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Project Blue Book Bullsh*ts The Public Twice!
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I was looking forward to the History Channel's new series called Project Blue Book.
I know it's already broadcasting in the United States and using the clunky technology-nous of a well-worn Boomer,
I instructed the television to record the programmes with hopes of reminiscing on a phenomena I'd been enthralled
with since my youth.

I know the classic stories, just as I know the military study was a sham. But the bread crumbs that fell from the
reluctant analysis could bring some sense to a strange multitude of experiences and possibly bring us closer to who
we really are as a species.

One of the best encounters of the past was the Betty & Barney Hill abduction. An interracial couple that accidentally
came across a UFO and it's occupants. Betty -the white female related most of the encounter to the Blue Book Project
and it's main investigator J. Allen Hynek.

Barney Hill -a reserved man, worked for the US Postal Service and sat on a local board of the United States Commission
on Civil Rights. One of Barney's initial concerns during the abduction was that he first thought the figures standing in the
road seemed white and that the situation was race-hating situation.

But the married couple's story is fascinating and so I looked forward to the Blue Book series.
Except... This is Betty and Barney Hill in real life after their abduction in 1961.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=5436]

This is the 'modernised' Betty and Barney Hill in the television programme of Project Blue Book. (Below)

[Image: attachment.php?aid=5437]

They couldn't do it, they couldn't show that the current divisive racial argument only effects some people
and not many others. Betty is portrayed as black because of a prevailing political agenda that has no bearing
on an account of a past incident.

It seems the History Channel is re-writing history.

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Its not a bad show, a bit toooo PC at times, but I watch it as a sci fi program that has very little to do with the truth, I wonder what would of happened if they had made Barney a white man.
(03-13-2019, 03:59 PM)Wallfire Wrote: ...I wonder what would of happened if they had made Barney a white man.
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