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Texas Abortion Bill Could Put Women, Physicians On Death Row
First we have a group of people who want abortion to be aloud after birth, then as well as these loonies we have this lot. What next , all conception banned because it stops the possibility of life so there for is murder?
This is all so fu#ked up, and no im not using a pun.

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by Tyler Durden
Thu, 04/11/2019 - 17:45


bill under consideration by Texas lawmakers would ban abortion across the state and charge any woman who has one  - and the physician who performed it - with homicide, according to NBC NewsThe charge can carry the death penalty in the state. 
Introduced by Republican Rep. Tony Tinderholt - an Air Force veteran who was placed under state protection over death threats - the "Abolition of Abortion in Texas Act" (H.B. 896) is necessary to make women "more personally responsible," according to Tinderholt. 
The Texas lawmaker introduced a similar bill in 2017, however it failed to leave committee. 
During Monday and Tuesday committee hearings on the bill, around 500 people testified in favor of it - of which 54 were against the bill, according to the Washington Post

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[/url]Song of Joy@SongofJoy6

Texas has made it clear that abortion is murder.....praying they get this moving towards the next step in the process......

502 registered to speak on #HB896
446 - in support of
54 - against
2 - neutral
330 gave testimony at 1 minute each

1:49 PM - Apr 9, 2019

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"A living human child, from the moment of fertilization on fusion of a human spermatozoon with a human ovum, is entitled to the same rights, powers, and privileges as are secured or granted by the laws of this state to any other human child," reads the text of the bill. 
Texas Rep. Matt Krause ® who sits on the Texas Committee on Judiciary and Civil Jurispurdence which heard the bill noted on Facebook that it was "the first legislative hearing since 1973 on this topic." 

Democrats on the committee blasted the bill. 
"I’m trying to reconcile in my head the arguments that I heard tonight about how essentially one is OK with subjecting a woman to the death penalty ... to do to her the exact same thing that one is alleging she is doing to a child," said Democratic Rep. Victoria Neave during the hearing, according to the Washington Post

Quote:The emotional showdown in Texas came amid a broader effort, in states where Republicans enjoy legislative control, to impose sweeping new restrictions on abortion rights. From Georgia to Ohio, from Florida to West Virginia, about a dozen states have moved on legislation banning abortion once a doctor can detect a fetal heartbeat.
Some states are intent on taking additional steps. Last week, legislation was introduced in Alabama that would criminalize performing an abortion at any stage, with the only exception being a threat to the mother’s life. The effort is aimed squarely at [i]Roe v. Wade
. -WaPo[/i]

According to the Post, the fact that the Texas bill is "a clear violation of the 1973 landmark decision" is kind of the point - as the bill instructs state authorities to enforce its requirements "regardless of any contrary federal law, executive order, or court decision."
According to Bim Baxa, president of West Texans for Life, "Roe v. Wade is unconstitutional," who added "And the 10th Amendment puts it to you all to stand up to that tyranny and do what’s right."
Baxa said supporting the bill was his organization's "number one priority" as it's the first and only to classify abortion as a capital felony. 
"A woman who has committed murder should be charged with murder," said Baxa. 
Houston pastor Stephen Bratton echoed Baxa's sentiment, saying "Whoever authorizes or commits murder is guilty."

Quote:Faith wasn’t the only justification offered for the bill. “We are literally missing billions of dollars in taxpayer money,” one woman said, suggesting that preventing abortion would increase the state’s population, meaning more people contributing to public coffers. -WaPo

The measure's 54 opponents included legal experts, women's rights activists and business leaders. 
"Murdering your citizens for a medical procedure is pretty extreme to me," said tech CEO Caroline Caselli, founder of affordable housing resource Haven Connect. Caselli, a recent transplant from California, says she fears for her female employees. 
ACLU Texas strategist Drucilla Tigner noted that the legislation was unconstitutional and would be invalidated, according to the Post, while Jasmine Wong - legislative and legal intern with abortion rights organization NARAL said that the hearing was a "waste of time.
To 'some', the perfect world would be where men and women would only sexually-interact when a chosen
person gave permission. To ensure this idea would prevail, females would be segregated and even covered
up in a certain type of shrouded-clothing.

Male children -just like the puppies in Orwell's Animal Farm, would be taken and taught to defend and promote
such rules, whilst the female children would be 'guarded' and kept in a different station of society.

Deformed babies would not be needed and seen as a drag on a community perceiving only healthy children as
useful to maintaining the desired credo. If this assumed deformity is physical, then such failing should be taken
from a healthy group and euthanasia applied.

If the impairment is mental and isn't beneficial to the same community -as in, doesn't invest in procreation or
suffers with confusion in their sexuality, then the same kind of mercy should be shown.

Any verbal or written insults of an important factor of this type of society -namely women, particular religious beliefs,
theology-conduct and society defence, should be confined and held accountable.

Control of those accepting such rules is paramount and positive promotion of the culture should be enacted via chosen
wordage implying peace, victim-hood and oppression.

Of course, there's no such type of society, is there?
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Being a woman, I see both sides of the fence. I am totally against abortion after a heartbeat is heard. I like this law. 

However, I feel if a woman is raped and gets pregnant as a result, or has a condition that could threaten her life if she gives birth, or knows the baby will have severe mental or physical defects that makes her unable to care for the child, I feel she has the right to get an abortion... BEFORE a heart beat is heard.
The thought of abortion after this point turns my stomach. Putting a living innocent being through the pain of being torn apart limb by limb turns my stomach.

I agree women should learn to be more responsible regarding sex, and men should learn to keep it in their pants!!  I don't like throwing ALL the responsibility on women.  It takes two to tango!
As it seems so often nowadays there is no easy answer. I think we in most of Europe have found a balance.

I wonder if the people who are totally against abortion would be willing to take a child, bring it up as there own and pay all the bills , take all the stress and pain, for the rest of there life, and still love the child.
As I said no easy answer for anyone

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