woman, "It is MY TEDDY!!!"

"Diana.. " Sandra speaks coldly, "It is Christmas eve.. "

"Please.. " Evily looking at Kelly, "You must be amelia's niece slash great niece.. Furball.." Diana goes down the list of holograms..

Andros makes a wierd sound.. 

"Littleman.. This is the.. Why isnt my equipment working," Diana looks at Andros.. "Stop it.."

"Diana.. Abigail.. Our christmas rules are in effect.. Abigail.. She is not the same Diana you knew.. We saved her sister.." Andros looked at Diana, "You are acting like the Diana I knew years from now.. Now recording this crap.. It is our holiday.." Andros kisses Diana on to of the forehead..

"You can hear the electronics," Diana got an upset look on her face.. "Fine.."

"Fine," Abigail and Diana actually cross their arms the same way at the same time..

Gretchen leans over to Sandra, "Did you see that?"


"Kelly," Sandra burst out laughing..

"Imprinting.." Alex snorts, "His daughter all right.."

"Dy anna.. this is my daughter.. Abigail.. Baby girl.. this is my nerdie band chicka, minus the great tragedy.." Andros speaks as everyone shuts their mouth..

"Ms. Parker," Abigail breaks the ice.. "It is nice to finally know your first name.."

"Why do you hate me," Diana looks at all the holograms..

"Diana dearie.. Rules of Time Travel.. We cant tell you that.. Ladies.. Specifically Kelly.. Abigail..knock it the F#$5 off," Andre looks at Siez, "Really furball.. "

"The only good thing was post Pendelton and.."

"the fact she gives Teddy to Andros's daughter," Blonde hair flows down a bathrobe.. "Littleman.."

Abigail is very quiet.. A single tear falls down her face, "Merry Christmas Ms. Parker.."

"Babygirl. this is my Awetin.. Widebottom this is my overgrown spoiled brat,"andros puts his arm around Austin and Diana.. "That is.."

"Kelly Ortiz," Austin looks at the holograms.. "I.. Littleman how do we know there names..

"Soulspeak," Diana answers.. 

The Phone rings in the house..

"Its nana Colt," Si'Ez'Chin shakes his wendigo head as he picks it up virtually and hangs it up
"F#$% her," Abigail speaks first..

"What she said," Andros repeats in Abigails voice..

"It is christmas day," Sandra glares.. "You are telling me you all dislike Andros's mother.."

"Yes," The holograms all speak in unison..

"I still havent forgave her for outing me as Gay," Andre crossed his arms.. "Are you sure Uncle Alex she cant have an accident.."

"No.." Alex shakes his head to hard and leans on Sandra...

The Phone Rings again, "It's nana macer.."

Abigail picks up the phone virtually, "Merry Christmas Nana!!"

"'Merry X mas," The other Holograms all shout..

"Andros.. It is Christmas not X mas!!" Regina sighs, "The impersonations are cute.. but.."

"Wait.. Nana is single.." Kelly winks at Sandra, "Hey pretty lady.. Do you mind if I stop over with great Auntie Mel?" Kelly rudely sticks her tongue between her two fingers..

"You three should never be allowed around children together," Gretchen shakes her head..

"Regina.. Say hello to Abigail, Kelly, Andre, Si'Ez'Chin," Sandra names the other holograms..

"Ok.." Regina seems to pause, "I just wanted to wish you merry Christmas.."

"Nana.. We missed you," Abigail sounded excited.. "Dad is celebrating Christmas with us.. I wish you were here.. You know what.."

"Andros it is not," Regina seemed to freeze when she appeared with her feet up .. 

Seeing her breast Andros smiled drawing glare from Austin and diana..

Regina Quickly covers up, "That.."

"Merry Christmas NANA!!!" The holograms speak loudly..

"Andros is not making this up," Reggina looks at the other holograms.. 

"Gina.. this is Abigail.. Andre.. Kelly.. " Andros goes down the list till he gets around to the Wendigo, "And this over grown furball is Si'Ez'Chin.."

"Big foot?"

"Long story Mrs. Macer.." Siez gives a toothy grin, "I am a Wendigo of the Yeti Tribes.. I have heard so much about you.. " Whispering, "Did you get me anything for christmas by the way?"
Nice,,,, But Strange,,,, Over-Sexed Time Travelers?  minusculeclap

minusculehail @Armonica_Templar  You've Done It Again,,,,,,,,  smallawesome
Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
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(12-25-2016, 03:56 PM)guohua Wrote: Nice,,,, But Strange,,,, Over-Sexed Time Travelers?  minusculeclap

minusculehail @Armonica_Templar  You've Done It Again,,,,,,,,  smallawesome

Thank you

It is weird because it is missing the scenes before I think

1) this is the Junior Committee for a better future
as adults

Thank you for the feedback

I have work to do on delivery
I need to store the idea for the Christmas after this

Operation Rebirth: Here I go Again
(working idea for the title)

In this book2

Post andros time in the swamp
The idea is post Gauntlet run
Andros has healed

From book one
Andros and Regina split
She is engaged with De'Chez

Andros did sleep with Helos's mother curing her partially of her insanity
The psi function of soul speak bonded with her bringing her back to reality


tears fell from Elizabeth's face, "You little A$$hole!!"

"F#$% you and your christmas mama," Andros sits on the deck of his barn house.. "Pull," Andros has the sound come out in high decibels..

A christmas present goes flying into the air over the side.. A few seconds later the sound of a rifle goes off making the flying christmas box explode.. Cotton goes every where on the lawn..

Singing, "I 'd come home more often if theyd only quit b#$%^in' .."

Andros loads up another gift into the impromtu launcher, "Let me see.. This is an Xbox from the pawn shop.."

Elizabeth Colt rocks on the Porch of the main house near a breakdown..

"Pull," andros yells out sending another box going flying..

A few seconds later the sound of the rifle barks, sending electronic parts flying..

"What did I do," Elizabeth rocks herself?

"As always you F#$%ed with me and Austin.. Twice mama.. F#$%ing twice and now I cant even hold Regina.. " Andros loads another box, "I said not to get me S#$% because there is nothing you can get me for christmas.. I hate this F#$%ing holiday.. Stay the F#$% out of my house!!"

A car pulls down the road..

Andros loads up another box, "This must be the Star Trek box set I asked for decades ago.. But no, you got me the F#$5ing stargate series.. " Andros pulls the lever repeating the process..

As the box set explodes Austin gets out of her car.. "Littleman.. You," She see's Elizabeth in the middle of a psychotic episode, "God D@#$ it littleman!!"

Getting out of the car, "Austin dear.." The Man spoke, "Make it quick.."

"I invited her over for christmas," Elizabeth yells from the porch.. "You ungrateful little S#$%!!"

"Mama," Andros looks down at the nice Lexus.. "Now this is a F#$%ing Christmas gift..first time in 78 years you got me something I want! Love you mama!"

"Littleman," Austin is at the door of the former barn..  "My boy friend brought me.. S#$%.."

Austin realizes to late that Andros was armed as the sound of the rifle goes to full automatic..

Austin's Boyfriend hits the ground as Andros unloads into the  Lexus.. 

"You little Mother F#$%er.. " The Boyfriend is pissed off as he stands up.. Smoke is coming from his bullet ridden car, "Do you know how much this car c.."

A bullet bounces off the ground between his legs, "Run.. A great hunt.. Live sport.."

Another car comes around the curve and up the dirt road..

Austin's boyfriend takes out his cell phone, "911.. A kid has a rifle and is shooting at me.." Pointing up at Andros, I am calling the Cops.. austin that little.."

"Run BEEEAAACHH!!," Austin's voice comes from Andros.. Andros shoots the cell phone out of the man's hand, "Like so lol!!"

That's a Very Dysfunctional Family!
Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
[Image: attachment.php?aid=936]

Inside a bank of of america

A backhand knocks a woman to the ground, "Tora .. " The man takes off his mask as a tall blonde stands back up over the guard, "Tora Frost.. You are the last surviving child of the Director of the Franklin Trust.. We are robbing the F#$%ing bank.. You are a daft little princess.."

Tora Growls, "Billy.. "

"This is Lt. Yar of the Dallas Police Department.. We have the building surrounded.. Lets Talk," The police officer speaks through a bull horn.

Tears fall down Tora's face as billy continues, "What the F#$% do you think is gonna happen.. Your white knight is gonna come rushinng in and save you.." Billy laughs as two others walk up and down the hostages lined up against the wall.. " Tora.. We can fight our way out we are Trust.."

"This ends now Billy," Tora growls as billly ponits his gun at her..

"High ho silver Away," A very loud voice comes from from outside..

"What the F#$%," Lt. Yar's voice comes over the bullhorn..

William Tell's overture fills the Air and enters the bank..

Billy stops and turns towards a window as the music seems to get louder..

"This is an active crime scene you will," Yar yells at a man on an armored white horse charging straight at the bank..

The moderned armored man fires at at a window as the horse zig zags .. A few seconds later the two circle around as the horse clears a cop car..

"F#$% me," Billy turns and looks at Tora as the armored man and Armored horse clear a way into the building..

As the stunned bank robbers all freeze the Armored man jumps off the horse, "Hello Tora..I missed you.."

Tora Frost stands stunned.. After a few seconds, "Andros Nicodemus Colt.. I.. The music.. I.."

"I would not leave my Tora in this S#$%.."

The music stops as Billy speaks, "Mr. Colt..." Billy and the other Trust bank robbers lower their weapons, "You.. F#$5 me.. I am glad your.."

Andros Kicks billy right in the nuts making him go straight to the ground. Andros Flips up on top ofastanding table, "My Tora.."

A loud lionesses growls fills the bank..

The bank manager stands up, "Honored Mr. colt.. Greg Kean.. Fourth Gen Pleblian.. If I may.." Turning to the one of the armed thugs pointing agun at him now, "Honored Patrician.. The head patrician fighter of my bloodline is present.. Do you want to be Jethro'd?"

The armed masked thug lowers his weapon, "Pleblian if he was not here.."

Andros lands behind the thug and sniffs at him..

"Billy," Greg helps his one of his employee's up.. "Mr. colt has challenged you for the Daughter of Director Frost herself.. How do you answer.."

Picking up his gun, "You.." 

Billy stops when one of the thugs puts a gun to the back of Billy's head, "Dude.. that is the Grandson of Andros Nicodemus Kean.. He has challenged you for Tora.. Answer!"

Lower his gun, "F#$% you.. You can have the C#$% Whore.. I yield.."

Tora swallows hard as Andros looks at her, "Mr. Colt.. I.. I .."

Andros takes her hand and kisses it..

Billy goes to move and is hit by the horse's foot, sending him into a wall..

The other thugs have a worried look on thier faces..

Andros's Phone rings.. He looks down at the number.. Answering it with a look on his face, "Hello Helga.."

"Mr. colt.. " A woman's voice sounds very pissed, "I want to be clear I do not approve of any attempts you intend to make towards my daug...."

Tora takes the phone, "F#$% you mother.. I will see and F#$% who I want to.."

Lt. Yar's voice comes in," we are gonna give you ten minutes to surrender." 

Andros looks at the thugs caught in the middle, "Can The Kean Bloodline count your loyalty.. I will lead you out of here.. Greg.. Take the Hostages into the bank vault so the cops do not accidently shoot them.."

"Mr. colt," the Thugs look at the one that was closest to billy.. "Can you get us out of here?"

There is an armored truck that was making a delivery.. Kill no one," Andros pts his hand on the thug's shoulder.. "I have a plan.."

andros plays with the controls on his arm..

One of the thugs looks out a window as the hostages quickly start listening.. After a few seconds, I see several drones.." He looks back at Andros, "They.. They are dropping canisters.."

"CS gas.. It will drop norms but only is an irritant minor .."

Tora is doe eyes as she bites her bottom lip, "It wont afffect Trust.. Andros you a zero gen it will blind you.."

"God D@#$ it Tora," helga's voice rages.. "You robbed a bank.. Do you know how hard it.."

Greg walks over, "Madam Director.. Greg Kean .. Pleblian of the Kean bloodline.. We have this handled.. Please refer to Olivia Kean on this matter.."

Andros helps up the gaurd, "Idiot.." andros hands him a side arm, "You bravely took billy into custody.." 

the guard  is shaking as andros takes out his cuffs .. 


"John," greg walks over.. "Help Mr. colt take billy into custody.. He is with corporate.."

Confused the guard looks at the manager..

"Corporate Security," Greg smiles.. "Helga is on the board of directors John.. She does not want this test of security public.."

"Thats right," Helga Frost spoke.. "Your pension is at stake John.. "

John immediately levels the gun on billy, "Mr. Colt.. I got this man sir.."

Andros nods to John, Careful if he wakes up.. Shoot him firts in the leg.. Then if he moves again in the head.. Make it clear.. Bank of America thanks you.." Andros help Tora up on the horse, "I will provide a distraction.. Do not fire on the cops.. Run.. The vehicle can be ditched.. Take the cash from the vehicle.. " Looking at Greg, "We are coordinating our efforts with the DoHS.. Sorry greg, above your paygrade.."

the horse neighs at Andros..

"And you.." Andros glares at the horse as he speaks in a weird voice similar to the neigh.. "Quit being a B#$% sargent.. We are are a military command.. I run a tight ship.."

The horse snorts at Andros..

"Is the mean Patrician picking on your girl," Tora pets the horses maine..

The horse leans into it and snorts at Andros..

"I promised you battle.. You got it.. Now can we get out out of here.." the horse moves sideways and wont let Andros on, "Really.. Fine but tora better not get hurt or its the glue factory.."


Excerpt I am storing here

"You are in deep S@#$ littleman," Gretchen shook her head.. "Impersonating Doctor Gera.. "

Doctor Gera noarrowed his eyes, "Son.. Their is not S@#$ you can say that will get you out of this.. You used my name to rescue two children.. I am fine with that.. But.."

"Doc.. Shouldnt you do your job first," Andros coldly spoke as he looked at Icer standing with his arms folded.. "Then we can discuss how NOT in trouble I am in.. I got C-note with Icer.. Says I walk. Patients first..."

Shaking his head, Dcotor Gera checks out Jessica lange.. He  takes out a wand looking device waving it over her.  Looking from his monocle,"Healthy as a horse.. Readings have improved.." 

Doctor Gera checks out Alex next..

"Andros.. " Icer laughs, "Their is not S@#$ you can say or do that will get you out of trouble."

"Mr. Macer is fine.." Doctor shakes his head as he moves over to Helos..

"Mr. Colt.." Elphelba Pinson sighs, "You went to far.. Olivia is going to have to compensate Icer and Doc.. It wont be cheap.."

Andros step mother has her eyes narrowed but says nothing..

"Helos is fine," Doc looks at James Bach.. Ignoring the kids black eyes, "Kid your going to the tesla institute just stand there for a few seconds.. Let me get some scans.."

Lucy whispers to Andros, "They are mad at you.." She sniffs the air, "Its.. Wow.."

Doctor gera reaches out and pokes James with the wand, "Give it a minute.."

"Now the little girl is a wildling, but Andros wont tell me who she is.." Samantha Forlean shakes her head, "Mrs. Pinson I apologize.. As.."

Its no problem Samantha.. It is the grandson of Andros Nicodemus Kean.." Elphelba smiles, "He needs to be checked.. Doc is the one to do it.."

Andros sticks his arms out wide and his tongue out as Doc finishes with James..

Madam Chairman's hologram appears making several people jump..

Doc narrows his eyes as he scans Andros.. After a few seconds, "I see. Son.. "

"The dreams were real Doc," Andros speaks in Doc's voice.. "Hey Icer.. Ten to one odds.. I walk with Doctor Gera.."

"Make it ten thousand dollars kid.." Icer laughs," Their aint crap.. When doc is done me and you gonna talk.."

"So we have a deal.. Ten Grand," Andros ask as Doc scans him..

"Deal," Icer laughs.. "Easiest ten grand I ever made.."

Doc stands up, "Son.. I have seen this energy signature before.. " Doctor Gera looks at Lucy..

"Lucy.. This is Doctor Gera," Andros gets a cat ate the carnary look on his face.. 

Lucy hides behind Andros, "I am not going to be sent to a lab.. Those mean men that mama gave me to were going to send me to a lab.."

"Lucinda," Andros speaks sternly.. "Doctor Gera has to do a check up on you.." Looking at Icer, "I will give you half of the ten grand Icer owes me.."

"Five grand.. And no SHOTs,"Lucy responds..

"Deal.." Andros narrows his eyes," Lucy.."

Lucy walks out from behind Andros, "Doc.." She sticks her tongue out and raises her arms like Andros did..

Doctor Gera Laughs, "You should not lie to.." Doctor Gera stops mid scan.. His hands shake as he drops the wand,"I..I.."

"Doc," Elphelba Pinson calls out as everyone is quiet..

Doc looks at Andros.. Then to Alex and back to Lucy.. Shaking her reaches down  and picks up the wand, "My.. My god.."

Samantha Forlean comes over," Eugene.. Are you ok?"

Doc puts the wand in the grass.. He takes out old fashion gear ignoring everything.. He cant even put the stethescope into his ears as he is shaking..

"Doc.." Andros grins as he speaks, "She has been feed and watered on the house.."

Doctor Gera looks the seven year old in the eyes..

Lucy steps back, "Uncle Andros? He is scaring me.."

"Lucinda Shyla Bach.. Seventh gen pleblian.."Andros looks at everyone who is quiet, "I present to you.. Doctor Eugene Gera.. Ninth gen of the Gera bloodline.. Your father!"

Everyone's eyes go wide..

"My.. My daddy," Lucy has tears run down her face..

"Lucy.. Doctor Gera had no clue.. Your mama never told him.. " Andros looks at the old man, "In the future he asked me a favor.. He had me arrange for someone to come save you.."

"I.. I.. I.. I didnt know," Doctor Gera catches Lucy as she hugs him.. Tears fell down Docs face, "My.. My little girl.."

"Doc.. " Andros whispers to Doc, "On the house Doc.. But I do have a problem.. Alex has no desire to attend this S#$% at eglin.. Two.. It is Lucy's bed time.. And these A$$hats are being loud.. They need to leave.. Lucy is welcomed here.."

"Doctor Gera," Elphelba tries to speak as Doc stands holding Lucy..

"Elphelba.." Doc looks at Andros, "As the Childrens Physician.. I can not let them leave them farm. It is not in their best interest to be stressed out..I am not authorixing travel till tomorrow morning.. Or extra guest.."

"Doc," Elphelba ws a little pissed.. "They have to.."

"Alex.. Jessica, Helos, James, Andros.. Welcome to the Tesla Institute.. blah blah.. High sounding crap.. Blah blah.. " Doc hugs Lucy again.. "Littleone lets get you put in bed.. Samantha Darling.."

Wiping her own tears, "Doc.. I.. Lucy.. Lets get you into bed..I.."

"No.. Andros promised me he would read me a bed time.." Lucy stops, "You said I would be read a bed time story.. God.. Daddy he is annoying.." Lucy narrows her little eyes, "Humph.."

"Lucy.. If yu go to bed.. Well Doc has a LOT of friends.." Andros winks at Doc, "For some reason.. She is a HUGE fan of the movie the Labyrinth.." Andros Lokks at Lucy, "Doc is friends with.."

"No way.. Daddy is friends with David Bowie.. "Lucy hits andros in the arm,"That is a no go zone.. You.."

Doc Gera sets Lucy down.. He takes out his phone.. He scrolls through numbers..

"Please.. Lucy's father does NOT know," James goes quiet when dials a number.. "BullS#$%.."

David Bowie's voice answer.. "Hey.. Everyone quiet.. It's doc.. Turn that down.." After the music goes down, "Whats up Doc.."

"The Goblin King," Lucy looks at her father with pride..

"David.. I hate to ask.. I just found out I had a daughter.. I need her a bed time story read.." Taking a deep breath, "Everything is fine but I have some other business to take care of before I tuck her in.. Her name is Lucy.."

Lucy looks up, "The.. The Goblin King.. It.. Mr.."

"You must be Lucy," Davids voice takes on the twinges of the Goblin King.. "Let me find that script.. I will tell you the stry of the sequel that never got made.."

"An.. an unknown sequel," Lucy shook like a fan does.. "And.. "

"You have to go to bed to get," Andros never Finished his statement..

Lucy had the phone to her ear as she took Samantha's hand, "Come on james its bedtime.."

Lucy has dragged Samantha halfway to the porch, "Lucy darling.." Doctor Gera put his hand onjame's shoulder, "Your brother has something to.."

"Cool.. Night james," Lucy responded..

Samantha smiled and nodded back.. She picked Lucy Up, "Ms. Bach.. Lets get you into bed.."

"George," Doc called out.. "Do you mind standing by the door? I know its your house.. Buut.."

Andros's uncle holds the door for samantha, "Mam.."

Doc waits for the door to shut as he looks at George.. 

George gives a thumbs up to doctor Gera..

"Icer.." Doctor Gera spoke coldly, "Thank you for answering my call.. I forgot my earlier telephone call.. I must be getting old.."

"S@#$," Icer sees Andros's hand out..

"I will cover the ten grand.. Dont worry about it..." Doc puts his hand on Icer's shoulder, "Now for the other favors you owe me.."

"I will be.. Andros walked," Elphelba shook her head..

"Mr bach.. I heard the story over what happened.. Your gonna tell this nice gentleman here.. Where your mother frequents, her habits and anything else he needs.."

Icer goes wide eyed, "Doc?"

"You go get their mother," Doc does not bother to contain his anger.. "I will send you the details but take her to the facility I send you.. I am her treating physician.. Second," Doctor Gera got real sober sounding..  "Those god D@#$ mother F#$%er's who bought my daughter.. From what you told me.. I want ever god D@#$ member of that gang.. And I mean every god D#$% member up to them Cartel Lt. Who runs the operations.. In Mexico.. I want them alive.."

Commander MacCann spoke," Doc.. Listen.."

"Phillip owes me.. A lot of mother F#$%er's owe me.." Doc turned and looked MacCann straight in the eyes, "Icer.. I want those you get.. Brought to the tesla Institute and F#$%ing fed to the wendigo.. They need live meat.. Use my name liberally.. SPAWAR will cordinated.."

Icer looks at MacCann..  "I need a jet.. I got to go back west.."

MacCann is on his com line..

James looks down, "Lucy found.. Found a home.." James points to Andros, "That bastard said I had to pay him for mine and Lucy.."

Andros growls at JAmes.. All the Franklin trust try not to flinch..

"Andros told you james.. That YOU had to pay for your own way.." Alex spoke, "Lucy eats for free.. Doc.. That is a good point.."

"Judge Worthley," Doc calls out.. "I am taking full custody of James Lochnar Bach and Lucinda Shyla Bach.. I want the paperwork in front of me to sign tomorrow morning by seven am.."

"Doc," The old judge stops cold when Doctor Gera glares at him.."Listen.."

"I said Seven.. You owe me a lot.. That is just one favor.." No one is arguing with Doc.. Going to one knee, "Mr. Bach.. Alex is correct.. Listen.. I.. Idid not know.. "

Alex whispers something to doctor Gera..

"Your right," Doctor Gera turns to Madam Chairman.. "I want the Donita of the five Families.. Brought here NOW! This was her responsibility.. My little girl." Doctor Gera looks at Andros and swallows hard, "My little girl almost died because of her.. Bring her to me.. You owe me for teaching at the Tesla Institute.."

"Please.." Elphelba speaks, "The Donita is .."

"As you wish Doctor Gera.. " Madam Chairman's hologram grimly nodded then disappeared..

Doctor Gera looked at Andros.. He walked over and hugged him, "Thank you.."

"Doc.. It aint nothing," andros smiled and stuck out his hand.. "We are friends where I am from.. Least I could do for you.." Looking at Alex, "I am in trouble.. We may need your help keeping history close to on track.."

Doctor Gera stuck his hand out to Alex, "Mr. Macer.. Anything I can do to help.. I will.. "

Alex shook Doctor Gera's hand, "The help is appreciated Doc.. You will have to explain to James.."

"You have to tell me why he has a Black eye," Doc Put his hand n alex's shoulder.. "Let me get my Daughter sleep.. George.. Good sir.. I hate to impose.. Party's over.. "

George Colt smiled, "Doc said its time the adults went to the Lodge for the TIfHL invitation Ceremony.."
It's about time,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, you came back.  smallawesome
Once A Rogue, Always A Rogue!
[Image: attachment.php?aid=936]

"Master Chief Gunson," A man in a Naval Captains Uniform was not very happy.. "I have.. Listen you cant hit the recruits.. That S@#$ is not ALLOWED! Even if we are at war.."

"Captain, "The older man took a deep breath.. "I.. Listen The.."

"Admiral on deck," A call came from outside the office!

"At Ease.. Where is the F#$%ing Master chief," A stern older voice seemed to growl out! "GUNSON!"

"So much for retirement," Gunson took a deep breath.. Opening the Door, "Admiral.." Gunson saw the Senior Enlisted DoD Trainer.. A Command Sergeant Major and two Gunnies..

The Captain was behind him, "Admiral.. I was just discussing the master Chief's actions.."

Taking a deep breath.. One of the gunnies turned on the TV..

"My god," A british voice called out.. "come on you bloody b@st@rd.. The Sun Tzu was chased off by the Montana coastal Defense Batteries.. You can make it.." A timer ran on the bottom of the screen, "Four minutes and four seconds to run two miles before those shells hit.."

"Gory.. gory.. What a helluve a way to die," An armored figure was running and shooting.. Master chiefs voice came the firgure as the music kept coming, "Because you F#$5ing moron.. You might be leading marines.. Who the F#$% knows.. Even you, you F#$%ing EMO special needs millienial c0c$ Su#$%r.. You will not let the Navy down on that day.. I expect all my little turds to represent the finest the Navy has to offer.. You will lead from the front.." A different voice comes from the Figure, "I am going to kick your A$$ Gunson.. If you are watching this.. It is commander colt.." An old colt gun emptied as Colt parkoured over chinese soldiers..

"That.. that Little S@#$ is.." Master chief gunson paused, "Wait he has more muscles and his face.. He.."

"So he is one of yours Master chief.." The Admiral looked at the Captain, "As we speak.. The US Navy has assumed command of Camp Pendelton.. And.. And it is not a god D@#$ complete route.. See that second set of numbers.. That is the estimated kills.. They are facing a little over a million landed chinese soldiers.. It turns out special needs aint the word.. "

"Worst god D@#$ recruit I ever trained.." Master chief Gunson looked at the screen, "RUN YOU F#$%ING IDIOT.. I AM STILL NOT F#$%ING SALUTING YOU.. GOD D@#$.."

"Master chief.." The Captain growled out, "We do.."

"You are hereby relieved of your posistion Captain, "The command Sergeant spoke coldly.. "It seems this is not the only miracle today.. The waters were the third, fifth, and seventh fleets were sank.. The recruits you trained are leading the survivors Master chief.. It seems your finger prints are the common thread.. "

"Relieved.. He hit a recruit," The Captain was pissed..

Master chief swallowed hard, "My boys are the.. The survivors.."

"We are here to observe you teaching the recruits on and off the record.. The Navy is being slaughtered.." The Admiral was not happy, "Your boys.. Are leading the survivors.." Raising his voice, "So what ever the F#$5 you are doing is working.. When a Female mail clerk.. has lead Thirty soldiers at the battle hawaii.. When An ABF repair man is in the air with a helicopter fighting off the enemy at MIRMAR."

The captain was silent..

"Where the F#$% is that kid of yours going," The hispanic Gunny looked up.. "He.. Nevermind He is running for the pool.. Brilliant.."

"That little F#$%er was listening," Gunsons took a cigar and was about to light it he paused..

The Admiral reached into the Master Chief's pocket taking his other one.. The Command Sergeant Major lit the Admiral's and the Black gunny lit the Master chief's..

"What is the deal with Recruit Colt's face.." Master chief took a deep, "And.. The battle of the white house? Wait.. He is.."

"Word just got passed down Master chief," The Admiral blew smoke in the PC Captain's face.. "It appears that Mister Colt is indeed a member of the Franklin Trust.. Grandson of one of their legandary predators.. As for his face.. "

One of the Native American persons watching the screen, "Yee Naldlooshie.. True Yee Naldlooshie.. Your are tell me he is .. F#$%. Littleman. Well.. I feel sorry for the The chinese.. That is the woman he is talking about.. "

"Commander Hilton.. You know my turd," Master chief spoke..

"They F#$%ed up Master Chief.. " Hilton shook his head, "I.. Never knew he was.. F#$%.. " Seeing the Admiral wanting an explanation.. "The whole world knows about the Franklin Trust.. Yes the higher the gen the mor elike a super soldier we are.. So I guess their is no need to lie.. Admiral We are bred serial killers.. The master chief is a rare normie.. One that has convinced the same serial killers he is telepathic.. Always up thier A$$ and seems to know what they are planning.. The ones Gunson laid hands on.. Deserved it.. " looking at the screen, "God D@#4 it.. He is going to kill all of them over her.. They convinced him they have her alive.. Andros Nicodemus Kean's grandson And he is one of the crossbreeds.. F#$%.. Put me down for a grand on the Marine corps Command Sergeant Major.." Seeing athe looks, "Long story.. Suffice it say his grand father was a.. He faced off against thousands of us and killed a lot of them then went off reservations.. Killed the director at the time's personal gaurd and then the director.. He then killed a whole bloodline.. Man woman and child.."

"Smoking is banned in all DoD facilities.. And gambling is against the rules," the Captain gets hit from behind by the hispanic gunny..

"Forgot to say sir.. Then this D@#$ building rolled," the Gunnies both spoke at the same time..

Master chief watches the screen again as Andros makes his way, "This.. this blonde is the one he cried over in boot camp Commander.."

Sighing, "It is a long story.. But yes.. And the chinese tried to convince him they have had her captive.. to surrender.. They do not understand how his brain is structure and add the monster he is.. Admiral."

Taking out a cigarette, "Cried over her huh.. Good.. good.." several people looked at the Command Sergeant Major, "He is motivate Admiral.. Motivated to kill them all.. "

"They hurt his feelings," Master chief gunson spoke with pride.. "God and they just bombed.." the Master chief grinned, "Anyway we can convince him from here that one of the dead blonde civlians is this girl back home that died years ago .. Lets make sure he stays focused.."

One of the gunnies takes out his phone at the Command Sergeant majors nod..

"commander.. Out of the survivors so far.. How many are Franklin trust," The Admiral puffed his own cigar?

"Sir they are leading the kill squads the marines have organized, "Hilton watch the screen.. "Admiral."

"Know anything about that drone that he promoted to a second Lt," the Admiral Asked?

"No clue sir," Commander hilton responds..


"H3ll has froze over.." Standing inside the recruit compartment the Master chief shook his head, "My worst has become the saving grace of the US Navy.. "

Commander Hilton was not paying attention.. He was watching one of the female recruits, glued to the screen..

"Recruit," the commander called out loudly.. "Look at me.."

"SIR," The recruit took a deep breath and changed.. Her face became more animalistic as more pronounced fangs appeared.. She sucked up her emotions and wiped a tear, "Commander.."

"You are on watch Little," The hispanic Gunny paused.."Command Sergeant Major!"

Commander hilton walked over, "Recruit Kraus.." Seeing her face,red Hair, and tears, "ADMIRAL!"

Kraus frooze and was at attention..

The Admiral follows the command Sergeant Major in..

"Comma.." The Admiral sees the girls face, "Carry on.."

"We asked if their was any members of.. S@#$ a wildling with no clue.. God D@#$ it," Hilton takes a deep breath, "Lets hear it.. Why the tears?"

The Master chief shook his head, "I will be god D@#$ed.. KRAUS," Master chief Gunson narrows his eyes, "child.. you are a little older.. You are not in trouble.. "

An older man with a cross around his neck walked over, "It is ok.. I.. "

"chaps.. I.. " Kraus closed her eyes, "Before I joined I.. I got mad in a fight.. I hurt the c#$% and her boyfriend.. " She sees a red crossed ring and goes wide eyed," Chaps.. My real name is Riley.. Jolene Riley.."

"Child.. " the chaplin took a deep breath, "Your mother was in New Orleans from what you pieced together.. Right before you were born?"

"Yes sir," Kraus swallowed hard.. She took a deep breath, "Sir.. I.."

"Chaplin Martian," Gunson ask? "How would you.."

A chief with a SEAL Trident walks in, "Chaps.. I am here like.." He sees the Riley/ Krauss's face, "Listen.. She failed tryouts.."

The older Admiral moved his jaw, "Recruit Riley.. Why the tears.. What does it have to do with...." Looking at the red crossed ring on Martian's hand and the one on the SEAL chief's.. He rubbed his masonic ring, "God D@#$.. Little Lady.."

Everyone was staring at her, ' Master chief rubbed hisFace at the comment, "Master Chief said I reminded him of his worse recruit he ever had.. He called me Little C#$%.." Tears fell down her face, "I heard him called littleman.. And I heard him singing with no instrument.. I do not know who my father is?"

"What makes you think," Commander Hilton is interrupted by the recruit..

The chords on a guitar fill the air with riley singing in Kevin fowler's voice, "I come from a long line of losers.. Half outlaw.. Half Boozer.. "

The SEAL chief rubs his forehead, "God F#$%ing bless.. I call The Surgeon General, Admiral.. Doc Gera is still on base I think.." Looking at the female recruit, "We will be talking.. "

"She fraudulently enlisted," Commander Hilton shook his head.. "Sir.. I recommend we fix a few things.."

"What is their to fix.. I hav ecalled her Little C#$% since day one and she still is.. Not my problem admin F#$%ed the paperwork," Master Chief Gunson growled.. "Little C#$% you lied to me and have been holding back.. Ok.. We have two weeks till Recruit Graduation.. " The Master cheif touches something, "To all my turds here at MY training facilty.. So some of you did not step forward.. You can thank Little C#$%.." The Admiral's eyes narrow, "We are at war you worthless left overs from taco bell s#$%s.. Every recruit get there.. In posistion we are gonna make NTC Great Lakes rain.. I will have discipline in my god D@#$ Navy.."

Riley swallows hard, "Master Chief I.."

Gunson hits her in the back of the head, "I said get there NOW!" The Admiral holds his hand hand up shaking his head no the the Command Sergeant Major.. Master chief lets loose, "Welcome to my NAVY A$$hats.. You think criminal records, lying, or any of that PC bulls#$% is getting you out.. Try again.. You volunteeered.. On behalf of the Navy.. Welcome aboard mother F#$%ers.. We are going to do this till every single one of you come clean.. As we speak my Navy, The Admirals Navy, and yes little dingle berries.. Your beloved Navy is fighting for its life.. You will not fail.. It is either suceed or come back on your shields dead!"

Everyone in the compartment is down in push up position..

"You think this is what the F#$5 I meant.. No.. All of you out of your uniforms and shoes.. NOW!"

The Command Sergeant Major grinned and whispered to the Gunnies, "Go make sure the other compartments are listening.. If they are not doing this.. Make the RDC's join in.. I will replace them.. " Getting Loud, "So you F#$%ers think you will be leading my beloved CORPS.. Your master chief is raising the bar.. Faster.."

The recruits quickly strip.. Down to underwear..

"To slow," The master chief calls out after the last one finished.. "Geting F#$%ing unDressed quickly and efficeintly is.. God D@#$.. Get Dressed.. We are going to do this again and again until the Admiral is bored and you get it done in under thirty seconds.. and then I am gonna go compartment by compartment.. "

The recruits have an annoyed look on their faces..

"Recruit Little C#$%.." Master Chief calls out..

"MASTER CHIEF," She stands up!

"While we do this exercise.. Admiral.. what song do you want to hear," Master Chief asked politely?

"40 hour a week for a living," The Admiral grinned.. "Grab me a beer from the Master Chief Selection he has hidden commander.." Master chief paused," A beer or two and I wont be bored for HOURS!"

Riley starts have the music of Alabama's Forty week for a living come from her..

"You will do STATIONs while you keep the Admiral entertained," Master Chief Gunson growls out.. "F#$%ing Franklin Trust, Skin Walkers, and god D@# the rest of us.. Well you are gonna learn we are a team.. One team.. This is gonna suck for you.."


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